SONS OF ANARCHY Recap: “Aon Rud Persanta”

     November 19, 2013


A major complaint about Sons of Anarchy this season has been the fact that we were promised change, and it didn’t come (at least, in any real terms).  Last week’s episode was particularly frustrating, because it illustrated more than most the concept of the show gaining ground only to lose it two-fold.  But “Aon Rud Persanta” (meaning “nothing personal”) was, two episodes before this season’s finale, a game changer that — like many near-penultimate episodes for Sons of Anarchy – sets up an interesting season to come.  For the season that is here though, hit the jump.

sons-of-anarchy-season-6-episode-11-ron-perlmanSons of Anarchy saves its most emotional moments for the thing in trades in the most regularly — death.  The show is filled with meaningless deaths, but we’re asked to specifically emote towards others.  Granted, the deaths of SAMCRO members in the past have all been heartbreaking (including the near-misses, like Juice’s suicidal folly), but the situation with Clay is very different.

I mentioned last week, without any knowledge of what was to come, that if Clay died this season he would have an even more drawn-out death march than the beleaguered Otto.  When Bobby was shot and lying in peril, I couldn’t help but think what an injustice it was that Bobby potentially was dying while Clay was a free man about to be sent off to Ireland.  But by a unanimous vote, Clay’s time had come, dying in the way he lived — with the gun, and with the Irish.

The final break from guns for SAMCRO had to come down to eliminating Galen and Clay in such a way that would not provoke retaliation.  But Clay’s death also meant a freedom for Gemma, as well as retribution for his sins against the club and Tara, not to mention a kind of closure to the school shooting that started the season.  The guns that fueled that are still going to be on the street, just going through August Marks instead of SAMCRO.  It’s not a comfort, but it’s satisfying enough regarding SAMCRO’s relation with them.

Clay’s real death came when he was removed from the table and his patch blacked out, though.  He’s been little more than a shadow this season, making his death have less of an impact than it might have had at the end of last year.  At the same time, having it occur now has helped potentially patch the Tara storyline.  If she turns her back on Patterson and reunites with Jax, she can do so in the full faith that Clay, and his legacy, are gone from SAMCRO.  Clay was, after all, one of the biggest reasons Tara got as messed up as she did.

sons-of-anarchy-season-6-episode-11I’ve had a lot of problems with the Tara storyline this year, but one thing I think “Aon Rud Persanta” did well with it was show just how bizarre SAMCRO really is.  People have shifting alliances and occasionally betray each other (think of Juice, even Tig and Jax).  In the end though, they get pulled back together by something bigger.  For all that Tara has wanted to get away from the club, her presence in this hour was almost like nothing happened.  She sewed up Bobby and comforted Gemma, and even had the opportunity to give Jax’s hand a little squeeze.

If all of her machinations these year are ultimately for naught, then I still believe them to largely have been a waste of time though.  Of course, how things pan out in the last two episodes this year will tell us everything we need to know on that front, and I hesitate to speculate too negatively.  Overall, this has been a decent season. “Aon Rud Persanta” has set things in a good direction, taking the best of what the show has had on display this year and leveraging it.  But the emotions of the death are not what made this episode good or important — it’s more what getting rid of Clay means now for both SAMCRO and the show itself.  It’s been a long time coming.  The King is dead, long live the King.

Episode Rating: A-

Musings and Miscellanea:

 Programming NoteSOA will be on a break next week, but will return December 3rd.

– ”So we pretend nothing happened, and I’m mob doctor again?” – Tara.  Yep!

– What do you think Tara will do?  I think law enforcement will lose out, because it always does with this show.


– Clay’s last look to Gemma was genuinely sad.

– Did we really need to revisit Unser’s obsession with Gemma?  Still, glad he called her out to some realities.  “This isn’t 1967 anymore, sweetheart. It’s no longer romantic and free. It’s just dirty and sad. And it’s only going to get worse”

– Interesting that Jax apologized to Tara.  I think they probably needed to talk some more stuff out though before she makes this life-altering decision.

– Jax has been a kingmaker for August Marks and Conor O’Shea, and now they will be working together.  He pulls the strings!

– Clay: “Where the hell are the Irish?” Jax: “In Ireland.”

– Nice fade from the cold open into the opening credits.

– Nero has had about enough of SAMCRO, and can he be blamed?

– “No offense Mama, but I’ve seen what happens to your husbands. It ain’t pretty” – Nero.

–  “40 Sheriffs, 12 Irish guard, plenty of guns. Only one way it can go down.” – Eli.  Unless the guard and guns don’t show up!

– Thomas and Abel get jerked around a lot, don’t they?

– It’s going to be a long night for everyone in Charming.

– R.I.P. Clay. You will not really be missed.

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  • Diante22

    I HATED that episode. It was meaningless to keep Clay alive, just to march him out of prison to die. For a second I thought Juice would save Clay, trying to be the “good guy” as he talked about, but the episode just stuck with a predictable and, in many ways, safe route. I like the show, but the way they handle getting rid of important characters is horribly mishandled. Sean Ryan must have had to keep telling Sutter to stop trying to kill off Vic Macky in the Shield writer’s room….SMH


      Then don’t watch it. No one wants to hear you whine, and cry, all because it didn’t go exactly how you had it planned out. It isn’t your show, nor are you the story teller. It’s just a show that isn’t for everybody, apparently including you. For those of us who actually do enjoy the show for whatever the story tells. We don’t come here to find some idiot ranting, and upset over a show. Go get a life, and stop watching SOA if it makes you act this way.

      • quitracpenlo1984

        watch it free at GATVERcom

    • Nick

      While I don’t agree with mr happy here saying you don’t get to complain about about the show… You do, but you’re wrong. Clay had to die in a believable enough way to prove he had his side deal with the Irish and it had to be clear that the club was not responsible. That is not just for the sake of the Irish but for the police. Plus it gave the club a chance to see that they really had no other alternatives so they realized they could still run it the way they had intended if clay was gone.

  • Leo Spaceman

    If a Prison transport traveling at 50MPH leaves at precisely the time you get a phone call and you are traveling in the other direction exactly 3 miles away, at what speed must you be gong to collide with the prison transport at exactly the tiny point in the highway divide that is paved over allowing your truck to cross into the oncoming lane without driving through the ditch?

    I don’t exactly take the Sons to be Mathematicians so that is some pretty impressive timing.

    Looks like Jax can collect the five million dollar bounty on the head of whoever kills Damon Pope.

    Ron Perlman can really pull off heartbroken.

    Part of me wishes that they had Ryan Hurst on set for that, it would just seem right that Opie was around. When Chibs handed Jax the gun the filmed it so that Jax’s patch with In memory of Opie was front and center so it is still showing that Opie’s death played a part.

    Its a shame that they didn’t go back to Sheriff Roosevelt’s season five character development. Keep in mind the fact that Clay Morrow is the man who called the play that killed his wife and unborn child.

    That felt like a complete back tread with Tara. Part of me wanted to see Tara look at Jax and this is exactly what you want and one day your boy will execute you just the same.

    I wish we could have gotten more out of Galen. I wanted to see his anger when he realized his betrayal and that he was going to die at the hands of Jax.

    Its too bad they didn’t have David Labrava in this episode. He wouldn’t have really had any plot but I do believe that Happy should have been present for the jailbreak and the executions.

    Why does Gemma suddenly care about Wendy? Because she could have stopped her from relapsing by taking the drugs when Wendy asked her to?

    Connor with the gun makes it seem like he isn’t too happy about the plan. I hope Marks gets the gun running. I like his character enough and it would be nice to hear him say Tig is a free man once and for all. My guess is we will be getting to see him next episode.

    That’s rough that Tara wasn’t even allowing her to bring her kids to daycare. Jax really is a terrible human being.


    Amazing episode! Totally caught me off guard with Clay’s death. Glad he finally got to meet Mr Mayhem, after abusing Mayhem for so long on innocent people, and brothers.

  • Shawn

    I was underwhelmed by Clay’s death. Nobody seemed to give a shit except Gemma. It wasn’t even like I felt a sense of relief or justice. It just fell kinda flat in the midst of all the other things they have going on right now. For something that has been as highly anticipated as Clay’s death I think they could have done a better job.

    • redebeth

      I completely agree. I felt nothing when Clay was shot.. just thought “that’s it?”. Ope’s death was a thousand times more effective, for lack of a better word.

    • Transmitte

      I don’t think so. I think his death played out as it had been being played up to. He was out of SAMCRO, he was nothing or no one of any real importance to the club anymore, even Juice looked like he was muted/uncaring on that last hug from Clay. They knew it was coming, and they played it to the hilt as it needed to be done. He was dead to them long before then, they just finally made sure the body followed. Giving him a huge send off would have played right into Clay’s mindset and would have let him die thinking he was of some great importance to the club. This way, it was cold and remorseless and without emotion which is what he earned himself in the end.

  • JSG

    Conor not going to be a king. He’s getting set up when Jax switched guns on him, hes gonna get the blame for Clay/Gailen etc. my opinion. will come down to Tara, if Bobby’s dna shows up, it ruins Jax’s checkmate.

  • JSG

    Conor not going to be a king. He’s getting set up when Jax switched guns on him, hes gonna get the blame for Clay/Gailen etc. my opinion. will come down to Tara, if Bobby’s dna shows up, it ruins Jax’s checkmate.