Sony Announces the PSP Go

     June 1, 2009


After being leaked, Sony had to make an expected-E3-debut earlier than expected and released photos and info on their new-ish gaming system: PSP Go.  It’s like the PSP except you go.  That’s innovation.

Actually, the new PSP is intended to be 44% lighter than the PSP-3000 (also known as the updated PSP Slim/Lite), features a slider design, Bluetooth support, M2 memory card support, built-in 16GB flash memory, Remote Play support, and digital content support only from the PlayStation Network.  In exchange, you’ll be losing the UMD slot (making your current PSP games rubbish) and a screen that’s 3.8″ instead of 4.3″.

While I appreciate that digital downloads are certainly the way of the future, given the choice, I’d still rather have a PSP Slim.  There are some good UMD games out there and I can have the digital downloads as long as I have a large enough memory card.  And the fact that the new model is lighter (although as you’ll see from the picture below, it looks bulkier) isn’t really much of a selling point because it isn’t like the PSP-Slim was like the original Nintendo DS or anything.  It fits in your pocked just fine.  However, if this ends up making the PSP-Slim cheaper, then I’m all for it.

Check out the PSP Go after the jump.  It should hit stores sometime later this year.



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