SOUTH PARK Returns with 10 New Episodes on September 25th

     September 4, 2013


The 17th season of South Park will kick off on Comedy Central on September 25th at 10/9c.  Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker recently decided to switch up the production schedule on South Park to one season of 10 straight episodes per year, instead of splitting seasons up into two halves of 7 episodes that aired in the Spring and Fall.  Comedy Central announced today that season 17 will begin on September 25th, and Bill Hader previously told us that he will be working full-time on the South Park writing staff this fall.

Additionally, South Park: The Complete Sixteenth Season will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 24th, just in time to catch up for the new season.  It includes all 14 episodes of season 16, as well as mini-commentaries on all of the episodes by Stone and Parker and deleted scenes.  Hit the jump to read the press release.

south-park-season-17Here’s the press release:





“South Park: The Complete Sixteenth Season” Blu-Ray and DVD

Arrives in Stores on Tuesday, September 24


All-New Season 17 Episodes Available in HD Exclusively on XBOX Live, iTunes, Sony

Entertainment Network, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and Samsung Media Hub

New Episodes Also Available on


NEW YORK, September 4, 2013 – “South Park” returns for its 17th season with ten all-new episodes beginning on Wednesday, September 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL.

On Tuesday, September 24, “South Park: The Complete Sixteenth Season” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution.  All fourteen episodes from “South Park’s” sixteenth season are now available in this exclusive three-disc DVD set (two-disc Blu-ray), including the Emmy®-nominated episode “Raising the Bar.”

  • Sean kay

    I’d rather have 14 episodes split up than 10 episodes straight. Wtf

    • Gerard Kennelly

      the warcraft episode was very clever

  • HeyZeusKreesto

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the show ended within the next few seasons. Trey and Matt have been branching out more lately, and even have a full fledged video game coming out soon. I don’t blame them for wanting to scale back a little bit. And as long as they’re quality episodes, I see no problem with a shortened season.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      that episode where black people are targeted
      because they are super rich was very well written
      oh nooo you gotta sit in first class
      oh it’s real comfortable
      yeahh it looks it !!

  • Zenexo

    Sept 25th? Matt and Trey will start working on it Sept 20th.

  • ThisGuy01

    Works for me. Trey Parker & Matt Stone have admitted they haven’t been able to work on a lot of larger projects from time to time because they’re committed to two runs of South Park a year. This way they only have to deal with South Park full time for about 2 1/2 months a year, leaving them over 9 months to work on whatever other new genius projects they want to.

  • NotePad

    This is expected. These guys have been working goddamn hard on this show a long time. They write and film each episode the week it airs. I actually would not have a problem with it ending now, they’ve had a really great run.

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