Eric Bana to Fake Front Line War Reporting in Ricky Gervais’ SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS

     October 31, 2014


With films like Deliver Us from Evil, Lone Survivor and Hanna on his resume, it’s easy to forget that Eric Bana kicked off his career with the sketch comedy series, Full Frontal.  However, Bana is about to step back into the comedy realm for a brand new movie called Special Correspondents.  It’s being described as a satirical comedy drama and will feature Bana as an arrogant New York radio journalist who pretends he’s reporting from the front lines of war.

Ricky Gervais penned the script and is set to direct the film as well.  Production is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2015 in New York and Vancouver.  Hit the jump for more on Special Correspondents.

This is a pretty clever idea.  Sure it’d take some serious legwork and research to pull one over on the public, but really, what’s to stop someone from faking front line reporting from the comfort of their own home?  There’s a 2009 French film with the same title about two journalists who stage their own kidnapping in Iraq, but the press release makes no mention of it.

Bron Studios and Unanimous Entertainment are producing the film in association with Creative Wealth Media Finance.  Protagonist is handling the international rights and plans to bring the project to buyers at the American Film Market.

Here’s the official synopsis of Special Correspondents:

Bana will play a struggling New York based radio journalist whose arrogance and decadent lifestyle has hindered his career. With his job on the line he fakes front line war reports from the comfort of his hideout above a Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manhattan.


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