Storyboards and Concept Art from Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN 4

     April 8, 2013


Spider-Man 4 will always be one of those great “What if?” films.  What if Sam Raimi had a chance to redeem himself from Spider-Man 3?  What if we had gotten to see John Malkovich as Vulture and Anne Hathaway as Black Cat?  We’ll never know, but the artifacts remain.  Storyboard artist Jefrey Henderson has released storyboard he did for Spider-Man 4, and while they’re far from anything official (the script was still being worked on when Sony pulled the plug), I am curious about the demon/goblin thing being tossed by Spidey.  The three boards are the only thing Henderson felt he could post without upsetting Raimi, so they’re pretty innocuous (Peter kissing a woman, and using a web to stop falling debris), but perhaps there’s more exciting stuff out there and one day we’ll get to see it.

Hit the jump to check out the storyboards.

Click over to Henderson’s official website to see his costume concept for The Amazing Spider-Man and his Spider-Man 3 style-guide for Venom.




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  • Mavro

    I think he’s slinging a stone gargoyle.

    • Willie

      Yep, definitely a stone gargoyle.

    • Transmitte

      He’s flinging Etrigan! Continuity be damned!! LOL

      • tinypony

        Hahaha @ Etrigan. Poor guy gets flung around a lot, really.

  • Person

    These three storyboards alone are still better than The Amazing Spider-Man….

    • Chaster

      Just because three storyboards look good, doesn’t mean the movie was going to be good.

    • GunsOfNavarone

      I’m sure the storyboards from Spider-Man 3 looked impressive too, and we all know how that turd ended up on the big screen.

      • Nihilus

        As bad as Spider-Man 3 was, it was still a much better film than The Amazing Spider-Man.

      • Rich woa

        What were you smoking when you watched Spider-man 3 that makes you think that it’s better then latest spider man movie? I want some

    • ThingIs

      Guess that also makes them better than the first three movies as well.

  • Transmitte

    He\’s flinging Etrigan! Continuity be damned!! LOL

  • THATguy

    I just can’t imagine a Spidey film featuring Vulture as the main villain to be any good. How can the Vulture, basically a crazy old man in a giant bird costume, possibly have a good transformation to the silver screen? Granted, the Doctor Octopus adaptation was nearly flawfless; they took a character who is a middle-aged fatass with a bowlcut, and made him into a threatening villian that was fun to watch.

    • Rich woa

      I would of loved to see the Aerial combat between the two but it would be difficult to bring in a villain like Vulture.

  • jetblac

    thank God this movie never happened.

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