‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Deleted Scenes Add Fun Little Jokes

     October 20, 2017


Spider-Man: Homecoming hit Blu-ray this past week, and while it’s worth picking up since the movie is fun and rewatchable, it also contains a solid selection of special features. Among the extras is a collection of deleted and extended scenes, and you can see that co-writer/director Jon Watts had no shortage of comic bits he could have added into his movie. If anything, there was too much as certain “deleted scenes” are compilations that were never meant to fit into the film directly like “Midtown News Final Segment” and “Mr. Harrington Lessons in Love” but they make for weird little montages that might get a chuckle or two.

It’s worth noting that there could be more deleted scenes than the ones that were included on the Blu-ray, but in terms of what was collected for home releases, they mostly went with amusing additions.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the rest of the deleted and extended scenes:

A Film By Peter Parker (Extended Director’s Cut)

There are more antics on the plane to Germany, more excitement over his hotel room, and a scene where Spider-Man swings around Berlin and parties with people. None of this is bad, but it delays the story from starting.


The Academic Decathlon team gangs up on Peter for bailing on the team since he’s so good at physics. It’s nice, but it’s redundant since we have other scenes of the team telling Peter they need him.


Image via Sony Pictures

Return from ATM

A scene where the guy Spidey webbed to his own car is still stuck there and a neighbor says it takes 6-7 hours to dissolve. It’s amusing, but not essential, especially since the comedy doesn’t top the jokes from the original scene.

Triskelion Cleanup

The scene has students looking at Damage Control cleaning up the Helicarrier that fell into the Triskelion during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It’s a nice way to build out the world, but it would have been an expensive sight gag.

Aaron Still Stuck

This scene has the fun little addition of Aaron (Donald Glover) directly mentioning his nephew’s name, Miles, but by this point, if you’re a comics fan, you either get the reference or you don’t, and while the scene is fun, it slows down the momentum of the movie.

Anxious Toomes

In the scene, Toomes (Michael Keaton) talks with his wife on the phone while he’s at his lair and tries to reassure her that everything is fine. This is the one scene I wish had been kept since it does a nice job of humanizing Toomes and showing that even though he’s the villain, he still has fears and anxieties.

Go It Alone

Peter pushes Ned away, but still tries to be nice and tells him he’ll ace his test at school. Not a bad scene, but not essential either.

Happy Calls His Mom

There’s a quick joke with Happy arguing with his mom on the phone, and while it’s funny, you make the nips and tucks where you can, I can see why this had to go.

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