SPIDER-MAN Reboot On Set Pictures

     January 4, 2011

A few pictures from the set of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot have hit the net as the production was recently filming at a local Los Angeles High School.  In the pictures you can see Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone sitting on the bleachers.  Hit the jump for more:

According to JustJared (who supplied the pictures), the two stars shared a kiss during the scene.

With the production continuing to film on location, you can expect plenty of images to hit the net.  It probably won’t be long until another major spoiler is revealed.  If you want to stay spoiler free, it’s going to be tough. You have to wonder if Sony will release an image of Garfield in costume soon so it doesn’t end up online before Sony wants to premiere it.  If I were Sony, I’d want to control who gets that first image and make sure it looks good.  But what do I know…

Here’s some of the photos that hit the net.  For all our previous Spider-Man reboot coverage, click here.

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  • Shaun

    After watching Never Let Me Go I am convinced the Andrew Garfield is too good to play Spiderman.

  • RealIM

    Andrew looks great! Now we shall patiently wait for the costume unveiling.

  • Brian

    These pictures have tarnished my happy memories of anything related to Spiderman. He’s not worthy!

    • Savvy Dude

      Oh No, an award winning actor in the role of Spider-Man? How can this be? Quick, let’s replace him with a sad excuse of an actor with the last name Maguire!

      Give me a break; it’s time an actor with talent took the role for a change. Furthermore, how can you pass judgment when you can’t even spell the name right?

      • miguel aguilar

        i wish sam raimi did the film like in all the others =(

      • Excpired

        Yes because Andrew Garfield has won several Oscars and SAG’s and tons of other important awards, the guy has won like one award in Britain for best upcoming actor big whoop.

        P.S. Tobey Maguire was in several critically acclaimed films prior to being in Spiderman and was nominated for several awards including winning the Saturn Award for best performance by a younger actor in Pleasantville, not to mention his nomination from SAG for his performance in The Cider House Rules.

        Not to say that Andrew Garfield isn’t a good actor or that this movie won’t be good; but just because you didn’t like Tobey’s performance in Spiderman doesn’t mean he isn’t a good actor or was in anyway less deserving of the acting position at the time he got it.

      • Jay

        Excpired, you should really take into account that award season is still in full swing and Garfield has still received more nominations then Maguire has had in his entire career.

        P.S: You spelt Spider-Man wrong.

      • jdfskjl

        He won Best Actor actually.

    • Alex–

      The director whatshisname is not worthy you mean.

    • chris

      How and what about it makes you feel that way, this film is shaping up to be a great translation from comic to film. The cast is amazing, also i don’t think Tobey was wrong they just did wrong with spiderman 3, so he deserves a bit of respect he does do great work.

  • Savvy Dude

    I suspected this reboot was going to be a loose adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man, but this is looking very 616 to me.

  • smart

    Hey u might wanna look into the size of the videos shared…..
    the post on dark knight rises few days back had 25 mintues video and 351mb in size….
    usually for a 25 mintue video it should be around 60-70 MB… makes life easy watching videos ;)
    thank you

  • dogg

    We won’t know until we see the bulge.

  • Jesse

    I’m sorry, did I miss something? A kiss between romantic leads is considered a major spoiler? Or am I missing some sarcasm?

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