SPIDER-MAN Reboot Already Written; Film to be “Gritty, Contemporary”

     January 11, 2010


More details have arisen regarding today’s massive news that Sony would be scrapping Spider-Man 4, kicking out Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, et al., and rebooting the series.  EW reports that Sony wants “a more gritty, contemporary redo of the series,” and are focused on younger, up-and-coming directors.  I’m going to try and be optimistic and not take that to mean Sony wants someone who can make a good film, but more importantly won’t have enough weight to push any independent artistic decisions.

EW also reports that Sony was always aiming to reboot the series in 2012 no matter what, but they did want one last outing with Raimi, Maguire, and co.  This means that Sony just pushed up the timetable on setting up a crappy precedent where they don’t have to use over forty years of material from the comics, but can just keep redoing the series to suit the demographic with the most purchasing power at the time.  That’s why when Sony means Peter Parker is going back to high-school, it means they’re skewing towards the Twilight crowd because they know the fanboys will nut up, take it, and then complain about it after they’ve already paid x-amount of dollars to see it (most likely in 3D; Sony hasn’t announced that for this new movie, but it’s a safe assumption they’ll jump on that bandwagon as well).

Hit the jump for more details on the Spidey reboot story, including the status of the script, why Sony is rushing to get this film made, and when we can expect to hear who the new director and star of the series will be.

spider-man_2_movie_poster_02.jpgVariety explains that Sony must continue to actively develop the Spider-Man franchise or else the rights revert back to Disney/Marvel.  Knowing that along with their intended 2012 reboot, it should come as no surprise that James Vanderbilt’s (Zodiac) script for the new film is already written.  The story of the teenaged Peter Parker is now in preproduction with the announcement of the new director and star expected in the coming weeks.  I wish there were a way to measure the groans/outrage from fanboys when the young, unknown actor to be the new web-slinger is announced.

There’s very little hope to be found in this reboot mess, and I’m trying to movie myself to indifference and focus on projects that I may end up enjoying.  Maybe if they get a strong director on board or a young star who has real acting talent, I may not be as depressed writing about this new Spider-Man, but it’s hard to muster up any enthusiasm at such a rancid business move that cynically chooses to ignore the potential for better stories in order to water down the one we already saw and enjoyed.


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  • davidkovacs

    I completly agree. I hate this reboot, and would love to see Raimi come back and make a great end to his great movies. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I don't want to see another Spider-Man orgin story, or another Spider-Man movie at all. Sam Raimi made one of the best superhero movies of all time with Spider-Man 2, and for Sony to just ignore that and to reboot the franchise so soon just pisses me off!

  • http://twitter.com/cablebfg Bill Graham

    I dont share your massive distrust of this move. I will wait for more solid evidence that they are aiming at a Twilight audience (whatever that means) and are dicking the fan boys over. At this point, I am a fan of Vanderbilt and his previous scripts, especially Zodiac.

    We will see where this is headed, but I am just cautious, while you are overtly pessimistic. Cheer up though, Matt. We have Iron Man 2 to look forward to!

  • Brandon Avery

    I am truely hurt! Sony please don't do this! It is not too late! Sam Raimi did a fantastic job with Spiderman 2. There is so much you could do with spiderman 4 but now you're just throwing all that we have away. Venom, Carnarge, Lizard, Dr. Oct, green goblin, hob goblin, etc…

    This is the worst decision ever by sony!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

    10 dollars say that they will cast Micheal Cera or the Transformers guy

  • cdog4

    Its all DVD sales. I watched the first S-M, thought it was ok. Thats all for me watching the series. Why do a series reboot so soon, if ever? As the writer said, they are leaning to the Twilight groupies, but also to the High School Musical fanatics.

    I guarantee even if movies goers like us dont go, the ones that expect quality, there are going to be a mass of people (most likely girls) going to see spider-man take his shirt off. Face it, the average person doesn't care for good movie making!

  • http://www.youtube.com/gerantgerant gerant

    This is the most outrageously stupid decision Sony have ever made. DUMB.

  • joe_6285

    Let's wait and see who is the director and who is the spiderman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

    Sadly this is true. People complained about Spider-Man taking off his mask, well have fun with his slow motion walking scenes.

  • Thiago

    A gritty Spider-man? Oh boy, now every superhero is Batman.

  • k0rrupt

    Rather disappointing news really, i wanted Raimi to have another crack to he can redeem himself in the eyes of some (not me, i still managed to enjoy some parts of SM3) but this feels wrong, it feels as if they're jumping on a bandwagon as most studios are and they have very little respect for the source

  • riesen2b

    That is exactly the same thing that I was thinking.

  • loudsss

    i really don't see how they can say a “gritty” spiderman, especially when they said spider man 3 was going to be “darker” and it was basically a barrel of laughs. just make a good movie, ok?

  • Smiley

    I for one am not interested in seeing Peter Parker back at school

  • debabratabiswas

    absolutely correct when u point out that they are targeting the 'twilight' crowd…not the comic book spidey fans…wish marvel could put their foot down on this & ensure strong content and direction….really is pathetic that they are rebooting within the decade…just hope that they take this seriously…may be get mr. Cameron on board ? remember he wrote a spidey treatment back in the early 90's…

  • debabratabiswas

    spot on ! why did Raimi get thrown out ? bcoz spidey wasnt the 'masked knight'….ie didnt cross billion dollars…

  • Dan

    The Raimi Spiderman movies are HORRIBLE. Just watched the first one over again today and couldn't sit through 10 minutes of it. Good job to Sony for realizing this.

  • sbester

    Raimi's movies were more kiddy friendly than Power Rangers. You're an idiot. I hope you're crying uncontrollably.

  • tonymatthews

    No Tobey = No Spider-Man! If Sony kicks out Sam & Maguire, then SM4 will be an epic fail!

  • samphao

    i don't understand why reboot this movie. i think should consequence next chapter…
    another guy how do you think?…………….

  • Jonathan Mohan

    Honestly – Raimi is a genius that had his hand forced to create the debacle of Spiderman 3 – look at Nolan's reboot of a Batman series gone astray …is there any better example of what it CAN do for a franchise??- Reboots can breathe new life into a dead franchise and no matter the amount of money Spiderman 4 would make, a reboot is expected – Hulk reboot was much much better, Fan 4 reboot is in the works – it's time Spidey gets a makeover and becomes a little darker, grimier and real – Give it a chance fanboys -

  • David

    This is absolute garbage. Most people were happy with the first two movies, give it some time, and maybe around 2016 if there's a push to reboot the series than go for it, but no one wants it now.

    When I read about this yesterday I was baffled by the stupidity of this decision, but now it all makes sense, as you said, if Sony doesn't keep working with it than Marvel gets it back and that scares the pants off the Sony execs. So now, since Sony isn't happy moving on we have to endure an endless slew of crap reboot sequels (and it'll definitely be crap with how rushed the project is).

  • Ryan

    Actually, David , I think Sony should just forget all about Spider-man and let Marvel take the helm instead. At that point we can add Spider-man to the universe that Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk created in movie form. (You know, like how they are all connected and leading up to the Avengers?)

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

    Why fix something that isn't broken?

  • geoffrey gaebe

    Rumors go that Harry Potter actor Daniel radcliffe will be the next Spiderman and McG will be directing!

  • GtrDude

    I liked Raimi's work on the first two films, so ordinarily I think I would agree with this being a bad decision. However, with just about every bit of news I've been hearing about SM4 (John Malkovich as the Vulture? In my opinion, he has no acting range whatsoever), I've been less and less excited. As such, I'm somewhat happy about this new approach. As long as they don't dumb it down (and it doesn't sound like they are; I fail to see why “darker approach” equates to “Twilight audience”), I should be just fine.

  • hammonds

    The only glimmer of hope I have in this movie would be if they bring James Franco back from the dead which most likely won't happen and most likely the reboot will suck but I hope for the best.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    I liked how the Spiderman movies sort of filled the non-cynical gap in the Super Hero movie lineup. They were all uneven movies with #2 being the most balanced and confident. All three have embarrassing moments. (Power Ranger Goblin, etc.) As much as I wanted Raimi to redeem himself after 3, I could never muster up much interest in what 4 would offer.

    “Gritty” spiderman doesn't sound right, but a reboot has a ton of potential as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

  • Lunatrix

    That's debatable, Spiderman 3 was a mess.

  • Michael

    They want creative control of the project so they can push horrid spin-offs on us. They will hire a director who will have no control over anything other than closely monitored shooting. They will hire a Disney-esque pretty boy to be Peter.

    As for Vandrbilt writing the script, I loved Zodiac too. However, remember that the guy who wrote Batman and Robin won a screenplay Oscar.

    This is just bad news for fans.

  • Michael

    Actually, the first two Spiderman films helped pave the way for Nolan's Batman. They both featured scientifically altered, not physically transformed, villains. Nolan definitely took it beyond that, but Raimi did the more “real world” thing first (much to the chagrin of some fans).

    Perhaps by grittier they just mean that Sony is going to make it darker by having Goblin actually be goblin-like, etc…. But either way, I don't see the “director” choice really meaning much. This film is going to be made by the suits at Sony with a director who won't get all grumpy if the script is horrible or the lead can't act or the villain Sony wants to get his own movie doesn't fit the story.

  • Lowchip

    I'm more a fan of Comic Books over movies so this reboot idea doesn't really bother me too much (comics are notorious for reboots and ret-conning)

    The problem I see is that Raimi's work was a very good adaption to the original comic book origins. But do to the whole thing again…it would literally look like the same script. You may be able to stick new villains and a new story in there, but the origins are the same which means the whole beginning of the film will be deja vu for us.

  • Lowchip

    I'm more a fan of Comic Books over movies so this reboot idea doesn't really bother me too much (comics are notorious for reboots and ret-conning)

    The problem I see is that Raimi's work was a very good adaption to the original comic book origins. But do to the whole thing again…it would literally look like the same script. You may be able to stick new villains and a new story in there, but the origins are the same which means the whole beginning of the film will be deja vu for us.

  • Michael

    There is no way the James Cameron thing will ever happen. Cameron is a notorious control freak and Sony wants control over this franchise. That is why Raimi is gone. I can't see them dumping the more reasonable for Raimi for the “King of the World.” (BTW, I love Cameron, love his films, etc…. but his temperment is well reported.)

    The whole point with this change is that Raimi wouldn't bend (as he sadly did on the third film) to the demands of studio suits without a creative bone in their bodies. If they hired Cameron, they would have a nightmare on their hands (albeit a great film to show for it in the end). The director will be a young figurehead.

  • Michael

    Radcliffe could actually pull it off if he ditched the accent. He's a better actor now than people give him credit for. However, he isn't tall enough.

    On the other hand, it makes perfect sense for Sony to turn Spidey over to the guy who killed the Terminator franchise with his reboot.

  • Spiny_Norman

    Seriously? James Franco? The man can't act. The reboot will likely suck, but bringing Franco back would just make things work. Jesus. James Franco being called in to save a movie. Now I've heard everything.

  • Patrick

    I just don't understand. Why Reboot? Raimi was doing a fine job. Yea Spidy 3 was not that good, but it was not that bad. It just had alot to live up to. I would rather Raimi do his 4th, or even a new solid director continue the series. There is so many directions you can go in. However, in my opinion going back to the beginning is boring and redundant and I refuse to spend money on it when its released. Even if it looks half decent.

  • http://www.sahv.com/ Stephen

    This is a movie that is just begging not to be made.
    Don't make it.
    We don't need another reboot.
    Darker != better
    'fess up, Sony, you abused and beat the series into the ground and now you are mercilessly forcing it to get up and trudge another 3 sequels.

  • http://heartlessexpulsion.wordpress.com/ Kaye

    Never will I watch a spiderman movie having Shia as main lead :p That's just insane…

    • spawn 96

      Andrew Garfield will play Spider man

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dG-4GZ1ytU WNShorts

    This article makes spider man cry.


  • Ryebread

    You better bet your sweet bippy that these are the names on that damn list: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and Shia LaBeouf. And they're probably thinking about McG to direct because, you know, he just made that “gritty” “update” on the “Terminator” “series.”

    You know I'm right. And it will suck enormously.

  • Floster59

    this is just my two cents but really a reboot means they could get a new mary jane, kirsten dunst sucked as MJ…maybe they could actually create a gwen stacey who was a pivotal character and not used at all other than cannon fodder in SM3….maybe they can get an actor and director that can actually make spiderman….spiderman….cause mcguire had not humour or charisma or anything that even remotely made me think of spidey….he was a disgrace but sadly ppl forgot what his personality was supposed to be like…not enough jokes or quips or anything, just bland acting and bad delivery. dunst sucked in every which was, might as well got a camel high on coke and you would of gotten a better performance. really, we should look forward to things possibly going back to the basics….maybe more comic based…if not more reality based…in any case, i wanna see a new goblin…the sinister six….venom (done right) and and form of doc oc….raimi is done and so is the old cast, its sad but leaves things to be refreshed and revitalized….and maybe we can finally see that epic gwen death that actually meant something…..my only regret is that i had money placed on them killing of mary jane in the 4th movie and moving gwen in to be the big female character in spideys life….which would of put the comics community on its ass but it would of been a fantastic play

    • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

      They can never do Venom right unless its played over two movies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

    It could have been a lot worse. It wasn't the best movie on the decade but it was a lot better than plenty of shit I seen hollywood come up with.

  • Oli

    $1000 dollars says they wont
    they will undoubtedly cast a fresh face for this 'fresh' franchise

  • martin

    michael cera would be awful …and i like that transformer kiddo better but no one can compare them to tobey cause he brought so much depth to the character

  • cypress

    this is really bad news i dont want to see him go back to high school been there done that, plus theyll probably get a lousy actor to play spider-man.

  • Bah2501

    There has never been a spider-man tv show or movie I haven’t found enjoyable.

    Even the crazy one from the 60s or 70s was crazy-beans cool! It’s hard to mess up spider-man, especially with a predecessor like Sam Raimi showing how it can be done nowadays.

    I feel this pessimism is a bit overblown…

  • Matthew

    I don’t care if it’s a reboot!I just want a new Spiderman movie.Spiderman Rules!!!!!!!!

  • Ron J

    Why does it have to be a reboot? In fact…why have a bunch of recent movies/concepts done reboots so quickly after the “original”? There are a plethora of popular comic characters out there. Why would it be so horrid to work with another one?

  • Anonymous

    DOnt mind it at all…i watch the new spectacular spiderman and i enjoy that…my problem with 3 was bad editing and he was only in his black suit for 2 scenes for 5 min total…i wanted to see scenes like when he brought J.J. black spiderman pics

  • http://www.scottmosher.com/ Scott Mosher

    One of the most ridiculous things I’ve read in recent times.

    Here we go… Spiderman vs. Count Mobius, er… I mean Edward. This is possibly BEYOND Epic Fail… Intergalactic Fail! Please tell me this is from The Onion or The Weekly World News (RIP)… please!

    If this is indeed true, Hollywood has jumped the shark – creatively – and drank the Kool-Aid at the same time. I wouldn’t want to be 6º of anything from the fools who are in charge of this, producing this, directing this, writing this, or acting in this. Can you say “shot ourselves in the foot before we even pulled it out of our collective asses.”

    Truly makes the mind and wallet, boggle.

    Maybe they’ll remake AVATAR next year or here’s an even BETTER idea, let’s re-boot STAR TREK again JUST BECAUSE.

    Fucking fools.

  • jammin

    I think the spider man reboot is a great idea, I’ll agree that part 2 was good but did any of you guys see spider-man 3 it fucking sucked, I think Raimi and company have takin the franchises as far as they can take it and all want to move on, I know Toby didn’t even want to do part 2, I like to see an up and coming young dir like Ramin Bahrani take control and breath life into the franchises

  • Anonymous

    See, if they had saved Venom for the 4th movie, not of this s**t would have happened! Here’s how the 3rd movie should have gone:Keep everything up until the church scene. Right before the church scene Eddie Brock steals something or something like that and is pursued by the cops. He flees to the church and the symbiot drops on him. Then, the cops bust in and arrest him. Then, instead of Venom and Sandman teaming up, Sandman and Harry Osborne should have teamed up. Then, before they are about to put their plan into action, Harry’s butler tells him that Peter didn’t kill his dad. Harry feels bad and tells Peter about him and Sandman’s plan. Then, Sandman figures out he’s been betrayed and bludgeons Harry to death. Then, Peter swings in and starts beating up Sandman and all the rest of the story happens and a few credits roll.Then…a jail cell at night. The camera slowly pans down. Eddie Brock is sitting in the corner of the cell rocking himself back and forth. The camera would then come down and focus on his face. He rocks into the shadows and back out: he is Venom! and that should have been the way the 3rd movie ended.Then, the 4th movie would be about Venom and Carnage wreaking havoc on the city.
    What do you guys think? Would it have made the movie better if it had been like this?
    Come on, Sam, YOU ruined this series! Thanks a lot, jerk!

    • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

      Well i’m glad you weren’t the director. While I like the idea of Venom being introduced the rest would have been blah

  • IhateSony

    This news ruined my week completely

    How could they do this to us….?


  • Anonymous

    That’s a slap in the face if I’ve ever seen one.

  • http://racattackforce.wordpress.com/ Racattack_Force

    Really, Hollywood? Rebooting Spider-Man to be as dark and gritty as Nolan’s Batman universe? Frankly, I don’t like this at all. I’m not even a huge Spider-Man fan, but changing the tone of an already successful franchise to that of a dark, satirical view on the human condition…that’s BS, plain and simple. They should stick to what works, not play “follow-the-leader”. -_-

  • Kelsey

    I’m not totally into the whole reboot thing, lol, but if they do make a reboot, then they should have Ryan Kelley play Peter Parker. I can picture him as Peter. He’s a good actor, and he’s relatively unknown. I like Shia LaBeouf, but I can not picture him as Peter Parker. And I can’t picture Michael Cera as Peter either. That would be lame.

    • Anonymous

      What is needed is a #4 movie series reboot not a back to school flick.

      I’m saying it again, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Spider-Man complete with the hyphen. They could get him in shape by the time this movie should be ready.

      • Kelsey

        I never thought of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an option, but I can actually see him as Spiderman. lol.

  • KC

    At least we wont have to see the awful Kirstin “See me scream” Dunst again. Thats worth looking forward to at least.

  • Heath

    am I the only one that hated all the Sam Raimi spidey movies? As a life-long Spiderman fan, I felt the films were too cartooney, with a completely unlikeable Peter Parker/spider man. Tobey Maguire was far too mopey and humorless. Everything was bland and yet somehow also over the top. Personally, I’m hoping for a darker update that brings back Spiderman’s humor. People forget Spider Man is actually a pretty dark comic… there is some awful shit that happens to Peter Parker. Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, etc., etc. To say Dunst was awful as MJ doesn’t do justice to how bad she was. I think there’s a lot of nostalgia here for several movies that aren’t even that good. Are they better than the Fantastic Four films? Absolutely, but Spider Man deserves so much better.

    • Kelsey

      Yeah, the toned down everything way too much. In the old games and cartoons the bad guys were much scarier and more menacing. But in the movies, they made them too childish. I’ll admit that I liked the movies, but they could of been way better. Maybe with this reboot they can do some ACTUAL justice to Spiderman.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Seriously? Spidey 3 wasn't broken? That was the worse blockbuster I'd seen since Chronicles of Narnia, well.. that wasn't that long. But a lot of bad blockbusters come out.

    I don't think this idea Sony is running with is much good either though, I'd have preferred they stick with at least the actors and have another go. In fact it seems like a more logical and safe step toward making the bucks. However, this might be a good way to cut down the production costs with a new team and still retain most of their income for the release. Either way unless it gets shining reviews on its debut, I won't be seeing it in theaters.

  • Corin Prendiville

    That's probably true, but using a series of bad movies to argue that it is okay for another movie to be bad is not a very effective method at determining quality productions.

    In any manner, I'd rather see Sam doing another original movie like Drag Me To Hell, which has been one of the few quality horror products this decade. Honestly, probably one of the only good American horror movies to come out of the decade. I hope he makes Warcraft good and the new Evil Dead movie.

  • Corin Prendiville

    You forget he isn't very funny either. Nor was Maguire, they need to cast someone who can actually replicate Parkers personality; somebody with a sense of humor.

    Still having series continue past a trilogy simply because they can is ridiculous and clearly just a way to milk a series for all its worth. It is also an untested method that may result in pure disaster, it has always been movie 1: amazing, movie 2: pretty good and brings in the dough, movie 3: terrible movie, rushed production, brings in a butt load more than the other two but also costs more… so what is movie 4? I guess we will find out, but it will probably be like- unsatisfactory attendance, harsh critical reviews, a drop in profits, detrimental to actors/directors prestige and career, etc. Its never good for a director or actor to be put on a project that long they end up typecasting themselves for sure.

    Like Johnny Depp, he put eyeliner on for Pirates and I haven't seen him take it off since.

  • Kraven

    It’s outrageous! Again, big Hollywood Studios don’t give a damn about the fans. They’re aming for money. So, let’s put some Twilight into Spiderman… Huh? If you only want teenagers to go to your movies, go ahead! I won’t. Stupid executive decision…

    • Kelsey

      Yeah, they ruined Twilight as well. They were ok, but they downplayed them so much just so teenagers can see them. It ruins the movies and it doesn’t do justice to the books. If teenagers really want to see a movie, they’ll find a way to see a movie. Make it rated r and do it the real justice it deserves, then it’ll make more money because it’s actually good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

    The series as a whole wasn't broken, so a reboot so soon is unreasonable in my eyes. I'm still in denial. Drag Me To Hell surprised me with how great it was. I was worried because Sam hadn't done a horror movie in years and Spider-Man 3. I watch it everyday now.

  • tbone

    If they go that New Moon way then forget it. Movies are a crap shot anyway but Sam and Co. did a great job and you don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Sony and their top brass are arrogant old men. They look at bar charts rather than artistic endeavors IMHO. If they do try and get all New Moon the franchise will die a lot of people will loose their job. The New Moon folks are nondescript and forgettable. They are nothing but Abercrombie and Fitch throwaways. Look at the Spider Man numbers. Massive! What is the problem.
    To h**** with Sony man!

  • tbone

    If they go that New Moon way then forget it. Movies are a crap shot anyway but Sam and Co. did a great job and you don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Sony and their top brass are arrogant old men. They look at bar charts rather than artistic endeavors IMHO. If they do try and get all New Moon the franchise will die a lot of people will loose their job. The New Moon folks are nondescript and forgettable. They are nothing but Abercrombie and Fitch throwaways. Look at the Spider Man numbers. Massive! What is the problem.
    To h**** with Sony man!

  • tbone

    If they go that New Moon way then forget it. Movies are a crap shot anyway but Sam and Co. did a great job and you don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Sony and their top brass are arrogant old men. They look at bar charts rather than artistic endeavors IMHO. If they do try and get all New Moon the franchise will die a lot of people will loose their job. The New Moon folks are nondescript and forgettable. They are nothing but Abercrombie and Fitch throwaways. Look at the Spider Man numbers. Massive! What is the problem.
    To h**** with Sony man!

  • Cat

    To be fair, I was never a massive fan of Toby M as SM (Awaits on slaught from everyone…) and I’m interested in seeing what they do with this new picture. And on the plus side, no more Kirsten Dunst whinging about the place either.

  • tbone

    A lot of theory is being thrown out about why they got rid of Sam and Co. We just don’t know. I wasn’t a real fan of the movies but I went to see them and they were well made and acted. But if Sony wants to head in another direction go ahead. It’s their money. And if they do make it darker… Why?!
    Heath was the only reason anyone went to see the Dark Knight anyway. Don’t tell that to Christian Bale or you’ll get your ass kicked. Look at the first Superman. CLASSIC! Hell they had Jackie Coper for crying out loud. But the franchise headed down south. Way south! They’ll probably get Brian Singer or that guy JJ Abrams to fuck it up. Superman and Star Trek were garbage. They’d most likely do it up NEW MOON style. A process where you get no story but a bunch of explosions and six pack ab shots.

  • http://www.elephantlarry.com/ Jerf

    Weird/sad timing! Elephant Larry (the sketch comedy group that made the CollegeHumor short “Minesweeper: The Movie”) just put out a fake Behind The Scenes featurette for Spider-Man 4.


  • Anonymous

    Hey all,
    Let’s give the “reboot” a chance. Raimi did a great job with Spider-Man. All three films were done above average or superior in quality, and Raimi helped to make Spider-Man an icon (and demonstrated well how a superhero film should be made, and how great it can be) . Remember when Spider-Man first came out? It can still remember the lines of people waiting to see it. I can remember my own excitement on that day.

    Downfalls of Raimi? Poor editing throughout much of the 3 films. A bit too campy in some ways (though embraced nonetheless by the public).

    But after Spider-Man 3, I believe a new direction was needed. In the end, though, I don’t think the new take on Spidey will allow the kind of box office as seen from Spider-Man 1-3… Maybe on the level of DARK KNIGHT plus 20%? I hope I’m wrong, however.

    Just my thoughts,

  • Derek

    I wish the rights would just go back to Marvel/Disney. Then maybe we’d get a good Spider-Man movie.

  • Anonymous

    I hate reboots period. It is as if they are saying ‘ok, everything that came before, never really happened and to forget about it’ Why don’t they just do what Nolan did with Batman and find a story arc from a set of comics and adopt it to the screen.

  • dlo

    Go die

  • Stephen Standley

    This is the worst news Ive heard in while.
    The Spider-man trilogy is the best superheroe series.
    Who’s idea was is it to decline raimi and maguire ?
    Was this sony’s idea ? If so I will throw out all my sony products , including my PS3 !

  • ELPsteel

    seems disastrous…but to be fair, Spiderman 3 was a disappointment. Another movie in that trend wouldn’t have been pleasant. Maybe it’s good that this series was scrapped before we got a “Batman and Robin” style pile of tripe.

  • http://twitter.com/theneilplumley Neil Plumley

    As much as i hate to see Raimi leave, I can find hope in here. Mainly because i thought that Spiderman 3 was a really bad script. I just hope they don’t kill off Venom in THIS series too.

  • Nick

    Don’t worry, Spiderman 4 will come out in about 2014 because the new spiderman movie will be sucha fail that critics will hate it and people will hate it as well, sure it might make alot of money, but that’s because people will just want to see the new director’s point of view and how this new actor does. people will walk out of the theater extremely dissapointed (like they were even really thrilled at all before) and will post there hatred thoughts on the internet with everyone else along with critics. Sony will have to read what everyone thinks because the dvd sales will be so awful and they will have to get curious and they will see what everyone thinks and they will have to hire Raimi back along with Maguire, Dunst, etc. They will be ON THE FLOOR BEGGING for Raimi and crew.

  • JoeyJoe

    I like the idea. New stories in different continuity are a great way to keep things fresh. They are always doing this in the comics, so why not on the big screen? Now Avatar laid the groundwork for what could be some spectacular spiderman special effects in 3D!

  • Jokerswayne

    I like how everyone’s ideas are either a darker & gritty reboot or a darker & gritty sequel lol. If not that, they say “Let’s make it as realistic as possible.” They’re even doing all that crap with the new Robin Hood movie. This is ridiculous! The first 2 spider-man films are great and I believe that Sam Raimi can redeem himself with another Spider-man- after that awful third film.

  • Anonymous

    Although i feel (and many others) that venom was totally wasted in SM3, that would have been ok if they weren’t going to make anymore and wanted to cram in as much as possible. But if they had a spidey 4 laying in wait that could have been used to flesh out the venom storyline…well, with spidey going back to high school…(ugn!) you can forget about the story progressing forward as we are treated to watching spidey learn how to use his powers all over again…awful. Sony will milk this franchise until it’s worthless like what happened to the original Batman franchise…and then marvel will take the reigns and rebuild it.

  • Colin

    this decision is such crap. what would be awesome is if the reboot is such a bombshell that it opens sony’s eyes and is like “ok, we’re dumb asses, let’s now do Spiderman 4″ just a little hope on my part. again crap decision.

  • Brandon

    i will star by saying the spider-man 2 is only bested by the dark knight, in my opinion. i am a bit bummed but there is potential. my dream spider-man would feature a director like jj abhrams or someone like mark webb (people that can tell a story). my current favorite young actor is anton yelchin. he can act so i like him a peter parker. I want gwen stacy to be the love interest. follow the comics a little bit. have spider-man be framed for the murder of captain stacy and play out the tension between perter and gwen. kill gwen off with her iconic fall via the green goblin. not in one movie of course but throughout the entire story. go read spider-man: blue and you have yourself a good idea for some movies. but i think sony needs to take a page out of WB’s book and trust a solid director to make his/her vision. not that it needs to be gritty but if there are too many cooks in the kitchen contributing to the creative process it will result in a film that is too disjointed. allow the film makers to do their jobs and allow the suits to market and merchandise.

  • anonymous

    I hope Robert Pattinson isn’t playing as Peter Parker.

  • Michael

    Spider-Man is not supposed to be “gritty.” Even the current regime at Marvel, who get so much else wrong in their handling of the character, grasps that.

  • Oscar the slouch

    Best comic book adaptation? Blade.
    Spiderman 1-3 = a bit childish but enjoyable pocorn flicks, nothing more.

  • Oscar the slouch

    Best comic book adaptation? Blade.
    Spiderman 1-3 = a bit childish but enjoyable pocorn flicks, nothing more.

  • F#ck SONY

    OH SURE JUMP ON THE “SPIDER-MAN REBOOT” BANDWAGON even though sony hasn't officially made a public announcement of the details (which they'll probably do in the last moment).

  • Axeminister

    Spiderman has never been a gritty super hero. His stories were told knowing he is a mild mannered teenager, then later a leader type for the SuperHeroes. Gritty may work on some level, and reboot if you must, but don't forget the Spiderman story has never been “gritty” and to try to change that isn't a reboot, more like a rewrite of one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Good luck with that.

  • http://www.zoombits.co.uk/memory-cards/sd-card best sdhc cards

    While many other franchises have infamously fizzled out on their third installment, Spider-Man 3 is a creative and technical triumph.

  • Cody

    After seeing the first one I never wanted to watch the other two. But if sony thinks for one second an ass nine reboot will help they are sadly mistaken. 1 its such a short period of time i dont think everyone is going to get over the fact its too cliche. 2lets not forget the horrible punisher remake.

  • Johnny Hoppkins

    This sucks. I want Sam back to direct an Tobey and the rest of the cast. Why are they rebooting it soooo soon? Usually you wait like 10 years or something like that or a long amount of time to reboot something. This is going to suck! They better lean towards a twilght crowd or else will not watch any of the new films. Rami makes one bad movie and they say thats it, time for a reboot. Thats bull shit. Someone should make a site about this and some huge ass pettition!

  • Johnny Hoppkins

    I meant they better NOT LEAN TOWARDS A TWLIGHT CROWD

  • chris6565

    a reboot is needed, spider-man 3 was the worst and they need to get back to the basics. A more darker spider-man.

  • Boyd

    Mclovin' should be spider-man, we need a nerdy looking guy who can be funny and smart and not just mumbling in-explicit dirty jokes or acting very bored like Micheal Cera no offense but the guy practically plays the same character in the movie, at least Christopher Mintz-Plasse looks like Peter Parker, and is a smart ass like spidey is. I hpe there's a good enough young actors out there for this reboot, I'm currently working on my spider-man script right now.

  • Pieter

    If they trying to do what worked for Batman then good luck to them. Batman was ment to be dark and gritty. he is a dark character. To portray Spidey as a dark 'emo boy' character or adopt that stance wouldnt sit well with comic fans i think cause he is a cocky nerd especialy when taunting his enemies. Good luck balancing the two. I dont like this idea of a diffrent take on peter parker at all. Why so seriousssss!.

  • Pieter

    If they trying to do what worked for Batman then good luck to them. Batman was ment to be dark and gritty. he is a dark character. To portray Spidey as a dark 'emo boy' character or adopt that stance wouldnt sit well with comic fans i think cause he is a cocky nerd especialy when taunting his enemies. Good luck balancing the two. I dont like this idea of a diffrent take on peter parker at all. Why so seriousssss!.

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  • Acuraintdohc

    This has to be the worst idea…. I have been long awaiting Spidey 4. I won't see this movie just out of principle. Plus the whole “Lets have a black Spidey” just shows that no one really knows what they want anymore and just want to please the masses. The masses normally don't know what is good for them in the first place lol. Has anyone even seen the Twilight movies? They are so corny….even my girlfriend said the books aren't that corny haha.

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  • Austin Green

    I loved the Spider-Man Trilogy. I think the story lines were really good I think they left alot in the open for a Spider-Man 4 Movie. Some of the things they left were will Peter and MJ be together I want to know. Yes you could bring back venom and turn doctor coners into the Lizard would make for a very good movie Toby and Dunst were good bring them back if not still continue with the story line why put him pack in highschool that is a bad idea. Spider-Man is the best.

    Austin Green

  • darkchief117

    Please join this page to stop the reboot.

  • Keenan

    I like Neil patrick harris in the new animated series. *sheilds self* “Here comes the hate”.

    • Justinfitz9

      after the re boot if they da a nother one i am gona go in sonys studyos grag a poket knife cut ther heds off then grab a 60 foot gun the shoot evry one then take all of ther psps man i hate the reboot i dont get to see my fav caric ter carnage jeez just put him in a seen for god sakes man f*ck sony!

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  • ffad

    It’s about time SONY takes action and reboot this dreadful series. Nobody wants to see mr. sensitive peter parker complain about how miserable his life is. We see enough of that shit on MTV these days.
    The new spiderman has to be a “grittier” character, grittier then all the villains. I hope Sony can create some real actions in this upcoming series.

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  • Josh

    The last 3 Spiderman movies were an absolute crock of shit in my opinion. I cannot wait for this reboot.

    Raimi basically invented a new superhero that happened to have the same name and powers but NOT the same personality. Who was this depressive and boring guy wearing Spidey’s suit?? Bring me back the cocky and funny Spidey we all know and love.

    The Raimi movies were only popular because visually it was incredible seeing spiderman in action for the first time, but when you look deeper the movie had no soul.