The Twitter Campaign to Put Donald Glover in Marc Webb’s SPIDER-MAN Reboot

     May 31, 2010

Last week, we reported about five actors rumored to be on the shortlist to play Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. The website io9 ran an editorial about why they didn’t want yet another white guy superhero–a sentiment I couldn’t agree with more. The people in the comments section of the editorial came up with a sixth name that should be on the list: Donald Glover (Community, Mystery Team).  Glover is charismatic, funny, and age-appropriate for the role.  He’s also a huge fan of the character.  In response, the actor/writer/comedian began a Twitter campaign for the chance to audition for the role.  Tonight #donald4spiderman became the third-highest trending topic on Twitter.  The Facebook campaign has also amassed over 3,000 fans and climbing.

For more of my thoughts on why casting Glover would make the Spider-Man reboot worth it, hit the jump.

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I’ve had trouble finding a single person who thinks that Sony’s decision to reboot Spider-Man was a good idea.  We’ve heard “Oh, it will be gritty and contemporary” this time, as if the Raimi Spider-Man movies were mindless action films.  To cast Glover or any actor who challenges the notion of what Spider-Man has been or can be would provide a reason for this reboot’s existence, elevating it from the cynical cashgrab it currently is.

We ran an editorial last year suggesting that Will Smith would make a good Captain America.  The comments section exploded in controversy, even though there was at least some basis in the comics for a black Captain America.  I don’t know if fans would accept a non-white Spider-Man, but I don’t really care.  It’s not an affirmative-action move.  It’s asking the question: is there anything inherently white about Spider-Man’s story?  Yes, Stan Lee wrote Peter Parker as a white character, but is there anything about that character’s story that wouldn’t work for a man of any non-white ethnicity?

Even Glover says he shouldn’t be given the part outright, but I agree that he deserves the chance to at least audition.  I know studios are scared to do anything risky when it comes to an $80 million movie, but I’m willing to bet there’s going to be a lack of enthusiasm for this reboot if people don’t see anything fresh about it.  Casting a young, talented non-white actor for Spider-Man would get people talking about what is currently a movie with no reason to exist.

  • project 86

    well lets reboot Blade and Spawn and make them white while were at it Matt

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, I’d like to see what both characters would look like if they were white/European and done now. A white Blade in the 70′s?! Hell no, but now? Sure, why not…

    • Everton Carter

      Yeah, becuse that’s the same.

  • Paul

    ^ Oh here we go again with this.

  • junierizzle

    I liked the dude in COMMUNITY and I loved MYSTERY TEAM. I think he's a good actor. I'm no comic purist so I wouldn't mind if he was cast. But is he really right for the role?
    Is it about casting him or just casting a black dude? Since he's the focus of a Twitter campaign I think he should at least audition. But then you pretty much have to open it up for every race. Wouldn't you? There might be a latino dude that just knocks it out of the park for all we know.
    Technically anyone can be SPIDEY once they put the mask on. It's all about the Peter Parker character. So are you a fan of SPIDER-MAN or PETER PARKER??

    I don't think the studio would risk it though.

  • Channing Ellison

    Brian Michael Bendis (The writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, which this reboot will be based of off) has said that he supports this. What's so wrong about it if the creators are behind it?

  • Kyfry85

    I find this article to be refreshing. Why shouldn't Donald have a legit chance to audition for a character he seems to love? I'm ok with trying new things for characters. I can understand why fan boys are upset but at the same time isn't about capturing the essence of the character more so than the look or skin color?

  • Paul

    That he's not white is just a perk. The real issue here is that Donald Glover would be AWESOME as Spider-Man.

    • SuperCoolDork

      Spider man is white jackoff

  • Justin Brogan

    I wouldn't mind Donald Glover as spider-man. Will smith as Captain America is one thing, I've never been a big fan of Will Smith, don't care for him as an actor. Donald Glover is something else entirely. He's likeable, he's funny, and isn't exceedingly old. Spider-man is known for his banter during fights with super villains, Glover could certainly use his wit to help inject that into the reboot character without it sounding forced.

  • dwacon

    I wouldn't reboot the series without continuing the PP/MJ saga… Dr. Connors turning into the lizard… the Rhino (Michael Clarke Duncan)… and of course other great villains.

    Then, there is the story from the comics where Peter accidentally causes four additional arms to grow… great for the movies.

  • MovieTechJunkie

    nothing is wrong with it, but I hope studios don't get a wild hair to do this on a lot of other movies. I am still upset at Jamie Foxx being cast in Kane and Lynch. (NOT because he is Black, but because the character in the game was not.) I am not a racist, but I would like for Movies to match themes of the books, screenplays, or games they are based off of.

    • Anonymous

      I support the changing of a characters ethnicity if the actor is able to portray the character, but I’m also not in agreement with Jaime Fox as Lynch. It just doesn’t seem, right you know?

  • junierizzle

    Okay, if it's just about Donald Glover being Peter Parker then like I said I wouldn't mind. He would be cool. He's actually the only choice I've heard so far that fits. But I do have to admit that Jamie Bell kind of intrigued me.

  • RTG

    The point is that it shouldn't matter. So, making a point of it defeats the purpose. We can't be colorblind when trying not to be. Catch-22.

  • Ringbearer1420

    Officially this will be the only thing to get me to see this, for a modern film, a geeky black kid is the way to go, it would make his match up with Green Goblin that much more perfect, a rich white industrialist, and Forest Whitaker would be a great doc ock. I'm a huge spider-man fan and i'm in. They could have him team with the Prowler.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I could care less about this reboot, but talking about his kid getting an audition for the character is the only positive news I have heard. If they make The Lizard the Villain I can be persuaded a bit more to care. Not to spend money to see it. But to care…

  • Paul

    tbh, I would watch Donald Glover in just about anything right now. He's in the same vibrancy zone that Eddie Murphy was in the first Beverly Hills Cop or that Will Ferrell was in Anchorman. He can do absolutely no wrong, and any project he touches is going to be solid gold.

  • Maccam89

    He would simply be an amazing Spiderman. Race aside. And I was very against a black Captain America because it just didn't seem to fit the character in that Cap is sort of cheesy 1940's patriot. Spidey can be much more contemporary and fit in any time period.

  • Reformed_Geek

    Not sure about Glover. I love him in Community were he is part of an ensemble cast, but he was pretty much the lead in Mystery Team and I really wasn't that impressed with him.

    I think he is a bit too goofy looking… I know Parker is supposed to be a nerd, but I don't know if I could take him seriously in the role.

  • Whatever

    I really dig Glover. My concern isn't that Glover would ruin Spider man – it is that Spiderman would ruin Glover. Audiences are growing weary of these super hero movies (insert fanboy outcry here). It is happening. I dragged my two young nephews to Iron Man and they looked utterly fatigued by the credits. Kick ass was great, but you can only go to that well so many times. I'd rather see Glover shoot for something new and fresh that will catapult him to Carey/Smith like stardom. I think he could do it. He has the writing chops, perfect timing and he is young. If it has to be a comic book movie, he needs a project like The Mask or MIB that he can make his own.

  • Saad Hashmi

    i saw when glover first tweeted this and i thought it would just be a one-off trend that would fail to go anywhere. i retweeted anyway just because he's a great actor and i support him. but holy crap was i wrong. and now that i think about it realistically, he would be a fantastic choice as the next peter parker. he is my favorite on community and he is very charismatic. honestly a perfect fit.

  • Lusi

    No doubt he looks good and hope he will suit in the character, but i fear about his acting. Did he played any serious and quality role in movies. I don't know. Otherwise i have not objection with his color.

  • Tim Dahill

    i agree if youre gonna reboot which i personally thought was a perfectly fine franchise you have to do something NEW…and in the words of Stan Lee “as long as they keep the heart of the story the same” if peter is still peter and he is just black i don't see why Glover can't do it he is honestly the best choice

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  • Hayyl NO!

    HAHAHAAHA!!! At both this idea, and at that hillarious spidey pic mock-up, which should already tell what this will look like.
    Damn it! Whats with these stupid ideas and worse, whats with the people going along with it? Am I dreaming?

    I dont wanna see famously white characters become Black, Nor do I wanna see Black characters become White! Stick to the god damn source material for christ sakes!!!! Is it so hard to do? I think the hollywood producers need putting in retirement homes as its clear they have dementia!

    Besides, why always Black? Why not Oriental or Indian etc? Racist I reckon! Whats next? Chris Tucker as Superman? Martin Lawrence as Batman?
    Spiderman is truly dead! Shame, because the original 2 were great! And 3 was fixable with a good 4.

  • JG

    Uh, dude, why on earth would you care (and apparently so very much) whether spiderman is black? Do yourself a favor, put down the bag of cheetos and climb the stairs from your mother's basement and take a walk outside. You might want to dab on a little sunscreen – I fear your years of seclusion have made you dangerously pale.
    And who says “Oriental” these days? Where do you live, ye old timey land?

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  • Dm

    “It’s asking the question: is there anything inherently white about Spider-Man’s story? Yes, Stan Lee wrote Peter Parker as a white character, but is there anything about that character’s story that wouldn’t work for a man of any non-white ethnicity?”

    Great argument! I have a proposal:

    It’s asking the question: is there anything inherently black about Uncle Tom's Cabin story? Yes, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom as a black character, but is there anything about that character’s story that wouldn’t work for a man of any non-black ethnicity? Maybe makes him a jew violin player living in the Warsaw ghetto? Adrian Brody will be perfect! Oh, wait a minute…

  • Gus

    Details are changed in hollywood adaptations all the time. Like Matt said, there's nothing inherently white about Spidey, so making Peter Parker any race is cool with me. Of all the names i've heard so far, Donald is the best choice. Does anyone really want to see that little doucher Josh Hutcherson play Spiderman? The kid can't act, and, as I stated before, he's a doucher.
    Also, MovietTechJunkie since there's nothing inherently white about Spiderman's storyline, how can changing his race change the theme of the source material in any way?
    Hayyl NO!…you're really dumb. most of the people who are quick to point their finger and call others racist need to take a look in the mirror.

  • Broman

    It doesn't matter who they cast- the project is doomed to failure.

  • Dragonking555

    Sure. Why not if he fits the part. Also for the record, here is one person that is all for a reboot. I'm one of those guys that thinks that movies shouldn't wait until they create a terd like Batman and Robin before re-evaluating the direction.

  • Aston

    I'm sorry, but any film journalists that complained about the “racebending” casting of The Last Airbender (a cartoon set within a fantasy world of made up nations) but are supporting this “affirmative action” move to have characters races changed in the other direction are hypocrites.

    I'm not saying that this was specifically you, or even anyone from this site, but I do remember this being quite the controversy not all that long ago.

  • gambit

    WHATS NEXT A CHINESE AFRO NINJA!? look you can say this isnt a race issue you can say why shouldnt he have a shot but spider man is a white character the movie studio if hiring him wouldnt be hiring him to be self rightious theyd be doing to make more money its contriversial and controversy sells movie tickets so instead of it being a feel good story all it really is is this poor kid being a poster boy for a racist act to sell movie tickets! why would spider man be black!? ive read comics and watched the movies ad cartoons since i was a kid there job is to match those characters as closley as possible i hope this kid a great career but this isnt the role for him! theres plenty of black super heroes in marvel make a black panther movie and make him his son or something. this entire reboot its pure crap! im so dissapointed that one movie could kill off a franchise that sported two of the most highly rated super hero movies of all time!

  • robm

    i09 made the winning argument when they said:

    “In this day and age, why does Spidey have to be a white guy? Yes, I know: “Because that's how Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created him.” There is no worse argument for anything than, “because that's the way it's always been.” Lee and Ditko created a wonderfully strong character, one full of complexity and depth, who happens to be white. In no way is Peter Parker defined by his whiteness in the same way that too many black characters are defined by their blackness. He's defined by the people he cares for, by his career, by his identity as a New Yorker (incidentally, one of the most diverse cities in the world) — as too many good people died to prove, a man is defined by his choices, not by the color of his skin.”

    Peter Parker is not a white character by definition, whereas many prominent black characters in fiction (especially in the Marvel universe) are partly defined by the race issues they deal with. I'd have no problem if the Iron Man movies had cast Rhodey as white, latino, Asian, or anything, because his race was never a big deal (I may be wrong; maybe there was a large arc concerning race in the Iron Man or War Machine comics that I missed and may come up in the films later). The Black Panther, however, is character whose history and motivations are tied in with his African origin and the politics of race relations, so that would be a character people could get up in arms about if they wanted to cast someone of a different race. Casting Black Panther white would be like casting a white guy to play Obama, Martin Luther King, or Rosa Parks in that respect, where their skin color is integral to who they are and why they did what they did. Casting War Machine or Peter Parker as another race is as inconsequential as casting an extra in the comic as a different race in the movie adaptation.

    Furthermore, yeah, if a latino kid came in a nailed an audition for Peter Parker, great. If someone of another ethnicity dd the same, that'd be great, too. There's no reason any of them shouldn't be given a shot, because Peter Parker not being white wouldn't change his story. People in the comments are acting like casting him black would automatically make him into some street-wise or loud Chris Tucker/Martin Lawrence stereotype.

    • Anonymous

      You totally miss the point. If Spider-Man becomes black or if Captain America had become black you *MUST* bring that element in or it’s just a token thing because they are not interchangeable. You can’t tell black folks there is no difference between their lives and the lives of white folks. That’s B.S. even today. Wow can you listen to yourselves? Nothing “inherently white” about Spider-Man? You racists might as well say whites have no identity at all. Peter Parker was a poor white boy living his aunt & uncle in NYC.There are black superheroes why not create films with them? So-called “colorblind casting” may be the new blackface.

  • robm

    Maybe I missed something, but Kane and Lynch being white had nothing to do with their characters. That's the difference. It wasn't a theme of the game, and I doubt it was clarified in the screenplay.

    You're making an argument that things should stay as close to the source material as possible, which is a sweeping generalization that would probably affect all your favorite movies. It seems strange to complain about these things, when few comic book movies have been adapted directly from a single arc or portrayal of the character, and few video game movies have stuck to the exact same plot. Changing whichever character, Kane or Lynch, to a black man (I don't know who Foxx is playing) is a far less consequential decision than, say, the filmmakers of The Dark Knight creating (generally) original storylines, and portrayals of the character. If you don't like it when these movies defect from the comics, then I'm sure you didn't like Ledger's portrayal of the Joker.

  • robm

    Maybe I missed something, but Kane and Lynch being white had nothing to do with their characters. That's the difference. It wasn't a theme of the game, and I doubt it was clarified in the screenplay.

    You're making an argument that things should stay as close to the source material as possible, which is a sweeping generalization that would probably affect all your favorite movies. It seems strange to complain about these things, when few comic book movies have been adapted directly from a single arc or portrayal of the character, and few video game movies have stuck to the exact same plot. Changing whichever character, Kane or Lynch, to a black man (I don't know who Foxx is playing) is a far less consequential decision than, say, the filmmakers of The Dark Knight creating (generally) original storylines, and portrayals of the character. If you don't like it when these movies defect from the comics, then I'm sure you didn't like Ledger's portrayal of the Joker.

  • robm

    This post was in response to MovieTechJunkie in the comments above, but I guess a glitch made it post this separately.

    So I'll boil down what I said to a general response to everyone. If you argue the principle that “they should always stick as closely to the source material as possible, as a rule,” then I'm sure you hated The Dark Knight, since it had an original story, a high-tech bat-cave, Maggie Gyllenhaal played an original character, Two-Face's origin was different, and most importantly, Ledger's Joker was a brand-new portrayal.

  • Grendel2225

    They shoulda just let Raimi do Spider-man 4!

  • Bobloblawslawblog

    Oh dear lord this guy RUINS community. He is an OVER-ACTOR SUPREME. Terrible choice, if it happens. Not because he's black. But because he SUCKS.



    • ray

      i argee this is bs. when they were talking about making a movie based on hannibal barrca the charthagian general who beat on rome for a good while, people were screaming that it sould be played by denzel cause charthage is an african city therfore he should be black. problem is is that charthage is a charthagian city and he was more arab/jewish look, as was to be played by vin desiel, who may not do it right but looks more like it.

      he’s arab/jewish looking cause he’s arab/jewish looking. how pissed would black people be if we re made the shaka zulu movie and cast gerad bulter as shaka? some roles based on historical or long standing chars should always remain in that vain that they we created.

  • Toddaj

    I wonder what Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks would think of casting an African as Spiderman? I hope he does get cast just because it would make for a hilarious episode of the Boondocks, lol

  • k0rrupt

    I have no idea who this guy is, I've never watched Community or Mystery Team and as a black person myself I'd be inclined to think that a role such as this should be open to different races. However, black and asian characters/actors do not sell to an audience which is extremely disappointing and which is why I don't think this will ever happen despite his talent (or lack of, I don't know). I'd be interested in seeing a black/asian/south american actor play a character like Peter Parker, i feel its a role not defined by race in any way. It'll be like saying only white people can play geeks and mexicans can only play druglords or asians playing characters who know kung fu etc. Acting opportunities need to be more fluid these days as it would reflect the way our society is. Its rich and diverse but in film its still relatively stagnant. It appears that the naysayers are saying so based purely on association of one's race with a certain stereotype. If someone were to say Jamie Foxx shouldn't play Lynch because his character is white trash, i'd agree but ppl are saying because he's white he shouldn't? They need to justify it and not rely on the “he's white” argument

    I think we're too used to seeing white characters come in and play the majority of roles in film. Look at all the big franchises in Hollywood who are faced by white actors; Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Trek, Pirates of the Carribean, Spider-Man, X-Men, Indiana Jones, Batman, Star Wars, Transformers, Alice in Wonderland, Terminator, Mission Impossible, Bourne. That's a helluva of lot of franchises where if there are any black/asian/south americans, they're very much supporting characters.

    Granted there are some roles in that list that you couldn't imagine be played by anyone else other than a white actor (Indiana Jones and Batman springs to mind) and others where it would have been hard for someone of a different race to step in and be the main character because of a lack of black/asian (might just merge to two together and call them blasian!) actors around at the time (late seventies/eighties). But in the present day, there is no excuse for not at least allowing actors of different races to at least audition for a role.

    In short i'm all for it – if a character is tied down to his race then don't change it but if not lets see a different approach.

  • BkloBrucewski

    Yeah, and maybe they'll cast ken Jeong as the villain.

  • Kobe123

    I don't care how black he is…. can he act?

  • Wickedironic000

    We could cast Shia Labeouf as “The Black Panther” too…….

  • Jtwrenn

    I think a buff Peter Parker is stupid…looks wrong before he became Spiderman…I think the same about him being black. Sorry but if it is not an affirmative action story then we should try to make him look the way he did in the comics. It's a stupid idea that will throw you out of the movie.

    Now Sam Jackson as Fury I can deal with because well…he is Sam jackson and did a great job, but if there is an equally great actor…I would say make them look right if you can.

  • Bolicked

    Personally, I agree, race is a total non-issue in the story, Spidey could be equally compelling black, white, latino, native american, female or Vulcan. However, my large suspicion is that IF they were to reboot Spawn, Steel or Blade (or make a Falcon or Static Shock film) and cast a non-black person to play the lead, people would FLIP OUT and accuse everybody of racism. Daredevil was a mediocre film, but I thought Michael Clarke Duncan was PERFECT casting. Same with Sam L. Jackson as Nick Fury (although they had already switched his race in the Ultimate continuity) Again, I love Spidey and will see it regardless of who they cast because I love the character and the stories, but I do think there is a double standard if it ever came to a black heroes that a race change would never fly.

  • Jay

    he should def be considered for the role. hes terrific would make a great spider-man and an amazing Peter Parker

  • A Worried Fan

    It seems black people won't be happy until they're able to dip their hands into everything. While we're at it, let's make a MLK Jr. biopic and let's cast Robert De Niro or someone like that to play MLK.

  • Marla

    I think it doesn't really matter who gets the part, and of what race that person is, as long as the person fits the role (DONALD GLOVER <3).

    People accuse Hollywood of white-washing a lot.
    Well, I say, sometimes people try so hard not to discriminate, they end up discriminating anyway.

    But, putting that argument behind, YEA DONALD! I love Community soooooo much.

  • guest

    SO, Paramount is rebooting this franchise? Ask Stan Lee what he thinks, he is the real creator that should have the say.

  • donald jackson sr

    duuuumb, bad enough there re doing this, yet i was curious to what it will look like. now their fucking everything up

  • Aginghipster27

    Other than acting goofy what makes him so ideal for the part? I think he's very funny but this isn't a comedy. Based on his output so far, (Community, Mystery Team, & Derrick Comedy shorts) there is zero to suggest he'd be good in this role.

  • Mrweebit

    stupid idea

  • Mrweebit

    I should say however i do like donald glover he is very funny, but not spider-man.

  • Bill Graham

    I think the most potent argument for Glover is that he simply fits the character. He has that nerdy side to him, but is also quick witted. Additionally, he is in decent shape, so it isn't too far of a stretch to see him flinging bad guys around after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

  • jay

    Yes please do it, that way you can piss off the spider-man fans too. Not enough that they turned nick fury black and are considering making a movie off that! Now they can see what if feels like when their favorite character gets destroyed.

  • Djwarlok73

    Well, black guys do love their mary jane….

  • Ruckas356

    nah… young white male… thats spider-man… not this black comedian who isnt funny or anything close to peter parker or spider-man… and he said “they shount give it to me outright” really no ish! U havent done anything other then a sitcom lol.. spider man is an action movie!!!! Spiderman is white!!!!! Maybe we need a black superman or a black batman!!!! And didnt they already make nick Fury black??? STFU!!!

  • Ron-Man

    He's got a point. If we are going to start changing races of character's that have never been interpreted in such a way, then why not make Spidey's outfit blue and green? How about we change Mary Jane to a brunnette? Or why not make Venom a nerdy small guy with no muscle mass whatsoever…..Oh WAIT! They did! And everyone HATED it. It's not about race. It's about staying true to source material.

  • Ron-Man

    If we are going to start changing races of character's that have never been interpreted in such a way, then why not make Spidey's outfit blue and green? How about we change Mary Jane to a brunnette? Or why not make Venom a nerdy small guy with no muscle mass whatsoever…..Oh WAIT! They did! And everyone HATED it. It's not about race. It's about staying true to source material. I wouldn't watch Spawn if they casted a white guy.

  • Double Standard

    I wonder if the same people who get upset with the thought of a black Spiderman get just as upset with a white kid playing in The Last Airbender, a story that mostly is set in asia, paying homage to asian culture. Or at the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the lead role in a little movie called The Prince Of Persia? Where is the self righteous anger there?

    Those movies are racist to white peolpe insinuating that whites can't be interested in a movie where the protagonist isn't white. They might be right…

    • Anonymous

      Well, personally I was very disappointed by the Last Airbender’s casting, and I’m also a bit on the fence about the idea of a black Peter Parker. So, there you go, some one who has issues with both movies “racebending”. You shouldn’t make general assumptions with no basis.

      Also, I’m pretty sure white people have no issues going to see non-white actors star in movies. Will Smith stars in some major blockbusters that I’m sure didn’t have exclusively non-white audiences. Not to mention Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Densel Washington, and Samuel Jackson

  • Cloud567

    You people talk about the source material…you do realize this reboot is based on ULTIMATE Spiderman, right? You're really that married to the source material of the Ultimate series that a character that doesn't look identical to Ultimate Spiderman (does he even look different in that comic? I don't care enough to notice, along with 99% of people in the world).

    As was pointed out in the article, this reboot is a BAAAAAD idea. A bad idea that can only be fixed by taking a radically different approach. Colorblind casting is the perfect way to do it. And that's all anyone is asking for. If the best actor is white, then so be it. But if someone comes along (and I think Donald Glover would be PERFECT) that can totally nail the part but his skin is a different color, then why not take a chance? I might be against it if they hadn't already made a trilogy in the last decade, but come on people, you had your Spiderman. This reboot has already been verified to not be the answers to your continuity prayers, so to hell with continuity. And if you can piss off a few bitter white people while you're at it, more power to you.



  • eak3

    Why dont we have a movie with an original superhero concept and then by all means make him a black/asian/native-american or whatever race you want. Lets not bastardize decades of source material just for the sake of having a non white race get some limelight. Samuel Jackson works as Nick Fury, because Mark Millar when he wrote Ultimates gave us a fucking bad ass Nick Fury. I'm all for creative and original thinking and lets see some good creativity hit the big screen with a black super hero… wait we got Hancock!! which by the way, I think, is a halfway decent pic.

  • Ashleyjohnson31792

    this would be completely stupid im not racist but just think about it the people who are racist would not go see this movie and people who are fans of spiderman will also not go see this because of the fact that a white man is not playing spiderman which has always been in the cartoon, the comics, the games and the last 3 movies…im just saying that if they do consider this it will not have as much of an effect on making alot of money like the other 3 movies

  • SuperCoolDork

    Why dont we just let will smith play wolverine. Denzel Washington can play Captain america. Ashton Kutcher can play in the next blade. Oh and Jaime foxx can be the next superman!!!!!

  • The.Watcher

    This is the stupidest fucking this I've ever heard. Spider-Man is WHITE. It's just the way it is, making his black would be like making Shaft white – it's ridiculous.

  • bigeldy

    I thought we had a black Spider-Man in the 3rd movie! ;)

  • Fbsw2

    This is a horrible idea. He would make a good Peter Parker, not a good spider man. You can't do one without the other and expect a solid character. So I'll say it again. BAD IDEA

  • Black Jays

    who the fuck is this nerding looking fuck

  • A20

    i also heard they are gonna make Snow Black as well..

  • Orionpax1315

    SO can we make a Blade movie and make him White or a Black lightning movie and make him white? I don't think all the advocates for this would feel the same way if this was tossed about like this dumb idea.

  • Rick1hellfire

    I think it's stupid to change characters so damn much….it doesn't make any sense. If they want to make a black superhero movie they should make Luke Cage (power man)..then again they probably would cast an oriental actor

  • Bigballersb85

    thats stupid, if he was written as black he needs to be black if hes white stay white, simple as that

  • Nigel B. Gonwee

    Spider-Man has been and always should be white. Be happy that you guys got a black President. Of course blacks do nothing but complain. If you don't like how America is, the go back to Africa.

  • whitespiderman

    I can't stop laughing!

  • Stanredick

    I say we have Chris Rock as SpiderMan

  • Austin Riley7108

    I am all up for ADDING another spiderman but NOT replacing him. The historic comic theme would be lost. It would be like having the idea to replace the flinstones with an hispanic family. That is crazy!! I can't see a little hispanic girl in the place of the pebbles we know but I can see her as another added character; its the same with having a black spidey. You can still invite other characters in but you can't go replacing them!!!

  • Stenazo

    I can see Captain America as Will Smith or another black actor (lets get another view of what an all-American hero is), but for some reason I don't think it would go well with Spiderman.

  • Wicketstubby

    anyone see daredevil..kingpin was black and it sucked and duncan sucked playing him. malcolm X movie as a white man isnt gonna happen is it. nick fury race bending roles are a hit or miss cuz nick fury has a lot of untold storys and isnt a main chracter. this is a horrible idea…and for all the lovers of donald glover im not a hater on his part but hes not that great and isnt better then will smith. it should be the kid from percy jackson hands down

  • reader

    TWLIGHT. If were going to reboot with the same character in a diiferent race then the next Twlight movie that comes out should have a black Bella or a black Edward. It isn't a racist thing, you just can't change the character altogether. I do not see a problem with introducing a different spiderman that is a race other than white but it can not hold the title of petter parker.
    the movie makers are so creative they could come up with a character and script that would blow boring old spiderman away. So why aren't they doing that instead of this? I don't get all this. If you sit back clear your mind of judgements and remain neutral….then it does just seem to center around the all time topic of racist contributers.
    the next movie Glover plays in if it seems good then I will buy a ticket and see it but I won't spend my money to see this one.

  • Butt

    I bet Marry Jane will still be white.

  • Name

    Tupac bio staring Tom Cruise then

  • 7ruth

    So what they're suggesting here is that we… Kill that Batman?

  • Joe

    How about they all go back to Africa. Then they can remake all they want

  • ZMAN

    Stan Lee wrote him as a white nerdy teen male who grows up into a slightly less nerdy white male. That is Spider-man. As much as I like Donald Glover (ordered Mystery Team) as much as I like him, and as good as he'd probably make a good fit, you must remember this: you're a fucking idiot. It doesn't matter his there isn't anything inherently white about Spider-Man.

    There is only the source material, and respecting it. Movies are bound by the popular and successful books they're all ripped off of. 616 Spider-man is white, and so is Ultimate Spider-man which the reboot is supposed to be based around.

    I'm fucking tired of white people being morphed into another race without legitimacy, and I'm even more tired of movies like Avatar and Prince of Persia fucking other races of people over just because you know it's not popular to have films that star people other than a white or black man.

  • Jony

    I saw this coming a mile away. This is racism.

    In the age of Obama chicago politics, racism IS allowed. The double-standard has infected the masses. Granting a movie role based on race is no different than granting a federal position as Surgeon General based on race. It is racism no matter how you sugar coat it. I'm Cuban and can't stand this double-standard bullshit.

    I've only seen this kid on Comminity a few times, and I'll tell you what. He's got talent. And Yes, everyone who has posted on here stating that nothing about the character relies on race, is correct. But that doesnt mean that it isnt difficult to imagine / embrace this character as any other race but white. Changing him arbitrarily is weird b.c of decades of source material that have made this character iconic. All the while the character gained this popularity, he was depicted as white and changing him to a black male would be like arbitrarily changing Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent into black males. It would be weird and probably wouldnt work. Some iconic characters have been engrained in our memories as white,black, asian, indian, and/or hispanic and I do not think they should be changed arbitrarily. That's just my two cents and I hope no one is offended with a little bit of honesty.

    We can debate on this site cant we?

  • Warner

    That's like rebooting Superman and making him black, it's so PC. Just leave the character the way he is in the comics, the wheel doesn't need to be that reinvented. There are tons of black superheroes, I do think on that note there aren't enough of them, I mean “Hancock” mmk,


    NO NO NO. FUCK THIS SHIT. Way for idiots to ruin the movies for comic lovers and such.

  • Rob

    “It’s asking the question: is there anything inherently white about Spider-Man’s story?”

    [Unpopular opinion]

    If you're asking that question, maybe you should stop talking and let the adults make the big decisions. Cause this is exactly what we need, a jive talking Spider-Man. Who's gonna play Aunt May? Martin Laurence in drag? Mary Jane, now a hoochie ghetto momma! Hey, lotta black redheads out there, amirite?

    But okay, let's turn that ridiculous question on its head. What about the black experience jives with the character of Peter Parker?

    Sorry, but it wouldn't work. Lots of black kids with dead parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents blah blah blah. Black nerds? Sure, and they're all accused of acting too white. And that's my point. Take an iconic character and racialize it and ruin it. Now it's less about some dork who gets superpowers trying to live up to the one giant mistake of his past and instead it becomes about the black guy overcoming cultural hurdles.

    Yeah, more black superheroes, okay, fine, I'm down with that. Selling it on some kinda PC agenda? No, no, no!

    [/Unpopular opinion]

  • JokerOC

    Terrible idea. Maybe Captain America can be from russia too.

  • Houston Sports Fan

    how gay is this – the guy looks fruity to boot. i can already tell he'd be a mediocre spiderman. what a travesty, looks like they want to ruin a franchise.

  • Jgbash

    They are niggerizing everything! Check the new Karate Kid Out. They put that annoying little monkey in there for the main character. This country's standards are at an all time low and getting worse every day!!

  • Blooruin

    Umm. Did anyone notice that Samuel Jackson is playing Nick Fury? Sure, Nick has recently been reimagined as a black man, but he was created as a white guy. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a violent uproar or a dip in revenue based on the switch.

  • robbie

    Maybe we should cast Tom Cruise as Tupac. Spiderman should be white. Its about staying true to the source material otherwise just call him a different name. It wouldnt be Spiderman.
    Just because a lot of people are against the idea doesnt make them racist. It makes us realists. Cinema goers would feel the same way. Fed up of hollywood tring to be trendy.

  • Dcj31092

    This is the nerd in me coming out, but in the Spider-man 2099 comics, Spider-man is mexican.

  • givemeabreak

    Why? Make a coherent argument why Spiderman shouldn't be portrayed the way he was originally written and imagined. It's ridiculous that this is even an issue. Like people have said before there is a double standard at play here. If this was blade etc. and people came up with the idea to cast a white guy there would be a huge uproar. There would be endless shouts of 'racism'. So why is this any different? It makes no sense whatsoever.

    And also the whole 'is there anything inherently white about Spiderman…' argument is asinine. It should be pretty clear what is inherently white about spiderman…he was written as a white guy! The same way blade was written as a black guy makes him inherently black! What world are we living in?! Oh yeah…the world where PC rules supreme.

  • Trevor

    actually, there was a time in a courtroom in spiderman where Spidey jokes, “I figured out why Jameson hates me, it's because I'm black.” Jameson mutters nervously, “I didn't know, some of my best friends, uh..” and Spidey says, “Just kidding.”

  • Ganymede2010

    99.9% of all Superhero's are White. If anyone dares to change that number the comic book fans will come out in droves against it. There can never be a Black Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Magneto, Flash, etc. All of the main comic book heros are White. And believe you me, it's going to remain that way. The only ones they'll recast are the obscure characters like Nic Fury. Out of the 5000+ characters Marvel has, less than 1% of them are Black.

    In real life, a lot of Blacks and other minorities show superhuman abilities all the time. The real life Flash would be Usain Bolt. The real life dead pool would be Jet Li, the real life Wolverine would be Mike Tyson. Lastly, I like it how whenever someone suggests that Marvel should increase the 1% that Blacks represent in the Marvel universe, will counter with, “If you're going to increase the Black presence from 1% to 1.5% then you'll need to recast the other Black hero's so we can remain at the 1%.

  • Ganymede2010

    Even the Minority superhero roles go to White people. Son Guko, the last Airbender, and Prince of Persia just to name a few.

  • Pingback: Video: Ben Kingsley Auditions for TRANSFORMERS 3()

  • [A]

    I'm not familiar with the guy's work but I don't care about Spidey being white, black or transparent

  • Epickickboxer

    Is everyone really this open-minded, or just afraid of being thought of as racist? I suppose there is no real reason Peter Parker can't be a black youth, but is people's willingness for this sincere? Also, we can't forget that this movie probably shouldn't be happening in the first place, which makes a black Spider-man feel a little gimmicky. Glover should have a right to audition, but the movie's execs (or some other higher ups) are probably not going to let it get further than that.

  • Dr. Phibes

    Does that mean that all the characters will be cast as different ethnicities. Logically, Aunt May and Uncle Ben would have to be black people. Forest Whitaker as Uncle Ben would be pretty cool (Just imagine him delivering that famous Spider-man quote). Also would Mary Jane be a black person? She really doesn't have to be, if race is truly not an issue. However mixed-race couples aren't very common in mainstream movies, unless the movie is specifically about mixed-race couples. In the movie, “Spawn,” they changed Spawn's white wife in the comics to a black woman for the movie, and in some modern movies, like that one with Kutcher and Bernie Mac, a mixed race couple is played for laughs. I guess, if they can get this movie to work I'm on board.

  • Lo

    Have people just gon retarded; a black peter?! I'm hispanic and i also think a hispanic peter would be pretty stupid too. Comic characters are what they are. I'm huge on Marvel characters, have been since i was 12 i'm now 34, but come on……. why don't we cast jackie chan as Thor since everyone is on the “oooh, lets shake things up a bit” card. STUPID.

  • Cargazer

    Why not make a black super hero (Black Panther) and leave the Spider-Man mythology alone? It would be unwatchable…



  • Anthony

    I love Glover in Community and all, but this is just a really bad idea.

  • Geoscore

    Wow hell fucking NO!

  • edcedc8

    I'm against this, not because hes black, but because io9 suck dick.

  • edcedc8

    hey rhythm nation, if it doesn't matter, why is it ok to bitch about the last airbender?

  • Rexfuturus

    Is there nothing about my childhood heroes that you idiots don't want to screw up. For the love of god the fans of these comics go to see the characters and stories they grew up reading come alive in film. NOT to see some opinionated Hollywood idiot completely rewrite the story by changing the main character be it race or backstory it doesn't matter. I go to see what the book describes when i read it. And honestly I'm for a reboot and have been since the first one. I'm also for a reboot of x-men another comic tragedy for the love of god Wolverine is supposed to be short. So i say no to a black spider-man and no to any race changes in movie based on an existing work. Next you'll want Batman and Superman to be black and where will it end.

  • Szarebski

    has to be white guy not a a black person

  • Pbp720

    So, basically, the argument is that unless a specific background is identified (Irish, Italian, whatever), a white character is just a blank template onto which you can place a person of color?

    There is nothing intrinsically black about James Rhodes either. He might as well have been anything.

  • T Donahue X

    This is really sad. First off I am not a racist even though I will surly be labeled as one by the sheeple posts I have read. In my opinion spiderman should be portrayed as he has been since the characters creation. There are many Black superheros that will find their way to the big and small screen such as the Black Panther, Blade, Storm, Catwoman, not to mention new characters created for film like Hancock which was a good film. Changing the character's race will drive away more people away from the theaters. As far as the creator of Ultimate Spiderman (which the reboot is to be based on) statement that he is “OK” with the race change of the Peter Parker what else could he say? The man is not stupid. Any objection would be like career suicide. Stating the character should be left white would group him with folks like David Duke. If he felt that way why didn't He write him that way when Marvel put out Ultimate Spiderman #1. Bottom Line if it aint broke don't fix it!!

  • Keldane

    Let's make a martin luther king movie with petter weller as king and see how that goes over.

  • Tim Donahue

    Keldane Great and to the point!

  • MrSinister

    The character is white. Period. Nothing prejudiced about it, just a fact.
    White, Black, Asian…none of it will matter if the script is anything close to Spider-Man 3.
    That movie was atrocious.

  • MrSinister

    A coupla thousand people on Twitter & Facebook don't justify an audition, either. I also don't like the self-campaigning for roles. That's what an agent's for. And, quite frankly, Peter/Spidey's always been a little nerdy, but he wasn't a total dork and he certainly was never effeminate, which I think Donald Glover kind of is. Funny guy, but not Spidey for me. Plus, I'm hoping this reboot starts out with Spidey already established in NYC, not another origin tale!

  • Tim Donahue

    Agreed enough with the origins. If anything they should run a synopsis of the origin in the credits like in the hulk's last film.

  • Nick Fury's Wakandan Lovechild

    Make N E W , Strong, Flagship Comic Characters of Various Ethnicities EVERYONE Can Enjoy Instead of Bastardizing Existing Ones and Alienating Long-Time Fans of Those Character,

    To those who say Spidey's story could apply to “any ethnicity,” the character of Spider-Man is based on the notion of RESPONSIBILITY.

    Strictly speaking statistically in this year of census:

    - Which ethnic group has the largest percentage of those FLEEING responsibility to abandon their children, leave the women they impregnate and avoid paying child support?

    Samuel L. Jackson could be a great, NEW character in the Iron Man & Avengers films who could be enjoyed by EVERYONE.

    Instead, they (Hollywood Hippies) take an existing character and callously change his ethnicity and alienate many people who loved that character as he was.

    Marvel/Ultimate Comics could've made SLJ being a “Nick Fury, JR (Son of Nick Fury)” or someone similar for a new century and made us all happy instead of insulting the collective intelligence of the fans and merely making a P-C change on a major, long-standing comics icon.

  • Samdu

    There's nothing inherently “black” about the character Spawn. But he's black. He's a soldier that sold his soul to the devil to see his wife again. And he happens to be black. And he should remain that way. Imagine the outrage if Spawn were cast as a white guy. What makes Spider-Man “inherently” white is that he is an iconic character that just happens to be a nebbish white kid. The image of Peter Parker is so ingrained that there is no way to recast him as another race without it having the appearance of political correctness. The reason it works for other characters (like casting Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin (which I thought was a brilliant move, btw)) is that they are not as iconic.

  • Ayschucks

    Hey look, I am all about turning perceptions on their head but this is a culturally ingrained icon and would be financial suicide for a studio to do anything that might upset the already perturbed fan base.

    Look I liken it to this, I find it arrogant every once in a while when rumors persist that American television companies are considering reboots of Doctor Who or Torchwood and setting them in the US. Its arrogance.

    Just as its arrogant that white people make movies where a white man is a better Indian or a better samurai. I am not claiming this move is arrogant, it just smacks of disrespect for the source material and how it was weaved into our modern mythos.

  • Rick

    Spiderman isn't black. He's white in the comics and that's how he should stay. That's like making War Machine a white guy it wouldn't be right. Stay true to the comics or GTFO!!!!

  • Zenbryo

    Well, why not have Spider-Man be a girl? Or be gay?

    Wait, he's in a wheelchair! That's edgy and hip!

    Don't mistake colorblind casting for attention grabs. It's just as racist to cast Spidey as black because you know it will whip up the media as it is to say you can't have a black Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man is white, not because he's a racist, but because he just IS. He also shoots webs and crawls walls. That is the character.

  • M!k3

    Ok u kno what Peter Parker was NEVER black in the comics he was a WHITE MALE WITH BROWN HAIR why is it so hard to keep it that way? there are plenty of black super heros in the marvel universe and peter parker is in his twenties he isnt a teenager! he is a photojournalist for the daily bugle!!!! SPIDER MAN IS NOT BLACK

  • Rmanbeyond

    I am black and am totally against this casting. He sucks on Community and so does that show. Plus he is black, obviously. I think characters should stay the same color as their comics counterparts and I was actuallt thinking of the same analogy as project 86. Th only reason I don't have a problem with Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is because his ultimate marvel counterpart is black. There are no comic book incarnations in which Spidey black! By the way he won't get the role.

  • Rmanbeyond

    Even Will Smith sees the problem with things like this. Warner Brothers even pondered Will Smith playing Superman in “Superman Returns” Will said no for the same reason I am saying no to this, Superman is white!!!! like Spider-Man.

  • Dimitrig15

    This is a joke, right? Read the damn comic books people, I swear. Look at all the Marvel fans. They're not going 2 accept this guy playing as Spidey if u keep screwing up the characters. I swear 2 god if u accept this guy 2 play as Spider-Man, I swear I will never look at a Marvel movie again. Think of ur fans 4 christ sakes. Thats gonna loose a lot of money

  • justin

    they should make a biopic about martin luther king, staring matt damon as martin luther king jr and christian bale as the controversial malcolm x… throw in JFK played by the always superb terrance howard and i think you got a movie!!!

  • Luckyman

    better yet, lets reboot Shaft staring Brad Pitt as John Shaft. That's a great idea too.

    This is as stupid as when they made Kingpin black.

  • Bunny

    Um why would spider man be a black guy (not that I have anything against the possibilities), hes ALWAYS been a nerdy white boy. Geez, he's still a nerdy white boy in the ultimate reboots, unlike the Nick Furry character who made the white to black transition in the Ultimate world (which is not that bad actually). Maybe they should give this one to Disney and let Hannah Montana play Mary Jane….

  • Namor the Sub-mariner

    I guess the only prob I have would be him in the suit. Did anyone ever noticed the size of that bubble butt on that kid?!!! It's big ass hell! If he could trim that booty down so it's not so distracting, then i would be down for the switch up.

  • grimm714

    just stick with the characters, whats with this whole make everyone black now if thats the case then why not make him Mexican, just because we have a black president does not mean lets just change everything black, people are just being overly stupid now dont ruin a good thing

  • Carson1213

    How did Taylor Lautner get passed over for this role? Isn't he the automatic choice?

  • Cpdstar9567knolle

    Don't be stupid

  • Guest

    This is stupid, there is no reason for a spiderman reboot anyway.

  • The Train!

    you know, now that you mention the nerd angle, it would be very interesting if they cast a black actor as spider-man, but only if they really took on the realities of race and identity. because there aren't that many nerdy characters who are black and in certain areas of the country to be a nerd and to be black is automatically to be “not black enough.” it would be very interesting for a character who wears a mask to never really fit in anywhere. in fact, it reminds me of w.e.b. dubois's concept of the veil from the souls of black folk. of course, a hollywood studio would never allow a superhero movie like spiderman to become a metaphorical examination about black identity, which means they will not cast a black actor or, if they do, they'll treat him as though his race is entirely unproblematic. which would be lame.

  • Fresh

    These comments are just sad. I can appreciate it when someone says they don't think he can fit the role because of acting ability or something of that nature. But saying things like “Spiderman is white so he should stay is white” is well narrow minded. If cyborg was white I wouldn't care, if steel was spanish I wouldn't care, if Bishop was Asian I wouldn't be bothered by it. So why are you focusing so much about race?

  • A S C

    Put Josh Hutcherson as the new Spider-Man.

  • Project Glover
  • Tim Donahue


  • Tim Donahue


  • Tim Donahue

    YOU ARE SUCH A CLUELESS MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ace da luva

    While it maybe true that there is nothing inherently white about Spidey, if $ony chooses to deviate that far from the source material it will end badly. Do any of you remember Catwoman? The issue wasn't Halle Berry, after all Eartha Kitt had the role during the 60's Batman TV show. The issues was that you had a Catwoman with no connection to the character's DC roots. No Gotham, no Batman, hell not even a Bruce Wayne cameo. That movie is universally hated by fans. The same principle with a giving a black actor the Peter Parker/Spiderman role. It is so far removed from the source material that any fan would be very skeptical and most would outright reject it.
    Now having a black Captain America is not controversial as one might think. In Marvel's Truth: Red, White & Black several black soldiers were test subjects in a U.S. Army project that occured before project rebirth (Steve Rodgers). I could see a movie telling that story as an part of a larger Captain America story arc…And before anyone starts calling me a racist, I'm black and a life long comic book reader.

  • ace da luva

    While it maybe true that there is nothing inherently white about Spidey, if $ony chooses to deviate that far from the source material it will end badly. Do any of you remember Catwoman? The issue wasn't Halle Berry, after all Eartha Kitt had the role during the 60's Batman TV show. The issues was that you had a Catwoman with no connection to the character's DC roots. No Gotham, no Batman, hell not even a Bruce Wayne cameo. That movie is universally hated by fans. The same principle with a giving a black actor the Peter Parker/Spiderman role. It is so far removed from the source material that any fan would be very skeptical and most would outright reject it. Now having a black Captain America is not controversial as one might think. In Marvel's Truth: Red, White & Black several black soldiers were test subjects in a U.S. Army project that occured before project rebirth (Steve Rodgers). I could see a movie telling that story as an part of a larger Captain America story arc…And before anyone starts calling me a racist, I'm black and a life long comic book reader.

  • Petelewis1

    I know lets do a re-make of Shaft with Adam Sandler!

  • Therealcontest

    OMG… Morgan Freeman as Uncle Ben

  • Tim Donahue


  • Ultrahumanite

    Wow. I was trying really hard not to comment on this thread, but the tidal wave of white guilt masquerading as enlightenment finally wore me down. The idea of a black Peter Parker is the kind of absurd idea that could only gain traction in a society as afraid of race as the one we've managed to construct in the good old US of A. Are you lot really so insecure about your supposed egalitarianism that you're willing to support an idea so inherently ridiculous, without even pausing to consider how reprehensible and insulting an idea it is.

    It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter…. except it obviously does. I wonder if the 'best actor for the job' crowd would cling to that principle if Thomas Jane has been cast as War Machine instead of Don Cheadle? After all, there's nothing about Rhodey's background that suggests that he *needs* to be black, and Thomas Jane is a superb actor. Except it would have been wrong, just as wrong as casting a black actor as Spider-Man. Because, like it or not, the character's race has helped to establish the character… and the idea that white people do not or should not have a cultural identity, which is an assertion that has been strongly implied in the comments here, is frankly… racist.

    The fans who support this are sending a very loud and very clear message: “Yes, we know that there are many awesome black superheroes, but we sure hope that studios don't waste time and money and effort bringing any of them to the screen, because I'm not going to waste my money on Black Panther or Luke Cage. But if you make Spider-Man black, then I get to maintain my appearance of egalitarianism and yet I can still take comfort in the fact that, deep down inside, we all know he's really white.”

    If the filmmakers consider this as an option, they are sending a very loud and very clear message: “Yes, we know that there are dozens of awesome black superheroes, but rather than spend the time and energy and money that it would take to bring one of them to the big screen in classic superhero style, we'd rather force a black cultural identity onto one of the classic great superheroes — it's easier to do that than to take a previously underused black superhero and bring him into the spotlight.” This, despite the fact that it has actually been done before — maybe you remember a little film called Blade? Now really, what's stopping them from doing the same with Deathlok or The Crew?

    Taking an existing hero and switching the hero's traditional race to my own, or to another 'minority' race (making the hero essentially a cast-off — and let's pause for a moment here to consider the psychological implications of *that*) is inherently insulting on so many levels that the idea of it, frankly, stuns me. And the idea that black characters (or asian characters for that matter) don't sell to audiences is patently absurd and so easily disproved that it almost brings into question whether a person asserting such a claim has even been to the movies in the past half-century.

    If there is a dearth of black superheroes on the screen, it's because no one has bothered to bring any to the screen in any meaningful sense — and those that have been brought to the screen, with the notable exception of Blade, have been presented rather poorly. Shaq as Steel? Really? (Though I must confess that Meteor Man is a rather guilty pleasure of mine.)

    As an aside, I might point out that there has already been a black Spider-Man… in spirit, if not in fact. Perhaps if that is what audiences really want to see, I suggest that you lot lobby instead for a Static Shock movie? Because they'll only start bringing the characters to the screen when YOU start demanding to see them.

  • Poptehbubbles

    oh boy..this isnt good..and before you call me black. and even i think this is strange

  • 47

    Peter Parker is white. Period. End of story. He's never been portrayed as anything else. There is NO need to change it just to fill some ethnic void. This whole race debate is getting absolutely ridiculous. The double standard in America is absolutely appalling. 98% of African Americans vote for the African American candidate in the past American presidential election yet no one says it was because the other candidate was white? Yet if the tables were flipped, “journalist” would still be writing articles on the injustice. I would LOVE to see the response if Blade is to be rebooted and Matt Damon is considered in the running for the role. There would be riots. I pray the producers of the Spider-Man reboot have enough decency to STICK TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL and to rise above this horrid onslaught of BULLSHIT political correctness that needs to end and end quickly.

    Peter Parker is white. Get over it.

  • Bucfan5058

    This is a joke, right?

  • Bucfan5058

    What is this..1994?? Enough with the polictically correct bullshit! Stick to the original story and characters.

  • hanzo the razor

    to bo honest, i don't really care who acts in the new spidey flick…. i'm not gonna see it, period.
    it's an obvious moneygrab, and i am pretty sick of hollywood spewing garbage left and right
    (i go to the movies about 3 to 5 times a year, and i am a movie fanatic … that's how bad movies are getting)
    spidey rebot was announced how long after Raimi called it quits ? (i think it was less than a month), if that doesn't tell you the movie is going to suck-it's a moneygrab move, i don't know what can.

  • Magna Carta Magic

    So I wonder then if Spiderman is black…they'll have to cast his family that way too right? A black aunt May? That might actually be hilarious! I can envision all kinds of stereotypical character adjustments to make. :D

  • Tim Donahue

    Yeah it can be a riot if they piss all over the source material. Its just a bad idea embraced by douche bags!!!

  • a white guy

    a black spiderman would make this reboot worth it

  • Caucasian

    “A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.”


  • Jerryelp

    What most of the idiots that agree with this fail to understand is that most of these movies are created with the intention of getting all the people that read or have read the comics to purchase movie tickets to watch the movie and I can guarantee that the vast majority of them will not want to see the characters changed drastically from what they are familiar with. Stop bringing race into everything and follow the source material.

  • Tim Donahue

    yeah and the blind lead the blind and they both fall into the pit. this isn't about judging a person's character but respecting the fans.

  • HackD


    There are plenty of deserving black characters that could be developed for film proper. Ink, Spawn, Blade, Dr Voodoo, Misty knight, Isiah Bradley (Captain America the first one). His skin colour is very important because lots of relationships in the books would have to be changed – Jamieson wouldn't dare give a black employee that kind of abuse, I'm curious as too the neighbour hood Peter would grow up in as a result – black people in suburbia? I've seen more bigfoots! I wonder how parker would react to being stop and searched? The most important thing that you seem to forget as well – Uncle Ben. Nuff said.

  • Satorikay

    Y'know, I'm a comic book nerd, but I'm not the biggest comic book nerd in the world…

    That's why I find it surprising I may be the first one to point this out…


    Oh what, I'm the only one who noticed Kingpin being changed in “Daredevil”
    to a Black Man? Played by MICHAEL DUNCAN FREAKIN' CLARK?!? That's not “racist”?

    How 'bout Fox in “Wanted”? Angelina Jolie, anyone?

    Hey, really bad example, but HALLE BERRY AS CATWOMAN?!? Really?

    So calm down, we all know they probably WON'T do it, but would it be
    super horrifying if they did? Not really. The primary demographic (little kids
    have to be TAUGHT to be racist, remember?) won't give two shits, and
    the story wouldn't have to be discernibly changed at all. If anything,
    I always kind of related to Peter Parker as a Black kid anyway. Not always being
    flush with cash, but just enough to get by sounds like my childhood.

    IF they could pull it off, and not make it extra coon-tastic, I say why not?

  • Satorikay

    Given the fact that he was adopted… Not really.

    *Goes back to actually reading the comic, instead of being a stuck up know-it-all*

  • Tim Donahue


  • PHILLYPA42286


  • Khurram712

    Hollywood is running out of new ideas..Remakes and remakes..reboots and reboots…come up with something new..

  • Jme

    This is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard ! Im a lifelong spidey fan and if he gets the part I wont even watch it , picture Mr.T or Shaft being played by a white guy ! looks pretty stupid doesnt it ? well get the hint hollywood and stop wrecking my childhood loves

  • TiredoftheCrying

    Many of the early super heroes were really about jewish issues of assimilation and fitting in. So by much of the logic out there a Jew must be Superman right? How bout we all suspend our disbelief and see who can bring something to the role worth watching. You must be the same people who think black folk shouldn't do Shakespeare. Get over yourselves and just see who can play the role. I don't advocate Will Smith as Cap (he just isn't good enough) or the remake of Karate Kid (nobody should remake that). But when it comes to an individual character that is make believe, let us stretch our imaginations and cast the best possible actors for the various roles.

  • Ekwensu214

    At first I thought this was a prank, but I realized that we're in June, not April, so I became a little dumbfounded.

    I don't care how many people agree with this article. It's RIDICULOUS! Absolute, sheer, utter lunacy. I was pissed off when they made the Kingpin Black in Daredevil, and I was annoyed as hell when they made Nick Fury black in the newest Marvel movies. I don't give a hoot whether they're black, white, or neon pink. What matters is the source material. If they had cast a white guy for the role of Blade, instead of Wesley Snipes, there'd be rioting in the streets and accusations of racism flying all over the forums. I agree with another poster here. When Black superhero movies come out, let's cast white leads! When they reboot Spawn, let's cast Neal McDonough in the role instead of Michael Jai White and see what happens, shall we?

    I'm actually appalled that this article ISN'T a joke, and even more appalled that some people are rooting for it. It seems people truly have lost their already feeble minds.

  • Pbfff

    to me spiderman can only be toby maguire. he fit peter parker to a tee in the way he acted right down to the bone. i'd rather have him than anyone else play spiderman, even if it is a reboot. it doesn't matter what color the new actor is, it's just going to mess with a good thing. spiderman left on an iffy note, but still good. all the ideas they are throwing out there are sounding bad

  • Tim Donahue


  • Ruiner

    Unfortunately this debate treads on a fine line simply because so many people have absolutely no grasp on what is, and isn't racist. Regardless I personally would prefer they stay true to the source material when it comes to ethnicity, gender, and origins of comic characters. I still find it EXTREMELY irritating Sony is going for a reboot on a film franchise still less then a decade old. I'm not sure any of the people involved in this decision, and producing this new film really understand how, or why Sam Raimi was capable of making a Spider-Man film work. Just like Christopher Nolan, Raimi is not a director you want to replace.

  • Cjob3

    Actually it's the idea of a “gritty and contemporary” spider-man worries me more. Spider-man shouldn't be gritty. That's the opposite of what spider-man should be.

  • Some Dude

    You guys forget that Nick Fury= White…played by Samuel L. Jackson.

    Kingpin= White, played by Micheal Clarke Duncan.

    We could go on with the use of a black Green lantern in the Justice League Cartoon.

    Characters are changable to the times and it works as long as the content is there. A black spiderman would FUNDEMENTALLY change spiderman, but honestly, I never liked the last two spider man movies, and if they want to reboot it, they should take us somewhere we havent been.

    Personally, the idea of rebooting the franchise sickens me, just because it is clear they are trying to make money in this case versus giving fans what they want. But that put aside, if Donald is a good enough actor to give us a great Peter Parker, more power to them!

  • Tim Donahue

    douche bag!

  • Www Seed

    his is rediculous, just like they did with karate kid and the ninja turtles, screw up the story line just to throw a negro in for political correctness, screw that, spidey is white, daniel is white, quit “rebooting” good movies and find some originality to make your own movie instead of a remake of someone elses that you screw up!

  • ETB

    I think what's pissing people off is that it seems that all the white characters are getting replaced by black people, but none of the black characters from movies are getting replaced by black people. Look at it Samuel L. Jackson as Fury (although that was an awesome choice), Jaden smith as the karate kid, and now this. If they were willing to make a black panther, spawn, or blade movie with a white guy then I'm all for Donald Glover as Spider-man.

  • Nicksawlione

    No – comeon Hollywood just because our president is black – and its a free country so Im going to say this We didn't make spawn white – so don't mess with our favorite white spidey!!!!!

  • evilbasterd

    how about brad pitt as malcolm x or martin luther king? or angela lansbury as aquaman. that would certainly shake shitnup.

  • Yeahso

    Im sorry, im a purest when it comes to my comics…I wouldnt accept a white blade or a spawn. Hell later in the serious Green lantern became a notable black super-hero. Why change something that has been a certain way. I..Im not going to lie…casting a black spider man in the Peter Parker saga's..yeah sorry i wont see it….hell Im hoping for the reboot..but FUCK cmon people just leave shit alone. Damn everything has to be about race at some point in time…just deal with it. And…Jamie Fox as lynch..nope..sorry same I dont agree…I do not agree at all. if your going to cast actors on characters that have existed for some time….lets keep the characters at least how they were made and created. All im saying is dont use this as some racial movement, Im sick of people messing with things that have no reason to be messed with…just let me enjoy my spiderman movie's the way stan lee wrote them and created them for christ sake PLEASE. I do not support this at all

  • Wzlnt

    Of course he supports it. Would you, in this day and age, dare to say no to giving a guy a part because of race? He supports it so he can keep his job.

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