Marc Webb’s SPIDER-MAN Reboot Might Reunite Him with Zooey Deschanel

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Hope you like rumors, because I have a nice one for you to chew on. If you knew who director Marc Webb was before taking over the Spider-Man reboot, then you likely saw his previous film, (500) Days of Summer. Now that Webb has moved onto a much larger picture, it comes as no surprise that he has gathered quite a nice cast.  We recently reported that Sally Field would be filling in as Aunt May alongside Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben. The latest casting rumor is setting up a reuniting of Webb and Zooey Deschanel, who previously worked together on Summer. Hit the jump for Deschanel’s rumored role and full cast details.

The rumors comes from Showbizspy, who reports that Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson’s “Girl-Friday” or do-everything secretary, is the target role for Deschanel. While it’s currently just a rumor, it is given weight by the fact that directors often like working with talent they know. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio how that is working out for him and Martin Scorsese. Deschanel would be replacing Elizabeth Banks from the original Sam Raimi trilogy, but instead of a background character, the plans are to bring her to the forefront:

“Betty was a minor character in the previous Spidey movies but Marc has big plans for her,” a movie insider told Showbizspy. “He wants a strong performer to carry the role and Zooey fits the bill perfectly. The role is hers if she wants it.”

Brant was originally a love interest and a main character in Spider-Man lore, but has been pushed to the side by Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. With the news that MJ won’t be in the film at all, that leaves room for a larger role for Brant. All the dominoes are in place. If Deschanel accepts the rumored offer, she would be joining Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) as Spider-Man, Emma Stone (Easy A) as Gwen Stacy, and Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) as Dr. Curt Connors/Lizard. The Spider-Man 3D reboot is set to hit theaters on July 3, 2012. Let us know what you think about this possible casting in the comments below.

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FB Comments

  • Le-grill

    Best Cast Ever!

  • Le-grill

    Best Cast Ever!

  • DFM725

    The second I saw it I knew it would be for Betty. If they are going to have dual love interests without MJ, it should be Gwen and Betty.

    • RG

      I’m not entirely sure that she’ll be a love interest based on the character’s ages. This Spider-Man is supposed to be while Peter is still in High School and Deschanel is 30 and the character is likely to be older. So unless he is a senior and 18, that would likely be a pedophiliac relationship or if he’s 18 it still has the stigma around a career woman dating a high schooler. Then again, maybe the script ventures out from the high school world, but I haven’t heard anything of that sort yet.

      • Mrloopypoop

        I think they changed it to a more college based setting to accomadate the cast members, primarily peter parker, age’s.

      • christopher kelley

        You know Andrew Garfield is 27, right?

  • Eric H

    I really hope this is true. Zooey is one of my favorite actress and one of my favorite people in Hollywood. I know a lot of people are hating on the reboot but I think its shaping up quite nicely.

    • Bill Graham

      I was not a fan of the reboot except for the writer. Then I liked the director they added. Was hesitant about Garfield, but now I’m sold on him. I love Emma, and Rhys is solid. Sally Field speaks for herself, as does Martin Sheen. Now the possibility of Zooey? I can’t hate on this film at all. Until I see a trailer. haha

  • Ringbearer1420

    Why even have Gwen Stacy? you could easily do two spider-man films centered around betty brant and liz allen, bringing M.J. and Gwen in at the appropriate time.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Don’t do it Zooey! You are loads better than this shite!

    This woman is better than this. I hope she doesn’t take the role. This role was made for someone else without the heavy resume of Zooey Dechanel.

    • Cameron_robinson

      Clearly he’s taking some of Christopher Nolan’s cues… Michael Cane and Morgan Freeman are major actors who took on “peripheral” roles in the new Batman movies because the Bruce Wayne aspect of the story was made to be so much richer than the 90′s versions of the brand. From what I’ve heard Web has similar plans to expand Peter Parker’s “real life” world. Don’t assume they’re just making the same series here. Oh, and by the way, James Franco never could have headlined 127 Hours if he hadn’t done the Spiderman movies first. Love it or hate it, the big crappy movies fuel a career. There are so few tent pole productions… she’d be foolish not to take it.

  • Alex

    Peter Parker = New hipster role-model for the 21st century.

  • sense11

    Ohh how i love those Deschanel sisters.

    • Chris

      funny how Emily Deschanel was the receptionist in spider-man 2!!!!

      • Chca_92

        Great that you noticed that, man

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  • Bogie

    Usually when this many names are attached to a movie like this the script is garbage.

    • Bill Graham

      Luckily, the writer also wrote ZODIAC…

  • plantsdance

    how can all of you be all about zooey dechanel? she is just an awful actress. she looks like she is tweaking out on meth in every roll she plays…it’s offensive. im going to go ahead and hazard a guess and say this movie is going to be garbage.

    • plantsdance

      also while im ranting…emma stone is terrible and shouldn’t be doing anything other then low brow teen comedies being she has no range whatsoever. her and the girl that played her sister were the worst part of zombieland. VERY poor choice for gwen stacy.

      • Le-grill

        Your an Idiot!

      • Erroneous

        But hes right. Cute as hell but not a great actress. Zooey..

    • plantsdance

      also while im ranting…emma stone is terrible and shouldn’t be doing anything other then low brow teen comedies being she has no range whatsoever. her and the girl that played her sister were the worst part of zombieland. VERY poor choice for gwen stacy.

  • Kevin C

    As long as Kirsten Dunst isnt in the movie i will be happy. It is a shame that the guy who played Dr Connors in the other movies cant reprise his role.

  • Sir_ffej

    Love Zooey Deschanel.

  • Bryseana

    Wonder is she’ll sing “I’m not your late night booty call” to Spider-Man?

  • Mrweebit

    I like Zoey Deschanel, but I think they should pick someone else, probably jsut me though.

  • illiterati

    A reboot already…this sounds so terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I hated emo-Parker as much as the next guy but this just sounds bad.

    • Bill Graham

      This film is happening so quickly because they are trying to retain rights to the property. They have to have a film in production by 2012, I believe.

  • howard

    beware the false spider-man.

  • Ezekiel-king

    sounds good to me, as a huge spiderman fan, I am liking where this is headed….

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  • Espn_gurl_2009

    might as well give it a try!

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