Spielberg Wants Noah Wylie for his Untiled Alien-Invasion Series from TNT

     June 16, 2009

noah_wyle_er_image__1_.jpgAt last month’s upfront presentation for basic cable’s TNT network (I didn’t pay much attention at the time – “blah, blah, ‘The Closer’, blah, blah lots of ‘Law & Order'”) the network announced that they had picked up an untitled alien-invasion drama from producer Steven Spielberg… gee, maybe I should have paid more attention because that sounds kind of promising!  The series takes place six months after aliens have decimated mankind and follows a “ragtag group of survivors” who lead the human resistance against their hostile overlords… I’m guessing that someone in the Spielberg camp is a big “Battlestar Galactica” fan.  On Monday EW reported that Spielberg has an actor in mind for the “ragtag” leader – “ER” star Noah Wylie.  A TNT spokesperson declined comment, but at least this gives us some idea of what Spielberg is hoping to achieve with the series: heart-stopping drama with a generous helping of boyish charm…