Spike Lee on Board as GOLD Director

     May 16, 2013


It’s been a while since we reported on the status of Gold, which previously had Michael Mann (Heat) attached to direct.  Mann left the picture back in March of 2012 and now  Spike Lee (Red Hook Summer) has taken control of the helm.  The rags-to-riches tale written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman is based on a true story: set in the 90s, it follows an old-fashioned prospector who happens to stumble upon one of the world’s largest gold mines.  The Wrap reports that producers are hoping that Gold may be Lee’s next film.  Lee is currently in post-production on his Oldboy remake and should be available to start production on Gold this fall, depending on the schedule of their lead, which has yet to be cast.

Mann had departed the picture to focus his efforts on Big Tuna, a biopic of Chicago crime lord Tony Accardo and his young protege Sam Giancana, who eventually replaced him.  Mann is prepping the untitled cyber-thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, which goes into production next month.  

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  • uxpxytt

    This racist scum shouldn’t be allowed near a movie set.

    • Goop

      Spike Lee… racist? I have no personal stake in defending the guy, but, fan or no, I gotta say that’s an odd choice of words. For what?

      • uxpxytt

        So only White people can be racist ? Get real.

      • Goop

        I was going to ask you another question, but i’ll just go ahead and agree with dan.

    • dan

      Spike lee rocks, love this guy, can’t wait for his next movie

  • Dantae

    despite all the great movies the man directed, you chose Red Hook Summer to put after his name?