Spike Lee in Talks to Direct OLDBOY Remake?

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Much like its protagonist Oh Daesu, the remake of Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy is very hard to kill (provided the opponent is a thug in a long corridor).  Last November, we reported that Mandate Pictures was still interested in the remake and loved the script by Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend) turned in.  The studio was looking at Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn, and Danny Boyle to take the director’s chair, but now a new name has gone on the list.  Twitch reports that Spike Lee is in talks to direct the film.  While I think an American remake of Oldboy is a bad idea, it could still be a hit and if it gives Lee the boost he needs to make more personal films, then so be it.

Back in 2009, Will Smith was reportedly interested in the lead role, but now that’s a laugh.  Quentin Tarantino wrote Smith a raw, challenging role for Django Unchained and Smith passed (Jamie Foxx will play the role instead).  It’s unlikely he would play the lead in a dark revenge thriller.  On the other hand, frequent Lee collaborator Denzel Washington would be a great choice.

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  • Jazzy Jace

    The reason why image conscious Smith wouldn’t do Django is because Denzel was appalled at Tarantino for repeated use of “nigger” in Pulp Fiction and the fact Samuel L Jackson was saying it frequently must have come as a disappointment. I reckon Washington told Smith to stay away for similar reasons.

    As for Old Boy American style, forget it. We won’t get a live Octopus being eaten and no 5 mins of unedited footage of men being hit with a hammer and punched senseless. Spike Lee should concentrate on Inside Man 2 (if that really does happen). Hollywood lacks creativity these days and only high quality TV output is where it’s at.

  • plainview

    i don’t hate remakes when talented people are involve(instead of Hacks). i think a good remake would be a remake of I SAW THE DEVIL with Oldman as the serial killer, and somebody like Tom Hardy as the lead protagonist.

    things like this would work if they change the setting and add themes and storylines to it. i like remakes like LET ME IN, but i prefer remakes like THE DEPARTED. use this things as a jumping off point for something else.

    • Jason

      Right. In The Case of The Departed, jump off to a heavily inferior and even racist version of Infernal Affairs.

  • Brandon

    I saw Old boy back in 04 or 05 and thought it was pretty good. I agree with you Matt saying that an American remake would be a bad idea. I’m not sure if the public can handle it. The squid part and the main motivation behind the so called bad guys actions. If Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, or Denzel took on that role it would probably damper their fame. It was disgusting. That’s all I can say without spoiling the movie. For those who have seen the original know what I’m talking about. Maybe a new face should take on the role. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong…

    • Jason

      Unless I’m mistaken, the screenplay that has been written for this project was not based on Park Chan Wook’s movie but on the original manga that Park based his movie on. If that’s the case, the ending will automatically be different because the ending you are thinking about was exclusive to Park’s movie. That was not the ending in the original manga.

      Also that would make this not a “remake” but another adaptation of the manga just like how the Cohen Brother’s True Grit was not a remake of the movie that starred John Wayne but a new adapatation.

    • Vinyard

      Oh, (kind of) my sentiments as well…
      Oldboy was disgusting to say the least.
      These comments are my own: [and] then Oldboy tries to moralize, which only ends up making it frustrating; that frustration turns to hate (personally) for the film when I see that it’s so revered in the geek community.
      And if any A-list talent takes on this as a potential remake and retains the themes – especially the ending(s) – exclusive to the original film, it would be a virtual death knell, so to speak, to that actor’s career in the public’s eyes.
      Seems no one who saw and liked Oldboy wants to see it remade and to top off the argument, the themes (not gonna spoil anything) would be enough to actually turn the movie-going public against the PERSONA of any A-lister who’d attach himself to this remake. This whole idea – including this being a project for a filmmaker who can find himself embattled in public arguments – is utterly fucking daft on so many levels.

  • Josh C

    Spike Lee just did an interview where he said ‘Inside Man 2′ is dead. He said he had Denzel and Jodie Foster ready to do the sequel but he couldn’t find a studio to finance it. *sighs* We can’t get the sequels we want and can’t avoid the ones that are totally unnecessary.

  • !_!

    you all have no right to voice your opinions on such a crappy film. the manga blows this turd of a film away.

  • MC ATTAck


  • kungfukid

    this could be interesting if they “New York-it-up” if Spike Lee gets involve in this.

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