Spike Lee Confirms Edwin Hawkins Singers, Donna Summer and More for SPINNING GOLD, But No Joan Jett

     November 11, 2013


Now that Oldboy is just weeks away from hitting theaters, director Spike Lee has his sights set on a new endeavor, Spinning GoldNews just broke that Lee was in early talks to direct Justin Timberlake in the Neil Bogart biopic, a film that will chronicle Bogart’s rise from a poor kid living in Brooklyn to one of the most influential pop-music record executives of his time.

While talking to Lee about Oldboy, we asked the director about the current status of the production and what familiar artists from Bogart’s roster he’ll include.  Hit the jump for more details.

spike-lee-spinning-goldWhen asked if Spinning Gold will be his next directorial endeavor, Lee replied:

“God willing! Kiss the cross! With Justin Timberlake. As soon as he finishes his tour.”

As a man with an incredibly prolific career, there are only so many Neil Bogart finds one feature film can handle. When asked which artists we can expect to see in the film, Lee highlighted:

“Donna Summer, Parliament Funkadelic, Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield, the Edwin Hawkins Singers, a whole bunch of stuff.”

Noticing one of Bogart’s very last signings before he passed away at the age of 39 in May 1982 didn’t make the cut, we specifically asked about the inclusion of Joan Jett. Lee explained:

 “Not in this one … that was on the other label. She wasn’t on Casablanca.”

Bogart started Casablanca back in 1973 with KISS, but as disco started to fade, he embraced new wave music and created the company Boardwalk Records. However, apparently the artists Bogart signed to that label will not appear in Spinning Gold. But fortunately, even without Jett and the rest of the Boardwalk lineup, Casablanca still has a wealth of talent to fill the feature.

Check out what Lee had to say about Spinning Gold for yourself in the clip below and watch out for our full chat with the director as we near Oldboy’s November 27th release.


  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    One of the best American director
    25th hour is easily the best American movie of the 21st century so far after the tree of life
    Malcolm is easily the best American movie of the 90s
    Do the right thing is easily the best American movie of the 80s

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      Invest in a thesaurus.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        I didn’t know I was writing a thesis

  • Cog

    Being sued for being a racist. Google it out.

  • BradZuhl

    What happened to the movie he funded through Kickstarter? Isn’t he shooting that next?

    • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

      I follow him on Instagram and he said that the movie is done shooting
      Just needs so 3rd unit shoots then it goes in post production

  • Strong Enough

    Every Spike Lee interview is awkward. i have a feeling he isn’t a “people” person

  • Cog

    (Reuters) – A judge will decide this week which court will hear a
    lawsuit against filmmaker Spike Lee over a tweet that misidentified an
    elderly couple’s address in Florida as the home of George Zimmerman.

    Less than a month before the tweet was posted, Zimmerman, a white,
    Hispanic neighborhood watch captain, shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an
    unarmed black teenager walking in his Sanford, Florida, housing complex.

    Elaine McClain, 72, filed the lawsuit in Florida state court this fall,
    claiming Oscar-nominated director Lee encouraged “a dangerous mob
    mentality” when he tweeted her address to 240,000 followers.
    …………….Spike is trash with money…………………

  • Mick Denis

    Sort of a stupid comment at the end about – even without Joan Jett Casablanca has wealth of talent to fill the feature… when Donna Summer’s Casablanca catalogue could easily fill the entire film..