Limited Paper: Spoke Art Does RAGING BULL, Ian Glaubinger Does MONSTERS, and Our STAR WARS Contest Winners Get Announced!

     August 24, 2012


In the last jam-packed installment of Limited Paper, we looked at Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad series, we revealed three new posters from the folks at Mondo, and we shared a handful of exclusive images from Ltd. Art Gallery’s upcoming Press Start show.  There was a lot to look at, and today’s column will be no different:   after the jump , we’ve got information on Ian Glaubinger’s 6-poster Monsters of Horror series, a head’s up on Spoke Art’s soon-to-be-released Raging Bull prints, and—last but not least—we reveal who won a trio of free posters in our exclusive Star Wars/Gangsta contest.  Meet me after the jump for all this (and more), my fellow Limited Paper enthusiasts.

It’s Friday here at Limited Paper– and everywhere else, for that matter–and we’ve got a trio of time-sensitive news items to share with you today:  the first concerns a quartet of Raging Bull posters that are about to go on sale any minute (get your credit cards ready!);  the second concerns a kick-ass poster series from the artist who created one of our favorite prints at Gallery 1988’s Breaking Bad show;  and the final one concerns the lucky winners of last week’s Star Wars/Gangsta contest.  Let’s get through these quick, folks!


Here’s the deal:  Grzegorz Domaradzki (whose name seems custom-designed to infuriate my spell-checker) is one of the best up-and-coming artists in the screenprinted-movie-poster industry, and his work never fails to kick our asses here at Limited Paper.  We’re always happy to see whatever “Gabz” has cooked up, and we were thrilled yesterday when we learned that he’d teamed up with Spoke Art for a quartet of new posters based on one of our favorite movies:  Raging Bull.  Check ‘em out:

  • Raging Bull by Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki
  • 18×24”
  • $40 regular edition of 75 (English)
  • $75 variant edition of 25 (English)



  • Raging Bull by Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki
  • 18×24”
  • $40 regular edition of 75 (Polish)
  • $75 variant edition of 25 (Polish)



So, as you can see, there are four different versions of this poster:  two are in English, two are in Polish.  The variant editions—of which there are only 25 of each—are printed on metallic paper, and look like they’re going to be absolutely jaw-dropping in person.   All four versions come to us from our friends over at Spoke Art, and can be picked up at a random time this afternoon via their website.  You can also follow the Spoke Art guys on Twitter (@Spoke_Art) for an announcement as to when Gabz’ latest prints go on sale (y’know, if F5’ing the same page for hours doesn’t sound up your alley).  However you choose to prepare for this drop, we suggest you get on it soon:  these aren’t going to last long once they go live, folks!



This past Monday, Limited Paper was lucky enough to have a Poster-Buddy on the ground at Gallery1988’s Breaking Bad show.  We could’ve had this Poster-Buddy pick up virtually anything, but we’d sent him in there with only two posters on our must-have list:  Ken Taylor’s best-in-series, metallic-inked Breaking Bad print…and the variant edition of Ian Glaubinger’s Breaking Bad: The Animated Series (of which only ten were made, see it above).

That PB scored for us (tip o’ the hat, Jake!), and we were so excited about Glaubinger’s poster that we couldn’t help but reach out to the guy to tell him how jazzed we were to have landed one.  Oh, and, while we had his ear, we also asked if he had anything else on the horizon we might be interested in.

Turned out, Glaubinger already had a ton of stuff available over at his Etsy shop, and had a 6-poster “Classic Monsters of Horror” series headed for next month’s Baltimore Comic-Con.  Glaubinger was cool enough to shoot over these preview pics, check ‘em out:








Pretty cool, right?  Glaubinger’s Etsy shop is overflowing with cool stuff along these lines (see also:  the Indiana Jones-themed print below), but the Classic Monsters of Horror series won’t be made available until September 8th, when it debuts at the Baltimore Comic-Con.   When asked, here’s what Glaubinger had to say about the set:

Classic Monsters of Horror (Series 1) has been a passion project of mine. I love old movies, especially old sci-fi and monster movies from the 40’s to the 60’s. I figured this would be a great way to showcase each character in a really bright, fun and colorful way; something that is not often associated with these characters. These signed and numbered 8″ x 8′ Giclee archival prints will be available for purchase individually and in a set of 6 from my Etsy shop in the near future!

Glaubinger says that any of the prints that don’t sell out at the Baltimore Comic-Con will make their way to his Etsy shop shortly thereafter, so be sure to keep that page bookmarked while you’re waiting on that event to wrap up (or stop by the dude’s booth if you’re in the Baltimore area between September 8th-9th)!  In the meantime, head on over to that page and check out the other cool stuff he’s got, including the piece seen below:



Last week, we held our second-ever contest here at Limited Paper, one built around the awesome batch of Star Wars-themed fan-art (a series called Outer Rim: Inner City) created by an artist by the name of Mr.Prvrt.  The rules of contest were simple:  create your own Star Wars-themed artwork with a gangster twist, and the winner—selected by myself and guest judges Chris O’Brian and Mr.Prvrt—would be given his or her choice of any two prints from the Outer Rim: Inner City series (with the runner-up getting his or her choice of one print from said series).  The entries were numerous, hilarious, and involved a ton of different styles…but after careful consideration, we’ve finally settled on a few winners.  Here’s the runner-up entry, from Limited Paper reader Gus McGee:


Gus told us his favorite part of this one was “Chewie Soze”, and we can’t help but agree.  Gus, if you’ll get in touch with me via email, we’ll get you in touch with one of our guest judges to get that prize sent to you shortly.  As for the grand-prize winner, well, let’s just get right to it:


“Rogue Fellas” was sent in by frequent Limited Paper reader Matthew Krysiak, and all three judges agreed that this one had a certain something that the other entries didn’t:  maybe it was the fact that it featured Wedge Antilles (“Who the hell would’ve thought to use Wedge Antilles?!” was a common response), maybe it was the fact that all three judges have a mile-wide soft spot for Goodfellas-related stuff…we may never know.  All we do know is that Matt needs to contact Limited Paper HQ immediately to get the ball rolling on his two free Outer Rim: Inner City prints.  And, before we go, let’s share a few of the runner-up entries:


That one’s by Alice Lin….


That one’s by Danny Makie….


…and one last one by our winner, Matt Krysiak.  Folks, these were a pleasure to flip through, and we congratulate everyone who bothered entering.  Contests like this are always a crapshoot, because one never knows if the audience is actually going to bother doing the work necessary to enter.  We were thrilled to get as many responses as we did, and hope that our next contest (which oughtta be coming along very, very soon…maybe even sooner than you think) reaps even more entries.  Congratulations to the winners (who’ll be selecting from the group of prints below), and a tip o’  the hat to all of you for playing along.  Good times.



That about does it for today’s Limited Paper, folks.  Be sure to stay tuned in the days, weeks, and months ahead, as we’ve got all sorts of exclusives, announcements, interviews, contests, and giveaways headed your way:  the next month’s going to be absolutely insane, believe it.  As always, if you’re a gallery with a show on the horizon, an artist with some posters to announce, or just some reader with a hot poster-related bit of gossip to share, you can reach me directly at  Everyone else should be following us on Twitter @LimitedPaper for up-to-the-minute announcements about posters, prints, and your favorite column…or, if Twitter ain’t your thing, we encourage you to keep the Limited Paper homepage bookmarked here at  That’s it for today, but feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you’ve got anything you’d like to add to all this!

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