Watch Composer Michael Giacchino Discuss Arranging John Williams’ Music for the New STAR TOURS

     June 27, 2011



With the new Star Tours motion simulator attraction currently opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland, Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino’s (Up) revisited arrangement of the classic John Williams score is playing to audiences across the world. For a sneak peek at what Giacchino did with the timeless work, you can hit the jump to check out a behind-the-scenes video which features the composer talking about his approach to the music as well as footage from the attraction’s actual scoring sessions.

Hit the jump to watch the behind-the-scenes video. Click here to check out Steve’s recent interview with Giacchino where he discusses Cars 2, Star Trek, a sequel to The Incredibles, and more.

Here’s the video [via AICN]:

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  • Alex H

    I always called Michael Giacchino the next John Williams, and this brings him a step closer!

    Is Williams officially retired?

    • Tarek

      John Williams retired ? No! This guy is a genius. He will continue composing till the last second of his life.

      I hope that he will compose the reboot of Dardevil, with a great Director and a great casting, to make justice to this wonderful character, botched by Mark Steven Johnson & Ben Affleck

      I hate you Ben Affleck.

      • Alex H

        Just found out he’s scoring Spielberg’s “War Horse”. Words cannot express how happy that makes me.

      • Tarek

        so am I.

        He composed also Tintin score.
        We can’t have enough cowbell when it comes to John Williams music.

  • Anon

    hold your horses, he aint there yet. While he is very good sometimes he lacks thematic development. Star Trek was pretty good and I was expecting a lot from Super 8, but I walked out not even knowing what the main theme was..can you hum it back? Can’t say that about any of Williams work..he never failed to make a good theme memorable.

    COME ON!

  • Tarek

    what a great news. I love Giacchino’s style. So close to the Maestro John Williams. I hope that he will compose also the Star Wars live action tv series.