Watch Composer Michael Giacchino Discuss Arranging John Williams’ Music for the New STAR TOURS

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With the new Star Tours motion simulator attraction currently opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland, Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino’s (Up) revisited arrangement of the classic John Williams score is playing to audiences across the world. For a sneak peek at what Giacchino did with the timeless work, you can hit the jump to check out a behind-the-scenes video which features the composer talking about his approach to the music as well as footage from the attraction’s actual scoring sessions.

Hit the jump to watch the behind-the-scenes video. Click here to check out Steve’s recent interview with Giacchino where he discusses Cars 2, Star Trek, a sequel to The Incredibles, and more.

Here’s the video [via AICN]:

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  • Alex H

    I always called Michael Giacchino the next John Williams, and this brings him a step closer!

    Is Williams officially retired?

    • Tarek

      John Williams retired ? No! This guy is a genius. He will continue composing till the last second of his life.

      I hope that he will compose the reboot of Dardevil, with a great Director and a great casting, to make justice to this wonderful character, botched by Mark Steven Johnson & Ben Affleck

      I hate you Ben Affleck.

      • Alex H

        Just found out he’s scoring Spielberg’s “War Horse”. Words cannot express how happy that makes me.

      • Tarek

        so am I.

        He composed also Tintin score.
        We can’t have enough cowbell when it comes to John Williams music.

  • Anon

    hold your horses, he aint there yet. While he is very good sometimes he lacks thematic development. Star Trek was pretty good and I was expecting a lot from Super 8, but I walked out not even knowing what the main theme was..can you hum it back? Can’t say that about any of Williams work..he never failed to make a good theme memorable.

    COME ON!

  • Tarek

    what a great news. I love Giacchino’s style. So close to the Maestro John Williams. I hope that he will compose also the Star Wars live action tv series.

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