Roberto Orci Talks STAR TREK Sequel; Updates on Budget, Scope, and the Ship’s Engine Room

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As production is finally underway on the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, fans are speculating away as to what the sci-fi follow-up will entail. We know that pretty much every major cast member from the first film is returning, and Benedict Cumberbatch is onboard as the film’s villain (which may or may not be Khan). Plot details are firmly under wraps in Abrams’ super secret, high-security mystery box, but writer/producer Roberto Orci recently spoke a bit about how the sequel will differ from the 2009 film.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

roberto-orci-imageInteracting with fans over at Trek Movie, Orci answered a couple questions about the untitled sequel. First up, he confirmed that the budget for the film is more than the 2009 reboot. This was pretty much a given, as the motto for most sequels is “bigger and better.” The pricetag for the first flick was a reported $150 million, so Abrams and Co. must have something pretty impressive up their sleeve for the sequel in order to top that already high number.

Continuing with the “bigger and better” sequel model, Orci answered affirmatively when asked if the scope of the film is bigger than Trek 2009. Again, this was a given, but it’ll be interesting to see where they take things. Star Trek was pretty damn epic in scope, incorporating ice planets, space battles, and time travel.  Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof worked for a really long time on the script, so hopefully they found an interesting and entertaining way to build upon what they started in the first film.

Finally, when pressed to provide details on what kinds of “improvements” were made to the engine room on the Star Trek Enterprise, Orci responded, “You’ll see more of it.” Abrams famously shot the engine room scenes for Star Trek in a Budweiser brewery, so I’m interested to see whether they’ll build new portions on a soundstage or if they’re using more of the beer factory.

These little tidbits of information aren’t much, but on such a highly anticipated project as this one, we’ll take what we can get. Personally, I’m hoping that plot details remain scarce for as long as possible. The pic doesn’t open for over a year, and there’s no fun in spoiling a good surprise this far out. The untitled Star Trek sequel hits theaters in post-converted 3D on May 17th, 2013.


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  • MatthewM

    You guys just can’t get anything right can you?
    First, Benedict Cumberbatch may or may not be the traditional type villan.
    Second, no matter how much he works out he will not be “Khan” or any other genetic superman. Khan is not in the movie.
    Third, the ‘brewery’ scenes was not “THE ENGINE ROOM”! It was part of the cooling system of the ship which is a small part of the engine room. Watch the movie again and get your facts straight.

    Now children, go and learn.

    • RyanR

      That’s exactly what he’s saying you doofus.
      If he has to write “the cooling system which is a small part of the engine room” , it’s a waste of time. Sorry hes not a dork like you.
      He also wrote that Benedict may or may not be Khan which means HE MAY or MAY NOT be a “traditional type” villain.
      Read correctly man. Don’t be stupid.

      • To The Nerd

        “Khan is not in the movie”

        He said it not me. Learn to read retard.

  • ToTheNerd

    To Matt,

    While I agree khan probably isn’t the main character you still know 0% more than Me or anyone else knows. Also, cumberbatch could be a totally cliche villain, again you don’t know. And finally just because my bathroom is smaller than than my living room doesn’t mean it’s not a part of my house. Therefore cooing system=engine room. Get your non-facts straight man child.

    P.s. thanks collider for giving me a place to read my movie news. Sorry about the know it all tards out there.

  • Bowlofships

    To Matt,
    Thanks I hate people again.

  • Zach

    HAHA. you nailed it.

  • duke

    if roberto orci says there are going to be big engineroom changes and if he says that the film is aiming at the long time trekkies like me then i have no reson to hate the brilliant job they have done in capturing a new generation of star trek fans that was the point of the first film i happen to think the sequel will be more in line with the star trek of old

  • duke

    now that abrams and his team have captured a whole new generation of star trek fans i belivie this sequel is going to recapture the doubters those who have been a fan since the beggining or those who have been fans for years he has too because there the core fanbase so i expect that

  • Not Mad Though

    You can easily follow the inversion of what Star Trek was supposed to be.
    TOS: Leave Earth and explore space
    TNG: Do the same things again (going in circles)
    DS9: Dead stop
    Voyager: Leave space and go to Earth
    Enterprise: The only way this can be further regressed is in time
    JJ Trek: Reboot without any exploration, the engines are beer tanks, and Spock cries more than Meryl Streep

  • evangeline

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