STAR TREK Fan Dissects Scene from INTO DARKNESS Trailer; Analyzes Hands to Uncover Character’s Identity

     December 12, 2012


Much secrecy has surrounded the development and production of director J.J. Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, but fans were hoping at least a little more by way of plot details or the identity of the villain would be revealed once the marketing campaign kicked in.  Thus far we’ve seen a poster and a teaser trailer with quite a bit of actual footage, but in true Abrams fashion it appears that the unveiling of this material has only raised more questions and speculation.

Now one Trek fan has painstakingly delved into a scene from the Japanese trailer that is incredibly similar to a scene in Wrath of Khan, possibly revealing the identities of the characters whose hands are seen touching through glass.  Hit the jump for more.

star-trek-into-darkness-benedict-cumberbatchWith the marketing campaign for Into Darkness getting off to a running start, we’re starting to see more than a few nods to the classic Wrath of Khan film.  Steve attended a press day for the film (click here to read his recap and watch a video blog) where Abrams revealed that Alice Eve will be playing Carol Marcus, a character from Khan, and the name of the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch was recently revealed to be John Harrison.  This name is likely a red herring, and fans are becoming more and more convinced that Cumberbatch will indeed be playing that dastardly Khan.

The Japanese trailer for Into Darkness featured an image that was reminiscent of a scene from Wrath of Khan in which Kirk and Spock touch hands on opposite sides of a glass panel before Spock dies.  One of the hands in the Into Darkness trailer is obviously Zachary Quinto’s given the “live long and prosper” formation, but fans seem split on whether the other hand is Chris Pine’s or Cumberbatch’s. One such Trek fan has done some research into the hands of the aforementioned actors.

Over at the Deviant Art page, there’s quite a bit on pinky curvature, hand size, and even fingernail shape, but the most damning evidence comes by way of the shape of the actors’ pinkies and the vein in their hands (click to enlarge):


As such, it does indeed appear to be Pine’s hand against the glass opposite Quinto’s.  So what does this all mean?  Well it could mean that Kirk will be sacrificing himself to save the ship instead of Spock, or that Kirk is poised to die some other way, or that J.J. Abrams just enjoys driving Star Trek fans crazy.  Whatever the case, all will be answered when Into Darkness opens in theaters on May 17, 2013.

click on the image below to see the full breakdown



  • JT

    I don´t know, it’s not very clear, maybe is JJ abrams hand.

  • Sean

    I thought I was a Star Trek fan…but it never occurred to me to do a through hand examination. Maybe I’m not a real fan.

    • Eduardo Victoria

      My thoughts exactly

    • Mr Kippling

      no, im sure your a real fan, this guy is sad and rather mental 15 year old who has ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        You are assuming several negative aspects of this individual based upon what evidence? Where in the article does it state that this so-called ‘fan’ is male? How does investing interest in an amature forensic analysis make one ‘sad’? Obviously a lot of time and forethought were invested into the work, but so what? Humans spend inordinate amount of time on the silliest things, and this individual chose to spend a few hours on a complicated-looking hand analysis, trying her or his hand at solving the so-called puzzle of who’s hand is shown in the trailer. Besides that, there are very few 15-year-olds of this generation who possess half the skill or intelligence required to perform an amature forensic analysis of a photograph/screenshot – let alone spell it. I doubt this individual posesses the supposedly reduced capacity of a ‘mental 15-year-old.’

  • tarek

    Or maybe Kirk and Spock are playing some futuristic game ? “lay a finger on me darling”

  • tarek

    I have the same veins patterns. It could be me!

  • Darragh

    this makes me miss the days before the internet

    • Steve


      • Anonymous

        hi hlo

  • Jacqueline

    I’m impressed and yet disturbed.

  • Tone LG

    What a relief: I DO have a life….

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  • Tol

    Kirk is busy chatting up some gorgeous alien female, leans his hand against the glass to look cool, and Spock grabs that moment of distraction to show his hidden love for Kirk by serruptitiously placing his hand against his.

    It’s all open to interpretation.

  • K-Man

    Wow, Really?

    ….Or one could merely look at the second image, in which you clearly see Cumberpatch’s character on the opposite side of the glass of both Spock and Kirk. Then, if one was REALLY, super-duper smart, one could piece together that Spock is wearing a blue shirt, Kirk a yellow one and Cumberpatch a green one.
    Then, and this is really, really getting complex….one could look at the picture of the hands and see that one person is wearing blue, while the other is wearing GREEN!!!

    Didn’t realize that required a full fingerprint analysis to figure out…especially considering that picture of the trio was released before the trailer.

    ….and, yes, I am being a complete and utter dick about this because this could very well be the dumbest article I’ve read all month…and this kid is practically being praised as Sherlock friggin Holmes for figuring out something that couldn’t be more obvious.

  • Guest

    I heard they use stunt scene in a few moments in hollywood movies, then it may be none of them!

  • Mr Kippling

    OMG! I didn’t read the article, skipped it completely. Just wanted to say to the nob who bothered with this shit and the tools who read it…….


    • Anonymous

      …do you mean ‘sad twats’?

  • Jamesy

    It’s just two hands, without bodies attached…the crew stumble upon a new alien race known as “the handsies”

  • Strong Enough

    lol. this is hilarious

  • Carlos

    *cough* nerd alert! *cough*

  • yurine

    Jesus Christ this is above and beyond lol

  • Tyler

    It’s obviously Tarzan and Jane…..duh.

  • Yellow Dog

    How bout the fact that Cumberbatch’s sleeve is gathered at the cuff and green, and Kirk’s is gold with the silver rings on the cuff? I mean, Kirk could be wearing a different shirt during the scene in question, but the fact that Cumberbatch is in the chamber with the dark shirt on makes it pretty obvious to me.

    Veins in the hands. Jesus Christ.

  • Yellow Dog

    How bout the fact that Cumberbatch\’s sleeve is gathered at the cuff and green, and Kirk\’s is gold with the silver rings on the cuff? I mean, Kirk could be wearing a different shirt during the scene in question, but the fact that Cumberbatch is in the chamber with the dark shirt on makes it pretty obvious to me.

    Veins in the hands. Jesus Christ.

  • Twojawas

    I wonder if the closeup of the hands is just in the trailer for the sole sake of starting these kinds of conversations. It just seems to ‘Anakin built C-3PO’ and I can’t imagine that Abrams would doing something so clique to link these to the original films.

  • Pocketses

    You COULD say this guy has too much time on his…hands?

    • Anonymous

      No, you couldn’t say this ‘guy’ has too much time on ‘his’ hands, since the artist isn’t male. =/

  • Lord

    I don’t understand why this person is so obsessed about it. What’s the matter if the hand is not Kirk? Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter? What’s the problem with the hands?
    Must be made by a very dedicated slash fan, I bet it. They’re the only ones what would get so obsessed in trying to prove that the hand is Kirk’s cuz as soon as the teaser was out they assumed those were K/S and they already made tons of romanticized K/S edits with the hands. After all the hype, now you can’t tell them that it isn’t Kirk . It’s still funny though.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, no, this fan is not a very dedicated slash fan. At the very most, she appears to be a moderate fan of the series and more of a fan of anatomy. Perhaps an individual with a hand fetish? If you followed the links provided to the series she has on it – there are seven slides in total – it appears that she used (admittedly amature) forensic analysis of the screenshot to find out who the owner of the hand was because there was so much controversy on the internet concerning the answer to the puzzle. Instead of bickering and raging like so many others, throwing word vomit around to clog up the information streams, this particular individual attempted to solve the puzzle through careful analysis. There is nowhere in the series of slides that indicates she is interested in shipping a Kirk/Spock pairing; rather, she just wanted to figure out who the hand belonged to in a definitive manner. In my opinion, she did a fantastic job of it.

      • Lord

        well judging from the K/S slash fanarts the person have in their profile page and the whole “link this page to everyone who claims it’s not Kirk to shut them up” vibes yeah I guess my supposition that the motivation behind this is pure shipping was hasty. Gimme a break.
        still trying to understand the purpose of this.

  • Lord

    out of curiosity I looked at the other fanarts that this person has favorited in their page: it’s a slash fan. told ya.
    Case closed.

    • Anonymous

      :) You’re amusing. Why does the artist being a slash fan have anything to do with this examination? I love how you totally ignored the anon who replied to you before and pointed out a much more likely motivation than the fact that the artist is ‘a slash fan’.

      ‘Out of curiosity’? You mock this artist for spending some time answering a question people are actually interested in and then you go off and spend some time stalking this person in order to insult them more efficiently? Wow.

      • Lord

        Back atcha, anon :)
        bets you are the “artist” that made the analysis

  • jimluvsbones

    How about this? Different scene; Gary/Khan/John used his super powers to transport Jim into cell; stripped him of his gold shirt and departed. Now the only way Spock and Jim can communicate is through their hands through the glass.

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  • Lysander

    Reading jimluvsbones’ comment, the fact that Benedict played Sherlock and now there’s another Jim in the equation makes me think that Moriarty is now in Into Darkness XD Which would be the best thing ever. And if someone wants to spend their time analysing this scene, so be it. At least they aren’t moaning about what other people are doing.

  • GreenGirl

    I for one hope it’s Kirk on the other side of the glass. What reason would Cumberbatch’s character have to do something affectionate with Spock anyway? From all the trailers released, it seems like they should hate each other…
    Well, I’m off to look up more hand analyses. :D

  • a human biotic

    HA! Hopefully you have seen the movie by now and feel like a total dick.

    • Zeitzeugin

      I thought the same :D
      It’s really funny

  • Ally

    I hope all the hater are feeling like dicks right now cause this hand analyze was spot on :)

  • Beezeecade

    This is genius. I applaud your determination.