New Teaser Trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Shows Plenty of Action with a Hint of Humor

     March 9, 2013


A new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has gone online and showcases about as much action and wit as you can cram into a runtime of just over a minute. While the first trailer and first teaser seemed to rely on setting up Kirk and John Harrison’s feud, this latest entry is for the most part Kirk/Enterprise-centric. The entire cut is entertaining but the highlight for me has to be Kirk acknowledging his own status as a “pain” to his superiors.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Starring Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, Alice Eve, Zoe Saldana, Peter Weller, John Cho, and Noel Clarke, Star Trek Into Darkness opens in 3D and IMAX on May 17th.

Check out the new trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness:

In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.

As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.



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  • DREDD 2

    Well, this looks stunning! And if this is merely a Star Trek reboot, imagine what Star Wars is gonna look like! By the gods!!!

  • matt

    The shot of Scotty and the fish in the window made me think of Star Trek IV. “Captain, there be whales here!”

    • Trekkie

      You cant compare this crap with greatness of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

      • Slippery 1

        You joking right?
        If i fell asleep and woke up and for 1 second glanced at any part of this trailer, that 1 seconds glimpse would be better than Star Trek IV. My god that was awful!!

        Kinda liked the poster though.

      • yourallfollwersjustlikeholloywoodwantsyoutobegivethemyourmoney

        Slippery YOU’RE joking right?? You are raised on video game violence and you lack ANY attention span you love and like mindless action if you can put down star trek IV. You have no soul you are an empty shell of a nothing. You will die alone as well. :)

      • Slippery 1

        @ yourallfollwersjustlikeholloywoodwantsyoutobegivethemyourmoney

        Baahahahaaaa! You TROLLS are getting lame these days! Talk about a try hard! Your the McDonalds happy meal toy of Trolls! Wet behind the balls.

        Firstly I am far too old have been raised on video game violence! Unless you count Pac-man?
        As for low attention span? Your the one who spelled Hollywood wrong in your own name, and clearly didn’t have the concentration span to realize you missed out many spaces. I was there when TREK IV came out, and at that time in the 80s the world went all “Save the Whales” And then Trek decided to cash in on that Green Peace message. Then we had Spock running around with a tennis Bandana covering his ears in 1980s America (Talk about a budget cut! Just like in Masters of the Universe and Beastmaster 2)

        Trek-IV, and most of the later Next Gen Treks have all sucked, thats why it got REBOOTED! Trek had died a painful boring death. And if your a Trekkie, you should than JJ for resuscitating it! Just like Nolan did from Batman & Robin. And NO I’m no Nolanite neither, he did a great job, but far from perfect!

        As for me dying alone? Possibly! I do go to some fucked up adventures around this planet so it would not surprise me.

      • Steve

        No one passes into the great beyond arm-in-arm with anyone else. We all die alone. Don’t take it personally, Slippery.

        I didn’t hate STIV but it was a mostly silly throwaway movie, especially to close out the “trilogy” that saw the death of Spock and the destruction of the Enterprise. Trekkies who think JJ’s Star Trek isn’t “real” Star Trek are living in a little bubble of their own making where some great TV episodes, and a small number of films are great but the rest is just milquetoast – especially the Next Gen movies. Haters still gonna hate, especially when something is as widely acclaimed as JJ’s Star Trek.

      • Slippery 1

        @ Steve.
        You nailed it! A Throwaway movie is a good description of Trek IV. If its on tv I can watch some of it, mainly for seeing that Klingon ship bobbing around in the water, thats an unusual setting.

        Its funny how a lot of Trekkies complain that JJs Trek is not Trekkish enough. Considering that none of the movies feels like the Original Trek tv series. Which feels nothing like the Enterprise tv series (Though JJs Trek manages to feel a bit like both combined almost bridging that gap. Wrath of Khan feels nothing like Deep Space 9. etc.. Each Trek series feels quite removed from each other and yet related, no more or less than JJs Trek. Which happens to be one of the least boring and most entertaining all round.

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  • Nicholas Reynolds

    This really had a StarWars vibe, but in a good way!

  • Fisher

    Seeing that, I suddenly have an overwhelming relief for Episode VII

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  • chanandeler bong

    Looks cool. Also, Flares!!

    • Steve

      5 comments before a lens flares joke? Disappointing.

  • Finem

    Curse you, Zachary Quinto and your cuteness! >:|

    Anyway, the trailer looks sweet. Less Kirk, more Spock and Bones, and I’ll be happy :D

    • Ur mom

      Same. Spock and Bones are my faves along with Scotty. :-)

  • Trekkie

    This is mindless crap for internet generation. This is not Star Trek anymore as was envisioned by its creator Gene Rodenberry. Hideous CGI fest without story and without message.

    • Ur mom

      Without seeing a movie that hasn’t been released yet? Riiiigghht.

    • Chris

      What would you prefer? “Captain Kirk! We’ve discovered an anomaly in space. What shall be do?”
      Kirk: “Let’s investigate this anomaly. It could lead us to an alien civilization. Let us go forth, and boldly go where no man has gone before!”

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  • Kimppade91

    First one and this one are as close as we’ll get to a mass effect movie, untill it actually comes, whenever that is. Can’t wait for this. Benedict Cumberbatch, a genius.

  • Carol M

    Awesome! It looks amazing, I can’t wait. I hope there are some more surreptitious nods to the fans of the original series, like Spock and Bones having their little domestic spats, and… a tribble?
    I don’t know, but regardless, the film looks fantastic. Can’t wait for May!!!

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  • Mike

    Wow… you fanboys are just lapping this up aren’t you?

    • Um, Sure

      Yes, exciting films tend to have that bizarre effect on people.

  • Chris

    What would you prefer?
    “Captain Kirk! We’ve discovered an anomaly in space. What shall be do?”
    Kirk: “Let’s investigate this anomaly. It could lead us to an alien civilization. Let us go forth, and boldly go where no man has gone before!”

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  • dogg

    Nothing says Roddenberry’s true vision like…guys free falling in space suites?

  • There be lens flares here!

    Star Trek IV was a masterpiece.

    We’ll not be having retrospectives and important anniversaries being celebrated for any of the new films…

    Reckon that says it all…

    Good looking brainless popcorn fun, but Trek they ain’t! Take away the effects and what are you left with?

    • DREDD

      “”"Take away the effects and what are you left with?”"” A Star Trek that doesnt forget to entertain rather than bore.. (remember, the one that dies a painful slow death that were only made for die hard trekkies. It got REBOOTED for a reason!

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  • ollytheaardvark

    Loved the original tv series, loved ALL the older films, each one for different reasons, love the new films, exciting and up to date (with the additions of Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban who are gorgeous). Star Trek makes for great films. period !

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  • Josie Tomato

    I don’t think that’s an official poster. Where’d you get it?

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