First Set Photos and Videos from STAR TREK 2 [Updated With More Images, IMAX Camera Spotted on Set]

     February 24, 2012


The first set photos and videos from Star Trek 2 have gone online.  Because some of you are such raging spoilerphobes, I’ve put the images after the jump along with my comments.  Enjoy waiting for the marketing to spoil everything.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos and videos.  The film stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, John Cho, Alice Eve, Peter Weller, Noel Clarke, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Star Trek 2 opens May 17, 2013. [UPDATE: More images from the shoot, including a look at an IMAX camera on set.]

Set photos via MTV.

As you can see, the image reveals that Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Benedict Cumberbatch‘s mystery villain are probably not going to be BFFs.  According to MTV, the two are fighting on “a space barge set”, and while MTV says that Cumberbatch is wearing “a black version of the [Star Fleet] uniform under his coat,” I’m not seeing it.  Another image has Uhura (Zoe Saldana) drawing a phaser on Cumberatch’s character, but like the other photo, there’s no context.  Let the rampant speculation begin!

removed image

UPDATE: Dave here. Some new on-location photos have popped up online and they reveal a couple of interesting things. 1) Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is apparently a human/humanoid villain that has some sort of tie to Starfleet. 2) On the technical side of things, it looks like some of the scenes will be shot in IMAX. Abrams had previously mentioned the possibility of shooting in IMAX along with the 3D post-conversion of the film. Abrams’ Bad Robot did a good portion of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX with fantastic results, so the territory is familiar. However, as we can see in the above images, Star Trek 2 will involve a fair amount of green screening. I’m not sure what proportion of IMAX scenes will involve green screens since there may be some resolution issues when it comes to post-conversion. The good news is not just that IMAX is present on set, but that the production team has until May 17th, 2013 to get it right. Here are some of the new images, including the IMAX rig (via Trek Movie):

Additionally, TrekMovie has posted a video of Simon Pegg and Karl Urban wishing 2000 AD comics a happy 35th birthday (Bonus: listen to Urban’s Judge Dredd voice!) .  The jackets are meant to hide their uniforms, but you can still see Bones’ blue-uniform.  As for Pegg, TrekMovie says Pegg isn’t wearing Scotty’s standard red uniform, but a grey one. Here’s the video:


The assumption is that Scotty may now have an officer/instructor uniform like Spock’s from the first movie:


Like the Cumberbatch image, I’m not seeing it on Scotty.  Then again, I slacked off in “Star Trek Collar Studies” in college, so I only have myself to blame.

For the next two weeks, I hope we argue about the possible color of Scotty’s uniform.


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  • ben

    I’m sure they’re thrilled that you’re posting this.

    • cloxlider

      har har har.

  • sense 11

    I’m so excited about this movie. That reboot was flawless and awesome

    • Jeff

      The reboot of Star Trek was pretty good, but flawless it was not.

      • hockablah


    • b

      If by flawless you mean making an extremely contrived storyline that was only tolerable because it had the name recognition and backstory to keep audiences interested. First, Zoe Saldana’s character was completely useless. She was simply there to pose as Spock’s completely unbelievable love interest. I mean, what was their relationship like? They have absolutely zero chemistry. And the suspension of disbelief was truly pushing it. It’s like J.J. Abrams went with his first idea for each plot point. Nothing original in the story at all.

  • henri

    reboot was great movie

  • Ash Talon

    The reboot was “flawless”? Hahaha! It’s story was a mess. I did find it entertaining, but it’s a terrible script. As a whole, it worked far better than it should have. But it’s rather mindless and fractured.

    • sense 11

      My opinion is shared by a lot of people, your just a bitter troll hating on anything he can. Get a life

      • cloxlider

        looks like somebody’s got poopy diapers.

      • analoggab

        I share your opinion, as so many others indeed. The reboot was fantastic. A prime example of how to do an adventure movie right. Blows all the usual blockbuster movies to dust.
        And visually it’s stunning.

        The others want a truly horribly scripted movie? They should watch Avatar again.

      • b

        Seriously dude, nobody is going to deny the movie was “pretty,” but the story was utter crap. Oh, Spock is just hiding out in a fucking cave in the middle of the galaxy that Kirk just happens to be marooned on? Oh, and Scotty’s there too! Thanks for thinking outside the box Abrams!

        Oh the twist is that it’s about time travel? What an original device to be using in the 21st century.

    • vxx

      I share a lot of the same sentiments. I thought the reboot was just one step up from a Michael Bay movie. It relied on too many cheap gags and the action sequences were pretty unoriginal.

  • Ash Talon

    Sorry about the “it’s”. Was typing too fast.

  • WDW

    Gee, I don’t know Matt, Spock sure looks like an anti-semite to me.

  • MatthewM

    SECTION 31? Yes, that would be cool!

  • AO1JMM

    The reboot was a damn good movie and was far from a “mess” in the story department.

    • Anon

      No it was overly simplistic, bad guy lacked a real motivation for doing ALL that he did but it didn’t suck either, was a fun popcorn ride and they got the ‘good will’ filter high, now dont waste it on this movie.


    I have one of those toy star trek blasters, so it’s hard for me to see those things in the pics without assuming they’re made out of plastic.

  • Erik

    They should have called it teenage Star-extreme!!!! They didn’t walk, they ran everywhere. (really, watch the film)They didn’t talk, they yelled! It was EXTREME, with attitude! Totally ridiculous story, spock just happened to be in that snow cave? Scotty just happened to be the only guy that could transport a guy at warp and he too was on this mysterious ice planet!!! Why didn’t they just have Kahn on that ice planet as well? It would have been, KICK ASS!!!! to the extreme!!! Do not be tempted to use your brain while watching these movies.

    • brandon

      Maybe you missed the part where IT’S A MOVIE. Jesus Christ!

      “I’m going to go online and complain about the movie’s story moving forward, and its characters coming together in a way the allows the story to progress.”

      • Duder NME

        Spoken like a true Twitard. Go pay your parents’ hard earned money to watch those zombies stare holes into each others’ sparkly foreheads. Leave the artform of film to the adults.

    • Duder NME

      Completely agreed with you, Erik! Between everyone’s shouting, it was like Kirk and crew were playing Pictionary or Charades, and all that noise was supposed to translate into fun. From the story that Kurtzman and Orci wrote, I don’t want to hear any excuses from them about writers’ strikes, trying to compensate for their utter lack of storytelling common sense.

  • Strong Enough

    Because some of you are such raging spoilerphobes, I’ve put the images after the jump along with my comments. Enjoy waiting for the marketing to spoil everything.

    ^ oh Matt you crack me up lol

  • Johnny5

    Ash talon, get real. The movie was a blast. And u or somebody said what was Spock doing in the ice cave? Wasn’t it a planned time travel type deal- like a movie? Who gives a shit. If you expected or are pissed bc it wasn’t like old episodes or movies then just watch those.

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  • Grayden

    In the pic with the four character (benedict and zach in front) you can see the starfleet logo on the black shirt of the other guy dressed like Benedict.

  • WilliamDeGaunt

    Cumberbatch looks an awful lot like Spock in some of those photos…evil twin brother, perhaps? It could be interesting; whereas Spock is both human and vulcan but retains his Vulcan characteristics primarily, Cumberbatch’s character is more predominately human.

    In other words: an angry, unstable Spock but with all his intelligence. Kind of perfect if you think about it.

  • Warpcrafter

    Internet tough guys notwithstanding, I hope they have some Klingons in this one. That’s all I ask.

  • MatthewM

    Cumby looks nothing like Quinto. You need glasses or if your wearing glasses you need new ones. Note. No pointed ears, red blood on right cheek below the eye (zoom in). Not a Vulcan, a humanoid of some kind.
    You people need to get a grip.

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  • eilfurz

    resolution problems with greenscreen and imax? what makes you think that?

    • eilfurz

      i mean, when it comes to keying (greenscreen) and/or rotoscoping (post conversion), there is no such thing as “too much resolution” (imax)

  • Kimian

    the first film(reboot) was truly a great movie i became a fan of Star trek after watching the reboot,and then watched the first four in the original series (liked the 2nd & 4th one) ,but it didn’t amaze me like the reboot(maybe,i am seeing the originals too late) So hoping for another great film from J.J.Abrams !!!!

  • porkins91

    Tie to starfleet? …………… Gary Mitchell?

  • Cumberbitch

    Benedict Cumberbatch, that’s all I’m gonna say! I’ll save the bitching for the kids, I don’t give a toss about what everyone else is saying!

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  • ShardsofBrokenGlass

    Oh, all the haters….

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