STAR TREK 2 Rumor: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Villainous Role Revealed?

     April 30, 2012


The nature of the villain role played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the Star Trek sequel may have just been revealed.  In the interests of keeping the front page spoiler-free, I’ll keep this brief and vague with all the important information after the jump.  There are some additional spoiler-y bits that include cameos and alien races that could be featured in the sequel.  And, as always, nothing is confirmed, so file these rumors under “extremely likely.”  The film stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, John Cho, Alice Eve, Peter Weller and Noel Clarke. Star Trek 2 opens May 17, 2013.  Hit the jump to get spoiled.

In case you clicked here by mistake or are reading this in your feed, I’ll try to save the spoilers for later on.  In the meantime, you can get caught up on all of our previous coverage on the Star Trek sequel here, including set photos, a set video featuring a fight scene and comments on the sequel from writer/producer, Roberto Orci.  Ready for the real news?  Check it out below this lovely Star Trek image:


star-trek-khan-ricardo-montalban-image-01Ready now? TrekMovie has reportedly confirmed the rumor that Benedict Cumberbatch’s villainous role is none other than Khan, the genetically engineered space tyrant.  Originally played by Ricardo Montalban, Khan was rumored to be the sequel’s villain when Abrams was auditioning Latino talent like Benicio del Toro; the role ultimately went to Cumberbatch after was was called a “very powerful audition.” The site also reports that although Khan will be the antagonist in the sequel, the plot will not revolve around the original Star Trek series episode, “Space Seed,” where Starfleet first encountered Khan.

The other minor spoilers in the film include the return of Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime, a fact that the actor himself revealed during an interview with CNN and a recent tweet.  Nimoy’s work for the film is reportedly complete, which will make Star Trek 2 his eighth film appearance in the series (William Shatner is next at seven).  Lastly, the Klingons might be making an appearance in the Star Trek sequel.  The adversaries were left on the cutting room floor in the original, but are reportedly too vital to the storyline to be left behind this time.  Star Trek 2 is currently on schedule to finish up shoots in Northern California, having wrapped in Southern California and on stages.  Check back shortly for rumor confirmation.


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  • hols

    Cumberbatch is an outsanding actor and I’m excited to see his interpretation of the role. I;d love to see him play Bond one day.

  • Stinky

    Not a real shocker.

    Never heard of Cumberbatch. He has some pretty big geek shoes to fill. A very big “we’ll see”.

  • Livy

    Come on Hollywood, be original! Khan again? Sure he was great but why can’t you come up with a different villain instead of retreading old ones?

    • AlexHeyNa

      They said the same thing about The Joker and The Dark Knight.

  • mattedscreen

    Next they’re going to tell us the crew of the Enterprise is going to have a cooky robot friend name V’Ger who for comedic effect causes a lot of death and destruction while they’re on the search in the past for space whales, as Spock’s brother reveals he is now an atheist and is content with his existence as a being without a soul.

  • Masshuu il Thulcandra

    This is disgusting. If this is true and not ‘disinformation’ then J.J. Abrams is out of his mind. This will kill the franchise for sure. I won;t believe it un til I hear it straight from the jackass’s mouth himself! I’m am so out of here if it is proved correct.

    • rcu

      wrong. this will not kill the franchise.

      • TOS 4 EVER


        “He is just a bit jaded right now…he will be back when he is of a calmer stater. Also, I quite logically agree with you. This will not kill the franchise… I hypothesize it will most likely invigorate it…make it stronger.’

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  • Sam Vimes

    Close…but no cigar!

    Benedict will be Joachim (look it up, especially the similarities), Nimoy is not in (quote “We’re talkin”, while the film was almost finished…), so come back when you are ABSOLUTELY SURE!

    Do your homework, chek beofre you speculate. They were right about so many things with the last one…


    • Matt R.

      So, uh, what’s this then?

      Spoiler 1: Leonard Nimoy returns as Spock Prime
      Spoiler 2: Cumberbatch is playing Khan

      • Sam Vimes

        Well, I’ll be damned! I wrote this post probably minutes before posted theirs.

        Okay, I might have erred here BUT again: Take a look at Joachim ( and tell me he does not resemble Benedict C.

        And again: Nimoy “enjoys coversation”. Let me quote from “…it is important to note that it is still the case that no plot or character information for the Star Trek sequel has been officially confirmed by Paramount or anyone associated with the movie. The following based on reports from other outlets and/or TrekMovie sources.”

        But, if they write it, I must confess that I am in serious doubt now.

        Dammit Matt, I’m a Trekkie, not a studio exec.



    • Spock Jenkins

      Yeah, I think it’s plausible he’s playing Joaquim ( or even Joaquin Weiss from the Space Seed Episode )…

      Perhaps, the Klingons damage/destroy the Botany Bay floating in space, thereby destroying Khan’s Sleeping Pod. Joaquim/n is rescued by the Federation and vows bloody revenge, taking on the name and mantle ‘Khan’ to honour his fallen augment brethren and leader…

      • WilliamDeGaunt

        That….actually makes a whole lot of sense. I think that would be a very interesting twist, having him take on the name of “Khan”. Plus it would both confirm what trekmovie has said, as well as Abrams insistence that Cumberbatch isn’t playing Khan, because *technically* he wouldn’t be.

        And holy crap, the resemblence between the two is uncanny.

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  • SPWM

    It would be nice to see Scott Bakula make a cameo as an elderly Admiral Archer (Mentioned in the original film along with his prize beagle)

    • Jay McKells

      Or as Terry from Men of a Certain Age…

  • Who dat ninja

    Not crazy about that casting of Khan.

  • kemo

    I’m on board “Space Seed” could use a reboot. Glad to have Lenny back

  • El Alto

    I’m not really concerned one way or another if it’s Khan or not. Abrams had yet to disappoint with his filmography.

    I would like to point out his secretive nature, and back when his monster movie was coming out everyone speculated that it was a Godzilla reboot.

    Maybe “confirming” that it’s Khan is just a way to throw us off of the scent?

    But, like I said, Kahn doesn’t bother me. I mean it’s been 30 years since we’ve seen him in a movie. That’s better than many, many, many villans.

    Most people who watched the Star Trek 2009 weren’t even born in ’82 AND The Trekkies who are bitching will watch it anyway.

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  • ozzie

    El Alto just typed everything i was going to say :)

  • Matthew

    As soon as I read this my first thought was of Star Trek: Generations. Dr. Soren destroyed a star to alter the path of the Nexus. With Vulcan destroyed in the first reboot flick, it’s absence should cause gravitational changes in the region. What if instead of the ship carrying Khan in the original series being found by the Enterprise it’s course is rerouted due to the graviational absence of planet Vulcan? It could have theoretically ended up in Klingon Space and Khan could have been awakened with his ‘supermen’ there. Would be very interesting to see how they were accepted into Klingon culture as they are highly intelligent and probably a close physical match for a Klingon.

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  • kulbir singh

    Benedict Cumberbatch could definitely pass for a Singh…


  • Joshua

    Gary Mitchell not Kahn, look at the photos where him and Spock fight each other, Cumberbatch is sporting a federation emblem on his black shirt. The list that Quinto stated last year, about the TOS fans would love, Gary Mitchell is the only one that was a Federation member out of the list he stated that fits the bill there. Kahn is a total throw off there.

  • efm

    Khans story has been told. I loved what Abrams did with ST09, but I am not happy with the Khan story line at all.
    I will ofcourse see the movie and hope for the best.

  • SM

    But…but…didn’t they promise us it wouldn’t be Khan? DIDN’T THEY? ORCI, JJ, KURTZMAN, WHY DID YOU LIE TO US?

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  • JonnyNilsen

    Hey there, You’ve performed a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this website.

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  • Avi

    Is the villian! For all of us older originals know from cannon.

    Encounter with galactic barrier
    In 2265, Gary Mitchell was a lieutenant commander assigned as the helmsmanaboard the USS Enterprise TOS 2nd Pilot, by request of CaptainKirk. That year, the Enterprise discovered the flightrecorder of the SS Valiant, a vessel missing for almost twohundred years. Examining it, and exploring the Valiant’s last known position,the Enterprise penetrated the galacticbarrier, an event that proved disastrous for Mitchell, and nearly sofor the rest of the crew. he became God like and lost his humanity.Dr. Elizabeth Dehner Played by the lovely Alice Eve, also struck down from the encounter had enough Humanity left to be appalled atMitchell’s actions, and she used her new powers to attack him. At the cost ofher own life, she weakened Mitchell long enough for Kirk to overpower him. Kirkknocked Mitchell into a hole Mitchell had prepared (ironically) as Kirk’sgrave. Using a phaser, Kirk collapsed a hillside on top of Mitchell, buryinghim beneath tons of rock and ending his threat forever.
    In his log, Kirk recorded that Mitchell and Dehner had bothdied in the line of duty, noting that neither one of them asked for what hadhappened to them. (TOS: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”)

  • Joe Shmo

    Wow…that could actually be cool if the Kilngons opened the pod up first. I mean, Khan is the intellect the Klingons always needed, and the Klingons will respect Khan’s strength and desire for war. Could be really interesting seeing a fringe Klingon movement with Khan in lead trying to conquer Earth for a Hollywood Trek movie.

    Cumberbatch is an amazing actor that just lacks the pecs to be Khan. But there’s CGI, bitches!

    PS: They really should revive TV Trek also. The movies being overly produced Hollywood-like is great…for a movie.

    There are 2 timelines, so there’s no reason why not have a TV Trek another century after TNG and keep the alternate universe movies.

    I still miss the Trek that tackled social issues and creating historical parables.

    I miss TV Sci-Fi. :(