Édgar Ramírez Is the Front-Runner to Play Villain in STAR TREK 2; Jordi Mollà also Being Considered

     December 7, 2011


It’s going to be tough for me to find a way past Khan being the villain in J.J. AbramsStar Trek 2 (unconfirmed at this point, but looking likelier by the day), and having a talented actor like Benicio Del Toro pass on the movie doesn’t make matters any better.  However, another excellent choice is now in the mix.  Variety reports that Carlos star Édgar Ramírez is now the frontrunner to play the villain, with Jordi Mollà (the bad guy from Bad Boys 2) also in the mix.  So you have three Hispanic actors connected to a villain role that no one will officially say is Khan even though Khan was originally played by a Hispanic actor (Ricardo Montalban).  Sigh.

Hit the jump for more.  Alice Eve and Peter Weller have already signed on to join the returning cast.  Star Trek 2 opens in 3D on May 17, 2013.

Mollà struck me as a little cartoonish in Bad Boys 2 (then again, so does everything in Bad Boys 2), but Ramírez is the next great acting phenom that Hollywood is shamefully overlooking.  His performance in Carlos is unforgettable, and he deserves to star in a major movie like Star Trek 2.  Unfortunately, if he gets the role it will always be contrasted against Montalban’s portrayal (presuming the villain is Khan and it probably is).   Variety says Ramírez will test for the role via Skype either later today or early tomorrow, and Abrams expects to make a decision before the weekend.  Scheduling may be an issue for Ramírez, and Abrams reportedly won’t consider any actor who might be unavailable.  Filming is set to take place from January through June.

Ramírez will next be seen playing Ares in the Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans.  Mollà recently co-starred in the Zoe Saldana action flick Colombiana.


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  • William Brandt

    Since Spanish or Latin American actors seem to be the only contenders to play the main villain, it is unfortunately looking more likely that Khan Noonien Singh is the principal antagonist after all.
    They should use a new villain (for example, the Orion Syndicate who are the mafia of the Star Trek universe) and cast a famous actor.

  • Jason

    Jordi Mollà is a great actor that hasn’t had a chance in Hollywood to really show what he can do unlike in his native Spain.

    Judging him based only on Bad Boys 2 is like judging John Turturro based only on Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen.

  • Sara

    please, please. Edgar Ramirez is an amazing actor.

  • Spock Jenkins

    Will the first guy ‘ William Brandt’ ( or whatever pseudonym you go by, ) please quit posting the same thing on EVERY movie site?


  • Tol

    Seeing as this is now an alternate Star Trek Universe, and if Khan is to play a role in it, I cannot figure out how that would be possible. I mean, that would immediately place them in the same universal timeline/path as the original, and undo the entire premise of the first movie.

    So, I say no, I don’t think Khan will be the villain in Star trek 2. Perhaps Hispanic actors are the new Klingons, who knows. :D

    • Tol

      And for all we know, simply letting it be known they are trying to cast Hisapanic actors is all part of the fog: to distract people from the true nature of the new villain.

  • Spock Jenkins

    Let’s face it, the only reason they did the whole ‘alternate timeline’ thing in the first movie is to stop the fans bitchin’ about it being a total reboot.

    I hope IF Khan is in the new one, he’s reluctantly on Kirk’s side during the course of the movie and is left on the ‘paradisical’ Ceti Alpha V at the end. An after-credits sequence could show the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI, thereby dovetailing with, and not invalidating ST:TWOK…

  • Kate

    Edgar Ramirez IS a great actor. That said… I guess they’re dead-set against pulling anyone with primarily a TV background, huh? Because if it is Khan we’re talking about…. Nestor Carbonell. THINK ABOUT IT.

    • Spock Jenkins

      Nestor Carbonell would be the perfect fan casting, but you’re right – they want a movie actor over a mainly tv actor, no matter how ( somewhat ) famous are.

      Del Toro I really couldn’t imagine as Khan, but Ramirez is more easier to believe in that role.

      We could all be barking up the wrong tree and they could of course be casting for a klingon, lol!

    • Tol

      Hmm, wasn’t Spock (Quinto) just a tv actor?

      • Spock Jenkins

        Correct, but for the villain, they are looking for a so-called ‘name’ actor, be they established, or on the up as Ramirez is supposed to be.

  • tarek

    If they are casting Latin actors, then the villain must be Khuan

    • Tol

      Not really. Khan, as the name suggests, is of Arabic origin. Why cast an hispanic actor just because he was played by one before? Would make more sense to cast an Arabic actor.

    • Tol

      Chekov: Captain, Star Fleet registry records indicate the ship is the S.S Botany Bay, lost in space in the year 1996.

      Kirk: 1996? Hmm. Spock?

      Spock: Captain?

      Kirk: Can you contact Spock senior. Ask him if he ever encountered such a ship in the other timeline. No need to take risks if we don’t need to.

      Spock: Aye Captain.

      Kirk: Oh, and if he has, also ask him if there were any beautiful dames on board.

      Spock:Sorry, Captain, I do not see the logic in…

      Kirk: Just ask him Spock.

      Spock (eyebrow arched): Yes Captain.

  • matt

    even if the villain is not Khan, they will still be compared to khan as this has been the case with all star trek villains.

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  • Cypher

    I hated the first one. Everything was fine. Effects were fine, things looked slick then they BLEW UP FRIGGING VULCAN! Which could possibly color my opinion when I say the script had no soul and the movie was otherwise forgettable.

    The only thing that would get me to see the new movie would be some new, huge departure from the “original” timeline to see how it plays out. Like an Andorian alliance with the Romulans, or some sort of plague the Vulcans helped cure wiping out the Tellerites.

    Otherwise, it’ll be a rental for this fanboy. (Spock and Uhura? Seriously? /facepalm)

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