STAR TREK 3 Set in Deep Space, Says Director Roberto Orci

     June 26, 2014


Star Trek Into Darkness ended with the USS Enterprise setting off on a five-year exploratory mission, right where the original 1960s series started.  Roberto Orci, who graduated to Star Trek 3 director after co-writing Star Trek and Into Darkness, teased where the sequel will take the crew:

“They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.”

Check out Orci’s full quote on Star Trek 3 details after the jump.

Orci said on the Humans from Earth podcast [via Badass Digest]:star trek 3 details

In [Into Darkness] they set out finally where the original series started. The first two films – especially the 2009 [Star Trek] – was an origin story. It was about them coming together. So they weren’t the characters they were in the original series. They were growing into them and that continues on in the second movie.  So in this movie they are closer than they are to the original series characters that you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.

Star Trek fans—are you excited about the prospect of getting closer to the original series roots (at least in theory) and heading to deep space in 2016?


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  • Strong Enough

    I believe in Orci. he seems passionate about the material enough to argue with anonymous commenters online. anyone willing to waste time doing that is a massive fan. I loved Star Trek and thought Into Darkness was great.

    • bidi

      it either makes him a massive fan or shockingly self conscious

    • Thumbs Up

      I believed in Harvey Dent… And look where that got us.

    • $9530041

      “…anyone willing to waste time doing that is a massive fan.”

      Or your average ignorant 13 year old/man child.

    • Guy Smiley

      Remind me to never ask you for movie recommendations. Or advice on anything, really.

      • Strong Enough

        The fact you were thinking about it, flatters me really. But i wouldn’t have told you shit anyways. lmao

  • Thomas K.

    Is it going to be Coherent?

    Apologies for My Cynicism, but I’ve lost ALL faith in Orci and Kurtzman when they don’t have Abrams to Babysit them.

    I’m a Fan of the first two films, and some of their early work… But recent track record… Just isn’t looking good.

    • Drake

      I totally agree with you! Mission Impossible III, Star Trek, and to a lesser extent (debatable how much), Into Darkness were all very good movies. But without Abrams involved, the same duo put out Transformers, T:Revenge of the Fallen, and Amazing Spider-Man 2… Hopefully, JJ helps Orci along on this one – in the same way he helped Brad Bird on MI 4

      • The Flobbit

        Mission Impossible 3 was an overly dark-but-somehow-stupid mess of a film with a great performance from PSH. Star Trek was fun, but Into Darkness is an ugly scar on the face of the Star Trek legacy.

        With Orci directing, not even Cumberbatch can get me interested in this.

      • $9530041

        On the contrary, abrams movies including those stupid star trek reboots are just about as dumb and over processed as transformer movies.

        Just with constant lens flare instead of constant explosions.

        You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if nobody told you who directed them.

      • Mike

        Yes. Yes I would. Leagues different. Not even close. Nothing alike. Should I keep going?

      • Drake

        Need I remind you of Mudflap and Skids? John Turturro being pissed on by Bumblebee? “Deep Wang?” Sam’s effing parents? Wheelie humping Megan Fox’s leg? “I guess I just have a weakness for hot guys, for tight abs and really big arms.” The list goes on and on. Even Into Darkness looks leagues better in comparison.

  • DoremusJessup

    I still think that the opening scene from Star Trek (first one) is the greatest opening scene in film history. For real, how many movies can make you have that kinda feel in the first 5 minutes? I’ll give this one a shot purely for that magic.

    • GrimReaper07

      Lol, in film history.

      • DoremusJessup

        A bit of hyperbole to make my point. There’s others that may tickle your fancy, but I’m a sci-fi fan, and as far as fun popcorn flicks go it’s number one in my book.

      • GrimReaper07

        I get that you love it and all and its your opinion. I’m not here to tell you what to think but that comment sounds like that of someone who hasn’t seen a lot of films.

      • DoremusJessup

        Alright ace, I’m not a film studies major if that’s what you’re getting at. Yeah, so what it might not be the most sophisticated opening scene to a movie. And maybe it doesn’t suit your exquisite taste. But I’m talking about the opening five minutes scene. Usually, I’m a huge Drive fanboy and I enjoy Malick and Lynch works, favorite movie of last year was Her. Deal with it.

    • Early Edition

      i cry every single time. all 15 times ive seen that movie.
      “No, not Tiberius, that’s the worst! We’ll name him after you dad. We’ll call him Jim.”

      • DoremusJessup

        I don’t know what else you could possibly want from the opening five minutes of a film. The sci-fi aspect doesn’t inherently make it cheesy. Shit is a powerhouse of an opener, love your taste!

    • Al

      Can’t agree with ‘film history’ (though i respect that sentiment), but I can’t argue with how cool and well made it is. I don’t care much for the second film, but the first was electric.

      • DoremusJessup

        Yeah, I haven’t even seen the second one again since I saw it in theaters.

    • Conor

      It is certainly an incredible scene worthy of your favour, among many.

      J.J. Abrams is a brilliant filmmaker.

      • DoremusJessup

        Agreed. People have their qualms about his filmmaking and I can understand that. To me his movies are an absolute blast.

      • edshrinker

        Just wanted to thank you guys for saying that. I am a huge fan of everything his company does (Bad Robot) and all I hear is bile spewed against the guy. Go over to AICN and you would swear the guy ate babies. I am a big fan, and while disappointed he won’t be directing Trek 3, Bad Robot is still producing and I think he will have a big hand in it.

    • Brian James

      It’s the best part of the reboot series, so far.

    • The Flobbit

      Please stand there and let me laugh at you. In film history?

      Maybe I should be crying…

    • mattinacan

      and then the movie started

      • Gold_Shitter

        for me it was when they showed the engine room, ruined the movie for me.

    • edshrinker

      I get the hyperbole ..I get a little ahead of myself too when it comes to sci-fi. I absolutely look back on that scene as a top 5 ever in Science fiction – including Star Wars, 2001, etc… but I am also a massive Trek fan and a guy who loves most of what Bad Robot and JJ “try” to do.

      Who whadda thunk Thor would just be a cast off character? Seeing career paths now, i wonder if they would have flipped Hemsworth and Pine in those roles. Although I am pretty impressed with Pine’s Kirk.

      Not sure Hemsworth could have maintained the right accent.

    • Khan

      Have you seen “Up”?

      • DoremusJessup

        Favorite animated movie by a longshot. Those first ten minutes slay me.

    • AdeoAdversary

      The greatest opening scene in film history without a doubt was LOTR: The Two Towers. Guaranteed there was nobody that was expecting the camera to fly through the mountain then follow Gandalf down that chasm fighting a freaking Balrog. Definition of Epic right there.

      • DoremusJessup

        oooo decent…touché — that’s a tough one to top. I can dig.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I am so pumped up to see what Orcis got planned for the third adventure

  • Solgazer

    Can it also be set in a less stupid part of space as well?
    One possibly closer to the first of the new Star Treks rather than the retarded vomit of the second one? Maybe?
    That’d be terrific. Thanks.

    • Brian James

      Yeah, I’m of the mind to actually boycott this one. A first. The last movie really bothered me.

  • Al

    They should have set off after the first movie.

    • Nick Gadman

      Too right.

  • theseeker7

    hmmm…. me can’t helps but wonder if any of the primary cast are suddenly going to start realizing they’ve got major scheduling conflicts with other long-gestating projects for around when they’d the shoot would be supposed to be get going here on this movie… *aheeem*…..

    • MJ

      You need to get off the crapper yourself

    • Sweet Pea

      You also need to stop starting sentences like you are a pirate.

  • eternalozzie

    The last 2 movies were fun and there is no reason this one won’t be. JJ has set the tone and it sounds like this is going to be part of the 5 year mission …

  • The Pop Pessimist

    No SHIT ORCI. Thanks for that update…

  • RedRaptor

    Why are they letting this guy direct? He has absolutely no previous directing creds, it’s not a skill you just pick up overnight… I have no problem with him writing but they shoulda got someone with more experience to direct.. Probly gonna be shit now.

    • Evidence: J.J Abrams Career

      “Why are they letting this guy direct?”

      Because in this fucked-up bubble they call Hollywood, it really is “who you know” not “whether you know anything at all, whatsoever.”

  • Baz Hood

    Orci’s a hack!!! Into Darkness was beautiful to look at but an absolute mess of a script. Oh look, IT IS Kahn! Yawn… Oh look, magic blood!!! Yawn….Lazy and damn stupid! Why reset the universe and make the brilliant Star Trek (2009) to then, basically, bastardise The Wrath of Kahn (badly) for your follow up. I have no great hope for this, sadly.

    • bidi

      everyone seems to rip on the “magic blood.” its regenerative properties eliminated the radiated cells in Kirk’s body. it would be just like Cap Am’s or Wolverine’s blood.

      • Asshat

        everyone rips on it because it is lazy screen-writing to kill a character, then bring them back immediately.

        and what’s worse is they only did it to riff on a much better movie, which they had already stolen their villain for. the reason it gets ripped to shreds is because it deserves to be – it is WEAK storytelling at best.

  • Nick Gadman

    Loved the first film so much and fucking hated the second with a venomous passion. Switched off when the Federation appointed a flippant, arrogant rookie head of their CTU and turned Captain Kirk into Jack Ryan. Prometheus had less plot holes and that’s saying something.

    • Baz Hood

      Zackly! Prometheus – Lindelof – Another lazy plagiarist!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  • Redjester

    Sounds great, although what I am really waiting for is Star Trek to be brought back to television. It’s been far too long. If not, though…

    I would love to see a channel like HBO take advantage of the lack of Star Trek-esque shows on TV at the moment and create their own show that takes place on a generation ship or planetary outpost. I’m picturing something akin stylistically to Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (minus the slasher ending), but with a Star Trek-like plot.

    Of course, I would also like to see HBO adapt Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation/Galactic Empire series but the rights are probably too difficult to acquire for these to be realistic possibilities.

    • Wilsonvolleyball

      That would be great. I’m really hoping the success of Game of Thrones makes the people at HBO adapt sci fi novels. Things which could never be condensed into even a few movies. Hyperion would be cool, too. At least as a Miniseries like Band of Brothers.

  • frankzubek

    It’d be nice if they make the bridge a bit closer to the original series and not so much a well lit shopping mall like it is now. How you supposed to light it for dramatic scenes when its lit up like Vegas? But that’s just me….

  • Thomas K.

    That’s awesome.
    Seriously, like the Greatest Story I’ve ever heard.
    Do You have time to tell it again?

  • Orci Whale

    “teased where the sequel will take the crew – [...] space”

    so, it’ll be set in space? like most of Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    title for this article should read: “Star Trek 3 Director Orci reiterates obvious space-setting of famous space-set sci-fi franchise: SPACE”

  • Simon

    Can’t be worse than Into Darkness, can it?! Wouldn’t surprise me if they need a new Enterprise after this one. Usually an Enterprise doesn’t last more than three whole movies…

  • TrekBeatTK

    I have absolutely no faith in Orci, and when something goes wrong with this movie he will be the first to blame his writers or the studio or anyone but himself (as he’s done on the previous two films).

    But a Trek movie set out in space is how it should be, and it would be good to finally get a Trek movie that doesn’t revolve around Earth. Literally every Classic Trek movie has scenes set on Earth, same with First Contact and even Generations had fantasy sequences on Earth. I think the only Trek movie with absolutely no Earth scenes is Insurrection.

  • Matt Goldberg

    This is a pleasant surprise. I thought he was going to set it in World Trade Center One.

    • Al

      And just like that I like Goldberg again.

  • Cedhollywood

    After that horrid rip off into crap-ness,I for the first time will not see a Trek movie on opening day. Since Orci is involved it will take several rave reviews and good word of mouth to get me to see the next one. And even then I will still be very hesitant. That’s how much into plagiarist really pissed me off. I would rather watch Star Trek V-The Final Frontier. And I would enjoy it more cause at least that movie had a original plot from beginning to end. Finally if I hear that original Spock is back again to “offer some advice” to save the day then it will be a definite automatic pass on seeing the next movie.

  • kemo

    Is Orci one of them Truthers? Even Bill Marher (the defacto leftist entertainment spokesperson) says that truther metality is bull$hit

    • Matt Goldberg

      He’s a truther and all-around conspiracy nut. Moments after the Boston Marathon bombings he was tweeting about looking for black helicopters.

    • MJ

      His politics and conspiracy stuff are nutjob-level for sure.

      Nevertheless, despite major flaws, I like the STID message about over-reaching in responding to terrorism, and the dangers of drone policy…heck, those were the same primary messages as in Cap 2.

      I don’t really care about the politics or dumb-ass ideas of people in Hollywood. A great movie is what I want. Trek 2009 was great, STID was lacking in common sense.

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  • Quikmix

    Doomsday Machine, please.

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