J.J. Abrams Will Still Be Involved with STAR TREK 3 and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Despite Commitment to STAR WARS

     January 26, 2013


A question that has stunted many philosophers and scholars throughout the ages—who will direct Star Wars 7?—was finally answered earlier this week with the news that J.J. Abrams will be taking the helm of the new Star Wars film.  The revelation was met with an even amount of joy, outrage, and confusion by the fan community, as one man will now be crossing the streams of Star Wars and Star Trek.

With anticipation for Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness at a fever pitch (and the film poised to do big, big box office), Paramount is likely eager to get a third Star Trek film into production sooner rather than later.  The studio’s vice chairman has now spoken up to ease fans’ concern over Abrams’ other franchises, clarifying the filmmaker’s role in Star Trek 3 and Mission: Impossible 5 going forward.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

j-j-abrams-star-trek-3Speaking with Hero Complex, Paramount Vice Chariman Rob Moore seems confident that Abrams will still be heavily involved with the studio’s other franchises:

“J.J. will continue to develop projects for us including a new Mission: Impossible, and he is committed to produce another Star Trek.”

Moore notes that Abrams will be involved with the inevitable Trek 3 “at the minimum as a producer, if not also directing the film,” though with Star Wars: Episode VII set to hit theaters in 2015, I have a hard time believing Paramount will want to wait that long before Abrams can be fully committed to developing another Trek sequel to direct.  I imagine his involvement with Trek 3 will likely mirror his role on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol: help steer the broader strokes of the film’s story and handpick the director.  That said, Abrams did wait four years in between the first Trek and Into Darkness, so it’s also conceivable that he could return to helm Trek 3.

We should keep in mind, though, that Star Wars: Episode VII will be no easy task—especially with that targeted 2015 release date looming.  Abrams will likely have less time to devote to his other producorial efforts, so don’t expect him to have a heavy hand in anything other than Star Wars for the next two years.  In the meantime, though, we have the director’s highly anticipated next movie to look forward to in a couple of months, as Star Trek Into Darkness opens in 3D on May 17th.


  • amg907

    This is such a style clash between Star Trek and Star Wars.

    He better keep them separate.

  • JJouttaNOWHERE!!!!

    It”s official , he’s the next spielberg.

    • ChanandelerBong

      Seems legit

    • Scullibundo

      Spielberg started his own film franchises. JJ is latching onto established ones. I also can’t see Abrams making the same leap into dramatic fare that Spielberg did. Don’t get me wrong, Abrams is a fantastic director; but Spielberg he is most definitely not.

      • indy42

        To be fair to Abrams, at this point in time there’s way fewer big original franchises starting, if any at all, than there were during Spielberg’s era.

        And I’d also argue that Abram’s TV career is impressive enough to qualify for new-Spielberg status.

      • Steve

        Abrams does appear to be the next Spielberg in the sense that he is building a brand of film making that is exciting to watch. He makes commercial blockbusters that are high quality. That’s essentially what Spielberg invented. Bad Robot also looks to grow and become the next Amblin. What JJ lacks in original creation he makes up for in sheer enthusiasm for film making. There are enough similarities to early Spielberg to make the comparison a fair one. Another good candidate would be Peter Jackson, who can grow to become a more “serious” film maker, and who has launched his own franchise rather than rebooted or taken over a franchise from someone else. Pop movies are in good hands. (Nolan, btw is the next Kubrick).

      • Micodin

        Lets not forget Lucas came up with the idea of Indiana Jones and wrote the story for all 4 films. And Spielberg has based his other blockbusters from books i.e: Jaws, Jurassic Park. JJ created Alias and co-created Lost. He also wrote and directed Super 8. He has a lot of time left in his career to determine if he’s in Spielberg’s caliber.


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  • NFP

    No he’s not Spielberg, but JJ certainly understands how to bring magic to a movie Spielberg does. JJ has decades ahead of himself to find a path towards the dramatic if he so chooses.

  • Don

    I wish he would do justice league!

  • Old Soldier

    Dean Kish(above)- If Ronald D. Moore directed Star Wars:
    -Han Solo would be a woman.(Just to create controversy)
    -Obi-Wan wouldn’t belive in the force.
    -Padme would be a battle droid skin job that follows Vader aroud in his mind saying things like “They hate you, they don’t under stand you. We have a plan.”
    -No aliens.
    No thanks, he needs to keep his hands off Star Wars.

    • Old Soldier

      What I meant to say:
      No thanks, he needs to keep his hands off ”Star Trek” too.
      I’m still pissed at what he did to Galactica.

  • terminus maximus

    Ok. JJ’s doin Star Wars #7 and Spielberg postponed ROBOPOCSLYPSE. Does this mean we can expect INDY 5 in the near future? We can only hope.

    • Micodin

      Or Jurassic Park 4. Harrison Ford might be busy the next couple years on Star Wars VII.

  • alk

    if his projects were a big buffet line, jj abrams would be the fat fuck sitting at table 36 whose so disgustingly fat and overweight that he can’t even get up from his table because he takes way more than he can even chew.
    i swear- I admire anyone’s ambitious intentions for wanting to keep busy and be involved in a lot of things, but can he put anymore crap on his plate?? Must he feel like a control freak and keep his fat fingers in all the pies? Let someone else who can actually…you know, devote the needed time and 100% attention that this next star wars needs to be done right. NOT the 52.6% that he’ll divy up between star wars, the lance armstrong movie, the star trek 2 release and star trek 3 pre-production AND mission impossible 5! And you can’t compare JJ and Steven Spielberg, not the current ones or the Steven Spielberg in his prime version either…JJ is not even HALF as good as Spielberg was when he was in his prime!

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