Roberto Orci Says First Draft of the STAR TREK 3 Script Is Complete

     August 18, 2014


Development continues to move forward on Star Trek 3 while J.J. Abrams is off in a galaxy far, far away, and a status update has surfaced from writer/producer/likely director Roberto Orci.  It was reported a few months ago that Orci, who was a screenwriter and producer on both Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, was in negotiations to take over the director’s chair on Star Trek 3.  He subsequently told us that it wasn’t exactly a done deal just yet, adding that Paramount had yet to see the script.  In these ensuing months, Orci has been working to craft the Star Trek 3 script with writers John D. Payne and Patrick McKay, and this weekend Orci announced that the trio has now completed the first draft.  More after the jump. 

star-trek-3-zachary-quinto-chris-pineOrci waded into the comments section over at TrekMovie on Saturday to provide a status update on Star Trek 3:

p & m & I wrote, “fade out” yesterday on first draft. things are moving.

He subsequently confirmed that yes, the first draft of Star Trek 3 is done.  Now Paramount will take a look at the script, offer notes, and things will move forward from there.  Orci previously told us that he didn’t wasn’t signed on to Trek 3 just yet, explaining that it’s dependent upon how Paramount responds to the script:

“If I’m lucky enough that Paramount loves the script and that we go forward, it’ll be because I have loved Star Trek for so long and the idea of having seen one of the best guys in the business direct two of them already, and to have seen it from the vantage point of a producer too, I know where a lot of the challenges are and where a lot of the fun is.”

Of course, Orci and his ex-writing partner Alex Kurtzman have a reputation for being two of the most studio-friendly screenwriters in the business, so I have a feeling that Paramount will like Orci’s screenplay just fine.  It’s clear that the studio would like to release Trek 3 to coincide with the series’ 50th anniversary, and with the first draft now complete, things seem to be on track for filming to get underway sometime next year.


  • mattinacan

    Kurtzman & Orci = wait until on HBO

    • enderandrew

      I believe that is Orci without Kurtzman.

  • Don Juan

    He just finished it and it already sucks.

  • bork1138

    Hopefully Orci’s upgraded from crayons to felt tips this time.

  • Big Tom

    So the title is going to be Star Trek Fade Out? Fucking Orci

  • Manuel Orozco

    As long as Orci knows what he’s doing. Things I hope will turn out in exciting fashion.

  • Person

    Second one was fine, third one probably will be, too.

    • stupidpeopletype

      Based on what?

      • Person

        Said “probably,” not definitely. I don’t expect much from these movies because I don’t know anything about Star Trek pre-2009, and I enjoyed STiD; as long as this one is as good, I think it’ll be enjoyable. Not great, but enjoyable.

      • mattinacan

        well, let’s aim for mediocrity then!

      • Person

        Or let’s set unreasonably high expectations and set ourselves up for disappointment. Let’s hate on a guy who acted immaturely but was ultimately just defending a movie he felt passionately about because he poured years of his life into it. Let’s choose to hate a movie before a single frame of it has ever been shot.

        In other words, let’s be fanboys. Yes, that sounds much better.

      • mattinacan

        ‘fanboy’ is such an overused term that really says nothing at all. bottom line is all of his work sucks, so while i wait to judge this movie on it’s own merits, i have little hope it will be different than his past creative failures.

  • the king of comedy

    I tough the first one was amazing, the second one had its issues but was a good movie overall, Kumberbatch and Peter Wells were amazing villains, and gave great performances, I really wish Kumberbatch`s character wasn`t khan since it would have been one great new villain on his own (he could have been the next best villain on the Star Trek franchise next to the real Khan), I`m still optimistic on the third one.

  • Ytsejamer1

    Like Hank Moody told his daughter and I’m paraphrasing here, take that first draft and put it away…in the back of the desk, lock it, and throw away the key. Start again.

  • NorCalJ

    Literally just re-watched the first one last night…AMAZING film, second one had its moments although underwhelmed for the most part. Really Excited for 3, I think it will be fine.

  • El Alto

    I don’t think they are actively trying to make a bad script. I still think it’s weird how the vocal minority,”Trekkies,” loathe the second movie in comparison to the first one. Maybe the novelty wore out for most Trekkies by the second flick? They both have massive plot holes and issues with the script and set pieces being too “Star Wars-y.” I know no one cares about the opinions of others on the ol’ internetz, but these movies are, seriously, not as bad as those vocal few make them out to be. In fact, it seems like MOST critics and audiences agree that they’re pretty good.

    But really, would you rather get another Star Trek from the team that brought you the previous two Star Treks, or would you rather them change the team to the people who made G.I Joe (which was, and is a possibility)?

    And although you think it may happen, no “big name” directors will ever board the Star Trek franchise. AND the original actors, creators and cardboard set designers are all too old or not around anymore to make the third one. Sorry. Troll away.

    • Spanky

      My problem is the sole fact that they use Khan.. I just don’t understand why, who cares if it’s the 2nd movie and he was the villian in the previous 2nd movie, you just started a whole new timeline, it was new and fresh with endless possibilities to work with.. and they chose to re-hash the same villian from a previous movie

      And on top of that they did the Kirk dying thing, which had 0 emotional impact, the close friendship between Kirk and Spock has not been established yet, and then the horrible Spock yelling ‘Kaaaahhhhn!’.. why???

      My guess is they are one hit wonders with the idea they had on the first movie by creating a way to start new, now they are showing their real talent by simply copying what was done before

      So I guess we will all be looking forward for another trip back in time to save the humpback wales…. like they just couldn’t do a good conflict with the entire Klingon empire could they??? A full out war? Naaah…

      • El Alto

        I’m aware of your complaints. Still, does it make the movie; taken on it’s own, with no pre-determined expectations of what and who Kahn is, etc, not as good as the first? Or not an enjoyable movie?

        Another interesting thing is that Trekkies say that it’s a rip off of Wrath of Kahn. Have they seen WOK lately? Besides the homage to the “Death of Kirk/ Spock” and “KAHN!!!” it’s a completely different story. It’s emotional resonance is in the eye of the beholder. (The theater I was in had a few teary eyes.)

        I agree that the use of Kahn was pointless (for someone who knew who he was) in a lot of ways. Especially when the mystery box prevented it from even being used for marketing. But for people who didn’t know Khan, or have any preconceived ideas of Kahn, does it really matter?

        That all being said, in my OPINION the movie was still a good movie. These “problems” aren’t really problems in the grand scheme of things. The movie was funny, faced paced, engaging, well acted and most of all: FUN. There was spectacle and even a hint of deeper metaphor.

        The movie is being ruined by the Trekkie-trolls picking it apart on a molecular level. Luckily 80% of the movie going public doesn’t read the chatter on the interwebz so there will still be Trek movies for the foreseeable future.

        As my Grandma always said “Some Trek is better than no Trek”

      • mbmarquis69

        I agree with the poster above. They squandered a fantastic premise of creating a new timeline where anything could happen and went back to the well of Kahn, who already had a previous movie and an episode of the original Star Trek to his name. It was an uninspired choice, not to mention a pretty stark deviation from canon in regards to his national origin, but failing to honor the canon of what came before is something that only irks Trekkies, and not the casual movie fans for whom these movies were made. I get that.

        Yes, TWOK and Into Darkness are two very different movies if you simply look at script, pace, tone and theme, but that’s all the more reason why they shouldn’t have recreated one of the most iconic moments in Star Trek movie history by giving Kirk a death that was meaningless (you want to impress me? Have the balls to kill Kirk and keep him dead. I would have been blown away by that decision, in much the same way I admired the balls to destroy Vulcan in the previous film).

        I can understand why people liked the movie, however. It looks great, moves briskly and has some pretty impressive set pieces. It’s just a shame that they poured 4 years and hundreds of millions of dollars into a recycled villain.

      • edshrinker

        And with the roles switched which I found clever. This was the moment a friendship began wherein WOK – it is was the culmination of a long friendship. There were a few lines worked ion and a major crew death. There was a villain with the name Khan that was not even recognizable as TOS Khan in actions or appearance. i agree – should have been another villain,,,just JOhn Harrison would have been fine. But I was cool with it

    • edshrinker

      I am a “trekkie” in the sense I grew up loving the repeats of TOS back in the 70s. I absolutely love what JJ and Bad Robot did to give new life to what was a DEAD franchise. Sorry guys, but after Nemesis – thems is da facts! NO one even wanted more trek and it showed with Enterprise. I love the new movies (especially 2009) and the new cast is fantastic. They are nailing it in being the young versions of the crew I grew up with. This is just one fan’s opinion. Don’t let the very vocal minority fool you into thinking old school Trek fans hate the new incarnation.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I’m a JJ fan, actually, and I think Star Wars will be great under his direction _but_ Spock crying out, “Khan” made me laugh. I thought it was a huge mistake and it’s a nice reminder that these guys can make calculated errors similar to “Noooooooo” at the end of Episode III. As a filmmaker you need to be able to look at scenes like that and just realize, “This is going to play SO goofy to much of our audience.” Maybe JJ was too close to notice, but he was surrounded by people like Orci who should have said, “no, no no.” Bah, I guess he probably helped write the scene. lol.

      I just hope this series doesn’t keep revisiting previous episodes and movies. It’s the five year mission. It’s time for these movies to really own up to their heritage. Star Trek should have its own distinct identity especially as Star Wars returns. This from someone who doesn’t consider himself a trekkie but has enjoyed the series and movies over the decades.

  • DNAsplitter

    I know die hard Trekkies had it’s issues w STITD but I still enjoyed it. I saw it more as the introduction to Khan where we will see him pop up in a later film – and it will be in that film that we will see the real Wrath of Khan (like they did w the set up of the tv show before the film in the original series). Not sure if Orci has the directing chops like Abrams but I hope he does as this is a big franchise w a dedicated fanbase.

    • edshrinker

      It is a timeline correcting itself. Kirk and Khan have to meet. This was the timeline repairing itself.

      Some very vocal die hard trekkies are extremely vocal in their hate. And their are a ton who just hate JJ. MOST trekkies I know are between like and love for these movies. And i know plenty

      • dvjason8

        What if Kirk and Khan havent actually met? What if Cumberbatch is not Khan at all. Maybe he is Yokihm and Khan is still frozen and get defrosted and is really pissed off.

      • edshrinker

        I like that. And it would make perfect sense. Out the freezer, “Harrison” could have said he was anyone

      • Spanky

        Sorry but time doesn’t care about 2 meaningless life forms meeting, in the grand scheme of things

        That’s a stupid excuse to re-use a villian

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  • poppincherry

    Did he mention the plot holes!

  • Guest

    I’m excited for Orci’s new script!

    …said no one ever.

    • edshrinker

      You are right “guest”. No one looked forward to the next episode of Fringe and certainly Sleepy Hollow has no fans.

  • Lance

    There were three moments in the second film that were so cringe-worthy that they took me right out of the movie. First, the disappointing Khan reveal–as a skinny, pasty British white guy, complete with superpowers and superblood. Second, the whole meaningless Kirk death scene, complete with “Khaaaaaaan!” screamed by the most inappropriate character possible. Third, the reference to the “Space, the final frontier” spiel as the “Captain’s Oath.” How is that a captain’s oath? It makes no sense–much like most of the second movie.

    • ʝoe βloggs

      It’s been a clusterfu*k thus far.Those moments you mentioned completely took me out of the movie as well.

      I just don’t see it getting any better with Orci still involved.

      • Lance

        I’ll give him a chance. There are new screenwriters on this film and Damon Lindelof is out (he’s the one I suspect is responsible for many of the second film’s missteps, although of course I can’t prove that. But I did watch LOST, so I know first hand just what a talentless hack Damon Lindelof is). I think Orci wanted his dark Trek conspiracy movie and got it, but I’m willing to see if he’s able to take things to better and more compelling levels, and I think he probably is. JJ Abrams is famously anti-intellectual. Orci seems much less so and on that basis alone, I’m willing to give him a chance.

      • ʝoe βloggs

        The first one was decent but flawed. The second was mostly flawed. So the third may be a complete train wreck?? LOL

        Sigh, let’s see how this goes. But I’m not hopeful at the moment.

        From one Lost fan to another! :)

      • Lance

        You know what I hate most about LOST? That they killed Sun and Jin.

        Actually I didn’t care that they killed off Jin, but Sun was so hot. They should have written me in as a character so that when Jin died, Sun would swim to my arms and let me comfort her, then fade to black as we begin to make passionate love…

        Sigh. I should be a screenwriter.

      • ʝoe βloggs

        She was indeed the hottest character there. Yunjin Kim has a tight body. Couldn’t care less for Kate. Hated her.

        Wouldn’t mind cozying up with Juliette though. heh :P

      • Lance

        I could go on about my LOST theories (please, just tell me to stop now). I think, in the first season, that the island was supposed to be purgatory and that these characters weren’t survivors of the crash, they’d died. They were mostly flawed. I think there were certain characters (like Rose and Hurley) who were intended to be sacrificial lambs–they were in purgatory too, but not because they were flawed. They were there to help guide the others out.

        Unfortunately, people guessed during the first season that the island was purgatory and the writers decided, “Hey, we have to change the story because we need to keep viewers guessing,” but they had no idea just what they were going to change the story into. Hence, we got increasingly incoherent and unsatisfying writing. Near the end, characters were being introduced and then killed off with such frequency that they weren’t even given proper names! (Like the guy named Lennon, given the name only because he looked like a hippie and wore glasses).

      • ʝoe βloggs

        Dude don’t start. My wife and I are huge fans of the show and we have watched it 5 times from start to end. :P

      • Lance

        I already started! But I’ll stop for the sake of you and your wife. lol. :)

      • ʝoe βloggs

        haha! how many times have you watched it??

      • Lance

        Once all the way through. I was flipping channels one night and happened to land on the season finale of the first season (Exodus part 1). I got so pulled in by it–it’s still my favorite episode–that I watched the first season starting from the beginning. I watched all subsequent seasons as they aired but felt increasingly dissatisfied.

        After the series finale, I’ve never watched a single episode again.

      • ʝoe βloggs

        Cool. Tell you what. We’ve recently finished watching all 9 seasons of 24. Binge watching. Brilliant show!

        Now we don’t know what to watch. :(

      • Lance

        Doctor Who?

      • ʝoe βloggs

        Good shout that. I may give that a spin.
        But start from where?

      • Lance

        Start with the series reboot (2005 I think?). Unlike LOST, it just gets better and better as it goes along from there.

      • ʝoe βloggs

        Thanks man! Really appreciate that. Struggled to get any traction on the current crop of shows. We like The Blacklist as well, but that’s on break atm.

        I’ll get on Dr Who as you suggested. Cheers!

      • Lance

        You too mate (I’m not British, but I dated a British girl once). If the next Star Trek movie doesn’t suck, I’ll buy you a pint.

      • ʝoe βloggs

        Almighty! You dated an English lass? haha

      • Sharted Copiously

        New Who has the same kind of approach as new Trek.

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