Zachary Quinto Says Next STAR TREK Sequel is Filming in 2014; Wants to Appear on THE BIG BANG THEORY

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For fans of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek adaptations, I bring good news: Zachary Quinto thinks the next Star Trek sequel will begin filming next year.  On the heels of Into Darkness’s success in grossing $444 million worldwide, Paramount Pictures is looking to begin production on Star Trek 3 sooner rather than later.  Apparently, Abrams is also looking to direct the sequel, although, this raises many questions given his current schedule shooting Star Wars Episode VII. Hit the jump for more details, folks.

star-trek-3-sequel-zachary-quintoQuinto said that although nothing is confirmed yet for Star Trek 3, the current plan is to shoot it soon in 2014, and to shoot it on a faster schedule than Into Darkness.  Per buzzhub (via CS):

“I attended a public interview with Zachary Quinto at the Galway Film Festival in Ireland on Friday, and during it, he revealed that Paramount have told the Star Trek cast that they’re planning to shoot ST3 in 2014, and that J.J. still wants to direct!

The actor also said he was not interested in teaming with Abrams on Star Wars, but he did mention his interest in making a cameo appearance on The Big Bang Theory.  Seeing as the original Spock, Leonard Nimroy, recently had a cameo on the smash hit sitcom, this would seem fitting.

Perhaps the biggest question that comes from Quinto’s update is whether or not Abrams really will find the time to direct Star Trek 3 in the midst of his hectic Star Wars commitment.  However, as Quinto said, nothing is confirmed.  If someone other than Abrams were to direct the next Star Trek, who do you think it should be?


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  • Sean Chandler

    There’s virtually no chance either one of these claims will come to fruition, and there’s no chance BOTH will come true.

    • sean

      A movie in time for 2016 (the 50th anniversary) is *very* likely, but JJ being involved as anything other than a producer is not going to happen.

      • Sean Chandler

        Haha. I like that someone disliked both of our comments. Given that neither one of us said something controversial, I’m going to have to assume they just have a bias against people named Sean.

    • Stuntman Mike

      I hope not. And I want to see different writers for the next Trek too, ones that might make a sensible story. Into Khan-ness was quite a disappointment.

  • Sean Chandler

    There’s virtually no chance either one of these claims will come to fruition, and there’s no chance BOTH will come true.

  • TheMattedScreen

    Time to bring back Nicholas Meyer I think, directed arguably 2 of the best movies in the franchise, time to do it again!

    • JayF

      It’s not arguable. It’s fact.

  • Neven

    Abrams should concentrate on doing Star Wars rigth now…

    • TheMattedScreen

      Abrams should just concentrate – then figure out what movie he wants to do!

  • Neven

    Abrams should concentrate on doing Star Wars rigth now…

  • strong enough

    star trek is for losers, just focus on Star Wars please!

    • Ahmed

      What a dumb thing to say, it is like you are in the 3rd grade or something.

      I happen to like both Star Trek & Star Wars for different reasons.

      • Jeff Fountain

        Star Wars is the franchise that needs the most help. Lucas drove it into the ground with the last three average to embarrassing movies. Let’s hope JJ takes it in a whole different direction.

      • lisa

        Star Wars Episode 3 was plain awesome, you are a loser. JJ abrahms will kill and make star wars lame as shit. His remake star trek movies are shit and his phony star wars movies will be shit too.

      • Grayden

        No, the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel was plain awesome, the rest of the film was utter shit. Lame dialogue, cardboard acting, atrocious direction. Lucas had a real chance to explore the motivations of the Emperor and Vader with the prequels and instead wasted it on a half-baked love story that no one cared about, or wanted to see, in the first place. God I wish he’d never made them. My imagination tells a much better version of what happened before ‘A New Hope’.

      • Jeff Fountain

        JJ couldn’t do any worse than what Lucas did. Sorry, but I thought Episode 3 was average at best. Bad acting, directing and visuals all around. Some nice fight scenes, but not enough for me to save the movie. I’m just going to pretend the last 3 weren’t made at all…..I am a Trek fan too, and I like what JJ did with it.

      • MEY

        Without doubt, the Star Wars prequels should have been made much better.

        No problem with the new Star Trek movies – they are full of energy, fresh air, creativity and sexuality. And these things are needed to the future Star Wars movies as well.

        JJ is the only one who can save Star Wars.

    • Ahmed

      What a dumb thing to say, it is like you are in the 3rd grade or something.

      I happen to like both Star Trek & Star Wars for different reasons.

    • baZZO tAZZO


    • haddonfield04

      Star Trek is far more realistic because it uses human, human personalities and it’s based on Earth. Star Wars is all childrens sword fighting with lightsabres and helmets and magic. The princess in outer space? Please…..Jaja Binks? Lmao. Has a completely feminine tone to it. Completely fake. Now run along and play with your sword…..don’t forgot your storm trooper costume…..

  • strong enough

    star trek is for losers, just focus on Star Wars please!

  • Futur3Fo3

    Star Trek 3 is a must!

  • Futur3Fo3

    Star Trek 3 is a must!

  • Futur3Fo3

    Star Trek 3 is a must!

  • M kay

    Please no emotion for Spock in ST3, please explore the galaxy and give us a challenging story. I accept that ST is no longer cerebral, but that is no excuse for a no effort ST2.

    • jocostrikesback

      Star Trek Into Darkness was incredible!

      • TC

        Nope. It was a mess of scenes that Abrams wished he could put in a Star
        Wars movie intercut with scenes that someone undoubtedly thought were
        cool twists on the original Wrath of Khan. The cast is mostly
        forgettable, though Quinto does decent work with the shit the writers
        give him, and Pine’s Kirk is a douchebag mess that has no reason to be
        within a hundred leagues of a captain’s chair. Overall, the plotting is
        terrible, particularly given that just posting some decent security at
        Starfleet Command and moving the command meeting to a basement would
        have resolved everything in the first third of the movie (and given that
        a terrorist attack had just occurred, this is akin to not posting
        security at the Pentagon on September 12th, 2001).

      • M kay

        Incredibly boring. It was just cut and past, no originality. I mean Star Trek ’09 built up a new series in which they would do new things, but the movie ended up being 1/2 recreation of ’09, 1/4 Wrath of Khan and 1/4 TOS. Cumberbatch would have been a fantastic new original bad guy, but was a horrible Khan.

      • eternalozzie

        Josiah, you are correct … it was a great movie …

      • matt murdock

        A Trekker for over 40yrs., STID was a POS.

      • Bob

        STID was amazing, your are correct. People saying there fans for 40years…thats your problem, your stuck in the old days with cheesy phaser guns etc. JJs Star Trek > then any other Star Trek. Great action, effects, characters, acting, and pretty good stories. Hope he directs the 3rd, if he does and its great it will become one of the new best trilogys. Sorry if this offends people its just my opinion.

      • Josiah Coulter

        Yup, you’re just like the Star Wars crazies who hate on the prequels. I am a true Star Wars fan who accepts EVERY film, and I feel the same with Star Trek. Into Darkness was AWESOME.

  • Morgan

    If JJ doesn’t direct, the most obvious choicesIMO to direct are Rian Johnson (Looper) or Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion).

    • Christopher

      Really? Rian Johnson is an “obvious” choice to direct Star Trek III? Don’t get me wrong, I love his films, but nothing about his work screams Star Trek.

  • MEY

    It would be fantastic to see Theo James, Matt Bomer, Godfrey Gao, Ben Foster, Alex Pettyfer and James Franco in a new Star Wars movie. Oh, FORCE, help me please. The new Star Wars movies need these actors!!! Please, J.J., consider!!!

    • Peter

      “Alex Pettyfer”

      What are you on, and where can I get some?

      • MEY

        You would like to get some from Alex Pettyfer? Me too. :DDDDD

    • Marie-Laure D.

      Alex Pettyfer is the worst young actor in Hollywood right now. I’d rather die than see him in Star Wars. The movies don’t need an all-star cast to be awesome. JJ will do a great job.

      • rhito

        You can avoid a movie, you don’t have to die…

      • Marie-Laure D.

        Except that I’m pretty excited for the new Star Wars. And that I trust the judgement of the casting director.

      • MEY

        It is obvious that Alex Pettyfer is not the worst actor in Hollywood, but it is not so important. You don’t understand anything about Star Wars movies if you think that acting is a significant factor in them.

        Reality reveals a different path: Hamill – no acting career after SW, Fisher – no acting career after SW, Christensen – poor acting in SW (and where is he now?), Portman – poor acting in SW…

        Moreover, I did not claim that the new Star Wars movies need big stars to be awesome. Theo James, Matt Bomer, Godfrey Gao, etc are not big names at the moment in my opinion, but I believe that these ‘faces’ should appear in Star Wars – or anybody who is able to bring fresh air, speed and sexuality into the SW galaxy.

        And I agree with you – I’m sure that JJ will do a great job!


    brad bird, rian johnson, shane black

  • Matt

    Would not mind Bryan Singer directing one since I think he is a pretty big Trek fan.

    • Grayden

      Singer was also a huge Superman fan. Look what we got with that. Nic Cage is a huge Ghost Rider fan. Look what we got with that. Just sayin’.

  • quilligan

    Love to see him on Big Bang Theory. Bet it would be hilarious.

  • Strong Enough

    J.J. NEEDS to complete his trilogy. it will stand up to TDK trilogy if he ends it right.

    • eternalozzie

      yup … someone just brought up TDK … take a drink

      • Strong Enough

        Best trilogy their is fuck boy!

      • eternalozzie

        That would be the first set of Star Wars films … but thanks for the delusion :) Nolan’s pretend Batman was really good though if you ignore the last movie. Did he call me “fuck boy” ??? What does that even mean?

      • Strong Enough

        the last one that got an 87 percent on RT more than Iron Man 3 and return of the jedi and made a billion worldwide? that one? ha!

      • eternalozzie

        Yes … That one … The one that crapped all over the batman characters

      • Strong Enough

        do i give a shit about your opinion? NOPE!

      • eternalozzie

        Then why are you getting so upset ?

      • Strong Enough

        you can sense my feelings over a computer screen? or do you measure how upset people are by the amount of caps lock they use? lol you got to be kidding. why would i ever, ever get upset by what you have to say eternallozzie?

    • Sean Chandler

      When did this become a trilogy?

      • Strong Enough

        you really think JJ is going to direct star trek 4? the trend is a director does 3 films then outs himself. where you been doeboy?

      • Sean Chandler

        No I don’t think he’ll direct 4, but I doubt he’ll direct 3 either. And unless Star Trek 3 bombs, I doubt they’ll stop at 3.

      • Strong Enough

        i know they won’t but i’m sure after the third one they’ll stop for a while and change the whole vision of the series.

      • Sean Chandler

        I know that’s the trend these days, but given the source material, it seems unlikely to me they would go in that direction. They may bring in a new creative team, but I would be surprised if they did an all out reboot.

      • Strong Enough

        hey we shall see. either one could be right.

    • M Kay

      These JJ films don’t even stand up to Star Trek 2,3,4, which is a semi-triology

      • Strong Enough

        like i give a shit about your opinion! ha!

      • selma

        Like I give a shit that you suck jj abrahms cock and love his abysmal remake star trek crap! you fucking faggot!

      • Strong Enough

        you mad!! you mad!!

  • Sam Harris

    In my personal opinion I think someone else should direct the next Star Trek, clearly JJ will be up to his eyeballs in work with Star Wars and if he commits to both projects he won’t be able to devote himself entirely to each one, which is unfair to the fanbase. Additionally, I dislike how he writes Captain Kirk’s character, a lot of people blame the arrogance and womanizer-esque persona on Chris Pine, but it’s pretty clear how some of the scenes are put together that even if Chris tried to downplay that idea, it’s obvious what they’re trying to push here. JJ was trying to attract a larger fanbase by forcing Jim Kirk into the one dimensional womanizing douchebag character, which is unfair to Pine’s talents and an insult to the past actors who played Jim Kirk. He was originally written as an extremely intelligent and intellectual character, (albeit next to Spock one might argue otherwise) and while he still possesses some of that in the more recent film adaptations, it’s severely lacking, in my opinion. I get that there was a need to modernize the franchise, but I see no reason to compromise the original personalities of the characters. A lot of the fault is in the directing.

    • Sean Chandler

      I think the problem is that they’re trying to cram all the characteristics of a Kirk who appeared in 79 episodes and 7 films (plus an animated series) into two films. Original Kirk was arrogant, reckless, and a womanizer at times. But that was spread over a long time, and we got to see his day to day life. Abrams and his writing team have made these his distinctly defining characteristics, and we only see him in extreme situations. There aren’t slow moving character moments when we get to see another side of him.

  • Gorewhoreaust

    Paramount would crazy not to capitalise on the 50th anniversary, so a 2016 release is pretty much a given. As for J.J, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as soon as Matt Reeves has finished with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes he’ll be signed to Trek 3. It’s only logical.

    • Pk

      yeah he’s not a bad choice. Hope he is considered and lands the gig…

  • slyvia daniels

    Paramount needs to do a REAL STAR TREK 11 MOVIE, Maybe do a GOOD FINALE TNG FILM, I enjoyed Star Trek – Nemesis, but did not like it being their last film.

    JJ abrahms needs to die, someone slit his throat and the people he works with. Everything he does is shit, except for Alias and Person Of Interest, but that ain’t sayin much.

    JJ’s awful star trek remakes are so damn forgettable and pathetic and crigneworthingly bad.

    I do not want a Star Wars 7, not without George Lucas. Star Wars 6 ended nicely, now that will be tarnished with JJ’s pathetic crap phony star wars movie.

    Star trek has 5 shows, 1 animated series and 10 Official films. Star trek is done I guess, been gone since 2005.

    Star Wars has been done (IN MOVIE FORM) since 2005 too with the excellent Star Wars Episode 3. There is Star Wars – The Clone Wars that is or rather was excellent, seeing as the pathetic greedy Disney company stupidly cancelled the series. Everything Disney has done since buying Star Wars, has been underwhelming and total shit decisions. Hiring jj was and is a HUE MISTAKE. But it does not matter anymore, star wars ended and anything new now will be new, but it won’t be official star wars, it will be phony star wars. Just like doctor who, there is new doctor who, but it is remake abysmal gay shit, not canon or official what so ever. Doctor Who ended in 1996.

    Star was is gone.

    star trek is gone.

    go to hell jj

    go to hell and die jj, lucasfilm, disney!

    • jack

      Totally agree, am sick of people thinking jj is good, when in fact he is atrocious and terrible, also butt ass ugly, egotistic and an ass.

    • tommy boyd

      you said it sylvia, you speak volumes of truth, time to rid of jj abrams, I can not stand the turd. I do not want to see star wars ruined like star trek has been ruined by jj’s remake dreck.

    • MEY

      Slyvia (if that’s your name and not Sylvia), take your sleeping pills and sleep 100 years to dream about a more tolerant behavior. Nobody needs a this kind of senseless hatred about movies and film directors.

      A real fan never wishes this kind of things. Did you realize what you have written? Shame on you! And get a happier life!

      (Of course it is possible that you are not a fan, just a hired movie-killer. We live in a dangerous world full of hidden intentions.)

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  • stevens miller

    hey jj stupid abrahms and stupid disney, you both can go to shitsville and rot there. star trek dead with jj remakes now star wars is threatened……actually it dead now with stupid jj.

  • Maxi Mounds fan


    You people have no taste at all if you think jj is good at star trek, his star trek ain’t star trek at all, and he is going to butcher star wars, George Lucas should be making the movies.

    Bring back Star Trek – The Next Generation for a series again and/or more movies, or do Star Trek – Deep Space Nine movies, or Star Trek – Voyager movies or Star Trek – Enterprise movies, or make up a new crew, don’t remake the original crew, because you are a fail and you have shown no originality at all. Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country is tainted now because of jj’s remakes, Star Trek – The Original Series had the perfect ending with Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country. Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country is miles better than JJ’s two horrendous star trek remakes. Star Trek – The Animated Series is also miles better that jj’s dreck remakes.

    Star Wars VI has a perfect ending, and now jj is going to ruin and taint that too with his star wars remake.

    Star Trek – The Motion Picture – 5/10
    Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan – 8/10
    Star Trek III – The Search For Spock – 7/10
    Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home – 10/10
    Star Trek V – The Final Frontier – 7/10
    Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country – 10/10
    Star Trek – Generations – 10/10
    Star Trek – First Contact – 10/10
    Star Trek – Insurrection – 10/10
    Star Trek – Nemesis – 9/10

    There has been no Star Trek 11 or 12 and never will be any I guess. The Star Trek – The Next Generation films are vastly underrated, and are movies, NOT TWO PARTER EPISODES, Some person made that up and said that and everyone just goes along and says it too, you know nothing. If the Star Trek – The Next Generation movies are two parters, then that means Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country must be a two parter, and heck, even any movie must be a two parter or more.

    Pathetic jj, pathetic hollywood, and pathetic people who know nothing about star trek and star wars.

    star trek = dead and star wars = dead, all because of jj pathetic hack stupid abrahms.

    • I can’t stand jj/he is a hack!

      Totally agree! Can’t stand jj, he is an official hack!

  • jeanne115

    I have $1,000, anyone want to make sure jj does not make an abysmal star wars remake? Also no more star trek abysmal remakes!

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  • common sense

    Just read district 9 guy was offered star wars 7, he would be miles better than the shit fest that is jj.

    Jonathan Fakes needs to be brought back to do Star Trek 11, either a TNG movie, DS9 movie, Voyager, or Enterprise or a new crew!

    • Starwarsdeadforeverdisneyfault

      Totally agree!

  • darkwing duck

    Lucasfilm, Disney! HIRE Neill Blomkamp for Star Wars Episode 7, then I would be interested in it, because right now, I HATE that episode 7 is being made with the HACK jj abrahms. I do not want anyone associated with jj abrahms involved. He crapped on star trek with his remakes shit and now star wars is next.

    • Starwarsdeadforeverdisneyfault

      Damn straight, could not agree more. I had no idea Neill Blomkamp was offered Star Wars 7, why the hell did Disney not offer more money to Neill????????!!!!!!!! dumb asses at Disney. Because of their awful decision for jj I lost interest in star wars, also lost interest because disney shut down the clone wars, lucas arts and the 3d versions of 2-6, the 1313 and Boba Fett and several untitled star wars video games and other shitty decisions they horrendously made.

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  • ILDC

    Directing ST and SW at the same time? Now that really is unfair.

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