June 7, 2012


Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day is for Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection for $26.49, which is 62% off the MSRP.  Like all Gold Box Deals, it’s only good for today.   Also, if you want to make it Star Trek Blu-ray Day, here’s a few other deals:

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  • Stinky

    While I am in total support of buying stuff through Collider’s Amazon affiliate program, that TNG collection is a cruel joke. Generations was passable. First Contact was one of the best Trek flicks. Insurrection was a unequivocal piece of shit. Nemesis was forgettable. And I’m a Trek apologist.

    Maybe cinematic disappointment has jaded me. Or, perhaps, Abrams lifted the veil of mediocrity on the franchise. Looking back at Data making a tit joke and Riker flying the Big-E with a f’n joystick is a bit tougher to accept in hindsight.

  • aaronsullivan

    Forgettable was a good description of Nemesis. Most people write it off out of hand because it was after Insurrection sunk the ship entirely and ruined all interest and Nemesis wasn’t good enough for most to get people talking positively. I DO remember enjoying it quite a bit, and I DO remember Tom Hardy’s performance a bit, too. I never thought it was bad, per se. Insurrection was stunningly bad. I like to describe it as similar to watching one of the really bad TV episodes from the series.

  • Shaun

    There was NOTHING enjoyable about Nemesis… Just a bland, dark, sullen depressing. It wasn’t even like a bad episode of the show… That was more what Insurrection was like.

    Really, the ONLY good TNG movie was First Contact. Even that one had its problems, but at least it was good fun and it played to many of TNG’s strengths. The other three were just bereft of fun, often depressing, everyone not named Picard or Data had little to do, and stories were dumbed down. Lots of bad choices (that emotions chip? Yeesh…) too.

    Other than FC, and Shatner’s performance in Generations (seriously, he carried that movie and stole it right out from under Patrick Stewart), the TNG movies are just awful. Strange that a show that was often so good made such lousy films.

    I was sorry that DS9 never got worked into the movies (apart from the Defiant in FC), but seeing how the TNG films turned out maybe that’s a relief?

  • Shaun

    Also, those TOS blu-ray sets, even at almost 60% off are over $50 a pop? Why are Trek DVDs/blu-rays generally so expensive? In the case of a 45 year old show, that’s just crazy.

    I managed to get the first two seasons of the remastered Trek on DVD really cheap a few years ago. I’ll stick with those, and maybe pick up season three eventually if the price is reasonable.