Friday Box Office: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Takes Top Spot; IRON MAN 3, THE GREAT GATSBY, 42 and OBLIVION Fill Out the Top Five

     May 18, 2013


No surprise here, but J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness looks to take the top box office spot before heading into the weekend.  Once expected to bring in a $100 million opening weekend, estimates are now hovering around the $70 million mark.  Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 was a distant second with almost $10 million.  Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby dropped off 61% from its opening weekend to grab $7.7 million this Friday.  Jackie Robinson biopic 42 and the Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi flick Oblivion rounded out the top five.

Title                     Friday                   Total
1. Star Trek Into Darkness



Iron Man 3



The Great Gatsby



4. 42



5. Oblivion



We’ll have full details and the weekend’s top ten when you check back tomorrow!

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  • JJ Abrams All Hype

    Lol at Abrams tepid box office. Abrams hype train derailed!

    • shadypotential

      Star Trek took in 79 mil over the weekend. this is not an improvement

      • Hype train derailed

        Still an epic derailment of a talentless hack foisted upon the movie going public. Disney probably plotzed when they saw these numbers come in but that’s what they get for picking the most cookie cutter, vanilla director imaginable to direct Star Wars.

      • goldbergisafgt

        you’re a fn moron. hahahahaah

      • shadypotential

        is this lolatnolan? collider has like one troll switching names

  • The Hobbit

    Wow Thats a Surprise…Saw It and Its very Good…Imo Better than Iron Man 3…

  • Jones

    Haha. Okay, this is the proof that box office doesn’t say much about the quality of your movie.. I don’t get this.

  • chris gault

    Keep in mind the general public dislikes scifi people … they like their superheroes.

  • Max

    They moved the release date up a day without really telling anyone, which split the opening day

  • davey

    As evidenced by the bucket loads of cash made by Michael Bay movies.

  • brandon

    it should make more. honestly it was the best movie of the year thus far beating out iron man3 and oz the great and powerful. its sad when movies like twilight and sandler films open better than a great movie like this

    • Jones

      Exactly. I don’t really know what to say. This film had everything a good movie should have. Took 2 good friends to London to see this early, I am a long time Star Trek fan, but one of them hadn’t even seen Abrams first one. We all enjoyed the movie, even my friend who didn’t see the first one. I don’t know why people don’t go to the movies to watch this. Seriously.. I am going a couple of more times, and getting some more friends to, just to get the box office up a bit. Fuck this shit i am mad :D
      Good day to you all :)

  • Still a fan

    With all of the 50/50 responses I’ve heard, I think people are kind of a little burned by the IM3 “twist” that they’re staying away. I’ve talked to several huge trek fan friends and they’ve “heard things” about this movie and rather than try it, they’re waiting to rent. They just don’t want to be disappointed that badly again so they’re waiting and saving their money for Man of Steel. IMO – I liked this trek, not perfect, but it was damn fun and I got what I wanted out of it.

  • Cee Jay

    The movie is like a Star Trek spoof, it sends up Star Trek icons and classic moments but has no idea how to inject any of the purpose of the original source material. Deserves to fail for simply turning Trek into a regular action movie template complete with well spoken English villain. I’m glad its under-performing, hope it’ll die quick!