STAR TREK Round-Up: New Images, Simon Pegg Comments on JJ Abrams Directing TREK 3, and Alice Eve Says Villain Is Not Khan

     February 11, 2013


We’ve got a few smaller bits of Star Trek-related goodies to share this evening.  Two new images from director J.J. Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness have landed online, giving us new looks at Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) as well as Kirk and the villainous John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch).  Speaking of villainy, following numerous back and forth reports and rumors regarding the nature of Cumberbatch’s character, Into Darkness star Alice Eve recently spoke up to claim that Cumberbatch is “not playing Khan.”

Moreover, Simon Pegg also recently made a few headlines with some red carpet comments, as he spoke about the prospect of Abrams returning to direct Star Trek 3 in lieu of the filmmaker’s impending Star Wars: Episode VII duties.  Hit the jump to read on.

First we’ll get to the images, which were recently released by way of the film’s official app.



And now we’ll move right into the nature of Cumberbatch’s role.  At this point there have been so many rumors and murmurs that Cumberbatch is/is not playing Khan that it seems futile to continue to guess.  Alas, Alice Eve may or may not have added fuel to the fire by claiming in an interview that Cumberbatch is not playing Khan.  It’s clear that Abrams and his cast are doing everything they can to hold all the film’s surprises until it’s released, so I really wouldn’t read too much into these comments as anything solid one way or the other.  Nevertheless, watch the video below (via /Film):

Additionally, comments from Simon Pegg momentarily sent the internets aflutter this past weekend when he said that Abrams will be doing Star Trek 3, even though the filmmaker’s recent commitment to the new Star Wars film makes that prospect fairly unlikely.  Soon after the story caught on, Pegg took to Twitter to clarify his comments:


Nevertheless, you can check out the video below in which Pegg talks briefly about Abrams’ involvement with Star Wars (via AICN):

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in IMAX 3D on May 15th and in 2D and 3D on May 17th.


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  • gcm443

    Am I alone in not necessarily wanting Khan to be the villain.

    • mrperfect

      I agree. Khan was cool and all, but let’s get something else going. Isn’t the whole idea to expand the star trek universe?

    • AliceEvil

      Marion Cotillard point blankly stated that she was not playing Talia Al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises in every interview she did, so Alice Eve’s statement is pointless. Even if Cumberbatch himself admitted to not playing Khan in the film I wouldn’t believe it for a second. Khan Noonien Singh WILL be in this movie and he’ll be a space terrorist.

    • Steve

      No gcm you are not alone. I echo mrperfect’s sentiments exactly. Rebooted timeline = new stories and adventures. Period. However, if Cumberbatch IS Khan, it’s just more of the same. It’s bad enough that Star Trek movies need a super villain in the mold of James Bond films but to use a villain already established in an episode of TOS and in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is just uninspired. Maybe they’ve done something great and fresh with Khan. I’m open to that.

      They’ve sort of painted themselves into a corner though with this secrecy. At this point if it is Khan, people will feel ripped off that they went to the well again instead of coming up with an original idea. If he isn’t Khan, all the folks who have been chattering about how Cumberbatch couldn’t possibly be playing anyone other than Khan will be disappointed. It’s a gamble to be this coy with a basic plot detail.

    • serendipity

      I totally agree that re-using elements and characters from past Star Trek stories is boring. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Vulcans, Romulans, warp speed, phasers, transporters, and the Enterprise. OMG so unimaginative and repetitive.

      • Mark

        That’s not what anyone was implying but nice try.

  • Anon

    I’m more interested in the potential of Abrams Star Trek sequels than I am for additional Star Wars movies.

    • ed

      i agree and im a star wars fan

    • The Smirking Revenge

      Yeah… but only cuz we all got burned with that last batch of SW flicks…

      Which is why I’m more curios about Abrams’ Star Wars… I know he can handle Trek, but can he successfully resurrect the galaxy far far away? This is far more interesting an idea for me.

  • mad man

    Gary Mitchell will have his vengeance!

    • Addy

      But– but– Cumberbatch’s eyes are already super creepy… Imagine what they would look like if they were silver 0-O

  • Lizard King

    I thought the whole world was in agreement that he was playing Gary Mitchell. I have not seen any good evidence to support the Khan theory. And pretty much everything has pointed to Mitchell for months.

    • Grayden

      Except that Mitchell was a telepath and exhibited no superhuman physical powers beyond strength, which could have been aided by his telepathy. Harrison on the other hand is shown to have considerable physical prowess in the trailer. Also, his line in the Superbowl spot about “being better at everything”, is such a line that Khan would say. It’s full of bravado and arrogance. And I could be mistaken but I vaguely remember him and Kirk having a similar exchange in the Space Seed episode.

      • paul tracy

        Graydon, you are amazing in the most ironic way. thank you, thank you, and thank you.

        ~ t

      • Mark

        Here are the similarities: Cumberbatch is playing a charismatic villain. He uses lines like “I’m better at everything.” Kirk asks “Who are you?” (remember Kirk and Mitchell were friends – at least in the original timeline). Cumberbatch uses a gun. Gary Mitchell wouldn’t need a gun.

        BUT…. Cumberbatch doesn’t even remotely resemble the man Khan was in Space Seed. He’s not dark skinned (Khan was), he is British (Khan wasn’t). He isn’t muscular (Khan was physically imposing as well as intellectually). Ricardo Montalban was cast because of his physical presence. He could pass for a man from India. Khan was East Indian.

        Khan and the other genetically enhanced superhumans were from the late 20th century. Frozen in cryosleep and set adrift in space, long before Nero ever changed the timeline. Khan’s physical appearance and nationality WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN AFFECTED. His appearance and nationality cannot be explained away with “well it’s a new universe.”

        However, Cumberbatch could be playing someone named Khan. But he most certainly NOT playing the same character portrayed by Ricardo Montalban. Maybe he is a man who was engineered using some of Khan’s DNA. Maybe he is someone who wants to start a new Eugenics war and has taken the name of Khan from Earth’s history. He could be someone who was on the Bottany Bay and is paving the way for the real Khan who won’t show until the end of the film and sets up Part 3.

        That I can buy. But a total reimagining of the original character? No way. This is the same team of writers who, despite destroying Federation worlds and hooking up unlikely crewmates, went to great lengths to honor the canon of what came before. They refused to write William Shatner into the reboot because he had already died in Star Trek: Generations. If these guys didn’t care about the details of what came before, 2009′s Star Trek would have featured old Spock AND old Kirk.

        Cumberbatch is not playing the same character portrayed by Ricardo Montalban. I welcome any theories to the contrary.

  • Iwon2blue3cheese

    Since this is the “new” Star Trek universe, maybe the guys name is John Harrison. Gary Mitchell who seemed to go to school at the same time as Kirk, died by Romulan ship. Kirk will say something about how he misses the friendship between him and Mitchell and how Harrison filled that role. Then Harrison is affected by the edge of the universe and turns into a super human that goes crazy and thinks himself above humans.

  • old hippie

    ..the gary mitchell superman character WAS the second episode in the original broadcast.

  • WAM

    He’s actually playing Mudd.

  • it is known

    Peter Weller with a bit of workout, a wig, and some finishing touches by the makeup department would easily pass as the Abrams version of Montalban, more importantly, Khan. Just watch him in season 5 of Dexter. So if anyone will be Khan in this movie, its Weller, but clearly Cumberbatch will be an original character, with possible influences from previous characters like Gary Mitchell, etc. Thoughts?

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  • Lee S.

    Here’s a SWAG on Cumberbatch’s identity that admittedly is a bit of a longshot:
    Perhaps, “Harrison” is Khan’s son. The new timeline began with the events which led to the death of Kirk’s father when Nero’s ship came back in time.
    It’s conceivable shortly thereafter in the new timeline that the Botany Bay was recovered (and to conveniently serve the plotline) by someone other than the Federation.
    Khan and his fellow genetically engineered superior humans are able to return to earth and begin a multi-generational plan to infiltrate the Federation from within, a plan brought to fruition by Khan’s son, who was born on earth under the pseudonym John Harrison…

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