New International Trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

     March 21, 2013


Paramount has released a new international trailer for J.J. Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.  It’s got everything we’ve seen in earlier trailers and a lot more.  This time around, we get the action sequences in the presumed order they’ll appear in the full feature which gives us a much better sense of story.  The trailer also shows that Kirk (Chris Pine) is taking things much more seriously than he did in the first film.  There are also plenty of quips from the fantastic supporting cast (and a hot shot of a barely-dressed Alice Eve as a bonus) that show the crew can still keep some levity amidst all the doom and gloom.  Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch is positively venomous.  This is how you release a new trailer!

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, John Cho and Bruce Greenwood.  Star Trek Into Darkness opens in IMAX 3D on May 15th, and in 2D and 3D on May 17th.

Click over to Apple to watch in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness:

In the wake of a shocking act of terror from within their own organization, the crew of The Enterprise is called back home to Earth.  In defiance of regulations and with a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads his crew on a manhunt to capture an unstoppable force of destruction and bring those responsible to justice.

As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

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  • Budders

    Ok now that is one hell of a trailer.

  • Cody

    Peter Weller! :)

    • king

      Good to see the man back in big-screen, big-budget sci fi. I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • Twojawas


    I can see a bit of TDK in there. Let’s himself get captured and ‘Here we go!’.

    • StrongEnough

      Don’t compare TDK masterpiece to this dumb movie!

      • Steve

        The creators of STID have already stated that TDK was their guide for the kind of sequel they wanted to make. The comparisons already exist whether you like it or not.

      • DREDD

        TDK, MASTERPIECE?? Did you even see that movie? It was great, but it was far from a Masterpiece. And its sequel was in parts ridiculous!

        This trek film looks great too, yet again maybe not a Masterpiece, yet, but then again, we have’nt seen the film to compare yet have we?

        Also in reply to the commenter above.. regarding this being set on Earth, well, I also usually hate it when a sci fi/space set film winds up on earth. However, this is Star TREK, not Wars, and in TREK Earth is a big part of its landscape. Its where theyre from don’t forget, also this is still Early days/prequels Trek, so maybe this destruction on Earth is part of the overall story that sets things up in space? ie a base station etc..

        Star Wars, based on this trailer alone, is gonna be fuckin EPIC!! And that WILL NOT be set on Earth.


    So it’s going to be Skyfall in space.

  • Dobby

    It looks good…. But not very ‘Star Trek’…

    • Steve

      Not enough cardboard? Not enough ham-fisted social commentary? Not enough women in green body paint or guys in white gorilla suits?

      • Steveu

        A real star trek movie with awesome effects and dialogue and pure awesomeness like ‘Star Trek – First Contact’ says hello dumb asss.

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  • Mars

    Cliche-o-rama like every Abrams flick. Here comes Christopher Tietjens, Robocop, Shaun of the Dead, and douchey blonde guy who tries to speak in a gravely voice in another collection of ripoff scenes from other movies….with lens flare galore! Yay!

    • cartman

      Did you go to the beach recently, because Kyle (Mars) we seriously need to get that sand out of your va344a. It’s making you all grumpy.

  • jack


  • Ok

    Yes please! This gets me all excited for Star Wars haha… I still think Chris Pine should play Hal Jordan.

  • Anonymous

    f**k me!!!! Great looking action film, but doesn’t look like a “Trek” film, i’ll wait till i see the finished film before judging but it looks a bit heavy on the darker side of things, hopefully it has the same sense of adventure and humour the first one had.

    Aslo i got to say, i cant fucking wait to see what Abrams does with Star Wars after seeing this, just hope they have a great story to tell :)

    • agent_black

      Maybe he’ll give it a ‘twist’ and set it on earth…. like that bollocks. It’s not hard, the clue is in the fucking title. ‘Star Trek’ ‘Star Wars’ erm…..

      • Steve

        So we’ve moved on from the lens flares meme to the “not-set-in-space” meme for this movie I see. Why don’t we actually wait and see the film before we judge how much of it is centered on Earth. And even if most of it is…. it wouldn’t be the first Star Trek movie to do so. I seem to remember one film that had the crew chasing down whales in Earth’s past… and not even an Enterprise until the final scene. I’m suddenly amused by the mental image of nerds sitting in a dark theater with their smart phones tweeting furiously regarding the space-earth ratio minute by minute.

  • Jamie

    Wow just wow. Looks very impressive and is going to be awesome in IMAX

  • tornadovictory

    if you want to make a generic action-blockbuster go on, but don´t call it star trek for heavens sake!

    • Bv

      Oh, it is star trek. I don’t know why you’re surprised. Did you not watch the film before this? I am glad they stepped away from the direction they were heading with the last few terrible films before the “reboot”.

      • Steveu

        Obviously not a star trek fan if you think jj’s hack job is star trek which it ain’t. You think Star Trek 6, 7 and 8 are crap? Well you REALLY ARE NOT A STAR TREK FAN. This trailer is more proof that jj has no idea what star trek is, and either do you. This remake sequel is going to be shiit like it’s remake before it, pure shiit trash.

      • Bv

        I should have been more specific. Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis suck balls. And since you Obviously hate J.J. so much what are you doing reading about his new star trek film? You clearly didn’t like the previous one. Yet here you are telling me I am not a fan because I like it. You do realize this is set in a alternate reality away from the original series right? And I accept it as such. They’re free to do whatever they want while maintaining the integrity of the original series and movies before hand. So it’s free game to change whatever they want.

  • RobertTC

    How can you say it’s not “Trek,” when “Star Trek” is so many different things (plus no one has seen the movie yet). Does “Trek” mean ONLY exploration, ONLY action-adventure, set ONLY in space, etc. etc. Why I love Star Trek, starting with the original show, is the great characters, stories and themes. I could care less if it’s 52.5% set on earth or 75% about exploration and $25% action, whatever, as long as Star Trek’s heart and soul remains intact- like Abraham’s did so well in the first movie – then I will enjoy the sequel.

  • Jim’ll Fix it

    This looks FAR superior than the cheesy hokum Star Trek used to be. It’s about time somebody brought the franchise some semblance of dignity, especially after Voyager and Enterprise.

    Between this and Star Wars it seems blockbuster sci-fi can be redeemed and actually give us food for thought in the process.

  • sloan

    I hope Kahn is an easter egg and at some point Kirk yells, “JOHN!”

  • jakdedert

    Did they HAVE to crash the Enterprise again? That plot twist is a little overdone…and to give it away in the trailer is even worse.

    Okay, synopsis: Kirk defies authority, goes after the bad guy, breaks a lot of rules in the process, but wins out over tremendous odds and ends up a hero…oh and he crashes Enterprise. The rest is just smoke and explosions.

    • Bv

      You’re right. Because that is so out of character for Kirk to be a rebel. If that was the case and you are complaining about Redundancy you must have hated the show and the movies. Kirk and the crew overcame tremendous odds and end up heroes on a daily basis. That’s like being made firefighters put out fires and save peoples lives.

      • Bv


    • Michael Horne

      It’s not the Enterprise that crashes – the design of the two ships is different.

  • XKRED27

    Why does the Enterprise always have to get its ass kicked? How many of these ships does Kirk lose during his tenure as Captain/Admiral/Captain? Come on!!

    • Anonymous

      Wilkiam Shatners Kirk lost one ship…. and theres nothing saying this Kirk loses this Enterprise. He may not even be Captain at that point in the movie. I dou t the ship will be lost anyhow… which is why we even see a crash at all. And in the water no less. Which judging by the prologue it is indicated that the ship IS submergable. Obvious foreshadowing perhaps? Really simple for any haters though… if you dont think you’ll like it…. then dont see it. But to declare a movie is terrible or whatever before its even been viewed its trollish and ignorant. But whatever. Have fun trolling.

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  • The_Myhand

    Although I love the current design of the Enterprise, I think it’s pretty clear that this ship won’t be completely recoverable after it’s crash landing. So maybe we’ll see a new ship or a refit at the end of the movie? That would be awesome.

    • Steve

      The Enterprise getting trashed is sort of a staple of Star Trek films at this point. Sorta like Bond meeting with Q to go over gadgets. Considering that the writers destroyed Vulcan and made Spock and Uhura jump in bed together, don’t be surprised if they end up with a new ship that looks NOTHING like the classic Enterprise. Oh, and I bet Sulu or Chekov dies.

  • Ash Talon

    So Khan was created by Starfleet to be a super-agent instead of him being a super-human from the past. That’s their twist on him. Alice Eve might be a fellow super-agent or just another crewman. Either way, she looks great in her skivvies.

  • AdFinem

    Kay, I wanted to say a couple things.
    First, the trailer looked sweet and I absolutely cannot wait for May to roll around so I can watch it.
    Second, I do agree with the people on here who liken it to the Avengers and The Dark Knight. It does have that sort of vibe to it, especially where John Harrison is concerned (that bit where he was ranting about our safety being an illusion totally screamed “Joker” in my mind). But, we won’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing until it actually comes out– so chill out a bit, guys.
    Thirdly, yes. This is definitely not 60s Trek. Or 80s Trek. But, I do like these reboots in that they introduce the world and characters of Star Trek to, well, the “Next-Next Generation”. Pardon the pun.
    I’m 16, and I had absolutely no interest in anything Star Trek until I saw the ’09 reboot– and then suddenly I’m wooshed into this epic movie about gleaming, glowing starships and aliens and amazing characters! I literally fell in love with every member of the Enterprise crew then and there.
    And after that, I started watching the Original Series and movies. And I found out, to my astonishment, that they were as epic and amazing as the new one! Look past the effects, and the sometimes not-so-stellar acting, and it’s a truly remarkable series and a joy to watch.
    But, if I hadn’t seen the remake, I would have cared less about Star Trek. I would have watched one episode and passed it off as cheesy and lame just because my generation is that shallow. The new Trek showed me– with many, many shiny things and lens flares– this wonderful universe and wonderful characters that I would have missed because I was too busy criticizing the cardboard sets.
    So, yes, these movies are a total disappointment to Trekkies. They are all flash and explosions and CGI, and aren’t half as original as the older films. 
    BUT– I think the goal of these movies in Abrams’ mind was to show this generation that Star Trek is anything but lame. And I personally think they did a fine job of accomplishing it.
    Just my two cents.


    That is Khan, I am sure of it. Alice eve looked smoking hot and awesome to see Robocop back on screen. Can’t wait!

  • paul tracy

    these “lines” have been uttered millions of times. I know Abrams and Lindeloffeofof or whatever are major cribbers, but my goodness, let’s at least be subtle about it.

    ~ p

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