STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Spoiler Free Video Blog Review

     May 2, 2013


I see a lot of movies. All too often, as I’m watching something in a darkened theater, I can’t help but think about real life.  What email am I missing?  Is anything going on with the site that I should be dealing with? Why didn’t I grab that awesome looking slice of pizza in the food court before walking into the theater?  Real life follows us around like a shadow.

But for two hours at the AMC Century City, I forgot about everything outside the theater.  I was transported to another time and place, and I loved every second of the adventure.  The only time I felt anything but enjoyment was the second I realized the movie was ending…because it hit me that I’m going to have to wait at least 2 years before I see another mission.  While everyone is going to compare J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness to the first film and every other Star Trek adventure before it, I truly believe everyone involved in the follow-up should be congratulated for creating a worthy sequel and a fantastic movie.  I can’t wait to see it again.  Hit the jump for a spoiler free video blog review.

star-trek-into-darkness-imax-posterAs most of you know, I hate spoilers.  What’s the purpose of finding out of the twists and turns of a movie before you see it?  I can understand learning the ending of a movie you’ve never going to see…but let’s be honest…about 98% of you are going to see Star Trek Into Darkness.  I strongly recommend avoiding the spoilers for this movie because the movie will be so much better if you don’t know it’s secrets.

However, to try and satisfy your curiosity, shortly after watching the film I recorded a video blog with Peter from /Film.  We talked a lot but said very little.  Trust me, if you watch the video blog you’re safe.  It’s just two nerds geeking out over how much we loved the movie.

But if you don’t have the time to watch…if you loved J.J. Abrams Star Trek, I’m extremely confident you’re going to feel the same about the sequel.  The best way to describe it is to say it’s hours 3 and 4 of the same movie.

Also, rather than having to introduce the characters and the universe, the movie begins with a bang and never slows down.  It expects you to know who the characters are and it rarely ever plays catch up.  Another thing that’s great is it treats the audience like it has a brain.

star-trek-into-darkness-chris-pine-zachary-quintoFinally, like the first film, all the characters have great individual moments and the banter between Kirk, Spock and Bones is perfect.

And one last thing…I’ve seen the film two times now.  Once at the AMC Century City in 2D and I saw it again this morning in IMAX 3D.  If you have the choice…see it in IMAX 3D!  It’s always better in IMAX and the 3D is well done.  Here’s the spoiler free video blog.  Look for a full review week of release.

Update: We’ve just posted 6 clips from Star Trek Into Darkness (which is about 5 minutes of footage!).  Click here to watch them.



  • Johnny B.

    In other words, it’s fast, shiny and dumb. Turn off your brain and ignore all of the lazy writing, senseless choices, and stupid continuity problems and you’ll enjoy it. No thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Get over yourself.

    • @ johnny b

      U mad bro?

    • doctor_robot

      you did not like the first one?

    • CONNNNN!!

      I’m with you, Johnny B. The new one is probably as big, shiny, and dumb as the first one was. Except, this time they’re rehashing Wrath of Khan because they can’t come up with any good, original ideas.

    • dogg

      Yeah, it was disturbing how Trek fans turned off their brains en masse for that first one. You’re not supposed to have to do that with Star Trek. At least that was the original vision. I was still happy for a reboot and the characters were great, but I want a workable plot, too, dammit.

      • Chief Petty Officer Dudeface

        Yeah, because Star Trek has never had its share of purely fun moments…. *cough* The Trouble with Tribbles *cough*

        And having philosophical/intellectual themes totally saved Generations, Insurrection, Nemesis, Voyager, and Enterprise from being utter disasters. Woo hoo.

      • dogg

        “At least that was the original vision”. Apparently I should have written that in ALL CAPS for the reading impaired. If we’re going to spend 200 million on a movie, can’t we aim more towards “the Cage” than “Tribbles”? But I realize the ability to distinguish good Trek from bad Trek gets me booted from the fanboy club.

      • Um, Sure

        There is a reason why episodes like The Cage work great for television and films like 2009 Star Trek work well on the big screen, but they often don’t work reversed. Only a fanboy with tunnel vision can’t enjoy both and understand that a different medium calls for a different kind of storytelling. But Trekkies aren’t exactly known for being “logical”.

    • Chief Petty Officer Dudeface

      Speaking of turning off brains, it seems a lot of you have magically forgotten just how much of an action/adventure show the original series was, and that not every great episode of TOS or any of the other series/movies needed to engage in heavy philosophical ideas to be good. Even when they did engage in such ideas it didn’t always work (see: the TNG movies, Voyager, Enterprise).

      You also seem to forget that Trek has always been littered with continuity issues since the days of TOS.

  • Elliott

    Can’t you guys get a tripod?

  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate…

  • Joe

    What’s the chances that Devin Faraci is just gonna rage and piss all over this film when he sees it?

    • Um, Sure

      Better than the odds of the sun rising tomorrow.

  • Eric

    I love these videos you guys make. I must of watched the one you made for TDKR prologue 6 times. Your enthusiasm is really enjoyable.

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  • Truth

    How much did Paramount pay for this review?

    • Grayden

      Clearly you don’t understand just how much Frosty loves movies. Kinda why he started Collider from what I’ve heard.

  • Andrew

    Why are these comment sections always filled with such strong negativity? Steve, I love your enthusiasm. As a huge Star Trek fan, I absolutely cannot wait to see this film. Words cannot express how jealous I am that you’ve already seen it twice. Keep up the great work!

    • CONNNNN!!

      You already did see it, back in 1982 or whenever you first saw Wrath of Khan.

      • Chief Petty Officer Dudeface

        So you’ve seen this movie already I take it, since you seem to “know” that it’s a TWOK rehash.

  • TokkenLokimoment

    I saw it and can say i am a bit dissapointed with the story and the ending……:/

  • Jones

    The only Star Trek i have seen so far is the one JJ made in 2009. And i consider myself a fan after that. Flying to London in a week to see it in Imax a week early, and i have confidence that its good. Haven’t seen the old movies, so can’t see the similarities. I am happy for that. Gonna see them after that.

  • Sean

    I don’t know where all the negativity is coming from, but thank you for a spoiler free review.

    • Um, Sure

      Welcome to the Internet. We have much to teach you.

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  • Lore Soong

    I love the original Trek and I love the new Trek. But I think it a bit unfair to compare. In series form you have hours of eps in which to develop the characters until after (3) seasons (of STOS) the characters have a well developed “life”. You have eps that offer action then comedy then provoke thought and discussion. That’s what 60+ hours of eps allows you. With a movie you have to decide what you can condense into two hours. I’m sorry but none of the original Trek movies are any different than the new Trek. The first is probably the most cerebreal of the bunch but honestly would have made a better tv ep. 2 was an action flick, 3 light comedy adventure. So movie for movie I think they are on par. Movie to TV, its just too different to properly compare them. Shrugs.

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  • Sam

    I was no Star Trek fan and the 2009 movie was the first Star Trek movie I saw and have to agree that it was thoroughly enjoyable.
    But alas i am so disappointed with this one…may be too much expectation.
    The movie is pretty dumb IMO and is basically a popcorn cruncher,watch it ,enjoy it,forget it.

    PS:I am going back to my Battlestar Galactica Collection.

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