Roberto Orci Has Met with CBS to Discuss a New Televised STAR TREK Series

     October 11, 2013


Earlier this year, I watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the first time, and it got me thinking how it would be great if there were a new Star Trek series on TV.  Then I remembered the franchise was in the hands of J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman, and I got sad because, to put it as mildly as possible, I am not a fan of what they’ve done with the franchise.  But it’s a valuable property, it originated on TV, and Paramount has a channel they could stick it on (CBS).  I’m slightly surprised nothing started brewing after the 2009 movie was a hit, but now something Trek-related might be boldly going to the small screen.

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Orci was recently at the UK junket for Ender’s Game (he’s one of the film’s producers), and told Sky News’ Joe Michaelczuk that there has been a meeting to bring Star Trek back to television:


Like Bleeding Cool, I’m not sure who “they” is. He and writing/producing partner Kurtzman? Abrams’ production company Bad Robot?

Abrams has always downplayed or dismissed the possibility of having the alternate Star Trek universe expand to television, but he’s not really the active steward at this point since he’s busy with Star Wars.  Also, the call is ultimately up to Paramount.

Assuming Orci is telling the truth and CBS could be interested in a new Trek series, it would presumably take place within the new continuity.  From there, I imagine it would be completely separate from the movies—no Enterprise, maybe a cameo from one of the film cast members, but pretty much a new storyline with new characters.  Or maybe they’ll just rip off one of the previous Star Trek series and call it an homage.



  • boborci

    i THINK MY COMMENT HAS BEEN BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. Someone asked about Star Trek TV, and I said we had inquired about the rights. Doesn’t mean a show is imminent nor do we assume CBS would want us to do that at this time. I refer you to the Roddenberry podcast for context.

    • The Skins Factory

      Man, you are a total party pooper. :-) I was actually excited for about 2.5 minutes until I read your post. Thanks…

      By the way. I’ve followed Star Trek all my life in it’s different incarnations. I never did the whole cosplay thing, but I’ve seen every episode of every season of every show plus the films. So I think that makes me an amateur expert on Trek. I love what you guys have been doing. You’ve breathed new life in what was a stale franchise. Keep it up and seriously f**k the whiners out there. ;-)

      • nathaniel

        if you like the abysmal jj star trek remakes, then you REALLY no nothing about star trek, the 5 shows, the animated series and the 10 official movies.

      • The Skins Factory

        You really put me in my place. I may not recover.

        Wait… yeah, I will.

      • The_Dude

        And you don’t know how to spell “know.”

      • MEY

        Spelling is not the strongest grammar skill Nancy offers.
        My favorite one when she writes “Abrahms”.

      • bigfrog6

        Lol – the original series, the original animated series, and the first few seasons of TNG plus maybe three of the movies (including the motion picture) is really the only worthwhile trek. Once upon a time when it used to be science fiction and not a bunch of stiff extras standing around the bridge of a starship watching high school soap opera drama.

      • MEY

        Is it the sixty-fifth nickname? Oh, it is impossible to count them… :DDDDDDDDDDD

      • Trekwasfinebefore

        Yeah feck you too @55wad…

      • Trekwasfinebefore

        You have a big mouth and look like a complete DBAG. Grats on watching and liking stupid garbage and being a complete tool.

      • Trekwasfinebefore

        You have a big mouth and look like a complete DBAG. Grats on watching and liking stupid garbage and being a complete tool.

    • enderandrew

      Thanks for responding. Always nice to hear clarifications direct from the source.

      If you guys got the rights, would Bryan Fuller be involved?

      • boborci

        How do we know it’s actually him? Couldn’t anyone post with that name?

    • Eric Harzer

      It’s awesome that you can come on here and tell us all this. Goes a long way towards calming down the chatter.

    • Northern Star

      Hey Orci man, still believe the federal government was behind 9/11? Sleep tight, jackass…

      • Strong Enough

        well you’re a nice guy

    • Melwing

      I was super excited as well- thanks for letting us know, though. :)

    • Vindibudd

      I, a lifelong Trek fan, love the movies. You all did a fantastic job. Haters can go watch Star Trek 5.

      • MEY

        Oh yes, Star Trek 5 is the best science fiction movie I have ever seen. :DDDDDDDDDDD
        No wait, Star Trek 9 is much better. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Andrew

      Look, this article has nothing to do with you or television. It’s just another excuse for Goldberg to rant about Star Trek Into Darkness … a hatred which started when Paramount didn’t give him the screening he wanted. He’s an entitled, illiterate fanboy who throws a shitfit when something doesn’t go his way.

      • MEY

        So Nancy is Matt Goldberg? Bummmmm…
        No more news for today, please! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

        Completely agreed. I don’t even care that he doesn’t like the new Star Trek flicks, but he’s got to stop going out of his way to rant on them. It’s pathetic.

    • The Fans

      You suck Orci. Stop writing you’re ruining all the best properties.

    • Common Sense

      Are you going to write a whiny piece about it in the Hollywood Reporter like your pal Damon Lindelof did?
      You guys are way, way too testy and emotional for millionaires who got rich ripping off other peoples ideas and asking people to pay for poor facisimiles. STAY OFF THE NEXT AND LET THE FANS BITCH BECAUSE IT’S THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO!

    • Better than you

      Orci, here’s an open challenge. I bet you I can write a better Star Trek tv pilot than you can. I’m 100% serious. Respond to this comment with your info, I’ll give you mine and we’ll have a write off. That is, unless you’re scared I’ll win.

      • Andrew

        No, you can’t. Not that Orci’s track record is perfect, but – Lord – at least his Star Treks scripts feature plot incidents, character development, theme and feel cinematic. You’ll probably write a lamely plotted, contrived, amateur story that has the characters on an adventure in space, but fails as a professional script. There’s a reason why you are bitching in the comments section and he writes films for a living and it isn’t just connections. If you want to make it as a writer, then you have something to prove to the industry, not the other way around. I bet you don’t even know the seven stories off the top of your head or even understand the difference between three act and five act structures. Fanboys like you are better than others … only in their own mind.

      • Better than Orci

        Is that you Bob?

      • Better than Orci

        Is that you Bob?

      • Andrew

        Yeah, I guess I have to be Orci if I don’t consider an emotionally adolescent fanboy capable of anything other than fanboy drivel. Write your script, post it on the internet and see how much interest it generates. Frankly, even a terrible Hollywood script would be better than your greatest story, so quit pretending like you could do any better. If you could have written a great Star Trek script, you would have already.

      • Better than Orci

        Hahahhahahahahahaahhhaha. You’re gotten to Orci. We know it’s you so stop pretending. I’ll take your refusal as an implicit submission to my genius. Let the record show Orci has conceded defeat.

      • Andrew

        I ain’t Orci. Lol. If you check the IP addresses, you’ll see that our respective messages come from TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, YOU DUMB SHIT! But put your Star Trek script up on the Internet and see how interested other people are. Wasn’t that the point? That you could write a Star Trek script? Well, where is this brilliant script of yours?

      • Andrew

        Well, if you are that fucking dumb you don’t know what an IP address is, then I doubt you could put a script worth of text on the Internet. “Lol lol I winnerest because I don’t know how to do stuff. I can write a story but I don’t know how, lololololol”

      • Better than Andrew/Orci

        ahahahaha. Orci I didn’t mean for you to get so livid. It’s all right getting beaten by the best. Just take a deep breath and accept that you’re awful and I’m better.

      • Andrew

        I am a pathetic fanboy who is incapable of thinking critically. I like to lick my own ass.

      • Andrew B. Real

        P.S. Orci is also bitching in the comment section

      • Andrew


    • Michael Rose

      Star trek star fleet academy

  • IllusionOfLife

    To be fair, I’d argue that Orci and Kurtzman are more responsible for the dismal state of modern Star Trek than Abrams, after all, just about everything good in Trek ’09 can be attributed to solid direction and a great cast. It’s a real shame because I’d honestly love to see a revival show focussed on the original crew portrayed be this new cast, but after the atrocity that was Into Darkness, I can’t get excited for Star Trek as long as Orci and Kurtzman have their hacky hands all over it.

    • MEY

      Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the best science fiction movies I have ever seen.

      And I have the feeling that Episode 7 will be the best Star Wars film.

      Oh, I nearly forgot… Angry Nancy, where are you? A new comment about killing AbraHms?

      • IllusionOfLife

        You should really watch more science fiction movies.

      • MEY

        I promise I will… A lot of new ones from Abrams I hope.

      • nancy


      • MEY

        Idiot… :D

      • Lovecraftlives

        He’s right! You need to get your head out of the sand.

      • stena

        You have BAD TASTE, jj’s star trek awful remakes are crap!

      • MEY

        The sixty-third nickname…

      • MEY

        Sorry, in fact it is the sixty-fourth one… :)

      • Andrew

        Licking my own ass is great. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lee Keels

        Well, you illustrate the problem perfectly. Star Trek ID is a good sci-fi film. It’s just not a Star Trek film.

      • Andrew

        I love licking my own ass. It’s awesome.

    • MCP

      I agree, plus I’m even more worried about it being on CBS. Probably will have a laugh track in the background.

      “3rd star to the right and straight on till morning…”

  • Josh Barnett

    So sick of so-called Trekkies and their attitude toward the new franchise. I’m a lifelong and dedicated fan of the series and yes, it’s different now, but that’s alright too. It’s fun and lively now , which is allowing it to be more popular than ever.

    • ZAR

      Ah, just because it moves from time to time doesn’t mean it’s actually alive. ;)

      Besides, the tripe the has been released under the Star Wars-franchise (until recently) should also be acceptable then – according to your “logic”?

    • charles

      you ain’t a star trek fan, jj shitted on star trek it his two craptacual remakes. He is about to shit on star wars now.

      • The_Dude

        And you’re still going to pay to watch it. I bet you’ll be first in line, too.

      • NEO

        I NEVER paid anything to watch from JJ. He’s a hack, just as Orci and Lindeloff. They just hack stuff. Only good SciFi Star Trek are the old ones.

      • The_Dude

        Cool, just stick to the old Trek and never watch any Abrams/Orci related trek again. It’s as simple as that.

      • Dev1359

        Considering all he really did was make Star Trek feel more like Star Wars, I think Star Wars is in very safe hands with him.

  • ZAR

    “It’s dead, Jim!”

  • NMphotog

    TNG has some of the best TV writing ever done.

    • eternalozzie

      no it wasn’t … at least not by todays writing standards. it does not hold up in present day … I loved it when it aired …. I watch it now and it is some of the most smug preachy propaganda telling people how they should live their lives. I don’t need star trek to tell me the difference between right and wrong … it really insulted the intelligence of the watcher … once Roddenbarry was no longer with us the show and the series that followed were much better written and more entertaining.

  • Terrible news






    • MEY

      Oh, Angry Nancy arrived with the sixty-second nickname…

      • Terrible news

        you’re delusional and stupid as jj. What do you do, suck his balls FAG!

      • The_Dude

        You must be a devil with the ladies.

      • MEY

        He is so far away… :(

  • JK1193

    I laugh at all the criticism, because Orci and Kurtzman relaunched Hawaii Five-0 for CBS, and y’all don’t complain about that. SMH

    • shaun

      Hawaii 5-0 remake by both hack writers, terrible series. Also both of jj’s star trek remakes, beyond terrible, waste of film and time watching those shitty movies.

      • MEY

        The sixty-third nickname…

      • shaun

        You must be a troll, get the fuck out of here! I believe the anti-semites are on another site, you should go there.


    orci/kurtzman are a mixed bag no doubt but i like the new star trek films and i think they can do good tv action drama (see: alias, fringe)

  • Cedhollywood

    We will see. But I doubt it.

  • TruthBeTold

    This site would be so much better without Matt Goldberg giving his opinion.

  • Redjester

    Even bad Star Trek is better than no Star Trek!

    Star Trek on TV should be like Dr. Who. It’s not always great, hell it’s sometimes downright awful, but good or bad it’s always on.

    And assuming that really was Bob Orci who commented below, you guys really need to learn to show some class.

    Regarding his films:Sure his films aren’t quite as brainy as ST had been in some incarnations past, but that critique aside, it’s still some pretty decent Sci-Fi in its own right and I for one am really excited that in the next film they’ll actually be exploring the universe and unknown world’s and what not as that’s what the series should have been doing all along.

    End of rant.

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  • Chris

    Remember when Star Trek fans held themselves to the ideals that the show’s universe laid out for them?

    Look at the comments here. Totally unacceptable behavior.

  • Trey Johnson

    I for one would love to see Star Trek back on TV but I concur I don’t think the current team are the right people to do so. I would love to see a new series maybe 20-25 years after the Next Generation, with a whole new crew. How about Riker & Troi had a son and he’s a junior officer on board the brand new Enterprise. Riker would now be an Admiral. Characters from the Next Generation could make cameos. Just an idea, have to make it fresh & appeal to younger fans.

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  • boborci

    I can confirm that a new Trek series is in the works. Don’t expect an official announcement until after the holidays at the earliest. ~Bob

    • Nate Brauer-Rieke

      Hire me as a writer.

    • Nate Brauer-Rieke

      I always liked how Star Trek had such a hopeful message of the future.

  • Stefan

    Star Trek gives people hope for the future, and where humanity should progress to…

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  • dalton

    I wish someone would tell CBS to get with it or give it up! To sit on a copyright and do nothing should be a crime.

  • bahhumtrek

    Alternate timelines, changing the future and the past… Stop this crap. Star trek was fine before all the stupid timeline changes.

  • bahhumtrek

    Alternate timelines, changing the future and the past… Stop this crap. Star trek was fine before all the stupid timeline changes.

  • 48GOAT

    I just hope any new Trek isn’t about territorial politics, like Deep Space 9. I dont care what anyone says; Voyager had more of going ‘where no one has gone before’, and that appealed far more to me than Picard’s ‘Errand Boy’ missions or DS9′s Wormhole Guardians. Voyager’s missions were like, ‘We’re here temporarily, and then we’re gone and never coming back.’ and that’s just how I like my Trek.

    • nondimwit

      That’s because you don’t have the patience for involved story lines and why we have such crappy shows on TV. No one wants to think any more. It’s sad, really.

  • Joe

    IMHO, if a new Start Trek series is going to happen I think it would be great to take the Borg prequel books that lead into the destiny books, which show the birth of the Borg and their ultimate invasion of the Federation, and the on to the Typhon Pact series, which shows how the Federation is struggling to recover from the Borg Invasion while trying to avoid a new war in its weakened state. The whole TV series could be called Star Trek: Destiny.

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