Details and Box Art for STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Season 1 Blu-ray Release on July 24

     April 30, 2012

star trek the next generation blu ray

The seminal first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming to Blu-ray on July 24.  Although there will be no new special effects, the trailer shows the vast difference between what was previously available and the cleaned-up Blu-ray image.  The full details including special features were revealed today in a press release.  There discs are loaded with promos, featurettes, archival footage, interviews, and a gag reel.  (I’ll bet Patrick Stewart and LeVar Burton were an absolute hoot on the set of the Starship Enterprise.) Hit the jump for the full rundown, plus box art for season one.

star trek the next generation blu ray cover

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (April 30, 2012) – The enduringly popular sci-fi favorite STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE FIRST SEASON makes its Blu-ray debut on July 24 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution. Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2012, the beloved series continues to enthrall fans with its exciting and socially relevant tales of space exploration in the 24th century.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE FIRST SEASON has been retransferred from original film elements to produce stunning high-definition images, including amazing visual effects that have been painstakingly recreated from the source material, creating before/after results that fans will love. The six-disc Blu-ray set also features 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and a wealth of exclusive bonus material, such as archival footage, a gag reel, and an inside look at taking The Next Generation to the next level of high-definition. Featuring numerous behind-the-scenes interviews, the new material also features Star Trek experts Mike and Denise Okuda, consultants throughout this ongoing project, who offer special insights into the countless man-hours dedicated to the upgrade of The Next Generation.

Featuring one of the most endearing ensemble casts in television history, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION took fans on the remarkable continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn), Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) and Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton).

The STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE FIRST SEASON Blu-ray set will be available in 1080p with English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English Stereo Surround, French Mono, Japanese Mono and German Mono (with the exception of “Encounter at Farpoint” which is in German Stereo). The discs also include English SDH, French, German, Castilian, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. The Blu-ray is not rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada. The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One

star-trek the next generation blu rayEpisodes

  • Encounter at Farpoint
  • The Naked Now
  • Code of Honor

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos
  • Energized! Taking The Next Generation to the Next Level (HD)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives: The Launch
  • Introduction to the Series (1987)
  • Promo #1
  • Promo #2
  • Promo #3
  • Season One Promo

Disc Two


  • The Last Outpost
  • Where No One Has Gone Before
  • Lonely Among Us
  • Justice
  • The Battle

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos

Disc Three


  • Hide and Q
  • Haven
  • The Big Goodbye
  • Datalore
  • Angel Onestar trek the next generation patrick stewart jean luc piccard

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos

Disc Four


  • 11001001
  • Too Short a Season
  • When the Bough Breaks
  • Home Soil
  • Coming of Age

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos

Disc Five


  • Heart of Glory
  • The Arsenal of Freedom
  • Symbiosis
  • Skin of Evil
  • We’ll Always Have Paris

star trek the next generation blu raySpecial Features

  • Episodic Promos

Disc Six


  • Conspiracy
  • The Neutral Zone

Special Features

  • Episodic Promos
  • Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD)
  • Part 1: Inception
  • Part 2: Launch
  • Part 3: The Continuing Mission
  • Gag Reel
  • Archival Mission Logs
  • The Beginning
  • Selected Crew Analysis
  • The Making of a Legend
  • Memorable Missions

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  • Phil Beta

    About time. I’m one of the minority who feels more comfortable with the new generation. Better Jean Luc Picard than Kirk for me.

  • aaronsullivan

    The preview disc was stunningly better than the SD versions. It is literally the best it has ever looked because it was EDITED with an old SD video format and the effects were often composited with old video formats if I understand correctly.

    This is transferred from the film negatives of the live action AND the effects. The result is that no one (even the editors and creators) ever saw it looking this good.

    I don’t know if I’ll go back though all these and buy them, but I’m glad in the future when I want to watch a few episodes here and there that this fantastic HD version will be the source.

    • Karen

      Are the episodes in 4:3? A stupid question, perhaps, but I know nothing about making television and was wondering if maybe the original footage would make 16:9 possible.

      • Frank169

        The episodes are in 4:3. The series was shot on 4:3 camera negatives but the actual images they took are a little smaller. There are tolerance areas on the original camera negatives that could make a widescreen extraction possible but this would a) be limited to 15:9 (aspect ratio 1.66:1) and b) require every HDTV to stop performing overscan cropping at the top and bottom.

        If your HDTV does overscan, you’ll get a 4:3 picture that is a little wider than usual.

  • ScaredForMovies

    Jean Luc Picard was by far the superior Captain. Ever had your ass kicked by a bald man?

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