STAR TREK Sequel Sets June 29, 2012 Release Date

     January 8, 2010

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According to Box Office Mojo, the sequel to 2009′s Star Trek just found itself some nice, official real estate on the calendar.  The currently untitled Star Trek sequel is looking to hit theaters on June 29, 2012.  Not much is known about the film so far, although writers Damon Lindelof, Robert Orci, and Alex Kurtzman as well as J.J. Abrams have hinted at storylines they are considering.  Still, many questions remain: Will Abrams return to the director’s chair?  Is there any room for a Shatner cameo?  Will Chris Pine at some point look up into the sky and shout “Khaaaaaaaaaan!”?

Last summer’s reboot reignited interest in the Star Trek franchise in a major way, so hopefully the sequel can live up to the immense hype it will surely gather by June 2012.

Update - Steve here.  I spoke to Star Trek producer Bryan Burk and he confirmed the June 29, 2012 release date.  While it’ll be a long wait, having two plus years to make the movie should ensure a quality film.  Personally, I’d rather wait longer for a great film than get something rushed.

  • thegoodguylives

    Very exciting. Thanks for the info.

  • Genitals

    Hurry up and make it! I want Klingon's damn it

    • Dmitry Boyko


    • xJohnDoe001x

      WTF a wrong with you? Many people like it but NOO! When you don’t like something you want everybody else to hate it and for it to end. Sad little pin point, love and let live. I am taking my own advice, I didn’t want anyone to like the the Green Horne, I thought it sacrilegious for Seth Rogen to play him as he was really cool, not the bungling dult Rogen played to be but many liked it and so I, reluctantly, submit to the enjoyment of others as long as it doesn’t kill whales. Brain cells of people over fourty who knew that the Green Hornet was really cool and not a bumbling idiot.

  • Jac

    My God please no. Did they not slaughter the franchise enough already? Must they rub salt into the festering would which was the last Star Trek movie?

    Someone please put a bullet in this horses head and let it rest.

  • Alan8

    I've been a Star Trek fan for over 40 years. I can't wait for the new movie.

    I think it's high time for a new Star Trek series! I'm getting tired of watching reruns. It seems like each series starts to get good around the 3rd season. It's a shame they canceled Enterprise after the 3rd season, just when it was getting good: The characters were developed and the dialog flowed. The plots were getting imaginative. Then they canceled it!

    The new series could start after Pickard is promoted to admiral. Harry Kim, back from Voyager, has had several promotions, and is the new captain of Enterprise. The possibilities are endless.

    • Dmitry Boyko

      Yeah! It should be so, buddy!

  • giddi

    please don't. the first film was so horrible and anti trek that I'm still recovering. ugly disgusting and stupid, that's the new abrams trek.

  • tbone

    The JJ Abrams Star Trek was bullshit! Kirk was just an idiot while Spock was the genius that kept it all together.These are nothing but dumb ass, pretty people casted, high octane special effect money makers.

  • Pat

    I was prepared to hate the new Trek and was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it, but if they're going to alter the series history and timeline the way they did, it's important to move on with big new ideas… if they try to Khan, I'm OUT. Star Trek II is still my favorite of all the movies, and it needs to be left well enough alone. But no original series Trek would be complete without Klingons, so let's do something new and exciting with them! Perhaps now the Federation has to turn to THEM for help, given the catastrophe that stuck Vulcan. That could be cool.

  • jds83210

    If they are going to do it, they better quit taking artistic license. Klingons should look like Klingons, Rolulans should not look like a scruffy guy with a tatoo on his face.

  • Boo, Boo Bear.

    Please keep j.j.`The movie murderer`Abrams, out of the picture in this one. Sharp, spikey things and silent brooding aliens may have fooled many a treky fan, but it didn`t fool me. `Lost` is no credentials for this franchise, except for a story and film that is, er `lost!`

  • danamiller

    I agree with Steve, I'd rather wait longer for a quality film. Obviously, with renewed interest, they simply don't have the luxury of following the older franchise's pattern of every other film being good. Also, it will give them time to figure out how to fix the problems in the last film to get back on track. I hate the fact that in a prequel, they basically destroyed EVERYTHING that happened in the original series and everything that followed!

  • danamiller

    Actually Alan, they cancelled Enterprise after the 4th season, not the 3rd. But you are absolutely correct, they cancelled it just when it was starting to deliver on what a prequel is supposed to do, fill in missing pieces of history. I loved learning about the transporter and discovering the Vulcans weren't as perfect as they were always supposed to be!

  • blue

    the fact is that hollywood needed to tap into a new audience besides die core fan base star trek has. If they kept the formula the same they would not have recieved good numbers like they did with this film. Like it or not this director understood what was needed to make it a blockbuster and that he did. Lets hope the sequel is as good or better than this one.

  • blue

    the fact is that hollywood needed to tap into a new audience besides die core fan base star trek has. If they kept the formula the same they would not have recieved good numbers like they did with this film. Like it or not this director understood what was needed to make it a blockbuster and that he did. Lets hope the sequel is as good or better than this one.

  • Rhyan

    Those “hard core” fans made Trek what it is and kept it alive for over 40 years, thanks very much. It was the greedy studio heads flooding the market with far too much Trek product in the 1990s that crippled the franchise. Not the core fans. Nothing needed to be changed. I think what the studio will discover is that the new special effects fans won't be nearly as loyal as those fans they've crapped on with the blasphemy that is Abrams Trek

  • JaKeith1

    Yesssssssssssss, “Bring It On”…..

  • Davidjradich

    The 2009 film sucked! Here is what they should do. Fire Abrams and hire good writers and a good director. Redesign the whole ship so it doesn’t look lame. Especially the bridge and engineering. Hint, don’t film it in the Budweiser brewery! The story should start with the end of the last movie, except this time have the Enterprise and everyone else get killed. Then have Kirk wake up and realize it was all just a bad dream. He calls Bones into his cabin and tells him what a messed up nightmare he had. Then with all that done, have Kirk firmly in command of a less lame ship, where he actually EARNED command through time in service and merit. Then go forth in the spirit and tone set forth by Gene Rodenberry. Write the script with good character development and for people with an intellect.

    • Sam Brown

      what i think they should do is make a new series with a new Excelsior class star ship with the power of the Sovereign class star ship (that means weapons, warp drive, shields, the hold works) but the ability to separate the saucer from the drive like the galaxy star ship.

  • Steve

    Actually Enterprise lasted 5 seasons. They should have Archer make an appearance in the next movie

    • Greengal1996

      Actually Steve, Enterprise only lasted four seasons. Seeing Archer would be awesome…. killing Trip was the worst mistake they could have made!

  • frieslandboppe

    i liked voyager alot watching it a second time maybe some episodes where the first 4 seasons a bit boring but i think its better as enterprise which only did have 3 seasons :(