Install STAR TREK Sliding Doors in Your Home

     December 7, 2010


It’s definitely not our usual story, but this is just too cool to pass up. Want to prep your home for the next generation with style? A step-by-step guide to installing air powered sliding doors, as seen on Star Trek, has surfaced over at Instructables. The doors are normal in appearance (presumably to appease the designers wife), and maintenance free. They function using a hidden air compressor, a nifty concealed control panel, and a switch to activate the air. Hit the jump for a video of the futuristic doors in operation.

We’ve no doubt Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would be proud, and maybe they should install these in Leonard Nimoy’s retirement home when he gets there – make him feel a little more at home. But it’s not quite the real deal, most noticeably it’s lacking some form of proximity sensor that could automate the doors. That said, with a little creative thinking, some programming skills and an Xbox Kinect, maybe even that isn’t in the too distant future?

Alternatively voice recognition would be a nice addition, then we could start acting out one of our favourite scenes from Airplane 2: The Sequel



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  • InfiniteMonkey

    Cool! I want one of those. Do they come in Red? LOL!

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Cool! I want one of those. Do they come in Red? LOL!

  • 198d

    I know what I want for Christmas.

  • Guest

    It’s not possible to get Star Trek doors with current tech. Those doors were special – they didn’t just open when you approached, they only opened when you *intended* to pass through them. Just passing by – no open, just happen to catch up with someone in front of the door – it’ll wait till you’ve finished chatting before opening, it’ll even detect if someone is going to catch you just before you reach the door and not open until the interruption has passed. That’s why Trek is the special future. ;)

  • nNark

    Ok, so what was the point of showing this? Another “cool toy” with no follow-up… like, maybe a link to this guy’s company or information on how to do it? Stop wasting our time with stuff that we can only know about!