Weekend Box Office: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Leads the Box Office, IRON MAN 3 and THE GREAT GATSBY Continue with Strong Showings

     May 19, 2013


It’s no surprise that this week’s new entry, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, took the top spot.  With the exception of the bumped-off Oz the Great and Powerful, the rest of the top ten features the same contenders from last week.  Iron Man 3 continues its strong performance, followed by Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby.  Michael Bay’s modestly-budgeted Pain and Gain takes the fourth spot and DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods makes a bit of a jump as the most family-friendly of films on the roster.

Title Weekend Total
1. Star Trek Into Darkness $70,555,500 $84.1
2. Iron Man 3 $35,182,000 $337.1
3. The Great Gatsby $23,415,000 $90.2
4. Pain and Gain $3,100,000 $46.6
5. The Croods $2,750,000 $176.8
6. 42 $2,730,000 $88.7
7. Oblivion $2,222,000 $85.5
8. Mud $2,160,000 $11.6
9. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples $2,150,000 $7.9
10. The Big Wedding $1,100,000 $20.2


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star-trek-into-darkness-karl-urban-benedict-cumberbatchThough it took the top spot, Star Trek Into Darkness came up short of the expected $80 million weekend and $100 million total.  Audience polling shows that the under-25 portion was underrepresented at 27% of theatergoers.  Attendees were also skewed towards men with a 64/36 split.  Domestically, Star Trek Into Darkness just barely outperformed the opening week of the 2009 original, despite an extra day with 3D and IMAX ticket price boosters.  Internationally, however, the sequel was an 80% box office improvement over the reboot.  Time will tell if Star Trek Into Darkness can match the quarter-of-a-billion dollars the first installment brought in.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Iron Man 3 crossed the $300 million mark domestically this week and $1 billion worldwide, making it the ninth biggest box office of all time.  It marks Marvel Studios’ second film and the sixth Walt Disney Studios release to reach $1 billion globally, while being the ninth Disney release to reach $300 million domestically.

The Great Gatsby picked up a few theaters in its second week, though its box office total dropped by half (as did Iron Man 3′s take from its second to third week).  Pain and Gain is a bona fide success for Paramount, taking in nearly double its estimated budget.  The Croods makes a jump in its ninth week of release, helped by being the sole film aimed at families and youths.

The bottom five is an odd mixture of the Jackie Robinson biopic, 42; the Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi flick, Oblivion; Roadside Attraction’s Mud with Matthew McConaughey and two Lionsgate films: Tyler Perry Presents Peeples and The Big Wedding.

The other notable new release this week was Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha, starring Greta Gerwig.  Though it only opened in four theaters, it pulled in an average of $33,500 which was nearly twice what Star Trek Into Darkness managed.


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  • Disney Executive

    Disney Executive: “We spent four billion dollars on Star Wars so we wanted a sure-fire Director who hits massive, staggering home runs whenever he touches a franchise. People love JJ “Lens Flares” Abram. Let’s look at the numbers for this weekend. It’s bound to be off the hook. 100 million plus easily. Maybe even 150. It’s going to easily beat Trek 2009, what with 3d tickets and Imax factored in. Let’s just see here…oh…oh my God.”

    • matt420


    • goldbergisafgt

      um, star trek was better than iron man 3. reviews and movie goers suggest the same. idiots like you sat home and jerked off as opposed to watching star trek. stfu fgt.

    • x-men

      agreed, jj is a shit head and typical jew, a money grubbing shit! star trek has been dead with his remakes and now star wars is dead with jj, shithead jj.

      • Samuel

        Get jealous much, troll? Pretty much everything the guy touches turns to gold. Thats why he got star wars, cause he hits it out of the park. Star Trek dead you say? $258 million in box office doesnt seem so dead to me or any one who can think or read or do the things you cant. Money grubbing? So it is wrong for him to want to entertain his fans and make something for it. You are everything thats wrong with fans these days. You think you are owed something. I bet you just steal everything you watch anyway – so who cares about your opinion, you idiotic racist nothing. xx

      • shadypotential

        JJ isn’t a jew! why do people keep saying that? Damon comfirmed he isn’t

    • pinkincide

      But I do want to know if it’s as badly infested with lens flares. That shit ruined the first movie for me.

      • Still a fan

        I was worried too, considering the 3D, they are there, but not NEARLY as prevalent as the first movie. just when you think you’re going to get hit with them, there either aren’t any at all, or you don’t even notice them

    • Bad Robot Executive

      It is incredible that Iron Man is doing better than Star Trek, when ST is a much much much better film. Lets just hope the boxoffice comes back into alignment or it proves that the world has gone mad.

      And since when is $85 million in a single weekend any sort of failure in an industry in the world? What is wrong with you people?

  • davey

    Who the fuck is still spending their hard earned going to see The Croods? Horrible, horrible pile of crap.

    • cynthia

      who the hell is spending their cash on remake star trek shit by the abysmal jj abrahms, everything he does is dreck, soon star wars is dead with him.

    • ScaredForMovies

      Kids. They’ll watch anything. Not much else for them to go to right now.

  • chris gault

    After seeing this movie on Friday I believe Star Wars is in very good hands … Even after 36 years the world is still in love with Star Wars and it will be nice to see it back on the big screen. They are moving forward where they left off with the characters we like. Star Wars VII will be a money press regardless of collider comment trolls like yourselves. None of you have the skill or knowhow to make movies so your (and my) opinions aren’t relevant to the success of any motion picture.

    • kvanar

      “…so your (and my) opinions aren’t relevant to the success of any motion picture.”

      Yet you share it so freely as if it (your opinion) matters.

      • chris gault

        yeah … humans are funny that way ;)

      • Samuel

        Right you are. Good opinions are just as valid as bad ones. Sad that people are so negative (and in the case of onr of the above, racist).

    • mbmarquis69

      “None of you have the skill or knowhow to make movies”

      Interesting logic. So if you order a meal in a restaurant that you didn’t like, you have to be able to cook that very same meal in order to qualify an opinion of it?

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