Jon Favreau and David Fincher Latest to Join List of Possible STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Directors

     November 30, 2012


And the director speculation for Star Wars: Episode VII marches on.  If you thought actor Jason Fleymng’s recent bean-spilling statement regarding Matthew Vaughn as the director of the new Star Wars film would put an end to the rumors and murmurs, think again.  We’ve seen a number of names pop up as being in contention for the task of helming the upcoming untitled Return of the Jedi sequel, and it seems like we’ve seen just as many filmmakers come out and publicly turn the job down.  One such name that has previously spoken publicly about the new trilogy is Jon Favreau, and it appears that he and David Fincher are the latest filmmakers to be added to the growing “contender” list.  Hit the jump for more. 

jon-favreau-star-wars-7Just recently, actor Jason Flemyng seemingly confirmed that close collaborator Matthew Vaughn is in negotiations to direct Star Wars 7.  Buried in blog post on Deadline about people getting into hot water over comments that are published on the interwebs, Mike Fleming threw two more names into the hat in addition to Vaughn:

“As much as I’ve heard the Vaughn rumor, I’ve also heard Jon Favreau is panting after this job, and even that David Fincher, who apparently worked for Lucas’s ILM in a menial job as a teen, might be game for one of these new films.  Unfortunately, we are getting nothing out of Lucas Land on what they call speculation. I broke a story recently that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg will write future Star Wars installments, most likely the second and third installments of the new trilogy, I’d heard. Lucas, through Disney, denied every speck of this, but I ran it anyway. They won’t comment or clarify these things because they want to announce it themselves on their own Twitter or website or whatever they’ve got.”

david-fincher-star-wars-7Favreau’s name has bandied about as a Star Wars 7 contender for a while, and it makes sense that he’d be gunning for the job.  It’s no secret that the Iron Man director is a huge Star Wars fan (read his thoughts on the new trilogy here), and shortly after the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII was made, he changed his Twitter avatar to a picture of R2D2.  He has subsequently made a few not-so-subtle Star Wars mentions on Twitter, and his next directorial project—an adaptation of the musical Jersey Boys—was recently put into turnaround.

As for Fincher, he actually has a history with the franchise.  In his early days, the Fight Club director worked at Industrial Light & Magic and contributed to the effects for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.  He also has a pre-existing relationship with new LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy, as she produced 2008’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  In face, in a recent video interview Kennedy said that they were looking at people they have worked with before for the Episode VII job.  Fincher has yet to choose his next directorial project, but he’s working with Disney on a greenlight to his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake at the moment and he’s courting Brad Pitt to star.  Both Favreau and Fincher seem like plausible candidates for the gig, so I have no trouble believing that they’re on Kennedy’s radar.

As Fleming noted, Disney and LucasFilm aren’t saying a word, so it appears that all this speculation will have to continue until the studios actually make the announcement regarding who’s directing Episode 7.  What we do know is that Michael Arndt is currently busy writing the screenplay based on treatments and notes from George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have signed on to write either Episode VIII and IX or spinoff films that will involve characters from the upcoming sequel.  Hopefully the official announcement is made soon, then we can move on to the sure-to-be-endless casting rumors.


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  • Thomas K.

    If Favreau gets this over Fincher and Vaughn.
    I will cry. And cry. And cry some more.
    No Offense.
    As Christian Bale said, “You’re a Nice Guy, But I’m done with you professionally.”

  • bubba

    I’ve long thought Fincher would be a fantastic director for a SW movie. Hope it happens!

    • gritty mc gritterson

      How about this: Favereu does 7. Fun, airy and entertaining like the first SW. Fincher steps in on 8 and gets to handle the darker stuff- The Empire Strikes back territory, followed by Mathew Vaughn for 9 to close out with a rich punchy complex closer.

      • Angmal

        Sounds good to me!

  • TheHOYT

    I still find it odd that Fincher’s name keeps coming up. He just seems to edgy for Star Wars. Then again, there wasn’t anything in Kershner’s filmography that would lead me to believe that he’d direct the greatest Star Wars movie to-date.

    Favreau just seems the better fit between the two.

  • Vinícius

    I would be okay with either Vaughn or Fincher for the gig. Favreau seems too much of a hit-and-miss director. Sure, he made Iron Man, but he also made Iron Man 2, Cowboys and Aliens and Zathura.

    • gravyboat

      Have you even seen Zathura? I know it’s kind of a kid’s movie but it actually is pretty damn good.

      • Josh

        Have you seen Iron man 2 and Cowboys and Aliens? Those were pretty damn bad.

      • Willis

        Josh, what the hell are you talking about. Iron Man 2 and Cowboys & Aliens are BOTH pretty damn good movies.

        Iron Man 2 was majorly praised by critics and was a box office smash, and fans liked it enough to feel bad because Jon Favreau wasn’t back to direct the third movie….And as for Cowboys & Aliens, go see the Extended Edition. It includes character-interaction (especially a moment which forshadows a later moment in the movie) which also helps you understand what kind of people these characters are. If the Extended Edition was released in theaters, it probably would’ve received generally favorable reviews.

  • Jack


  • Reggie

    As much as I want it to I don’t see this movie coming out in 2015 not unless it’s a holiday release.

    • Reggie

      I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed though.

  • GHolt

    DAVID FINCHER. Sign him up!!!

  • GHolt

    the choise is clear. FINCHER, Baby!!!

  • Bob

    People can go back and find my past post… top choices for Director were Brad Bird, Duncan Jones….and David Fincher! I really think he would do such a great job. He really is one of the Best Directors in the buisness today and I would be so happy if he did this. Come on already and just get Fincher!

    • Tarek

      Seriously Bob. Who will bother to look at your older posts. It’s not like you were an iconic director giving his thoughts about this matter.

  • Strong Enough

    looking forward to Luke Skywalker wanting to know “what’s in the box”

    • DG


  • ScaredForMovies

    Fincher please.

  • will

    Fincher is one of the best directors working today, maybe the best, so I’d have faith that he would deliver a well-made Star Wars film. That said, I can’t imagine him wanting to take over a franchise. Especially after working on Alien 3 almost made him quit before he started.

  • SeanPhilly

    My Wish List:
    1. Fincher
    2. NOT Favreau and NOT Vaughn.

  • potterboy


  • Twojawas

    Fincher would be an amazing choice and would give these much needed credibility.

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  • Old Soldier

    All that comes to mind is ALIEN 3.
    ”Whaaaaaa….but it’s Fincher!”

  • sense 11

    Please get Fincher to do it

  • Bob

    I knew someone was going to mention Alien 3…..look at what Fincher has done since then…..along with 3 classics/masterpieces to his name(Fight Club, Seven, The Social Network) as well as great movies like Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I more than trust him with this project. He’ll atract great actors to join, fill themovie with tension and humor like TSN and FC etc im not worried at all if he’s director. I would have been happy with Vaghn….but now Finchers name is in the disscussion? Sorry Vaghn but Fincher all the way.

    • Steve

      Please ignore anyone who brings up Alien 3. They are just trolling.

      I would love to hear that Fincher was tapped to direct Episode VII. I don’t think it would mean a dark and gritty Star Wars but it sure as hell would mean Disney was serious about making a film that ADULTS would love and embrace.

  • Evan

    Fincher has an amazing eye for detail. Image space sequences directed by Fincher.

  • S

    Fincher is not a fit for SW, and yes, Alien 3 was a franchise ruining piece of garbage. I like his later films, but none of them prove he could handle the type of character interaction or adventure of a SW film. He’s a good director for the most part, but not for this type of film. I mean, you don’t really imagine Disney is trying to make a dark, edgy, depressing SW flick do you? They need someone more well rounded. Vaughn has that, but I’d think they can do better. Clearly they would have tapped Peter Jackson if he were not working on the Hobbit. Gore Verbinsky comes to mind as a guy who can handle a huge scale effects film with fun character interaction. There’s also the Tron Legacy guy, Kazinski. The script for that film needed a little work, but the look and feel, and the character moments were there. I mean, I like Fincher, Tarentino, and Guy Richie, but not for SW.

  • Tarek

    For a mature star wars, I would suggest Sir Ridley Scott.

    • Bobert

      Pffftttt… Sir Ridley hasnt directed anything “mature” since….

  • Jamesy

    Danny Boyle? Or am I tripping like a fool

    • Bobert

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • TC

    Fincher aint going to do it….. end of
    Neil Blomkam
    Wally fister
    G del Toro
    Spielberg? why the fuck not! vs Avatar 2 LOL

    Star Wars needs the

  • PhillB

    Even though I’m no big fan of Fincher, he’s the best fit man to bring a new movie that rivals Empire Strikes Back. Get him while they can.

  • Jamesy

    Ok ok, if they can’t find a director then I’ll direct it…using my camera phone, instagram that shit up. Look super fly, and I’ll do this all for the up front fee of 6kg of bubbles and a nice Rosé wine. Done deal.

  • James Cameron recommendation

    James Cameron anyone? There should be a visionary involved with the starchise.

    • Bobert

      No! No! No!

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  • daniel

    Kenneth Branagh should direct