STAR WARS: EPISODE VII May Begin Filming May 14th in Morocco

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With so little by way of big news re: Star Wars, fans are eager for every sliver of information that can be gleaned about the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel Episode VII.  Such a news nugget may have slipped out today, as a new report claims that filming on the follow-up will begin in earnest on May 14th in Morocco.  This isn’t too surprising, as Disney has already confirmed that production on Episode VII will get underway in May, but the location is quite curious since George Lucas used Morocco to shoot some Tatooine scenes for the original Star Wars films—and those sets still stand today.  Hit the jump for more.

j-j-abrams-star-wars-7Sources tell Badass Digest that filming on Star Wars: Episode VII will begin on May 14th with two weeks of location work in Morocco.  The report points out that, last we heard, Lucas’ original Star Wars sets were still standing in a state of dilapidation in Morocco, and goes on to theorize that Abrams may possibly be using the natural weatherization of the Tatooine sets to his advantage by capturing a more worn-down planet.  Episode VII does take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi, after all.  It’s all conjecture at this point, but not out of the realm of possibility.

If Abrams is indeed shooting scenes for Tatooine, expect the production to move over to Tunisia as well, which is where the bulk of the Tatooine scenes were shot for Lucas’ films.  We also recently heard that Iceland is a likely filming location, signaling a possible return to Hoth.  Again, nothing is confirmed, but it makes sense.

Abrams will be using London as his base of operations for Episode VII, as that is where the stage work for the film will be shot.  The filmmaker has shown a knack for blending location shooting with VFX in the past (the drilling platform fight in Star Trek was shot in a parking lot), so he’ll no doubt make great use of location shooting for Star Wars.

If May 14th is indeed the official production start-date for Episode VII, we should hopefully, maybe, possibly get an official cast announcement in the next month.  In any event, Star Wars: Episode VII opens in theaters on December 18, 2015.


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  • TheMattedScreen

    Iceland IS NOT Greenland… Hoth looks nothing like Iceland save for a couple scattered glaciers.

    • Person

      Yeah I don’t understand why they persist in thinking Iceland will be Hoth — they’re NOTHING ALIKE, especially during the time of year this is gonna most likely be shot.

  • Renovatio430

    Wasn’t all the Hoth scenes shot in Norway??

    • The Destroyer

      Yep, it snowed around 18ft, and they couldn’t get the film crew outside, so Irvin Kershner and the film crew staid inside the hotel, and they shot from the doorway with Mark Hamill running around in the snow.

  • Devin Reed

    …Morocco was never used as a filming location for the films.


    I knew when they chose JJ that he was going to exaggerate all the secrecy.

  • Ulysses

    I hate to be the poop in the punch bowl but I”ve been a huge huge Star Wars fan since 1977 when I was 2 yrs old and find it impossible to be excited about this anymore. Am I the only one that thinks even if the movie is good who really cares? It sucks too because I was so excited for the first 6 months after the announcement. Anyway just thought I’d chime in, may the force of others be with you…

    • Nipsy Russell

      I hope you reconsider Ulysses. Do forget that the writers responsible for the prequels are not only no longer involved, but were replaced with the writer of Empire Strikes Back – and Michael Arndt – the man behind some of Pixar’s best work. And that J.J. is recruiting unknown talent and emphasizing location and live action work in lieu of green screen/CGI is nothing to complain about either.

      • Strong Enough

        Michael Arndt was replaced. he no longer has story credit

      • Nipsy Russell

        Everyone knows this. Does this lead you to think he had zero input on the story of Episode 7? Because it shouldn’t.

      • Strong Enough

        Yes it does lead me to this. JJ threw out his story and started from scratched hence the push back and re writers. If Michael had input on the new story he would have a STORY CREDIT. but he doesn’t

      • Nipsy Russell

        Because everyone who helps with the story gets credit. You’re right. None of his ideas will be included.

      • Strong Enough

        WGA would have fought for his credit but alas he has no input on the new story. unless the official credits come out and they put him on there but we already had a press release from the studio so i doubt it

      • Nipsy Russell

        Yes – and you’re the queen of the Collider web forum. Sleep well, sweet princess.

      • Strong Enough

        don’t be mad i schooled your ass bwawawa

      • Nipsy Russell

        Because everyone who helps with the story gets credit. You’re right. None of his ideas will be included.

  • tarek

    Tatooine was filmed in Matmâta ( Lars homestead), Djerba (Mos Eisley), and Tozeur (Mos Eisley).in Tunisia.

    They are confusing Tataouine in Tunisia with Tetouan in Morocco

  • Strong Enough


  • eternalozzie

    This news doesn’t mean anything … JJ isn’t going to shoot anything in specific places to be nostalgic … this is people wildly speculating because there is no real news here.

  • rivertreeradar

    the title of the this article should be star wars may begin filming.

  • alk

    you’re gettin your moroccos and tunisias mixed up again…

  • hockablah

    fun fact: May 14th is also George Lucas’ birthday. why do i know that? because it’s mine too.

    • DEADP00L

      Well that is unfortunate.

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  • AdeoAdversary

    I don’t know why everybody keeps speculating on the locations, the films will obviously be largely filmed against a green screen so JJ can make the background and environment whatever he wants and as alien looking as he wants–just like the master of cinema george lucas did with the prequels.

  • DEADP00L

    They filmed in Libya not Morrocco and the skywalker set is still there. This SUCKS.

    • tarek

      And Lybia is in … Tunisia. Right ?
      Where’s my map!

      • DEADP00L

        I think it was Tunisia actually I am going on PURE memory right now and yeah Tunisia hits harder than Libya. Why can’t I get the word Tripoli out of my head?

      • tarek


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  • Joseph M

    If they shoot in May, does that mean the cast has been arranged? I might have missed the announcement as I gave up on all the bullshit. They have a cast, right?

    • mbmarquis69

      Yep. Don’t expect to hear who though. Not even during filming. The film makers and the studio seem to have decided that complete radio silence is the best approach for this movie.

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