George Lucas Clarifies Consultant Role on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; Says He “Doesn’t Really Have Much to Do”

     December 3, 2012

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When it was first announced that Disney was purchasing LucasFilm and a new batch of Star Wars films were being produced, one of the first questions on everyone’s mind was “how is George Lucas going to ruin these movies too?”  A large amount of uneasiness was put to rest when Lucas made clear that he was essentially handing the keys of the franchise over to new LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy and he’d only be involved with the new films in a “consultant” role.

We know that the upcoming trilogy is based on story treatments and characters that Lucas himself drummed up, but many wondered just how involved Lucas would be with episodes VII, VIII, and IX as a so-called consultant.  Would he be looking over the shoulder of the new director every day of production?  Is he expecting the new screenwriters to strictly follow his own story beats and characters?  Now Lucas himself has come forward to clarify just how involved he’ll be, and it’s fairly encouraging stuff.  Hit the jump for more, including Lucas’ thoughts on the possibility of Steven Spielberg directing one of the new films. 

george-lucas-star-wars-imageSpeaking with Access Hollywood, Lucas explained what his involvement with the new Star Wars films will be:

“[If the filmmakers ask],‘Who’s this guy?’ I can tell them. I mean, they have a hundred encyclopedias and things, but I actually know a lot. I can say, ‘This is this and this is that.’ Basically I’m not — I don’t really have much to do.”

So according to Lucas, his role on the new Star Wars will be “Living Character Guide.”  Michael Arndt is busy writing the screenplay for Episode VII, and I sincerely hope he’s being given the creative freedom to stray from Lucas’ treatments when he sees fit.  In the series of video discussions between Lucas and Kennedy that have been released since that first announcement, Lucas really does seem to be okay with letting the series go.  Though fans have been burned by Lucas plenty of times before, I think the franchise is in safe hands with Kennedy leading the charge.

george-lucas-star-warsThe producer also took a moment to address those rumors that Lucas’ buddy Steven Spielberg was being considered to take the helm of the new Star Wars film.  Spielberg himself has already flat-out denied having any interest in directing the pic, and Lucas reiterates that point:

“I’m pretty sure he’d never want to do that!” he laughed. “I don’t think he’d want to.”

As for who will be directing Episode VII, the rumor mill kicked up again late last week by adding that David Fincher and Jon Favreau are also a part of the conversation.  With the film expected to hit theaters in 2015, I imagine we’ll hear solid word on the director front fairly soon.


  • Caleb the Awesome

    Star Wars fans everywhere just made this sound:


  • tarek

    I have to add more:


  • tarek

    Vader! Rise!


  • Rob G

    Yeah, I hate this stupid method of reporting anything Star Wars these days…hmm, lets start out by talking AGAIN about how everyone supposedly sits around and asks themselves how Lucas might “ruin” the next trilogy, then lets constantly reference this as we continue to write the article. YAWN!! I’m sick of the never ending disrespect given to Lucas, along with the veiled sarcasm found in almost every Star Wars related article, and the insinuations that his contributions to future Star Wars would be unwanted. Regardless of how you feel about the prequels, these types of comments are idiotic and unnecessary.

  • canonist

    As much as George the Tyrant King can ruin the films when his imagination is left to drift unopposed, I’m a hardnosed canonist. He has to be involved in some decisive way–to say this is this, or this is not this–or else these movies won’t so much be a continuation of the OT as they will be glorified Expanded Universe. And god knows! how many concepts are botched in the EU, by other writers. So I’m very glad he’s hanging on as a consultant. He’s the only one I’d trust with his MYTHOLOGY–if not character, script, direction, etc. etc.


    Taking the ‘consultant’ job is a way for George to stay on the payroll, that’s the only reason for it. He cut himself a nice deal.


    Taking the ‘consultant’ job is a way for George to stay on the payroll, that\’s the only reason for it. He cut himself a nice deal.

  • mr perfect

    Instant – George doesn’t need anymore money – seriously, the guys a billionaire. Even he has said so.

  • alk

    i still love Lucas. he created star wars, he doesn’t owe anything to fans. i love how fans have this huge pent up anger against him like he personally ruined all their lives.
    i hope this isn’t just a “front” for saying he’s still part of it, even when he’s not. on the positive side, it’ll give him more time to focus on his personal projects and experimenting that he’s always wanted to do.

    • Northern Star

      I second this; reason and common sense on the ‘net… who woulda thunk it!? George Lucas has given all of us many countless hours of entertainment value and pioneered groundbreaking technology that has made cinema better, he owes us nothing. Granted, he deserves legitimate criticism for not releasing remastered and anamorphic presentations of the OT’s theatrical versions, for constant needless tinkering with said OT when he should have got it right with the initial 1997 ‘special edition’ releases, and for not hiring outside screenwriters/editors to work on the entire prequel trilogy, but apart from those things – which are just my personal opinions – I’m cool with Mr Lucas, happy retirement George, you earned it…

  • Sasha

    As long as he doesn’t write the screenplays, that’s all that matters.

  • Lens Flares Suck

    George Lucas. Not much to do?
    Thank God.

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  • biclops

    please give him a job that keeps him as far from the script as possible….

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  • Tony from Brooklyn, NY

    Lucas was completely overrated. He got lucky with Star Wars. He didn’t direct Empire. Can you say Ewoks? I don’t even want mention the travesty of a trilogy that he created. Thank God he’s not involved in these last 3 movies.

    • MrNateathon

      Yes completely overrated… I mean seriously besides helping create, ILM, Pixar, THX, and Indiana Jones he hasn’t really done much at all

    • StarrzDon

      Its funny, that’s exactly what the Ewoks are supposed to be, warriors you don’t recognize. As little as those creatures are you would be dead wrong if you thought they was just gonna let you get away with too much. Yes, you underestimate these Ewoks too. Don’t base too much on appearances, Tony, Ewoks kick butt!

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  • Dr Beckett

    Yess! Now that Star Wars is somewhat off his plate, he can focus all his energies on the next Indiana Jones. C’mon George, you guys aren’t getting any younger :p

  • JIM


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  • concardia

    Lucas’s vision is essential for Star Wars. The background story he set that revolves around the characters is awesome.

  • concardia

    sorry error

  • StarrzDon

    This article says that George Lucas ruined Star Wars. George Lucas is pretty much the entire source for ALL of the movies, not just the ones you didn’t like and not just in his own mind. He has been behind most of the enhancements in special effects in movies, now, many times over. He easily could have stopped with just one double sunset but he brought us lightsabers and believable explosions in outer space, super intense sound effects, and all to an unbelievable full orchestral score. That he didn’t direct some of the Start Wars is a total plus. Even though these directors took advantage of many of Lucas’ filming techniques, their own artistic renditions of George Lucas’ fantasies kept these movies fresh and exciting. The City in the Clouds and the speeder bikes of Endor are just too fun and exciting to not let talented directors show off their own skill(s) with.
    But seriously some of George Lucas’ storylines are just too great to ever put him down as a writer, ever. Like that movie Raiders of the Lost Ark…An archaeologist who steals artifacts from elaborately booby-trapped tombs and gets his finds ripped off from him by another ‘evil’ archaeologist, in the 40′s, with plenty of gun-play and cloak and dagger and just a little bit of angry powers? Or Star Wars where Luke gets the chance to save a princess and destroy the Death Star within seconds of planetary destruction? Or that Darth Vader, Luke’s mortal enemy is really his father? Or Darth Vader dies a good guy??!?
    Sorry, Lucas…I guess its just a case of what have you done for me lately? and please let me get my hands on your ideas and let me have my own opinions about all the things that you made possible. I guess some of us have been waiting to boot you out of that Star Wars thing that you somehow, even now, seem to just keep being associated with, for a way too long time.

  • munchy22

    can everyone plse stop taking rubbish about George Lucas plse. he gave us not just star wars, Indiana jones movies but the great special effects you see in a awful lot of movies. I think 10-15 years of bullying a guy whos given so much to the film industry deserves some respect. Would be nice to start thanking him.

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