Rumor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Talks for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

     May 20, 2013


Now that Star Trek Into Darkness has finally been released in theaters, director J.J. Abrams is free to focus the majority of his time on that other beloved franchise that he’s reviving: Star Wars.  While plot details have been (and will be) kept under firm wraps for quite some time, we do know that Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) is hard at work on the screenplay, and he was even seen with Abrams in London at the Into Darkness premiere, so it’s clear that the two are knee-deep in development on Episode VII.

With production looking to get underway in London in early 2014, Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy are likely starting to think about casting.  A recent report has now surfaced that claims Abrams has already zeroed in on one actor for the film: Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Hit the jump for more.

jonathan-rhys-meyers-star-wars-7The folks over at Latino Review claim that The Tudors and Mission: Impossible III star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in talks to join Star Wars: Episode VII in an unspecified role.  While LR’s track record on Marvel scoops has been pretty solid in the past, lately the outlet has become a bit cocky on the scoop-front with varying degrees of success, so the Meyers casting should most certainly be treated as an unconfirmed rumor.  We don’t even know for sure if Abrams is in a position to start casting just yet, as it’s entirely possible that he and Arndt are still busy fine-tuning the film’s story; the director only just completed his duties on Trek. Moreover, with production not set to get underway until 2014, this does seem a bit early for negotiations to be starting with actors.

There have been plenty of mumurs that the actual star of Episode VII will be a female, so if Meyers is indeed being eyed for a role in the film, it’s likely not the protagonist.  It’s possible that Abrams and co. have started looking into various actors’ availabilities to start putting together their shortlists, but I’m still a bit dubious that they’ve zeroed in on anyone in particular just yet.  I would expect us to start hearing some firm casting news closer to the end of the summer or beginning of fall as we start closing in on that early 2014 production start-date.  Disney is eyeing a 2015 release date for Episode VII.

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  • Lance

    He will play Anakin’s clone!

  • Steven Ray Morris

    I was more interested when Chloë Grace Moretz was rumored to star in this…

    • Prathap Kutty

      god i hope its true! she would kick ass as a young padawan!!!

  • Dev1359

    I could picture him as Luke’s son.

    • schoolfigures

      Hello – Luke is a JEDI.

      • Dev1359


      • schoolfigures

        Jedis don’t have children/wives/etc…. Have you seen SW Eps 1-3?

      • Arthur Dent

        Did you see how that old dogma in part brought down the entire Jedi order? The Jedi of Ep I – III were wrong to reject emotion and attachment. Clearly Luke is highly attached to and loves his family and friends in the OT.

      • schoolfigures

        I agree with you. But they need to address that early on. Luke just having a son would be a big break from what we have learned about Jedi in canon films.

      • Arthur Dent

        It’s not a break at all. It fits in exactly with what Luke learned in ROTJ. Luke’s love for his father turned him back to the light side. Luke’s love for his sister and friends prevented him from going to the dark side. It’s already well established, IMO. The next logical step is Luke having a loving, monogamous relationship, and a couple of kids.

      • Dev1359
      • schoolfigures

        EU. They have already said they are not incorporating that into the films.

  • doctor_robot

    ben skywalker?

  • Farrell

    “this does seem a bit early for negotiations to be starting with actors.”

    Negotiations with Harrison, Carrie and Mark have been going on for quite some time though…don’t see any reason why casting wouldn’t also be active for the other roles.

  • Bob

    Cloe Grace Morerz as a Padawan is the only choice and the best choice.

    • Prathap Kutty

      your preaching to the choir brother!!

    • shadypotential


  • flindip

    “There have been plenty of murmurs that the actual star of episode 7 is female.”

    Not really, that all started because of Peter Scarelli from Slash film answering a rhetorical question on his twitter feed. Then all the rumor websites started to run with it.

    At least Latino review actually pulls down big scoops every one and a while.

    • Joe

      What about Collider? Isn’t its track-record awesome… cough, Matthew Vaughn is the Director of Star Wars VII

      • shadypotential

        no they said he was in the running. thats why he quit x-men but didn’t get the job

  • flindip

    Also, wouldn’t ya know it. Where did the Chloe Mortez rumor start? slash film.

    • Prathap Kutty

      i hope its true

  • Prathap Kutty

    i wish we can start a petition for chloe moretz to be cast in this movie. j.j are you listening to me??

    • Burning_Horizon

      I don’t think he can hear you …

      • Prathap Kutty

        Well that’s his loss…

    • thewriteguy

      I like Moretz (she could be a descendant of Luke), but I also think Hailee Steinfeld could be a good choice if they are going for a female Padawan lead. She looks like she could be descended from Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman. Hell, why not both if the screenplay is well-written enough for two prominent female teens?

      • Prathap Kutty

        I haven’t seen hailee in any action movies. Plus motets has training via kick ass plus she is tailor made for this role

      • Lex Walker

        She’s tailor-made for this role? So someone gave her parents the specs for “unspecified role in a future Star Wars film” some 15 years ago and her parents said, “Okay, we’ll make an actress who should fit that very vague role you just described”? Was she genetically engineered? How was she tailor-made for this role?

      • Prathap Kutty

        idiot i meant since shes good with fight sequences and plus shes really good actress.

  • W

    Rhys Meyers would be perfect starring as a female protagonist.

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  • Patricia

    “There have been plenty of murmurs that the actual star of Episode VII will be a female.”

    Not so. There was one rhetorical question asked by Peter Sciretta of slashfilm, who said “Who said the lead character in Star Wars Episode VII is going to be a male star?”

    That’s it.

    Every other ‘murmur’ has either been in response to this, or a simple reposting of this on other sites. While Lucasfilm has confirmed other rumors, no one who is involved in the production of the film has given any credence to Sciretta’s hypothetical.

    What has been confirmed, though, is that Lucasfilm is actively seeking five males and two females for the film (but it was said that the casting call was not listed in order of billing, so we’re no closer to figuring out who the lead will be from this, just the general make-up of the cast).

    Since this story is about Jonathon Ryhs-Meyers, my thought is that he’d make a fine son of Luke Skywalker. Whether it would mean he would play the lead, or not, we have no idea.

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