More Changes to STAR WARS Include Blinking Ewoks and Different Cut of Greedo Shooting First

     September 1, 2011


Just the other day, we reported the sad and not at all surprising news that George Lucas has once again tinkered with his Star Wars films for their upcoming Blu-ray debut. One of the more striking edits in Star Wars: The Complete Saga is the inclusion of the universally panned “NOOOO!!!!” cry from Darth Vader into Return of the Jedi. That report was confirmed, and now we have two more clips of Lucas’ “improvements” to the ever-changing franchise. Apparently Ewoks will now blink, because of the fan outcry that the creatures were just too damn unrealistic, and in A New Hope Greedo still shoots first, but the cut is a bit tighter. If that wasn’t enough, we also have a clip of the CGI Yoda that we previously learned will be replacing puppet Yoda in The Phantom Menace. Hit the jump to watch Lucas’ handiwork.

Here are the new clips, which are from the actual Blu-rays (via Steve):

And here are the two previous edits, for those who missed them:

NOTE: The Vader clip is from the actual Blu-ray, while the Obi-Wan’s Krayt Dragon Call clip features the leaked audio synced up with the corresponding scene.


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  • murdernexxus

    Who cares….if u don’t like it don’t buy it… I got the originals on dvd..and on tape.. I could care less what changes are made. They are his movies he can do what he wants to them. Cry about something else ya bunch of nerdbabies!! I just wish Lucas would let someone else make a Star Wars movie.

    • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

      Stop crying about wanting Lucas to get someone else to direct a Star Wars movie. ;)

      • murdernexxus

        One sentence about someone else making a star wars movie isn’t crying jackass… you stupid, stupid little man

      • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

        Wow, more mature talk and insults from you. Color me surprised. ;)

      • murdernexxus

        Stop crying about my mature talk and insults Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

    • deathon2legs

      Lucas should either CGI the Ewoks or just delete them altogether. They are the worst Lucasfilm creation next to Blah Blah Binks. Also… how does Greedo miss?!! A skilled bounty hunter known throughout the galaxy has his victime at point blank range and he fires first, but misses!!! Perhaps he had one too many at the bar. With all of the technology at his fingertips, Lucas still can’t top his best production The Empire Strikes Back.

      • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

        That’s the major problem with the scene.

        And that impact of that is now that Han’s story consists of him just being very lucky. He was too slow on the draw and almost got killed.

        He’s no longer the tough, gritty, Clint Eastwood-style cowboy/space pirate he was drawn up to be. Would one of Eastwood’s rough-and-tumble cowboys even allowed some guy sitting only a few feet away get the drop on him?

        Originally, we saw Han go from a shoot-from-the-hip space pirate only concerned about money to someone voluntarily helping Luke destroy the Death Star. The Greedo shoots first scene shortens his dramatic arc, and his change isn’t as pronounced.

  • Shmojo

    I was once one of the biggest Star Wars fans out there. After all of the work Lucas has put into ruining what we all once loved, I can’t even say I like the movies anymore. I love the memories of what they once were, but we will never get that back.

    • guy

      You sir, are an idiot.

      • Northern Star

        No, actually, he’s not, he’s absolutely right! George Luca$ has spent the last 16 years systematically destroying his greatest work- do you think James Cameron, Peter Jackson, or the Wachowski’s will still be tinkering with films like ‘T2′, ‘Lord of the Rings’, or ‘The Matrix’ three decades from now?- and then refusing the original theatrical versions to the very people who made them successful in the first place…

        Unless he releases nicely restored and anamorphic widescreen presentations of the original and only ‘Star Wars’ trilogy (I don’t even care about any extras) theatrical versions, I for one will refuse to purchase any other Lucasfilm product, the line has been crossed, and I’m making my stand right here, simple as that really…

      • Devin

        His best film is AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

      • Merlin

        You’re the idiot. So why don’t you drink a nice tall glass of STFU!

    • Merlin

      Does this Uber-Schmuck actually think I will be spending my money buying his crappy re-worked Blu-Rays?

  • jymmmymack

    God, Greedo is a TERRIBLE shot. Jabba should hire some better bounty hunters.

    • Trick

      Reminds me of KotOR, having character equipped with a blaster and watching the turn-based action repeatedly show the character missing point blank shots

      • Tarek

        KotOR…Now that’s a story worthy of star wars legacy. not that cabbage soup that Luca$ has made in the prequels.

  • Tarek

    I only hate 2 out of those, and its the NOOOOO and the Krayt yell thing.

    The Ewoks blinking, who cares? Mt dog blinks! So does my cat! Mainly because theyre alive. But partly because they hate my farts.

    The Greedo shot, is the best of the bunch (except the original) better than the dvd and the 2007 video.

    The CGI Yoda is 100 times better than the horrible Menace puppet! Maybe even a thousand times. As long as they keep it away from the Original trilogy I’m fine.


    You missed the Door pan shot, again, its fine.

    And Sebulba sculking around Jabbas palace whilst everyones asleep. Its done well, and I think its actually quite funny.
    Looks like he just took a piss in the night.

    If they get rid of the Noooooo’s and the Krayt scream. I’m ok with the rest. (Oh, and fix the lighsabers!)

    • Dredd

      My fault. I can’t hold myself to do bad deeds. Mischievousness is my second name. Tarek has nothing to do with all the bullshit I said behind his name. I could have been Adam Chitwood if I want. This is all Lucas fault. He turned me to evil.

    • Dredd

      I have only one thing to say: Noooooooooooo!
      Someone must stop Luca$ or he will hurt himself. I am pretty sure he will pay for that soon. ^^


    Not being much of a Star Wars fan, too be honest the Greedo scene has never looked right. George Lucas I think sees that scene and constantly wishes he got better coverage of it. He’ll tinker til he’s dead because he knows the truth, the original movies (particuarly the first one) are kinda sloppy films.

    • tarek

      He knows the truth ? Are you okay dude ? ^^

  • Conrad The Great!

    I hope that when George Lucas dies, the Star Wars saga will be released the way it’s MEANT to be seen not through the warped goggles of Mad-Lucas….what a fucking idiot.

    George, if you’re reading this: Remaster the films in 1080p high definition but DON’T REDO THEM. It’s like remaking your own work (which is just shitting on your original work)

    • tarek

      do not waste your breath bro. This guy is really nuts. He will continue to botch his movies till he died.

      I just hope that his heirs will sell the rights to someone more sensible.

  • deniropacino

    George Lucas loves directing, and especially editing(he has gone on record that it’s his favorite part of film-making). it shows what he did to this franchise(and what he continuously does). he’s just to lazy to commit on fully new project that’s why he just keeps re-making Star Wars.

    has passion for directing, but is just to lazy to commit on it 100%. it’s kind of sad

    • tarek

      Luca$ loves directing ? What a big joke.

      Jim Cameron loves directing. Nolan loves directing. Peter Jackson Loves directing. Even Michael Bay loves directing. But Luca$ ?
      Seriously! He is just as bad as Ed Wood.

      • jymmmymack

        Ed Wood probably loved directing more than anyone alive, so your point doesn’t make any sense.

      • tarek

        You are absolutely right Jimmy. Let’s say he is as bad as Uwe Boll. I can’t go below. ^^

      • jymmmymack

        Hmmmmmmmm Uwe Boll. Pretty interesting argument. He genuinely seems like he doesn’t direct out of love, but out of spite. I think that Lucas DOES love directing, but he loves fiddling even more and he seems filled with spite. I remember when Indy 4 came out and Spielberg said how he objected to Indy being mixed with 50′s era sci-fi, and Lucas brushing it off, claiming that THEY (the “fanboys”) will hate it no matter what, so not to worry about it. What an arrogant, flippant prick.

      • Tarek

        Exactly Jimmy. and seeing him disrespectful to the fan base that made him rich and famous is beyond my understanding.

        I would have liked that Star wars had been made by Spielberg. at least he is by far more talented and more respectful to his fan base.

      • jymmmymack

        Funnily enough, Spielberg was supposed to direct Return of the Jedi, as Lucas felt he was the perfect choice to balance the action with the sentimentality of the finale. He had to drop out because of scheduling conflicts.

        Spielberg DID end up “tinkering” with the final battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin. Supposedly, Lucas wasn’t too sure about how to stage it, so he invited Spielberg to give it a crack.

    • Old Soldier

      The Bros. Strause. Worst directors EVER! Period!

  • Howard

    Look closely at Han — it looks like they digitally altered it so that Han shifts his head to the left to avoid getting hit by Greedo’s shot. Once you notice this, it looks kind of weird and creepy.

    • 2s48ss

      They did alter Han to duck the shot. I found a copy of the original release of the movie and in that one Greedo doesn’t even shoot. Han just blasts him. And everything George Lucas has done to Star Wars has been weird and creepy.

      • Frank

        Maybe in the next revision of this scene, Lucas will have Han animated as a rag-doll physics model that throws itself toward the left, shouting “NOOOOOO…!”, then firing the fatal shot at Greedo, who blinks noticeably a lot as he falls dead onto the table.

      • yada

        You’re right 2s48ss. My first thought with that scene was “Wait I may be getting old but when I sat through the original theater releases over and over (we all saw it as many times as we could afford) I don’t remember the bounty hunter firing at all. It made Hans look smart and worldly to have beaten him at his own game. I suppose that it’s too politically incorrect these days for a guy to “shoot first and ask questions later.” This was supposed to be like a wild west in space and Han Solo came out on top. Us old guys don’t need Greedo to shoot first. It was obvious in the scene that’s what he intended to do. But come on its Star Wars, after seeing Jar Jar its all OVER lol PEACE

    • JLC

      The new edit of this scene is particularly strange. The cut is so fast, it appears that Greedo and Han shoot at almost exactly the same time, or at least so close together that Han had to have been contemplating shooting even before he knew Greedo was going to pull the trigger. Which is exactly the point of the original, unaltered scene. So it raises the question of why make the change at all? Best not to wonder, I guess.

  • Bob

    y’all need to get over yourselves and stop complaining about the changes Lucas is making to the films HE created and SHARED with us. If you don’t like the changes then STFU and go buy the original tapes and let the REAL fans go buy the blu-rays.

    • Jonas

      Totally agree, Bob. I’ll never understand fanboy rage. Especially when people say their childhood was raped or something. My childhood can never be taken away from me. And honestly, rewatching films I loved as a kid sometimes isn’t a good idea: they rarely hold up as well as you remember them. Few directors care enough about their work to keep trying to improve it. I always felt it weird that Darth Vader was silent when he killed the emperor. The ‘nooo’ isn’t so bad. Not a fan of the new Krayt yell, but again, doesn’t ruin the film by any stretch.
      I’m puzzled by the ewok blinking. Who says those creatures blink or have eyelids? I had no trouble believing they were real. And it’s kinda funny that Carrie Fisher doesn’t blink once in that scene.

      Having said all of this, from a marketing standpoint, it doesn’t make sense not to release the original theatrical versions. I could see it happening in 2017 for the 40th anniversary. It would anger people for the double-dip, but would make George a lot of money. In the meantime, the theatrical trilogy exists on VHS and DVD. I bought the DVD trilogy in the spring at Best Buy for $40, and it includes the s[ecial edition and the theatricals. Those are the closest it’s ever gonna get to theatrical, even moreso than if they release it on blu-ray, as the film grain is intact. I think people just like to complain. The originals exist, guys. If you don’t want a remastered, re-edited version, you don’t have to get it. If you don’t like Die Hard 2, don’t buy it! If you only like three flavours of ice cream, only eat those three flavours! Let’s put the Star Wars rage to bed! :)

  • migz13

    This all started when they decided to re-release the original movies into theaters in the mid 90′s. The Krayt Dragon call and the Ewok eyes… I think I can take. It’s just that “Noooooo” from Vader that ticks me off!! The original one where he throws the Emperor without saying anything is much more dramatic and waaaay more badass!!

  • Salfie

    I think I’m the only one in the universe that prefers the puppet version of yoda in TPM more than the new CGI version. I still maintain that TPM is the best of the prequels because of the mix of real and digital effects. I mean there were so many SFX shots but a good portion of it was still practical and the puppet was part of it.

  • ozzie

    silly geek ragers …

    lucas has enough of my money … i will wait for a non lucas star wars movie. he really dropped the ball with his production of the prequels. i liked attack of the clones but all 3 movies looked like cartoons with a couple live actors in them.

  • sense 11

    What an Asshole George Lucas is.

  • Debo

    ‎”People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians.”

    -George Lucas, 1988.

    • Tarek

      this is not the same Luca$. the actual one is maybe a Body Snatcher ? ^^

  • Phil B

    Lucas has crossed some sensitive lines between a classic cinema masterpiece and a profitable gimmick.

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  • andrew b

    Like the other guy said. there his movies. he can do what he wants to them. If you want the untouched versions go get a tape, laserdisc or better yet the 2 disc sets that came out in 06 the untouched versions are on there! as for having them restored, you people sound like star wars purists so you should be happy with totally unenhanced unrestored for the new changes ill wait to judge the nooooooo. it makes sense. He seemed to yell that alot in the prequels. the ewoks blinking is a neat touch. they are supposed to be real, right??? too bad he couldnt make em look like they are breathing.sebulba in jedi is another nice touch. its good that another character from the prequels was added. it helps bridge the two trilogies together. I thought hayden at the end of jedi was awesome. I thought it was really important to have a major character from the prequels appear in the original trilogy. It really drove it home. and the stupid yoda puppet is gone. that is the best news of all.

    • JLC

      Someone raised an interesting issue the other day I hadn’t considered. A lot of folks say, “they’re Lucas’ movies, he can do what he wants with them.” But are they? I think it’s generally accepted that the movie “belongs” to the director. Lucas only directed Star Wars (okay, Episode IV A New Hope). He only produced Empire and Jedi. So wouldn’t that be like Albert Ruddy going back and “fixing” The Godfather or Hal Wallis “fixing” Casablanca? (I know, Marquand was just Lucas’ puppet, but Kershner was a real director.)
      Regardless, I don’t think people would care at all if Lucas just released “the copy text” on Blu-ray. It’s his stubborn insistence on keeping that under wraps that I think is the actual reason people are so angry about the changes. They’re really just transferring their frustration.

    • Tarek

      andrew said: ” the ewoks blinking is a neat touch. they are supposed to be real, right??? ”

      So why didn’t he make Greedo blink ? and all the creatures in the cantina ?

      Don’t try to fix it dude. It’s broken.

  • Adam Siennica

    I love Star Wars for years and i don’t understand hardcore fanboys. Lucas gave us Star Wars and you hate him, wish him dead etc. It’s stupid.

    Changes are good, movies look better and the bridge between two fantastic trilogy is nice. Stop whining, really. Real fans will buy it, find all changes, be happy and watch it for years.

    • Tarek

      Speak for yourself. I swear I will not buy anything from this mad man.

  • andrew b

    This change, that change ! Boo Hoo ! there are more important things to focus on with these blu rays other than more lucas tweaking, like how good the transfers are. For instance, how well has a new hope been restored and transfered. Does it still have that slight hazy look to it or is it crystal clear now. What about AOTC and ROTS ? They were filmed on HD tape. Will it be too much HD meshed together and end up looking cartoonish. After all the rumor is that it took so long to get these movies out on blu ray because Lucas wasnt happy with the transfers. Thats what worries me, changes or no changes.

  • Charles F

    Until Han shoots first I will never purchase Star Wars again.

    • Pooper

      I made the same vow many years ago too. Along with 3/4 of the casual star wars fans out there

  • Kemo

    al la Kris Croker……. WAAHHHHH…….Mommy, they changed the movies again……. WAAAAHHHH.. …..Mommy, my childhood is ruined and George Lucas did it….waaahhhhh….I am never going to watch these movies again!!!!!….Bahaaaaa Wahhaaaaaa!!!!!!…..Mommy, I wet my bed again….whaaaaaa!

  • Darth Elv1s

    The Yoda is a welcome change. The puppet was bad and shocking as the original puppet was so good in the 80′s?

    As for the others I feel that with this being the “Ultimate” set that there should be options / different versions, like the BLADE RUNNER set from a few years back had four (five if you got the case) versions of the film.

    Listening to the “NO” declaration is not welcome as it was more cold and calculating to have Vader just hoist up Palpatine and throw him in the reactor … nuff said there.

    The new Krayt dragon call is silly, if I were a Tusken this new one would not scare me at all!

    I could care less about the ewoks but fully agree that Lucas should respct the fan community and have Han cut Greedo down mercilessly without having to defend himself, after all he was a scoundrel!

    I will of course pick these up for all the bonus content, I have the VHS, Laserdiscs, each DVD version so by the time I get these I should be pretty complete …. right?

  • SciFan

    Who knew Greedo was talking to the wall the whole time.

  • SciFan

    I think Lucas can make any changes to his movies.

    Having said that though, he should also include all previous versions of the movies in any new collections he puts out.

    I know he doesn’t like the older versions but he needs to compromise and put them out for the fans that do prefer them and made Lucas a very wealthy man because of them.

  • Epicmealtime84

    Of all the changes he’s made to the movies, he somehow decided to make to of the best and two of the worst at the same time. That damn Vader noooo! should have been removed from Revenge of the Sith, not jammed into Return of the Jedi, and That ridiculous noise that some A-hole made in the sound department shouldn’t have ever been recorded let alone been forced onto Ben Kenobi. The biggest problems with those changes, along with Han shoots and Hyden Christiansen being Ghost Anikin, is that it makes people feel that all the changes were bad. I’m sorry but that puppet thing in The Phantom Menace DID NOT look like Yoda, It was like his hairy eared brother or something. The digital Yoda looks exactly like the Original Yoda except that it’s CGI. The blinking Ewoks is a change so subtle i probably wouldn’t have noticed it at first unless it had been pointed out and it makes them seem much more life like. A number of the changes over the years were actually good changes. The new Mos Esely, the added CG to the Death Star battle, The replacement of the Palpetine in The Empire Strikes Back along with the removing of a lot of tell tell signs that made it obvious that things were super imposed have all been very good for these movies. Hopefully someone will get in his ear one day and tell him what to keep and what to remove. Remember the 1997 version of Empire? Luke jumpes off that platform and out of nowhere he starts screaming using Palpetine’s voice from Return of The Jedi where he is killed. It was one of Lucas’s crappiest changes and it was gone by the next time they were released it was gone. As if it were a bad dream. Just think in that term, It will be fixed one day, My money is on the 3D conversions but until then just sigh and say it’s only a dream.

  • spence

    If you are infuriated by this, or even a little upset, go on and post a 1-star review. Currently upset fans have the set down to 2-star average. Do that, and speak with your wallets. Don’t buy it, and maybe he’ll reconsider releasing the original, award winning films.

    Even if you’re not a Star Wars fanboy, you’ve got to see the problem with this from a preservation point of view. Star Wars won like 7 or 8 academy awards but you can’t watch that version in decent quality. It’s kind of like only selling a colorized version of Casablanca. It’s just not right.

    • Tarek

      I agree with you on that. The best thing to do is to boycott Luca$.

      I found a very good review from N.Lucius on amazon. Here is the excerpt:

      “These latest scene changes are the final proof that George Lucas has lost his mind, however they are NOT the main reason why I just cancelled my blu-ray pre-order. I had been excitedly counting down the days until this release, but this time George/Lucasfilm has given the whole Star Wars community the middle finger by not correcting many of the problems (color) which plagued the 2004 release.

      This blu-ray has virtually all of the same issues as the DVD. I’m talking about Vader’s bubblegum pink lightsaber, the super high orange or purple explosions opposed to the more realistic white hot/yelow effects. These were especially noticable during the Battle of Yavin, Tantive IV shootout, and the carbon freezing chamber duel.

      They stuck out to the point to where they were almost distracting. After seeing the prequels, it’s hard enough to still view Vader as that ultimate bad a** villian I feared in my childhood, but it’s now near impossible to do it when he’s chasing after Luke with a pink lightsaber.

      Lucasfilm has been made well aware of these issues thru complaints made by ticked off fans since the DVD launched 7 years ago. Now in the last year of hyping up of this Blu Ray release, Lucasfilm has assured us Star Wars fans that our complaints had been heard and addressed in this release, the Blu-Ray would NOT have the same color and audio problems as the dvd’s, they went back to the original negatives and spent 3 years fixing these particular problems, they manually went thru frame by frame in the problem scenes fixing and making other color corrections to bring them close again to the original theatrical versions.

      Heck displays a screenshot of Luke’s fixed blue lightsaber on the Millenium Falcon in ANH, boasting about how they went back and fixed these problems. I have seen the Blu-Rays myself and I can confirm this is NOT the case!! Yes it is fixed for that particular frame and a few other frames, but the next shot of the same scene his lightsaber shifts back to green, just like in the screwed up dvd release, then goes to bright white, then back to a very pale blue color. Yes they fixed ONLY a small portion of that scene, left the rest of it untouched with the wrong color, while implying that the whole thing has been corrected.

      The lightsaber scenes in the other movies, Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi, are practically UNTOUCHED WITH THE SAME color and timing problems that the DVD’s have. It’s like Lucasfilm is only willing to put in a half a** effort in anything they release anymore…. and why not?? If it says Star Wars on the box it’s going to sell. “

      • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

        Well I, for one, will no longer buy anything with the name Star Wars on it.

        I hope millions of others do the same.

        No more. I’m officially done with Star Wars.

        I will watch what I have from time to time, but that’s it. That’s my final answer.

    • Pooper

      I love they way you worded that.
      It being like only having the option to be able to watch a colourized version of casablanca!

      That is a perfect way to sum up how I feel about the issue.

      Someone needs to make a meme. A picture of casablanca in colour and some text giving lucas shit.

      I would do it but too busy so someone get into it! Pronto!

  • Tarek

    Luca$ is now working on a new release for the 3D edition.
    Here are the future tinkerings he will make :







  • superperson

    All of these comments make me laugh.

  • Daniel

    I’m really not a huge Star Wars nerd. I’ve seen the films perhaps five times each. But I hate, hate, hate the shot of Greedo shooting first.

    One wonders just how many changes are necessary to make a good film a bad one.

  • Chad

    I wondered if down the road Lucas might choose to edit out that puppet abortion of Yoda from the Phantom Menace, & replace him with CGI. Now if he would just get rid of those damn Ewoks, PERIOD, from Return Of The Jedi, & restore the ORIGINAL Cantina version of Episode 4, where Solo was the one to get the first & only shot off between him & Greedo, then all will be right with the world. Maybe too while I’m thinking about it, after the end of the credits in ROTJ, we cut back to a scene of Jabba’s Barge wreckage scattered & smoking across the dunes surrounding the Sarlaac pit. As we pan the debris radius we find our attention resting on an area of the edge of the pit just in time to see the tattered garment of a certain Bounty Hunters hand rise up from the depths to clutch the edge. Fade to black….

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  • Joe

    These are fairly minor changes compared to the CGI Banthas, aliens and flying robots in Mos Eisley in A New Hope. It makes the scene unwatchable. The Han Solo & Jabba CGI scene was pretty awful too.

    Whatever, make the Ewoks blink. I’d like a version of IV that doesn’t have that bullshit, thank you very much.

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  • Pooper

    I know I am lame for caring about this so much.
    But I am so insulted that he wont release a decent copy of the untampered with versions on blu ray.

    He is being childish.

    Han needs to shoot first, the scene makes no sense without it. And I would have no respect for Han if he relys on luck to get by and not his wits.

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