Trailer and Clips for STAR WARS: DETOURS; New Kid-Friendly Animated Series from the Creators of ROBOT CHICKEN

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If you’re tired of George Lucas capitalizing on his Star Wars brainchild with countless new projects, you won’t be happy to hear about Star Wars: Detours. On the other hand, if you like new ideas and original programming that exist in the Star Wars universe, the new kid-friendly animated series will be sure to please.  From the creators of Robot Chicken comes Star Wars: Detours, a new comedy series that casts your favorite characters in a storyline that’s less concerned with warring throughout the galaxy and is content to show their day-to-day escapades.  Hit the jump to check out the series trailer and a few clips from Star Wars: Detours, as well as more on how it got started.

star-wars-detours-darth-vaderAs E! Online reports, Seth Green, Matt Senreich and Todd Grimes had been developing Star Wars: Detours, the animated comedy series that takes aim at Lucas’ beloved characters and centers them in the chasm between Episode III and Episode IV.  Seinreich initially thought they were about to be sued when he was told that Lucas’ people were on the phone.  Here’s what Green had to say about Lucas’ initial outreach to them:

“Lucas was sitting at a desk and said, ‘You guys think you’re pretty fucking funny, don’t you? So, how about we do something funny together?’”

Here’s the synopsis for Star Wars: Detours (via Gizmodo), followed by the trailer and clips for the new series:

Star Wars Detours™ is an animated comedy that explores what daily life is like in a galaxy far, far away. There are no Empires striking back or attacking clones here. Instead, Star Wars Detours focuses on the universe’s regular folks and their everyday problems… which, to be fair, do frequently involve famous bounty hunters, crazed Ewoks, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith.  Welcome to Star Wars: Detours: the other side of the stars, between the wars.”

So are you for or against this new iteration based on what you’ve seen here? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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  • oaktreeradar

    Its kind of sad that all star wars seems to be good for nowadays is a cheap laugh. There should be an intervention at skywalker ranch involving jj. abrams and christopher nolan. How did star wars slowly morph into mad magazine? A parody is cool but becoming a parody is not.

  • Ray

    Why are some of the characters so pointlessly small?

    • Romsy

      They are kids, this takes place before IV

  • Dudebro

    I don’t immediately hate this.

  • tarek

    I am fed with all this Luca$-vomiting ideas.

  • nagelh67

    I think the problem with most star wars stuff these days is that they’re really good ideas but then George Lucas says to make it for kids which ruins everything

  • nagelh67

    I think the problem with most star wars stuff these days is that they\’re really good ideas but then George Lucas says to make it for kids which ruins everything

    • Goobs

      Good point, but you’re wrong. There have been toys and cartoons and comic books and sugar cereals and fucking play-doh sets since 1977.

  • Shmojo

    They killed Star Wars long ago. Now they are pissing on its grave.

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    Hmm pretty fun concept, kind of like the animation stye, some of the character designs looked great, Jabba looked brilliant. BUT, more importantly and unfortunately, it just doesn’t come across as very funny. It still looks like it may be at least a little bit of fun, but the humor overall seems poorly written, too slapstick, with all the obvious Star Wars gags and the pokes at the cliches’ and the prequel bullying (always a plus i suppose), it all seems a bit tired and used. As a fan of the Star Wars movies, im starting to get really f**king bored of this galaxy now, will the franchise ever take a break?


    aaah apologies for the repeat posts above, this crap site kept saying my post failed…..meh!

  • Adam

    It will probably be similiar to Robot Chicken….sometimes really funny and other times plain silly. I for one enjoy Robot Chicken, and while the jokes here do seem a little obvious, I\’m sure there will be some funny stuff in each episode. Honestly, some of these jokes seem to be written by Lucas, and as he is working creativel with the RC guys, I get the feeling they probably cringed doing half these scenes….but Seth Green and Seth McFarlane both grovel at Lucas\’s feet, and refuse to acknowledge that the prequels were terrible and that Lucas hasn\’t had a good idea since Indiana Jones, and that his Star Wars cartoons and ideas these days are mediocre, at best.

    One reason I prefer South Park to either Robot Chicken or Family Guy. SP praises Lucas for his younger years, but they have no problem being honest about slamming his crappy stuff. I can\’t stand sacred cows.

  • Dannyboy3030

    Robot Chicken is not funny. It’s worst than those Scary Movie parodies. More Venture Bros.


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