Electronic Arts to License and Publish New STAR WARS Games from Developers BioWare, DICE, and Visceral

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Last month, Disney shut down video game developer LucasArts.  It was part of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, and the studio has now decided to place Star Wars games in the hands of Electronic Arts and subsidiary developers BioWare (Star Wars: The Old Republic), DICE (Battlefield 3), and Visceral (Dead Space).  While many fans bemoaned the loss of LucasArts due to the company’s proud legacy, their recent Star Wars games—The Force Unleashed and Star Wars Kinect—were less than impressive.  That being said, EA is the “Worst Company in the World” according to Consumerist voters, and while that’s obviously an exaggeration, the company has received a bevy of criticism for multiple issues.  The press release also notes that Disney “will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.”

I expect plenty of Star Wars video games start streaming through the pipeline, but I remain skeptical regarding their quality.  Hit the jump to check out the press release.

star-wars-retro-adHere’s the press release:

BURBANK and REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 6, 2013 — The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced a new multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and storylines.

Under the agreement, EA will develop and publish new Star Wars titles for a core gaming audience, spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.

“This agreement demonstrates our commitment to creating quality game experiences that drive the popularity of the Star Wars franchise for years to come,” said John Pleasants, Co-President of Disney Interactive. “Collaborating with one of the world’s premier game developers will allow us to bring an amazing portfolio of new Star Wars titles to our fans around the world.”

“Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe,” said EA Labels President Frank Gibeau. “Three of our top studios will fulfill that dream, crafting epic adventures for Star Wars fans. DICE and Visceral will produce new games, joining the BioWare team which continues to develop for the Star Wars franchise. The new experiences we create may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.”

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  • Reggie

    For those of you unafraid of this news. In the immortal words of Jedi master Yoda himself “You will be……………you will be.


    I’m not much of a gamer, but I thought this was good news? But people are bashing EA. Why?? I only know of battlefield games but thought they were supposed to be awesome? I don’t know what Dice or Bioware have made? Can someone explain?

    • The Destroyer

      Look at it this way, EA has been named the Worst Company in the World two years in a row by Consumerist.com beating Bank of America, AT&T, Comcast, and Walmart. By a purely business stance, this move is illogical.

      • DREDD

        I see, that news does indeed suck! However a glimmr of hope, they must know this by now, and hopefully with this retribution from gamers and the internet that has voiced their opinions, hopefully they will pull their finger out. I heard Dice and Bioware are responsible for some amazing games though. And my nephew raves about battlefield games.

  • phantom

    Going to make us pay micro transactions for each part of the lightsaber.

  • Romsy

    Bioware makes me excited. KOTOR, Dragon Age, Mass Effect. Here comes a great Star Wars RPG!

  • Reggie

    So much for any glorious space combat titles.

  • chen

    the news for star wars keeps getting worse and worse every time there is news.

    disney buying star wars – shit news, iron man 3 sucked

    jj as director – shit news, iron man 3 sucked because of jj abrams pathetic input.

    canceling excellent star wars the clone wars series – shit news

    canceling 3d versions of episodes 2-6 – shit news

    Lucasarts defunct – shit news

    Battlefront 3, 1313, Boba Fett games cancelled – shit news

    star wars movies every year – shit news

    any star wars movie news – shit news

    shitty gaming company doing star wars games – shit news

    • dogg

      Dude, Star Wars ALREADY SUCKED. It was only ever 2 and a half good movies to begin with. It can only go up from here. And Clone Wars was part of the PROBLEM. The new people handling the franchise won’t be stupid enough to make the characters look like wood carvings.

  • Geoffrey

    Bioware is one of the best developers in the industry, with standards of quality far beyond the average company. And guess who made the best Star Wars game ever? That would be Bioware. Your coverage here seems a little… uninformed.

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