Rumor: Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

     September 2, 2013


Last week, the Star Wars: Episode VII rumor mill started churning with potential casting news.  The process is underway, and people can already start throwing their hatred or support towards any actor who might be in any way connected with the upcoming sequel.  In addition to mentioning Rachel Hurd-Wood (Solomon Kane) and Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) as possible contenders for roles in the movie, the report also said “major casting news” could have been as released as early as the same day (obviously, it wasn’t).  But if that news is still close to breaking, what would qualify it as major?  Perhaps if the casting involves one of the most popular actors working today: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hit the jump for why Cumberbatch picking up a lightsaber may not be the craziest rumor we’ve heard thus far.

benedict-cumberbatch-lightersAccording to Film Chronicles [via Bleeding Cool], Cumberbatch will re-team with his Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams for the film, and there are no details about the role.  As Film Chronicles points out from an interview with Total Film, Abrams and Cumberbatch were both fans of Star Trek, but their hearts have always been with Star Wars.  Cumberbatch told Total Film,

“I’ve already asked him if I can be a lightsaber and we’re in talks – about whirring sounds and the rates for the lights and everything [laughs].

“I thought, ‘Yeah, I grew up with them,’ and I just looked recently at when they were released and now I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t grow up with them, I was born with them.’ They were a huge part of my background, and my upbringing.

“I was much more connected to [Star Wars] as a kid, in the way that a lot of kids are because it’s immediate storytelling, very simple – a beautifully, outrageously simple narrative in a way – and a wonderful three-act melodrama, opera. And I loved them. I really, really loved those films and I always wanted to be Han Solo. Everything Harrison Ford did I just thought was the coolest thing ever.”

So he’s fan of Star Wars.  Who isn’t?  And he’s worked with Abrams before.  So what?  As we recently reported, Cumberbatch dropped out of Guillermo Del Toro‘s Crimson Peak, and no reason was given.  Bleeding Cool points out that Del Toro’s film and Episode VII are due to start filming at about the same time.  Since Cumberbatch can’t be two places at once, perhaps he’s opted to be in a galaxy far, far away.


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  • Fan Rage UNLOCKED!

    It should have been Ben Affleck! Or Bryan Cranston!

    • tertiaryintervention

      Actually I hear he’s playing Ben Affleck in the next Superman movie.

    • Gögi Gonzales

      Ben will be too busy directing JUSTICE LEAGUE to commit to future Star Wars movies. I read that on Latino Review, its true.

    • Basil Nolan

      I see what you did there.

      • melissa


      • Basil Nolan

        Piss off.

    • MEY

      The attack of the idiots…

    • catherine751

      My Uncle Miles just got a real nice Hyundai Genesis Sedan by working part-time at home… see here now w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    • Moglii

      Keep Affleck the fuck out of Star Wars.

  • Albert

    He’s a great actor so if the rumor turns out to be true (which at this point I can’t even tell) then I would be okay with it. But c’mon Ben, you already have The Hobbit and Star Trek! Give someone else the job (I’m just kidding)

    But seriously, it seems that the routine lately is to make up ridiculous rumors and spread it all over the internet so everyone can talk about it until it catches enough attention that the studio/actors are forced to deny or confirm (although the latter has not happened yet).

  • L3wiji

    I have a good feeling about this.

    • sci fi fan

      I don’t.
      please not him, he was terrible in star trek. I know khan and benedict is no khan.

      • DavidisALLright

        I think he was underused in ‘Trek’ but have you seen his other roles? I hope JJ can use him properly this time around (if it’s true that is!)

      • Bob

        He was amazing in Star Trek, best villain of the year, and last year by far. Acting was stellar. Peoole that say he was bad in Star Trek deserve for their opinions to not be taken seriously imho.

      • MEY

        Yes! Bob hit the target.

      • melissa

        No stfu jack-ass

      • Bob

        Looks like 10 other people agree with me, so you stfu with your completely illogical response not explain why you disagree with me.

      • Anthony Stalder

        OOoh, a girl with a d*ck, aren’t you! Fracking assh*les don’t have nothing on you! You’re just as cretin and violent as the worst of men! You truly are a real girl with a d%ck. People like that! You’re gonna be so popular after the operation (or are you post)? We need more people like you.

      • $35605474

        He was fantastic in STID. The only good part of the film.

      • GunzOfNavarone

        You know him? Dude, do yourself a favour and get laid some time.

      • MEY


      • L3wiji

        So it’s his fault that the characteristics of the character he plays didn’t lift up to your satisfaction? Like sir Ben Kingsley’s character in Iron Man 3? It’s the actors’ faults, right?

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  • Gögi Gonzales


    • MEY

      :D Or:
      Ben Edict Khanobi

      • Gögi Gonzales

        Benedict Khanobi-patch*

    • chice

      SHUT the FUCK up you fucking internet LOOOOOOOSER sitting online all day making DERIVATIVE jokes you fucking masturbating virgin nothing

      • Gögi Gonzales

        Aww, chice doesnt understand the word “derivative”.

      • Anthony Stalder

        How exactly do you know that guy is masturbating? You seem to know quite a lot about “internet loosers”‘ sexual habits. You really know what you’re talking about it seems. Just sayin’.

  • Person

    Would love it if this turned out to be true, although I hope he plays a good guy… don’t wanna see him do a sci-fi villain thing all over again.

  • Grayden

    Is it just me, or would he be an amazing Grand Admiral Thrawn?

    • Sweet Pea

      Its just you…

      • MITIOR

        haha I love the internet

  • Kevin Carter

    Yawn….. and the rumor machine rumbles on lol

  • Martin

    I could really see him with a light sabre

    • MEY

      With a big long thick one… :)

      • Sweet Pea

        Would it still be as impressive if it was shorter but really thick???

  • sammy

    Alex Pettyfer was a bad choice because you were sick of him because he was in a movie for 10 minutes? But the sloth from ice age is fine even though he’s in everything?

    • Albert

      The difference between Alex Pettyfer and Benedict Cumberbatch is that the former is a terrible actor and a douchebag of a person and the latter is a terrific actor and a gentleman in every way.

      And hey, that’s pretty funny. Comparing him to the sloth from the Ice Age. Never heard that one before. LOL. A+

      • sammy

        I doubt you know them personally but whatever carry on reading tmz or perez hilton.

      • MEY

        The Idiot Strikes Back

      • Pk

        Spot on there Albert

  • Neven

    I’m gonna try to contain myself and not scream like a 12 year old.

    Holy shit! YES! Take my money right now!

  • Basil Nolan

    Make it happen, Abrams.

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  • dickwad

    Yawn! Thank god JJ Hack is only doing one, hurry up and bring on the second star wars with a better director, hopefully Nolan(god)!

    • Nerdgasm

      Yes because Nolan’s use of plotholes to move stories along makes him superior?

    • MEY

      A New Idiot

  • OctoberDown

    This could be amazing, since he’s an incredibly talented actor, but on the other hand it makes me cringe a tiny bit. I would also love to see him play Thrawn.

    On a related note, he did just drop out of Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak for what was apparently an unspecified reason, so…

  • Cedhollywood

    Got a chill up my spine thinking of Abrams making a reboot alternate timeline Star Wars?! With Cumberbatch as Bobba Fett! Fetttttttttttt!!!!!!

    • Lex Walker

      Wouldn’t Cumberbatch be wasted as Fett? Fett isn’t the most articulate human being, half his character, if not most of it, is being a badass in what he does while saying very little. That seems like a criminal underuse of any really strong actor.

      • Cedhollywood

        Its both hilarious and sad that one doesn’t get when someone is using ironic tongue-in-cheek humor. Its not that serious pseudo Jedi.

  • Raptor Jesus

    He was the villain in Trek. So if he’s the villain in SW won’t that feel a bit stale?

    Of course J.J. lives for stale. It’s his heart and soul as a film-maker.

  • Strong Enough

    these star wars rumors are killin me. As long as J.J. gives John Noble a role i’m good

    • MITIOR

      no please, hes the only character I didn’t like from LOTR, i guess it’s the dead stare -_-

      • GunzOfNavarone

        The guy is perfect for a sith lord. You need to watch Fringe to restore your faith in him, his acting range is second to none.

      • MITIOR

        I definitely will. thanks

      • TheMonarch

        A Sith pretender, or upstart cultist, maybe. If they go full Sith Lord I will puke out my guts and with it any last lingering hope I have of them turning this franchise (on film, at least) around. That would double-cross the established “all’s well” ending of RotJ, and what’s more the whole retroactive set-up in the prequels of the Chosen One (who, you know, will destroy the Sith…), making Anakin (his suffering, and the whole arc of his tragedy, in the mythic frame) pretty inconsequential.

      • TheMonarch

        So the downvoter wants to see the same movie rehashed over and over again, and the integrity that was (at least by the ’04-’05 commentary tracks) to unite Lucas’ “saga” in pieces…. Sadly, this isn’t atypical….

  • Bob

    Would be a great start for the cast of new actors. Cumberbatch is a grat actor, I hope he plays a Jedi though.

    • mbmarquis69

      The smart thing would be to cast him as a Jedi. The easy thing would be to cast him as a villain.

      I predict JJ will do the easy thing.

      • Bob

        He could, and Cumberbatvh would still be fantastic but I don’t know. For a director to get the same actor he worked with in his last film and use him as a villain again, like you said sounds kinda easy, and imo lazy. He would be great as Jedi and hopefully JJ thinks well you saw him as a villain now here ull see him as a good guy. Make it happen JJ. I havent been dissapointed yet by JJ. Both Star Treks are imo amazing and MI3 was very entertaining. Theres 4 directors that I have faith in and trust. They are Nolan, JJ, Fincher, and Scorsese. They know there film .

  • $35605474

    I;d rather Cumberbatch worked with a better director. JJ Abrams sucks.

    • MITIOR

      you suck

    • MEY

      The Phantom Idiot


    I would love to see Liam neeson, Ewan mcgreggor and Yoda, training Luke at some point, I know he will be older, but he needs a lot of help reconstructing the Jedi Order I guess

  • rhizomeman

    They should find new, unknown actors. The more famous people get cast, the less this feels like Star Wars.

    • MEY

      Yes, yes, yes.
      Or Abrams should use a clever approach concerning their appearance.

  • Jack Inthebox

    Perhaps keep his acting, and CG out his face (and his mouth). There were so many close-ups of his mouth in ST2/(11), I was getting nauseated. He was really good in
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I guess we can blame it on JJ.

  • Seriously

    I hope they recast him as Han Solo

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  • Trell Hymez

    He was great in ST : In To Darkness. He will do Stars Wars justice with his skills.

  • names

    EPIC FAIL! JJ fucks up with star wars now after fucking up star trek with his atrocious remakes.

  • telss

    guy is ugly, and a shemale! jj has something for shemales.

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