Rumor: Han Solo’s STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Costumes Revealed; More Details on His New Ship

     August 15, 2014


I guess every day is Star Wars day now.  Or at least until all these new films come out.  There are quite a few Star Wars: Episode VII rumors floating around out there right now including the whole villains thing, the Stormtrooper look and more, but this piece is Han Solo-specific because not only did we just get a look at what he’ll be wearing in the new film, but we’ve also got more details on what he’ll be flying, too.

Hit the jump to check out concept art for two of Harrison Ford’s costumes for Episode VII as well as details on the ship he’ll be flying instead of the Millennium Falcon.  J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Episode VII opens on December 18, 2015.

Let’s start with Han’s new clothes, which are actually surprisingly similar to what he dons in the original films.  The sketches come from Indie Revolver and, as their article suggests, one design seems very Hoth appropriate.  They call the other outfit suitable for Endor conditions and while that may be accurate, the attire does seem like it’d fit in many more places beyond that.



Apparently Indie Revolver has seen about six dozen Han Solo costume designs, so they’re saying that he could have quite a few wardrobe changes throughout the film.  However, they do note that this is just concept art.  There’s always a chance certain designs won’t make it into the film.  They also point out a small detail that can be tough to spot in the photos they posted – Han’s got two gun holsters now.  One looks to be for the DL-44 blaster he’s always carried, but what about the other?  Could that mean Han will be rocking two of them this time around?

There’s also a rumor that Han’s got a brand new ride in the film.  We told you a little bit about it when some story information popped up about a month ago, but besides the fact that the ship isn’t the Millennium Falcon, there weren’t any details on the new vehicle at all.  However, now that Indie Revolver showed off that Han Solo concept art, Badass Digest came back to reveal they were holding out on us and offered up this additional information on Han and Chewie’s ship:

“According to my sources Han and Chewie are piloting a Super Star Destroyer. I wasn’t 100% sure on this, but the image of Han with Imperial rank sells me.”

star-wars-han-solo-harrison-fordTo be honest, I never would have guessed that that was an Imperial rank marker on Han’s coat in the Indie Revolver image, but perhaps the marker just got revamped for the new films.  I guess the original design might look a little hokey now.

Badass also goes on to spill some information pertaining to the Millennium Falcon’s whereabouts:

“I believe the Falcon is in the hands of Oscar Isaac’s character, who is very much the Lando Calrissian of this movie – all the way down to wearing a cape.”

On top of having a Lando-type character in the new film, apparently we’ll also get to see some more familiar ships as well:

“There are other familiar spaceships in this movie, including three variations on TIE Fighters. There’s the classic design, the TIE Interceptor and a new generation TIE Bomber – the pods on these are stacked, not side-by-side.”

Before wrapping up, Badass threw in this one last note:

“Oh, and back to Han – you will get to see him use a lightsaber once again.”

Because it’s become nearly impossible to keep track of it all, click here to take a look at our most recent Star Wars: Episode VII coverage or use the links below:


  • Doug_101

    Exciting times. Not sure what to think about the first outfit. It looks similar to his Endor getup, but it also bears similarity to a Star Wars disciple: Firefly.

    • Joseph M

      Firefly. Exactly what I thought.

    • Melissa Brookes

      No stop talking. This is all so obvious they are bing derivative to Empire …even by getting lawerence kasden to write it…..STOP being so obvious with this movie!! we need something original and innovative but nostalgic at the same time. JJ just seems to play upon popularity..

      • Person who Helps

        Your comment has nothing to do with his original comment. Please think before writing. Also please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

      • James Franco

        Oh blow me, you cock sucking cunt!

      • doctor_robot

        wow. stay classy, trog.

      • James Franco

        Trog? You mean troll right? Fucking dumbass can’t even spell

      • Grayden

        Short for troglodyte, perhaps.

      • doctor_robot

        it’s short for troglodyte, inbred.

      • doctor_robot

        it’s short for troglodyte, inbred.

      • DavidisALLright

        I think your response is a bit jarring to read because it comes off as random and has nothing to do with ‘Doug’s’ original comment.

      • Mixed race rich kid NYC

        What is this language you’re speaking of?

      • Luis Romero

        I just cant said it better. you are right.

    • Cpt Rex Kramer

      The first outfit sort of reminded me of Deckard from ‘Blade Runner’.

  • VicManMan

    I got a good feeling about this…

  • vitextreeradar

    when it rains it pours. stories that are maybe true that is. the best kind.

  • 80sRobot

    Regarding the politics that could be going on in this sequel trilogy: Remember that in the Prequels, the precursor to the Galactic Empire (the Galactic Republic; referred to as the “Old Republic” during the Rebellion) was regarded as “good” — and the Clonetroopers were part of this government.

    So after the victory at Endor, the Rebels could have taken over Coruscant and re-established the Galactic Senate (which we know was dissolved during A New Hope). That would mean that Imperial and Rebel/Old Republic ships are under the same military organization now. And the new Stormtroopers serve the Galactic Republic. (Notice that the leaked Snowtrooper looking helmet design looks like a cross between the classic Snowtrooper and the helmet of the Rebel troopers’ seen in the opening of Episode IV.)

    A strong clue to look for in another leak that could confirm the above is if the new Stormtroopers are marked with a royal blue prominently on their armor. Royal blue represented the Galactic Republic and Senate during the Prequels (Chancellor Palpatine’s personal guards, and the Senate Guards wore this blue). And that new X-Wing JJ Abrams stood in front of looked like it had a royal blue stripe.

    So look for a leaked photo that shows extras in the Nu-Trooper armor and see if they have blue markings!

    • HerbalHobgoblin

      Ehhhhh…..that would be like the Jews giving up the Star of David for the Swastika because it meant different stuff before the Nazi’s fucked it up

  • MJ

    It’s a damn shame Billy Dee has been frozen out of these movies.

    Also, I hope Adm. Akbar makes an appearance.

  • Grayden

    Yeah, this all seems a bit too much fan service or just completely made up shit. Han giving up the Falcon for a massive super star destroyer? All this should be taken with massive grains of salt.

    • alien smuggler

      Didnt the millennium falcon door break Harrison fords leg ?

      • Rassilonaphile

        Everyone has just assumed it was the Falcon – there’s been no official confirmation of that.

      • Grayden

        Now that I think about it, we don’t ever see a vertical-drop door on the Falcon. In fact, I think the only scene that even shows a door, other than the loading ramp, is Han and Leia’s almost-kiss interrupted by C-3PO in ‘Empire’, and that was a double horizontal slider.

        Seems that heavier blast doors are the kind that drop down. Onto someone’s leg.

      • Grayden

        Now that I think about it, we don’t ever see a vertical-drop door on the Falcon. In fact, I think the only scene that even shows a door, other than the loading ramp, is Han and Leia’s almost-kiss interrupted by C-3PO in ‘Empire’, and that was a double horizontal slider.

        Seems that heavier blast doors are the kind that drop down. Onto someone’s leg.

  • Simon

    My initial reaction was also that Han has an Imperial rank insignia on his left chest. But that’s not the case. It is a similar insignia like he was wearing in The Empire Strikes Back. Look up some Hoth pictures and you will see the resemblance.

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  • Painted Pagliacci Of Perfidy

    That’s the most obnoxious watermark I’ve ever seen.


    umm so han joined the empire and is now a high ranking official piloting one of their star destroyers? i’m confused as hell right now

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