J.J. Abrams Thinks John Williams Will Score STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

     April 30, 2013


While we know next to nothing about the developing Star Wars: Episode VII other than who’s writing (Michael Arndt), producing (Kathleen Kennedy), and directing it (J.J. Abrams), it appears that at least one detail about the project has become clear in this early production phase.  When Abrams was first announced as the director of the new Star Wars film, my immediate thought was, “It sure would be neat to hear composer Michael Giacchino’s take on a Star Wars score.”  Given that Abrams and Giacchino have been close collaborators since their days on Alias, many wondered whether the director would stick with Giacchino as his composer or if he’d bring in Star Wars staple John Williams to handle the score.

A couple of months ago Williams revealed that he hoped to be asked back to score the new Star Wars films, and now Abrams has chipped in with his two cents saying that he believes Williams will indeed return to the franchise.  Hit the jump to read on.

jj-abrams-star-wars-episode-viiSpeaking at a press conference for Star Trek Into Darkness in Berlin (via CBM), Abrams revealed that Williams will likely be handling the score for Star Wars:

“[Michael Giacchino] is truly one of the most influential members of our crew, and I think this score, he really outdid himself. Again, for Star Wars, it’s very early days, but I believe that, going forward, John Williams will be doing that film, because he was there long before I was.”

Fair enough.  While I was really hoping to see what Giacchino would do within the Star Wars universe, it makes sense that Abrams would want to bring Williams back for the new film.  It would be a bridge between the new trilogy and the previous six films, and if the rumors of the original cast returning are any indication, then Star Wars: Episode VII sounds like it will be very closely connected to George Lucas’ films.

What do you think, readers? Is Williams returning a must or would you rather hear a new take on the score for the new films?

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  • Christian

    This is great news. The least I’d settle for would be a Superman Returns-esque score that honors the original music and even reuses some of it. That’s my biggest hangup about Man of Steel – no John Williams theme.

    • Dylan d

      I agree and disagree, superman returns needed the john williams theme, because Singer was trying to do a direct sequel to II, but i think since this is a reboot, you can go with all new music, as much as i love the Supes theme, i mean look at Batman,

      • Christian

        Yeah, I get that perspective. At the same though, think of James Bond without his theme. William’s Superman theme has become a part of the cinematic character over the last 35 years.

    • Strong Enough

      stop being a pussy about it. boo hoo no old theme. wah!

  • Dylan d

    While i love Giacchino, im excited, you can change everything, but Star Wars is nothing with out its music, its not like you can say, the prequels sucked…thats cuz of the music, haha

  • tarek

    John williams is the reason why I loved star Wars. And the only reason why I watched the prequels.

    so yes. this is a great news.

  • Lance

    It’s not really Star Wars without John Williams. As long as he’s around, he should be doing the music for at least the “main” sequence of Star Wars films. They can experiment with different composers for the offshoot films that just focus on Boba Fett or whatever.

  • tarek

    Did I say that John williams is a genius ? Now I did it.

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  • David

    I don’t think so. Williams had several chances to return to Harry Potter, and he couldn’t. He only works for Spielberg now. And the point of the new Star Wars films is to the franchise to be taked care by a new generation of filmmakers, not pure fan service to the old farts who keep living on the 70′s and bashed the prequels.

    • Um, Sure

      I think it’s much sadder to be someone defending the prequels than anyone who holds nostalgia for the first (and vastly superior) trilogy. But nice try.

  • Jeff

    Williams should do the new “trilogy” (7, 8, 9) so it fits with the others. But since Disney is planning a “Star Wars” movie a year, there will be plenty for Giacchino and other composers. It’s just kind of weird he’s not doing Abrams’. He did Abrams’ “Star Trek”, he will probably do Abrams’ pal Matt Reeves’ “Planet of the Apes”, so if he did SW that would be the 3 ’70′s sci-fi biggies in a row.

  • Devin R.

    It HAS to be Williams, at least for Episode VII. This is fantastic news indeed. The pieces are falling into place for this to be a GREAT film.

  • Anonymous

    He’s out of gas, last great thing he did was Duel of Fates in 1999, Across the stars was so-so, that’s it.

  • Donna Lackluster

    Please follow the “John Williams for Star Wars VII !” facebook page!


  • Donna Lackluster

    Please follow the \"John Williams for Star Wars VII !\" facebook page!


  • Reggie

    It wouldn’t be Star Wars without Williams music to help tell the story especially with these new films connecting to the O/T. I must admit that I was a bit letdown by the work he did on the prequels though some of his most uninspired work in my opinion. I guess we all understand why that was though I mean there wasn’t much going on on screen as well.

  • Strong Enough

    Michael is a shadow of JW anyway. he has no distinct sound. Super 8 John Carter and etc all sound like a John Williams knock off. he is talented no doubt but needs to stop working with JJ so JJ can stop telling him to copy JW because we all know JJ and Michael have a hard on for Spielberg

  • Ru’afo

    So what? it won’t be star wars with the turd jj involved.

    • Greatwhitehype

      I’m not a huge Abrams fan myself and if he was involved in the writing I might agree with you. He is however a competent director. The Lost pilot, MiIII, Super 8, and Star Trek were all well directed. This movie will only be as good as its screenplay.

      • Ru’afo

        I can not stand his directing. I am so glad he did not direct an Alias episode like it was rumored to have happened.

      • harvey lee

        JJ is a competent and capable director i thought SUPER 8 was really well done along with the reboot of Ster trek he is in a unique position being the one director who’ dealing with two amous rival franchises!!

  • cindy8

    JJ, please, just go away! Star Wars is going to get tainted if you do anything with it.

    • Rich woa

      tainted? have you watched the prequels?

      • Um, Sure

        Star Wars isn’t tainted, not yet anyway. Got it.

        I miss the old days when trolls were actually creative.

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  • alk

    It’s all these idiots that really confirms my notion that the masses really don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to movies. Be it lazy casting couch ideas(top 5 hottest actors and actresses of the day) or bad judgement calls on who should do the score(anyone saying it should be someone else doing Star Wars over John Williams while he’s still alive, is a FREAKING MORON!)
    As far as I see it, John Williams has this job until the day he dies. The very fact that JJ Abrams is very willing to let John Williams return for this next trilogy, takes away some of my reservations.

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  • Macy

    I’m not too sure how I feel about this one. John Williams is a fantastic composer for grand themes, ones that you’er going to remember. Superman. Jurassic Park. Indiana Jones. Harry Potter. Even the Star Wars theme. But as for setting the tone for a movie, Williams falls short. The only thing you ever remember about music from Williams’ movies is that one 30 second tune that’s stuck in your head. Michael Giacchino is absolute fantastic at creating scores that set the tone for the movie. Half of the emotion that you feel when watching an Abrams/Giacchino collaboration is because of the haunting music in the background.

    A duo of both Giacchino and Williams would be a match made in heaven. I do, however, believe that to breathe fresh air into the Star Wars universe, the franchise needs some of Giacchino’s influence.

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