Could the Next STAR WARS Trilogy Feature Luke Skywalker in His 30s or 40s?

     October 31, 2012


After yesterday’s bombshell that Disney would be purchasing Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars, speculation quickly began for cast, crew and plot of the newly planned sequel trilogy.  George Lucas has already sketched out an outline for Star Wars VII; he and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy have reportedly met with writers already.  Now, Lucas biographer Dale Pollock is spilling some details about the upcoming trilogy (or trilogies, since Lucas’ original idea spanned 12 films!).  Among those is the fact that Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill in the original films, would be in his 30s or 40s.  Hit the jump to see what else is in store.

The Wrap reported onmark-hamill-luke-skywalker Pollock’s comments about the planned sequel trilogy.  While researching his unauthorized biography, Pollock was allowed to read Lucas’ outlines for all 12 of the features.  He calls the upcoming films, which will be Episodes 7, 8 and 9, “the most exciting” in the series.

“It was originally a 12-part saga.  The three most exciting stories were 7, 8 and 9. They had propulsive action, really interesting new worlds, new characters. I remember thinking, ‘I want to see these 3 movies.’”

Well now Pollock will get his chance, along with millions of fans around the world.  Another thing the fans and Pollock have in common is the general distaste for the Star Wars prequels, as Pollock called them:

“dreadful. I think they’re horrible. For me, the first one is the worst. Maybe the second prequel is better one. I didn’t like the third one at all.  When he did the three prequels, he was in a Lucas vacuum. No one saw the scripts [in advance], they were dreadful screenplays. I thought they seemed dry. They were medieval in terms of court intrigue. And it was a weird way to start out the story.”

Star Wars Darth Vader Concerning the new sequel trilogy, which everyone hopes will be better than the prequels, Pollock revealed that they take place approximately 20 years after the events of the original trilogy.  This places Luke Skywalker in his late 30s or early to mid-40s.  Hamill, currently 61, will likely be replaced by a fresher face.  According to Pollock, Lucas’ outlines will be an essential foundation of the upcoming trilogy:

“Writers will absolutely take his outline. That’s in part what Disney bought.”

Supporting an original story is a recent report from E! Online whose inside source claims that Episode 7 will not be pulled from any of the existing Star Wars novels or anything the fans have come across before.

While I’m excited about the prospects of another Star Wars trilogy (something that not all fans are aligned on), I’m more pleased by the fact that Lucas is easy up on the reigns and  allowing Skywalker’s story to be finished.  What I’m more interested in is the eventual broadening of the Star Wars films to include the myriad of storylines in the books, comics, TV series, etc.  This will allow Star Wars to continue in perpetuity with fresh talent cycling in to provide their own take on the universe, as well as continuing Lucas’ creation and legacy long after he’s gone.

Pollock researched his biography, “Skywalking: The Life and Films of George Lucas,” in the 80s and included some 80 interviews with Lucas, but the two had a falling out after Pollock published the book in 1999.


  • Lance

    Get James Cameron to lend Disney his Avatar technology (the stuff he said would allow Clint Eastwood to play Dirty Harry as a young man again) and let Hamill re-take the role of Luke. He’d be awesome as a more experienced Jedi.

  • Sean

    Mark Hamill and Gary Kurtz have all told their version of what the 9 to 12 part saga was going to look like. The one important detail Kurtz is that Lucas’ plan for 9 films involved Return of the Jedi ending very differently and Leia not being his sister. So who knows what Lucas’ current treatments look like.

  • Grayden

    Timothy Zahn Trilogy. That is all they need to do. That is all they should have ever considered doing. Zahn’s books are the perfect follow-up to 4,5,6. Will seriously diminish my chances of caring if they don’t adapt his trilogy.

    • James

      Completely agree. Zahn’s trilogy would be amazing , and I would lose my sh*t to see Grand Admiral Thrawn on the big screen.

    • Trick


      Or something from Stackpole, though those would maybe be better for the rumored TV series.

    • allpjay

      I too would love to see the Thrawn trilogy, but I don’t think it is in the cards for the big screen. I do see it happening as a straight to DVD animation. Take a page from DC and have great animated DVD features in the Star Wars universe. We could get countless stories from our OT characters (maybe even voices! or MoCap!) while letting the theatrical releases move forward with new characters. I think an animated Thrawn trilogy would be awesome.

  • andrew

    Hamill tweeted congrats to George and said he couldn’t comment until he has more info (he’s likely in the dark like us)

  • Tarek

    Luca$ never had a complete and clear arc story in his mind. He was filling the gaps as movies were going along.

    Now that those who will helm the next trilogy will have to deal with the outlines of Luca$ I am really worried…

    • ScaredForMovies

      I agree. If you watch some of the documentaries they show Lucas finishing up his prequel scripts just in time for production. You’d have figured if he’d cared so much, the scripts would have been completed well before 1999. I don’t have a problem with new Lucas outlines because he doesn’t have total control and a bunch of yes men kissing his ass anymore. It was time for Lucas to move on and at the very least the dialogue won’t be as cheesy. Lets see what Disney can do with Episode VII before going into panic mode. At least they wont’ re-edit the crap out of them anymore.

  • Nate

    Geez, I hope they are not considering replacing Luke with a different actor… Why not set the story timeline to coincide with Mark Hamill’s real age. Make Luke Skywalker an old jedi mentor like Old Ben in the originals…

    • reut

      My thoughts exactly! There are plenty of story lines that talk about Luke and Han and Leia when they are older. Would love to see them all in these new films.s

    • Spock Jenkins

      I agree. It would be a shame to not use an elderly Luke in a similar capacity as Obi-Wan in the original trilogy. He would literally be passing on the baton to a new generation, and they can spin off the story any way they want from there.

      One thing I do hope is that they sack Lucas “Yes-Man” Rick MacCallum…there’s no need for him to be there to facilitate George’s whims now that Disney own Star Wars lock-stock. Hopefully they’ll put some decent writers and producers onto this new project.

      • Lance

        I totally agree what you said about Rick. We’re so lucky the kingdom got passed to Kennedy, and not him. To be fair, if he didn’t kiss George’s behind so hard maybe he would have been fired, so perhaps he was just looking out for his job. But that’s no reason why someone like him should be controlling Star Wars going forward.

    • lovetron

      Have you seen Mark Hamill lately?? Might want to reconsider that after you check a recent pic. I could see him mentoring a team of competitive eaters, but Jedi? No.

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  • titan3

    I would be all for Ford, Hamill, Fisher, etc to appear in flashbacks and/or in (very) brief cameos to bridge the gap from the old movies into the new ones. If they are not going to follow any of the stories already existing in the Expanded Universe, then I think this is even more feasible because then you won\’t have to worry about recasting Luke, Leia, Han or having the actors play characters who are supposed to be 20 to 30 years younger than in real life.

    P.S. If they ever do Thrawn… Hugo Weaving please.

    • Publius

      Oh good grief, please let this happen. Hugo Weaving as Thrawn would be perfect!


    I hope they use their brains on this, Empire strikes back and New Hope are regarded by almost all to be THE best Star Wars films. Intelligent, real, not full of cgi and grand in scale without being OTT. Just look at the realism of the battle of Hoth. The humour and character of Han Leia and Ben Kenobi. They were not full of gungans and slapstick cgi. The models/ ie AT-ATs and xwings and star destroyers literally still blow anything away made today on a computer, because they were real objects made by master craftsmen. Look at Yoda and Jabba, puppet wins over cgi!

    If they even attempt to try something remotely oldschool like this i will be blown insideout!

    • DREDD

      I hope they link whatever these films will be about, with the FORCE as guidance. Every film so far has the force running things, coincidences and guiding the characters events towards a conclusion. ie, the droids jeorney, meeting luke, not getting shot at in the escape pod, even the prequels link the force together. Its the invisible thread that links the 6 films to Palpatines defeat.

      Also, I hope it wont be too much Jedi centric, more Imperial might and vehicles/battles etc was great in the OT. See Hoth battle/Endor battle/deathstar battles/speeder bikes. Lightsabers were a treat as duels were rare in the OT.

    • Steve

      The puppets were the CGI of their day. Too many of them made “Jedi” feel more like an episode of The Muppet Show than Star Wars.

  • Publius

    Sadly, given that they’re going by Lucas’ outlines, I don’t think they’ll go for the adapting the Thrawn trilogy (though perhaps fans might convince Disney to do so at some point in the future). Even so, I can’t help but look forward to this, because at last Star Wars will be getting away from his hands.

    Really, in retrospect, Lucas’ plot-lines weren’t that bad. It was the execution that sucked. The idea that Anakin Skywalker fell in love and fell out of favor with the Jedi Council because he rebelled against their emotion-less creed could have been incredibly compelling, as is the idea that he turned evil because though same emotions were manipulated by the Sith. There is nothing about the prequel trilogy that necessitated it be as vomit-inducing as it was — rather, it was Lucas’ heavy-handedness in the writing and directing that made it so.

    If Lucas contributes the broad contours of the plot and other (better!) writers and directors fill it in… well, I’ll be in line in 2015.

    • Sean

      Exactly. The problem with the prequels wasn’t that Lucas had no good ideas. It’s that he executed the good ideas poorly and included a bunch of really bad ideas. In any normal film making process, someone would have been able to tell the writer/director how terrible some of the ideas were. But because of the unique situation with Lucas, no one could tell him “No.”

      • RorshachLives!

        Whilst I agree with the above sentiments, I still contest the prequels were unnecessary, you didn’t need a seven-hour story to explain how Anakin ended up in the iron lung Vader suit, Obi Wan could have easily explained it in ‘…Jedi’ and he would have saved us three painfully dull films in the process…

    • tom

      i definitely agree with you on that. the story of Anakin Skywalker is a textbook Greek tragedy, and a pretty compelling one at that. too bad the execution of that tragedy didn’t quite go as planned. I actually thought it needed more than three films. Anakin’s downfall seemed too fast. Attack of the Clones should’ve been episode 1, and then they should’ve filled in something about the clone war for ep 2

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  • ionbuton

    I guess Leya and Han had a child. Han dissapeared after a short while and Leya turned to the force becoming the first Jedi mom. Her child is strong with the force and ‘she’s trained by Luke who is now founder of the new Jedi school. :)

  • ionbuton

    I guess Leya and Han had a child. Han dissapeared after a short while and Leya turned to the force becoming the first Jedi mom. Her child is strong with the force and \’she\’s trained by Luke who is now founder of the new Jedi school. :)

  • Boomer

    I hope the new trilogy is set at least a hundred years after Jedi. That way they’re not dumping on all the expanded universe which, although not canon, is sanctioned by Lucas.
    I like a lot of the ideas from the Legacy comics (which was sel about 100 years after Jedi) which featured a more benevolent empire contending with a rising Sith threat and the ancestor of Luke Skywalker finding his way.
    But I doubt they will be adopting any of the novels or comics.

    Just no more stinking prequels please!

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  • Hmm

    So now that Disney owns Indiana Jones, I wonder if he’ll be in the next National Treasure movie.

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  • Screamer

    They need to get everyone on board: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, Billie Dee Williams, etc.

    Then show that Han and Leia got married, and had 3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl. Uncle Luke is a full blown Jedi master and has taken it upon himself to train his niece/nephews. One of the kids is hard core and uncontrollable. Easily loses focus. This could be the premiss of the story arc.

    There has to be a villain obviously. The villain will mostly likely be a killed off bad guy. Maybe a few of them will return. They had the capability to clone in that universe? Then maybe it is not hard to do it again. One main bad guy bringing back Vader, Maul, and maybe even the emperor to try and rule the galaxy once more. During this time, the main villain learns of a young Jedi in hiding(Han and Leia’s daughter?) protected by Luke. He makes it his mission to try and turn one of the young Jedi and to have him/her join the Empire.

    This time, the empire is in hiding looking to make a come back. Through the episodes, they slowly emerge with multiple SUPER Death Stars that need to be taken out simultaneously. Luke and a young Jedi take out one; Chewy, Han, a young Jedi take out one; Lando, Leia and another young Jedi take out another. C3-PO and R2-D2 get split up amongst the groups also, plus a new droid is introduced to help with the plan. Sort of like the 3 stooges?

    Boba Fett probably got his jet pack working again. Wouldn’t doubt he’ll make a return as well in the sequels.

    Understand, if you are a ‘doubter’, I feel your pain. But Disney did a great job with TRON Legacy and the Pirate movies in my opinion. I am confident they will do Star Wars justice once again.

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