Is Matthew Vaughn in Talks to Direct STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

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Over the past seven years, Collider’s track record has been pretty good.  The reason is, before we run any “scoop,” we always make sure to double source it so we know the information is accurate.  However, the story we are about to run has not been confirmed, and I want to make sure everyone knows this is not 100%.  I only decided to run this because I trust my sources and it’s Star Wars.  In addition, while I spent all weekend trying to lock this story down, all my normal connections would not go on record (or they did not know), so this is going up as a “rumor” and “unconfirmed.”

Now that I’ve warned you this is just a “rumor”….

I’m hearing that Matthew Vaughn, the director of Kick-AssStardustLayer Cake, and X-Men: First Class, is in talks with Lucasfilm to helm Star Wars: Episode VII.  My sources tell me this is the main reason he dropped out of the X-Men sequel (which Bryan Singer is now directing).  Hit the jump for more.

star-wars-universeAs most of you know, last week Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion dollars and they also announced a 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII.  Seconds after the deal was announced, a bunch of interviews were released featuring Disney CEO Bob Iger and George Lucas talking about the business deal, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Lucas discussing Star Wars: Episode VII and revealing that they’ve already met with writers for the new film. It was clear that this deal has been in the works for awhile.

As such, it makes a lot of sense that while we only just heard this news, behind-the-scenes Lucasfilm has been working hard to land a director to helm the new installment.

matthew-vaughn-star-wars-episode-7Now you have to ask yourself, why would Vaughn abruptly drop out of helming the X-Men sequel when the head of 20th Century Fox (Tom Rothman) is leaving the studio?  After all, while Rothman helped make some great movies over the past few years, he’s also known as a micro-manager that can rub some filmmakers the wrong way.  With Rothman out, I imagine Vaughn would have had more creative control on the sequel and it would have been an easier film to make.

But if Lucasfilm offered Vaughn the keys to Star Wars, that’s something he’d likely jump ship for.

While many of you might be wondering if Vaughn can handle directing a Star Wars movie, I really think he’s a great choice.  After all, he made a fantastic X-Men movie that successfully rebooted the franchise, his work with a limited budget on Kick-Ass was also great, and Stardust proved he can make one hell of an adventure film.

In addition, Vaughn is a writer.  He worked on the scripts for X-Men: First ClassThe DebtStardust and Kick-Ass (with Jane Goldman) so if he ends up directing Star Wars, we’d also be getting someone that could solve script issues on set.  It’d be great if he could convince Goldman to come onboard as well.

So is Vaughn lining up to direct the full new trilogy or just the first film?  I have no idea.  But I’d imagine if this deal does happen, it would be similar to the one Marc Webb has on Spider-Man, which is they’ll do it on a film by film basis, with the assumption that if the first film is a success and he wants to come back, he could.

Anyway, as I have already said many times, for now Vaughn directing Star Wars is just a “rumor.”  I’d imagine after this posts, it’ll either be confirmed or it will blow up in my face.  I’m hoping it’s true.

This is the most excited I’ve been for Star Wars since 1998 and I honestly cannot wait to see the new movie in 2015.  What about you?


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  • Roland Deschain

    Think he’s a good choice. I like it.

  • Anon

    There are only very few directors I’d rather not direct Star Wars than Vaughn. Hope this rumor doesn’t become a trumor.

  • Robby

    Most logical choice to be honest.


    Please no.
    I’d rather see Sofia COPPOLA make that movie than him…

  • Christian

    It’s curious that Jon Favreau’s Jersey Boys was put into turnaround. He has the Magic Kingdom project in seeming development hell…but maybe that’s because Disney wanted him for Star Wars?

  • Sam

    Definitely an interesting choice. I don’t think anyone would have put Vaughn on their lists right away but when I think about it he would make a great Star Wars movie. I’m all for it!

  • Diego

    The main reason Vaughn left X-Men was because he’s going to direct a comic book movie called The Secret Service, which is a comic made by Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn. Mark millar has confirmed this too.

    • Thundersaurusrex

      Yes but i would say Secret Service would be a movie he could do in stride with the prep it’s gunna take for a star wars movie. With a movie like Days Of Futures Past…i would say it would be a lot harder to prep a HUGE movie while filming ANOTHER HUGE movie. So While I’ll agree with you for a certain extent as Secret Service is due to film when he was suppose to Film XFC2 i would also say some planning of Star Wars could have realistically swayed his mind as well to drop from XFC2.

  • J

    The man knows his shit, he would make a great Star Wars movie. This man is extremely talented. Sounds like i’m sucking him off here but seriously, watch a behind the scenes thing on kick-ass/x-men and you will see how RIGHT he is about everything in movies.

  • Thomas K.

    Vaughn would by far be my VERY first choice if you asked me.
    Hands Down.
    The man is pure talent and an absolutely amazing filmmaker, understands structure, pacing, shock value, scope, and music more then almost all out there.
    Not saying others aren\’t capable or more qualified then Vaughn is. But if you want the best Star Wars films yet, You\’ll hire Matthew Vaughn.

  • Nevergonnahappen

    Not going to happen, this is shit that Vaughn’s people are pushing in hopes of get him in the room. Directing and or writing episode 7 are the most covetted jobs in Hwood right now and of all the directors out there, if I were a studio head, he’d be last on my 3rd backup list. Del Toro would be a better joice, Bryan Singer would be a better choice, David Fincer, Christopher Nolan, the list goes on and on and those guys I bet would jump at a crack at that universe, so forget it, Vaughn will never director a star wars movie. Secondly this will be disney’s most precious property, they are going to make sure that that 4billion they paid for it will be worth every penny, I don’t think Disney is going to go the John Carter of Mars route on this movie, I really doubt it.

    • MJ

      No comic book fanboys, for the millionth time since Nolan took on Batman, he is not the perfect fit for every high profile project discussed. For one he doesn’t like fantasy, which was the main driving factor behind the choice to do Batman the way he did, & two SW involves a lot of light-hearted entertainment which is not his flair. Third, Disney’s not going to hire a maverick filmmaker that would subvert the well-established look of the SW films. Fourth, they’ve clearly already started writing these films & Nolan hasn’t done a gun-for-hire job in a decade.

    • jer

      Don’t be so sure. I heard this rumor a week ago from someone with no connection to Vaughn, but a very direct connection to Star Wars. He wasn’t convinced it was going to happen, but it certainly wasn’t coming from Vaughn.

    • Truecoat

      Wtf has del toro made that makes him such a great choice? 2 ok Hellboy movies? I liked Pan but it’s not enough to convince me he’s better than Vaughn. Singer is bottom of the barrel and I’m not sure Nolan is right for a Star Wars movie. Fincher could be good but it might be pretty dark. I think Vaughn can balance fun without making it geared towards kids. My first choice is Brad Bird but Vaughn will surprise many if he does actually have this gig.

  • oBI

    Vaughn would be a great choice to direct. Right now I’m just happy that we will be getting Ep VII, VIII and IX.

  • Nate

    I am betting that Brad Bird has already signed up to direct this. Look at the press reports for the “1952″ project from 6 months ago…

    • Thomas K.

      Pretty sure I read yesterday that it was proven wrong. Might be wrong though.
      I’d be cool with this.

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  • The Exploiter

    That would be cool. However, JJ Abrams would totally knock this out of the park.

  • Ryan D

    Not a fan of this at all. Also him dropping out is classic Vaughn. He comes back and drops out of pretty much all of his movies. Negotiating tactic? I am not sure but I wouldn’t read into him dropping out of X-Men: FC 2 as a reason for this. Also, his movies are great but just not for Star Wars. I wouldn’t mind him directing a Bond movie though, and he has experience with Craig with Layer Cake.

    • MJ

      Yes, the second he dropped out of Days of Future Past I hoped it was for the opportunity to do Bond 24. Layer Cake is essentially Craig’s audition tape that won him the role in the first place & Vaughn has been itching to do Bond his whole career.

  • Thomas K.

    I never knew there were SO MANY Matt Vaughn haters. This dude is a fantastic filmmaker. He really does know his stuff too. Just watch the making-of’s of his films like said above.
    He was BY FAR my first choice to take this over.

    I also have a problem with the masses of Del Toro fans out there. He makes “different” and “conceptual” films on high-scale, look at his supposed DC movie he is doing. He’s good at HIS craft, not others. To have him take on Star Wars would be the WORST thing possible for the films as a whole series of 9(+) films.. If you honestly can sit there and tell me Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy are better structured, paced, filmed, and scored then Kick-Ass and First Class, you need to rewatch all of those movies.

    I also disagree with Abrams taking this on, even though I’m a HUGE J.J. fan.
    I’m %100 cool with Brad Bird, David Fincher, or Sam Mendes, though.

    • The Exploiter


      • Old Soldier

        NOT David Fincher! He’d kill off all the major characters at the end of Ep VII. (Waaaaaa……but it’s Fincher!)

    • smith

      Well I like Vaugh and del Toro. Del Toro has to prove himself as a sci-fi director with Pacific Rim to be consider for Star Wars and I do agree Mathew is a good choice but not the best out there

      • Thomas K.

        I’m not trying to hate on Del Toro. He’s crazy talented. But I hate how Del Toro fans seem to want him to direct every damn movie ever made. haha.

        Fincher and Vaughn have both admitted to Star Wars being HUGE parts of what made them film fans and want the career they have now. Fincher even worked for ILM.

        But I don’t know if Fincher would actually want to take it on. He’s such a perfectionist that he’d want the proper time, script and everything. BUT, this is probably why he’d be THE BEST for it.

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  • Jason

    He’s not a bad choice but I don’t think he should be the guy to do it. Maybe like 5th string director or something like that. There are much more qualified directors who would do a much better job. The franchise needs to bring back a solid, proven filmmaker who really gets not only how to craft a good Star Wars movie but a solid film that can stand on it’s own as a great piece of filmmaking. Don’t know if he’s the filmmaker for that job. He’s made some good movies but nothing great.

    And for those of you who think Jon Favreau would be a great choice, just stop it right now and don’t ever say such things again.

    • Thomas K.

      HAHA. Favreau. That’s cute.

      • Jason

        Right? Terrible idea. When I saw his name popping up on lists for this film I couldn’t believe it.

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  • tarek

    I don’t like his style…

    We need a fresh take like the one J.J. abrams gave us with star trek.
    we need a true adventure. Not a load of CGI.

    • Grayden

      What exactly is his style? He’s made fantasy, action, comic book, crime drama, comedy. He’s a very well-rounded director.

      Vaughn can give us that fresh take because, like J.J. Abrams, he’s probably not a die-hard fan of the source material. Which definitely gives the director the ability to craft the film from a clean slate. There’s no bias or personal taste being brought in from a lifetime of fanboy fanaticism and childhood dreams. It’s a better starting block to start from.

      • K-Man

        His style (or lack there-of, in this case) is referring to his overall look and feel to his movies. How he moves the camera, how he lights the scenes, what the overall tone will feel like, his use of CG vs. practical, etc.

        It’s not referring to a genre.

        ….and his STYLE is compete and utter garbage. Matthew Vaughn is a hack director who doesn’t deserve to have a set visit, let alone be able to actually direct the film. The guy’s films are cheap looking, bland and boring. The man hasn’t a clue how to properly use CG (just watch X-Men: First Class)…which is hilarious considering in order to make a good star wars movie, you will need someone who can balance good looking CG with gorgeous set pieces (unlike what Lucas did). Therefore, Vaughn would be the last guy I would go to for that kind of filmmaking.

        This whole thing had better be a rumor and a rumor ONLY….especially if Disney wants to make a profit from that $4 billion they spent on Lucas film.

        They need a visionary for this film….like Joseph Kosinski, J.J. Abrams, David Yates, Christopher Nolan, Gore Verbinski and/or several others.

        Hell, just about any director is better than Matthew Vaughn. What a joke!

  • Spook

    I’m not sure why so many people want Fincher or Nolan to direct Episode VII. Both are great directors but neither are making the more family friendly films. They would be making pretty firm PG 13 to R rated films. Episodes I, II, IV, V and VI have all been PG. I’d rather them make other films in the same Star Wars universe, but not a continuation of the Skywalker story.

    • Thomas K.

      You answered your question in your comment. haha.
      We want Fincher(or Nolan) to bring it back to the original trilogy tone, not the prequel.
      Also, Episodes IV, V, and VI are all made before PG-13 rating was made, I’m pretty sure.

      • Pocketses

        Star Wars has always been Family Friendly. I would not see a Star Wars movie by Nolan or Fincher, and aside from Dark Knight Rises, I love all of the films from both of those directors. But both have no business attempting a Star Wars film.

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  • Ethan

    I know a lot of movies are going towards “darker” storylines, but I would like to see whichever director takes on Ep.VII go “darker”. A more harsh Star Wars would be real interesting.

    • Spook

      Don’t call it Episode VII then. If they want to do a darker story, give it a different title. Episode VII should be a continuation of the Skywalker storyline, since the previous 6 films have all been about the Skywalkers. I’d love to see a darker spinoff, but let it be it’s own story set in the same universe.

      • Grayden

        Adapt the Zahn Trilogy. It continues the Skywalker story but also goes into very dark places.

    • errm

      I’m not sure two understand what ‘dark’ means. It doesn’t mean a dour flavourless presentation without panache or humour like Chris Nolan’s Batman films. It means a down-beat story. It’s already happened twice in Star Wars: Episode V (Luke gets his hand cut off and Han Solo is imprisoned in Carbonite) and Episode III (Anakin murders dozens of children and all the jedi are slaughtered). Think before you type, your arguments will be more logical and stronger.

      • Boradori

        Nolans Batman films had some humour especially in Batman Begins and to say they had no panache is obviously rubbish.

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  • Matt

    I would be ok with that.

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  • jay

    who do you think he will knock up on the set of this movie?

  • sense 11

    Absolutely fantastic choice

  • jack

    I find it hysterical how concerned you are with being credible when you constantly exercise a political bias. Aren’t you suppose to be reporters/journalists?

    • jack

      there isn’t any political bias in his article….do you know what political bias mean? Political bias involves being partial to one candidate and therefore skewing all articles you write to your viewpoint. Not once in this article does he state an opinion. And reporters/journalists care about being credible so that people will continue to read their work. He clearly stated that it’s a rumor so as not to let anyone believe his information was fact. So really your whole statement is nonsensical.

      • jack

        Wow! I’m sorry. Did I say this article was political or that this site often exercises political bias? What I mentioned about this article was the humor I found when they are trying to express journalistic excellence here, but fail to do so in other articles.

        However, I can see where it would look like I implied this article was biased. This particular author did not have a political bias in this article. You are correct, and I probably was not clear in my comment what I meant.

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  • cas

    So he left X-Men for Star Wars?!!! Just another reason for me to dislike the franchise!! And what’s gonna happen after the first new Star Wars movie? He will drop out for something else!! I like his directing style but I’m still too disappointed that he left the XMFC sequel on such short notice!!!

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  • Shervaan

    What about Rian Johnson?

  • Thomas K.

    This was directed towards the “1952″ comment. My apologies.

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  • Eugene R.

    I’d honestly love to see what Peter Jackson could do with Star Wars.

    • Agarina Madsen

      All hail Peter Jackson…

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