Patton Oswalt’s STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Comes to Life in Animated Short

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Hey, remember when Patton Oswalt did a guest spot on NBC’s Parks and Recreation and did an eight-minute filibuster on his pitch for Star Wars: Episode VII?  Well, it took the internets about a month to do it, but that dream is now a reality.  Animated by Isaac Moores, the eight-minute video features your favorite Star Wars characters reimagined for a contemporary audience and quite a few crossovers from the Marvel realm (now that both are owned by Disney).  If you haven’t heard Oswalt’s original speech, I won’t ruin the surprises for you here.  Hit the jump to check the short out instead.

Check out the animated short below, accompanied by Oswalt’s speech (via Hero Complex):


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  • Eric

    Needs more cowbell. ;)

  • Mandy

    I just nerded my pants.

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