STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Aims for January 21, 2014 Production Start and Christmas 2015 Release

     August 26, 2013


Before we can get to the juicy bits of Star Wars news like confirmed casting and plot points, we first have to figure out when they’re going to start filming the damn thing.  A few months back, Star Wars: Episode VII producer Bryan Burk told Steve that they were aiming for a January 2014 start date for filming and were still trying to coordinate schedules and get the script to the necessary level for a production start.  It looks like things may be a bit more gelled now as a hard date has emerged for the kick-off of production on one of the most-anticipated films in decades.  There’s also a bit more evidence leading to a late-2015 release of the film.  Hit the jump for more.

Latino Review, who recently landed a solid Guardians of the Galaxy casting scoop, have it on good authority that Star Wars: Episode VII will kick it into gear on January 21, 2014, the Tuesday just after Monday’s Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  They’re also hearing that a Christmas 2015 release date is likely for the sequel, which further supports an earlier report.

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  • Nomis1700

    Where do the auditions take place?

  • ManaByte

    Star Trek Into Darkness started shooting on January 12, 2012 and made its release date on May 17, 2013. Why would Star Wars be delayed to a crowded Christmas release with the EXACT SAME shooting schedule as JJ’s previous film? The crowded Christmas 2015 schedule along with the reality that they’re following the same exact shooting schedule as JJ’s last movie, makes the Christmas rumor make zero sense. Especially since May 2015 is wide open for the release.

    • Chuck Ratherdaber

      probably because star trek into darkness didn’t turn out that great.

      • ManaByte

        Star Trek’s problems lied with hack writers. Nothing showed the movie as being rushed.

      • nath

        both star trek remakes by the hack jj were and are crap. He is a terrible director.

      • NEY


      • Harry Palm

        Agreed. The guy hasn’t done anything good. He’s a style-over-substance hack.

      • Ty

        Agree. Overrated shmuck.

    • Andrew Hegele

      May isn’t exactly “wide open for the release”. DIsney is also pushing a little film called The Avengers: Age of Ulton. Might be a conflict for the studio to release the two biggest films of the year in the same month.

      • ManaByte

        Avengers is May 1st. More than enough time for it to make its money before a May 20th Star Wars date.

      • Colin

        I would prefer to have it during Christmas, movies are usually in the theaters longer because there isn’t as much competition. Have more chances to see it more than once.

    • Northern Star

      What crowded Christmas 2015 schedule? Are you honestly telling us you think any film – ANY FILM? – will be able to hold up against the Episode VII juggernaut if released at the same time???

      Disney are right to lock in the reported December 15th, 2015 release date, it gives the production team good time to make the very best possible film they can without having to rush to the finish line like madmen (as often happens nowadays)… and hopefully with actual physical sets, prosthetics and animatronics, real locations, and scale models, this trilogy will look like it takes place in the same universe as the original Trilogy (unlike the prequels)!

    • Scullibundo

      Probably because a summer release doesn’t give Abrams and crew nearly as much time as Trek had for pre-production. You should be happy it isn’t being rushed.

      • star wars is dead with jj hack

        I am not happy that JJ is even involved with this. It will be an abysmal abomination failure. I hate jj and his fans and everyone involved with him.

      • NEY

        Another idiot!

      • The Exploiter


      • Harry Palm

        I try not to pre-judge movies, but JJ Abrams has done nothing good and there hasn’t been a good Star Wars movie since 1983. I have no interest in this whatsoever and I expect it to be a big, shiny turd that will still make a billion dollars even if it’s the worst movie since ‘Freddy Got Fingered’. That said, I still think it’s wrong to declare “It will be an abysmal abomination failure.” when you don’t really know that for a fact. You should say “It will PROBABLY be an abysmal abomination failure.”

  • dome

    looks like they’re starting production on my birthday! #uselessinformation

  • etguild2

    Latino Review has become the NSA of the film industry.

  • Scullibundo

    What I find most interesting about this is that since the Episodes have been confirmed to be on a two-year cycle, this will put Ep8 against Avatar 3 come Christmas 2017.

  • jazzy

    complete failure, disney, jj, go slit your necks.

    • NEY

      The third idiot.

    • NEY

      The third idiot.

      • Kpaqu1

        At least have a clever counter argument. Name calling is the pits.

      • Neven

        They just keep on comin’, don’t they?

      • Harry Palm

        Are you JJ Abrams, or his lover or something? Anyone that doesn’t like the hack is an idiot? The guy makes crappy movies and crappy TV shows. A LOT of people don’t like him.

      • NEY

        Yes, there are A LOT of idiots… in my opinion.

        Not liking something and expressing senseless hatred are two different things… in my opinion.

  • dogstar

    It’s not about box office take vs. avengers. it’s about the marketing department being able to devote what it needs to each movie.

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  • JJ’sSecret

    You know who just freed their schedule at that time by dropping out from a Del Toro movie? Cumberbatch. “no scheduling conflict with another project”. It’s such a JJ move!

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